Robbie Frylinck will look to make an impact after having a disappointing couple of games © PTI
Robbie Frylinck will look to make an impact after having a disappointing couple of games © PTI

Sep 27, 2014

Catch live scorecard of the Dolphins vs Lahore Lions CLT20 2014 match here

(Catch live cricket scores and live updates of CLT20 2014 Match 14 between Dolphins and Lahore Lions here)




Dolphins  148/9 | Overs 20

P Subrayen  1 (7), R Frylinck 63(27)

Wahab Riaz for the final battle.  26 runs to get from this. Subrayen takes two balls to get Frylinck on strike. He manages to hit a six over deep backward point but misses to connect on the next ball. Match is lost now. Lahore Lions win the match. They fought hard in the end, the team from South Africa but Lahore Lions were better. They win by 16 runs. Gives them four points.


Dolphins  139/9 | Overs 19

P Subrayen  1 (4), R Frylinck 56(24)

31 runs off last two? Quite possible. Iqbal is back. Spin is the key here for Hafeez. Subrayen gets a single and brings Frylinck to face the last four. Hits the fourth delivery for a boundary but misses the last two. Fails to keep the strike.


Dolphins  134/9 | Overs 18

P Subrayen  0 (4), R Frylinck 52(20)

Cheema goes for a big flat six off the first ball. 51 off 17 balls.. Some excitement left ? Frylinck is bringing some excitement in this dull second innings. Frylinck is turning it on. Two more sixes off low full-tosses over long-on . 20 runs so far.  Gets his fifty in style with a towering six over deep mid-wicket. 26 runs of Cheema over.


Dolphins  108/9 | Overs 17

P Subrayen  0 (4), R Frylinck 26(14)

Wahab Riaz is back. He needs one yorker to end this show. Misses the yorker each time and Frylinck manages to hit two boundaries. Some respite finally for Dolphins run-rate.


Dolphins  93/9 | Overs 16

P Subrayen  0 (0), R Frylinck 9(5)

Cheema ends a beautiful over. Doesn’t allow ball to get slogged at all. Four runs from the over.


Dolphins  93/9 | Overs 15.3

K Abbott 0(4), R Frylinck 9(5)

Aizaz Cheema comes back to bowl his second over. Spinners have almost finished it. The tail is just slogging length deliveries for a couple. Abbott gets run-out. Some laziness witnessed,

OUT! Frylinck run out (Ahmed Shehzad) 12(8)


Dolphins  89/8 | Overs 15

K Abbott 0(4), R Frylinck 9(5)

Wahaz Riaz is steaming in fast. Bowls few dot deliveries to end the over. Its curtains for Dolphins. All hopes look dim now. One run of Riaz over.


Dolphins  89/8 | Overs 14.2

A Phehlukwayo 1(2), R Frylinck 9(5)

Wahab Riaz damages the woodwork. Deadly yorkers does the trick.

OUT! Phehlukwayo b Riaz 1(3)


Dolphins  88/7 | Overs 14

A Phehlukwayo 1(2), R Frylinck 9(5)

Nasim gets a wicket on the first delivery of the over but gets hit for a six on the fifth delivery. Short delivery can’t always yield wickets. This time it was six. Run-rate has escalated beyond reach now.


Dolphins  79/7 | Overs 13.1

K Zondo 8 (10), R Frylinck 1(2)

Naasim gets a wicket on his first delivery of this over

 OUT!Zondo c Riaz b Saad Nasim 8(11)


Dolphins  79/6 | Overs 13

K Zondo 8 (10), R Frylinck 1(2)

Hafeez the ‘captain’ bowls a tidy over and also picks the wicket of Jaarsveld who looked dangerous.



Dolphins  77/6 | Overs 12.3

K Zondo 1 (6), van Jaarsveld 1 (1)

Hits it straight to Shehzad off Hafeez. Surrenders another wicket to a Lions spinner.

OUT Jaarsveld c Ahmed Shehzad b Hafeez 3(4)


Dolphins  75/5| Overs 12

K Zondo 1 (6), van Jaarsveld 1 (1)

Rasool ends a successful over. Gave away just four runs of it.


Dolphins  74/5| Overs 11.5

K Zondo 1 (6), J Vandiar 28 (21)

Rasool back for his third. Bowls two disciplined deliveries on the good line but goes for a four a juicy flighted delivery. Gets another wicket off a short bowl.

OUT! Vandiar c Mustafa Iqbal b Adnan Rasool 29(24)


Dolphins  67/4| Overs 11

K Zondo 1 (6), J Vandiar 28 (21)

Wahab Riaz is here. Quite different and refreshing to see Riaz bowl after the 10th over. The Dophins’ batsman seize the opportunity and get two welcome boundaries of the seamer.


Dolphins  59/4 | Overs 10

K Zondo 1 (6), J Vandiar 20 (16)

The run-rate is edging somewhere which will get tough at the later stages. Adnan Rasool again bowls a tidy over. Flow of runs has stopped. Spinner are winning to for Lions.


Dolphins  58/4| Overs 9

K Zondo 1 (1), J Vandiar 20 (16)

Nasim does the trick for his captain. Picks up the captain of the opposition team who got frustrated with the flow of runs and tried to flash hard at loose delivery but gets caught.


Dolphins  56/4| Overs 8.4

M van Wyn 35 (26), J Vandiar 17 (13)

Nasim comes for his second over. Gets van Wyk

OUT! van Wyk c Mustafa Iqbal b Saad Nasim 36 (29)


Dolphins  54/3| Overs 8

M van Wyn 35 (26), J Vandiar 17 (13)

Adnan Rasool comes and bowls some off-spinners. Required rate has climed over 9. Spinners are doing the job for Lions. Ball is just sticking a bit on the track. Gives away four runs of the over and just missed getting the wicket of Vandiar.


Dolphins  50/3| Overs 7

M van Wyn 33 (23), J Vandiar 15 (10)

More spin. Chinnaswamy is being treated by lot of spin by the Lions. Saad Nasim , comes to bowl some off-spinners. Gets deliveries to spin and bowls some googlies too. Keep it to 6 runs in the over.


Dolphins 44/3| Overs 6

M van Wyn 29 (19), J Vandiar 13 (8)

So0, its the third over Hafeez. Vandiar plays some bowls caustiously but goes for the maximum which ends up 20 rows back.


Dolphins 36/3| Overs 5

M van Wyn 29 (19), J Vandiar 5 (2)

Iqbal has done the job here for Lions. Spin is turning magic for the team for Pakistan. A neat over with a crucial wicket.


Dolphins 31/3 | Overs 4.3

M van Wyn 29 (18), K Maharaj 0 (0)

OUT K Maharaj B M Iqbal 0 ( 4)


Dolphins 26/2 | Overs 3

M van Wyn 24 (13), K Maharaj 0 (4)

Hafeez continues with spin and brings him on for his second over. Gives only one run of his over.


Dolphins 25/2 | Overs 3

M van Wyn 23 (13), K Maharaj 0 (0)

Hafeez brings in Mustafa Iqbal to stop the flow of runs and does the trick Cody Chetty walks back to the pavilion playing a nothing shot.

Cody Chetty c Asif Raza b Mustafa Iqbal 2(4)


Dolphins 19/1 | Overs 2

M van Wyn 18 (9), C Chetty 1 (2)

Aizaz Cheema comes to bowl the second over. van Wyk hits him three boundaries on the off-side and collects 14 runs of the over.

Dolphins 5/1 | Overs 1

M van Wyn 5 (4 ), C Chetty 0 (1)

Hafeez starts with the ball for the Lions and gets hit for a boundary on the third delivery but comes back and rips apart the star of the previous match , Cameron Delport.

OUT! C Delport b Hafeez 0 (1)



Dolphins’ captain Morne van Wyk dropped Umar Akmal in the mid of the innings and the right-handed batsman made most of the opportunity. The South African side have only themselves to blame as they  allowed Lahore to get back into the contest. Read Sandipan Banerjee’s innings report here as we wait for the resumption of the match.



Lahore Lions 164/5 | Overs 20

U Akmal 73 (45), A Raza 19 (12)

Akmal slams a spectacular six down the ground off Abbott on the third ball. The over began with a four as Lahore continued to pile on runs freely. Lahore score 109 runs off the last nine overs, and they would be fancying their chances now.



Lahore Lions 153/5 | Overs 19

U Akmal 62 (42), A Raza 19 (11)

Another successful over for the Lions as they add seven runs off Frylinck. They are past the 150-run mark now, something that looked difficult at one moment.


Lahore Lions 146/5 | Overs 18

U Akmal 60 (37), A Raza 15 (8)

Raza geta a four through an edge off Kyle Abbott. Lahore add another 10 runs from the over and are well in command of the proceedings now.


Lahore Lions 136/5 | Overs 17

U Akmal 58 (35), A Raza 7 (4)

Asif Raza gets a lifeline as the fielder at the backward point drops a simple catch. Lions add another nine runs with the left-hander smashing a six on the final ball of the over.


Lahore Lions 126/5 | Overs 16.1

U Akmal 57 (34)

Robbie Frylinck returns and strikes immediately. Nasim is trapped in front of the wickets and Dolphins have managed to break this partnership.

OUT! S Nasim lbw b Frylink 43 (26)



Lahore Lions 126/4 | Overs 16

S Nasim 43 (25), U Akmal 57 (34)

Dolphins bring in spinner — Subrayen — but Saad Nasim blasts him for two sixes as Lahore continue to make a strong recovery. At this rate they will post a challenging total in all likelihood.



Lahore Lions 108/4 | Overs 15

S Nasim 30 (21), U Akmal 52 (32)

How costly would the skipper’s dropped catch of Umar Akmal be? Lahore Lions bring up their 100 in the 15th over of the innings and they would be targeting a total close to 150-160. Akmal clobbers another six — this time off Phehlukwayo after hitting two fours early on in the over to bring up his half-century in no time.



Lahore Lions 91/4 | Overs 14

S Nasim 30 (21), U Akmal 35 (26)

Akmal dances down the track to hit a spectacular six off Keshav Maharaj as Lahore continue to make big strides after being nearly thrown out of the contest early on. Akmal continues the good work as he whacks another huge six on the fourth ball. Dolphins on backfoot at the moment.



Lahore Lions 76/4 | Overs 13

S Nasim 29 (20), U Akmal 21 (21)

Smart work by Umar Akmal who  gets a four through the third-man region on the second ball off Subrayen. Poor by the wicketkeeper-captain Morne van Wyk as he drops the right-handed dangerous batsman on the next ball. Nasim slams a four on the last ball as Lahore add another 10 to their total.



Lahore Lions 66/4 | Overs 12

S Nasim 24 (18), U Akmal 16 (17)

Saad Nasim slams a six off Keshav Maharaj’s first ball to start off on a positive note. Lahiore manage another 11 runs as they look to pick up after the early blows in the innings. Eight more overs left.



Lahore Lions 55/4 | Overs 11

S Nasim 15 (14), U Akmal 14 (15)

Andile Phehlukwayo into the attack and he starts off on a impressive note. Only two runs scored by the Lahore batsmen.



Lahore Lions 53/4 | Overs 10

S Nasim 14 (13), U Akmal 13 (10)

Delport is creating some sort of problems for the Lahore batsmen. Akmal gets a reprieve as an outside edge is spilled behind the wickets, and he capitalises on the next one which was way outside the off-stump, slamming it over the covers for a six. Another goo0d over for Lions as they add nine runs off it.



Lahore Lions 44/4 | Overs 9

S Nasim 14 (13), U Akmal 4 (4)

Poor delivery by Maharaj — down the leg side is smashed for a four by Nasim. Lahore Lions need many of those as they are in deep trouble at the moment. Nine runs added.



Lahore Lions 35/4 | Overs 8

S Nasim 8 (10), U Akmal 1 (1)

Big task in the hands of Umar Akmal as Lahore Lions will need a challenging total if they have to be in this game. One run and a wicket from Delport’s over.


Lahore Lions 34/4 | Overs 7.2

S Nasim 8 (7)

There it is! Mohammad Hafeez is out after getting an inside edge off Cameron Delport as Dolphins are gaining complete command here in this game. Poor stroke by Hafeez indeed, Umar Akmal walks in.

OUT! M Hafeez b Delport 8 (12)


Lahore Lions 33/3 | Overs 7

M Hafeez 8 (10), S Nasim 8 (7)

Five runs off the first over from Keshav Maharaj. It’s must be appalling for the Lahore Lions to see the likes of Umar Akmal not being at the crease when his team needs the experienced players in the middle.



Lahore Lions 29/3 | Overs 6

M Hafeez 5 (6), S Nasim 6 (5)

Lahore Lions have a huge task in their hand as they need a strong total to challenge the on-song Dolphins. Only six runs scored off Abbott as Saad Nasim cracks a four on the final ball of the over.



Lahore Lions 23/3 | Overs 5.1

M Hafeez 5 (6)

And another one bites the dust! Kyle Abbott cleans up Agha Salman as the Lions lose their third wicket without any significant total on board. This is a shambolic effort by the Pakistani side, full marks to Dolphins for being on top since the beginning!

OUT! Agha Salman b Abbott 1 (3)

Lahore Lions 22/2 | Overs 4.4

M Hafeez 4 (5)

Absolutely poor by Nasir Jamshed as he is caught by Keshav Maharaj off Robbie Frylinck, who bags his second wicket in the match. The batsman failed to read the length of the ball and ended up giving a simple catch to Maharaj at mid-on. Poor start this has been!

OUT! N Jamshed c Maharaj b Frylinck 10 (14)

Lahore Lions 19/1 | Overs 4

Nasir Jamshed 8 (11), M Hafeez 4 (5)

Preneyan Subrayen keeps it tight in the fourth over of the innings as the Lahore Lions manage only six runs off it. This has been a slow start by the Pakistani side in this match so far.

Lahore Lions 12/1 | Overs 2.5

Nasir Jamshed 6(9)

Robbie Frylinck into the attack now. And he gets off to a good start, couple of dots to start with. And a single now. Another dot this time to Shehzad. AND HE’S GOT HIS MAN!

OUT! Ahmed Shehzad 6(8) c b Frylinck

Lahore Lions 11/0 | Overs 2

Nasir Jamshed 5(6), Ahmed Shehzad 6(6)

Prenelan Subrayen opens the bowling. And that’s four off the first ball! Great shot from Shehzad. Good over to follow up. It’s just five runs off that one. Abbott into the attack now. Six runs off that over. So good start from Lahore.

Time for the toss now. Lahore Lions win the toss and bat first. Morne van Wyk says he would have liked to bat first as well. Couple of changes for each side.


Dolphins: Morne van Wyk(c&wk), Cameron Delport, Cody Chetty, Khaya Zondo, Jonathan Vandiar, Vaughn van Jaarsveld, Keshav Maharaj, Robbie Frylinck, Andile Phehlukwayo, Kyle Abbott, Prenelan Subrayen

Lahore Lions: Nasir Jamshed, Ahmed Shehzad, Mohammad Hafeez(c), Umar Akmal(wk), Saad Nasim, Agha Salman, Asif Raza, Wahab Riaz, Mustafa Iqbal, Adnan Rasool, Aizaz Cheema

Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live blog of match No 14 between Dolphins and Lahore Lions at M Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bangalore. I am Shiamak Unwalla, and I will be bringing you the over-by-over updates of the match.

Lahore Lions and Dolphins will take each other in a crucial Group A match at the Chinnaswamy stadium in Bengaluru on Saturday. This match is virtually a knock out game for both the teams as they are yet to win a match in the main stages of this year’s CLT20.

Lahore played two Indian Premier League (IPL) teams in their first two matches of the main stage. Against Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) they fought well and dragged the match till the last over. But their second game against CSK was rainned off without a ball being bowled, which means Lahore have only two points from their two matches.

With KKR already qualified for semis and Dolphins poor showing and poor net run-rate, now it seems that the competition are among CSK, Perth Scorchers and Lahore for the one remaining spot in the semis from the group. This makes this match more important for Lahore, who impressed everyone with their performance at the qualifying round.


Lahore Lions: Mohammad Hafeez (c), Ahmed Shehzad, Umar Siddique Khan, Mohammad Umar Akmal (wk), Nasir Jamshed, Mohammad Salman Ali, Asif Raza, Mohammad Mustafa Iqbal, Wahab Riaz, Aizaz Cheema, Imran Ali, Saad Naseem, Adnan Rasool, Mohammad Saeed, Ali Manzoor.

Dolphins: Morne van Wyk (c), Cameron Delport, Cody Chetty, Vaughn van Jaarsveld, Khayelihle Zondo, Daryn Smit (wk), Andile Phehlukwayo, Robert Frylinck, Keshav Maharaj, Kyle Abbott, Craig Alexander.

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