Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live blog of the fourth day in this second Ashes 2015 Test, between England and Australia at Lord’s. This is Devarchit Varma, and I will be bringing you the live cricket scores and updates of the match. England were on the back foot as Australia extended their overall lead to 362 runs, with David Warner and Chris Rogers putting up an unbeaten 108-run stand for the first wicket in Australia’s second innings. Despite Alastair Cook and Ben Stokes’ half-centuries, Australia were able to obtain a lead of 254 runs, which has put them in an invincible position. Catch live cricket scores and updates of England vs Australia 2nd Ashes 2015 Test at Lord’s, Day 4 here

What a brilliant performance from Australia over the last four days! They were simply outstanding in all departments, and to say England were outplayed by Australia will be an insult to their effort. They won the toss, yes, a matter of luck, but did all the hard work since then. Australia piled up close to 600 and England were all but out-batted from the clash. Alastair Cook and Joe Root were the only two men in the current form who would have taken England closer, but they needed a team effort, which never came.

To be shot out in mere 37 overs on a pitch which remained excellent for batting should give England the nightmares, and if this does not, then they should just recall how Mitchell Johnson bowled. He was terrific throughout the Test, and going into this series his form will play a massive role. 

This is England’s fourth heaviest defeat in their Test history in terms of runs.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE ENGLAND 103/10 in Overs 37: THERE IT IS!!! What a win for Australia, by a humongous margin of 405 runs. This is some humiliation of England at the home of cricket. James Anderson is cleaned up by Josh Hazlewood on the final ball of the 36th over. Australia are back and back with a bang! This loss will hurt England for weeks to come. BATTING: Mark Wood 2 (10)

OUT! James Anderson b Josh Hazleood 0 (5)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE ENGLAND 101/9 in Overs 34.3: Seriously, I was wondering whether Josh Hazlewood will be needed anymore in this innings. Michael Clarke thinks he would be, Joe Root has been cleaned up by the right-arm pacer and Australia are now just one wicket away from a massive, massive win. BATTING: Mark Wood 0 (0)

OUT! Joe Root b Josh Hazlewood 17 (44)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE ENGLAND 101/8 in Overs 34: After a few lusty blows for quick runs that took England past 100,  Stuart Broad gives a dolly to Adam Voges at extra cover and England have lost their eighth wicket. Nathan Lyon has grabbed his second wicket in the game. Two more to go.  BATTING: Joe Root 17 (41)

OUT! Stuart Broad c Adam Voges b Nathan Lyon 25 (17)


LIVE CRICKET SCORE ENGLAND 82/7 in Overs 31: This is not the same Lord’s wicket wherein England failed to take wickets. This actually looks like the ones at Gabba or WACA wherein the bowlers run riot. Mitchell Johnson is fired up totally, and his bouncers are looking no different from the ones we get to see Down Under. Certainly, England are reliving the Ashes 2013-14. Broad is in, gets a couple of chancy boundaries. BATTING: Joe Root 12 (34), Stuart Broad 11 (6)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE ENGLAND 64/7 in Overs 28.5: What a ball! Johnson bowls a snorter to Moeen Ali who is totally rattled with the short ball. Moeen tries to push it on the leg side — indeed not an ideal stroke — and the short leg gets the easiest of catches. BATTING: Joe Root 5 (27), OUT! Moeen Ali c sub (Shaun Marsh) b Mitchell Johnson 0 (4)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE ENGLAND 64/6 in Overs 28.1: What a match Australia and Peter Nevill are having. A harmless ball outside off to Buttler from Johnson and the batsman pokes at it. An edge flies straight to the wicketkeeper. A wicket on the first ball in the final session. England are collapsing, this match could be over today!  BATTING: Joe Root 5 (27), OUT! Jos Buttler c Peter Nevill b Mitchell Johnson 11 (9)

Australia are in complete command as they are still ahead by 445 runs, and have taken out half of this English batting line-up. Cook played a tired stroke, but what happened to the others? Ian Bell and Gary Ballance both look frail at the moment. So does Adam Lyth. Here is Nikhil Popat’s tea report on Day Four, I will be back in about 20 minutes for the final session.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE ENGLAND 64/5 in Overs 28: England will need their batsmen to do some introspection, as most of the wickets were gifted and not taken by the opponents. Jos Buttler and Joe Root will have to bat out entire final session if England have to keep their hopes alive. It is time for the tea break.  BATTING: Joe Root 5 (27), Jos Buttler 11 (8)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE ENGLAND 52/5 in Overs 26.2: Mitchell Johnson’s brilliance ends any possibility of some magic from Ben Stokes. Joe Root pushed one towards mid on for a single where Johnson was fielding. The left-hander was quick to the ball, picked it up and hit the middle-stump on the striker’s end. Stokes was in the air as he was more worried about not getting hit. Had Stokes dragged his bat in, he might have been safe. Another wicket in a Mitchell Marsh over.  BATTING: Joe Root 4 (25)

OUT! Ben Stokes run out (Mitchell Johnson) 0 (3)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE ENGLAND 48/4 in Overs 25.3: WICKET! Nathan Lyon gets rewarded for persisting with bowling on the wickets and making Ian Bell play. This time the ball lands in line of middle and leg and bell defends it on front foot. The ball hits inside edge, crashes into the pads and the short leg gets the easiest of catches. England in tatters. BATTING: Joe Root 4 (23)

OUT! Ian Bell c sub (Shaun Marsh) b Nathan Lyon 11 (50)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE ENGLAND 48/3 in Overs 23: Is this the same pitch where England were bowling? Mitchell Johnson is not only bowling with pace but he is getting good bounce and carry. Johnson surprises Root with a nasty bouncer, the batsman put his bat in front to tackle it. The ball dropped right in front of short leg after hitting the gloves. England are not interested in scoring, they have added only 18 runs in the last 12 overs. BATTING: Ian Bell 11 (41), Joe Root 4 (17)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE ENGLAND 47/3 in Overs 20: DROPPED! A tough chance indeed as the ball was flying to the first slip but I reckon Nevill got in between. A let off for Ian Bell who dropped his bat on a delivery outside off, and and edge carried through to the first slip. Adam Voges — yes he is back on the field — got his left hand to it but could not manage to hold it. Johnson is getting some good bounce and carry.  BATTING: Ian Bell 11 (37), Joe Root 3 (9)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE ENGLAND 44/3 in Overs 19: Australia are using their bowlers in short bursts because they know they will have to bowl a lot these two days. Mitchell Marsh was replaced by Mitchell Johnson, and Mitchell Starc has been replaced by Nathan Lyon. England look to pick up. BATTING: Ian Bell 10 (33), Joe Root 1 (7)

Joe Root suffers a blow on the grill of his helmet as he tried hooking the last ball from Mitchell Marsh. Root is fine, he gets his helmet changed though. LIVE CRICKET SCORE ENGLAND 42/3 in Overs 16.1: If two Mitchells won’t get you the wicket then the third one will. Mitchell Marsh comes on after the drinks break and he removes Gary Ballance on the first ball. A regulation delivery outside the off stump, Ballance needlessly poked at it. The ball brushed his gloves and flew straight to Peter Nevill, who does not err. Joe Root walks out. BATTING:  Ian Bell 10 (17) OUT! Gary Ballance c Peter Nevill b Mitchell Marsh 14 (33) The word is that Chris Rogers is doing fine now, he is not out there on the field though. Here is Jimmy Neesham having some fun about it:

LIVE CRICKET SCORE ENGLAND 41/2 in Overs 15: The Mitchells — Johnson and Starc — are bowling in tandem at the moment. Both Bell and Ballance have done well to survive, the Australians are attacking the wickets. Bell is negating Johnson’s pace from deep inside the crease while he was standing out of the crease versus Hazlewood sometime back. BATTING: Gary Ballance 13 (26), Ian Bell 10 (17) LIVE CRICKET SCORE ENGLAND 30/2 in Overs 11: Ian Bell is the new man in and he gets two very good balls from Johnson first up. There is an inside edge on the first ball that races to the boundary, and then Bell is surprised with a bouncer which he does well to keep it down. England walking on tight rope, both these men are not having a decent run. Johnson is looking in good rhythm. BATTING: Gary Ballance 7 (16), Ian Bell 5 (3) LIVE CRICKET SCORE ENGLAND 23/2 in Overs 8.4: JOHNSON STRIKES!!! Alastair Cook goes for the cut shot as the ball was outside the off stump and there was an edge! Australia are relieved, this is no less than a body blow to England. Cook had given it all in the first innings, I would say it would have been grossly unfair if England expected him to do the same in the second innings. A tired shot from a man who gave his best throughout this Test. Ian Bell walks out. Australia continue to strike with the new ball. BATTING: Gary Ballance 5 (5) OUT! Alastair Cook c Peter Nevill b Mitchell Johnson 11 (31) LIVE CRICKET SCORE ENGLAND 23/1 in Overs 8: Australia have so far persisted with Mitchell Starc and Josh Hazlewood for now. Gary Ballance is looking fidgety like he always does, and Cook is being tested with some in-swing from Hazlewood. Mitchell Johnson to bowl now. England need 486 more. BATTING: Alastair Cook 11 (27), Gary Ballance 5 (5) LIVE CRICKET SCORE ENGLAND 12/1 in Overs 4.1: WICKET! Similar ball to Lyth from Starc and the batsman is out in the same passion as he was in the first innings. A little close to the body though this time around, and Lyth could not manage to defend this one. The ball rose sharply on the batsman, and there was an edge. Kumar Dharmasena raised his finger, no review taken as well. Australia strike early! BATTING: Alastair Cook 5 (11) OUT! Adam Lyth c Peter Nevill b Mitchell Starc 7 (16) LIVE CRICKET SCORE ENGLAND 12/0 in Overs 4: Play has resumed post lunch break and England get a boundary with Lyth striking one on the leg side. Hazlewood completes first over of the second session.  BATTING: Adam Lyth 7 (13), Alastair Cook 5 (11) LIVE CRICKET SCORE ENGLAND 7/0 in Overs 3: First three overs have been bowled and the players walk off for lunch. Australia are ahead by 502 runs, but for England it is not about scoring those many. It is about preserving wickets and not give Australia any room to capitalise.  BATTING: Adam Lyth 2 (8), Alastair Cook 5 (10) LIVE CRICKET SCORE ENGLAND 5/0 in Over 1: Huge cheer for Adam Lyth after he took the first run, and then Alastair Cook gets a four on the leg side on a loose delivery from Mitchell Starc. Appeal for leg before but Australia do not take the DRS review. The ball pitched outside leg and hit Cook very high on the back foot. BATTING: Adam Lyth 1 (3), Alastair Cook 4 (3) England openers are here. Mitchell Starc to bowl the first over. Very important for the Aussies to strike with the new ball. England have 10 minutes to bat and they will face about 3 overs, because lunch break is not very far away.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE AUSTRALIA 254/2 in Overs 49: There it is! Marsh slams two sixes off Moeen, takes Australia’s lead past 500 and Michael Clarke says it is enough. Australia have set 509-run target for England to win this Test. BATTING: Michael Clarke 32 (34), Mitchell Marsh 27 (19) LIVE CRICKET SCORE AUSTRALIA 231/2 in Overs 47: Australia are going on batting and it seems they want 500 on board as lead before they declare. For now, Clarke and Marsh are getting the runs as quickly as they can. BATTING: Michael Clarke 28 (29), Mitchell Marsh 8 (12) LIVE CRICKET SCORE AUSTRALIA 210/2 in Overs 43: Australia’s No. 3 batsman Steven Smith walks away after doing the job for his side. Not surprisingly, it is Moeen who gets another wicket as Smith is cleaned up while looking for the big hit. Smith faced 47 balls, and slammed 9 boundaries. Australia lead by 464 runs. Mitch Marsh comes out.BATTING: Michael Clarke 14 (14), Mitchell Marsh 0 (1) OUT! Steven Smith b Moeen Ali 58 (47) LIVE CRICKET SCORE AUSTRALIA 208/1 in Overs 42: Steven Smith wiggles across the crease and gets an inside edge racing down for a boundary. Smith completes his half-century, and Broad the bowler can do nothing but smile about it. Australia are going strong, they have gone past 200-run mark. BATTING: Steven Smith 57 (45), Michael Clarke 14 (14) Sincerely hoping that nothing Chris Rogers is not facing any serious trouble. Hoping to see him back on field quickly, and get to his half-century. he was on 49 not out when Rogers was forced to leave the field.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE AUSTRALIA 180/1 in Overs 38: It does not matter who is there at the crease because Australia need quick runs. Clarke has sent himself above Mitchell Marsh and he will have to score briskly in order to get those runs. Clarke needs runs and there is no better time to go for the kill. At this moment, both Clarke and Smith are looking to attack with the Aussie captain hitting his first four. Australia lead by 434 runs now. BATTING: Steven Smith 37 (35), Michael Clarke 6 (6)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE AUSTRALIA 165/1 in Overs 36.1: And when everything was going fine for Australia, Moeen Ali strikes. He has something special about him, batsmen tend to attack him and loose their wickets. No century for Dave Warner, he is caught at extra cover by England captain. Michael Clarke, man in desperate need of runs, comes out to bat. BATTING: Steven Smith 27 (24)

OUT! David Warner c Alastair Cook b Moeen Ali 83 (116)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE AUSTRALIA 164/0 in Overs 36: Australia are scoring runs at will and England look completely clueless how to make breakthroughs here. Steven Smith has resumed in the same passion he left in the last innings. Australia’s lead is past 400, and it will be interesting to see how many they feel are enough. BATTING: David Warner 83 (115), Steven Smith 27 (24)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE AUSTRALIA 151/0 in Overs 34: Steven Smith and David Warner are both some urgency in their batting. David Warner go a reprieve when he was dropped by Joe Root at short mid-on off the bowling of Mark Wood. He is nearing his ton and will be looking to explode after getting to his milestone.BATTING: David Warner 78 (109), Steven Smith 19 (18)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE AUSTRALIA 130/0 in Overs 31:  With Chris Rogers retiring hurt, Steven Smith is the new man in as he takes good control of the innings, scoring 11 off the 11 balls he has faced so far. With a lead of 384 runs, Australia seem to be in a real good position so far. BATTING: David Warner 65 (98), Steven Smith 11 (11)

Chris Rogers leaves the field as he looks to be uncomfortable, possibly feeling dizzy. It is to be noted that he was struck on the head off a bouncer from James Anderson on Day 2.

It was a dominant display of cricket from Australia as apart from the 145-run fighting stand between Cook and Stokes, England was really not able to challenge their tourists’ authority. Australian bowlers were really impressive on the third day, as they did not leave any stone unturned to make breakthroughs. ALSO READ: Australia lead England by 362 runs at the end of Day 3 of 2nd Test at Lord’s

England and Cook were left heartbroken when the left-hander chopped one onto his wickets, which eventually ended a fine innings from the England captain. Cook faced as many as 233 balls, and scored 96 runs. READ: Alastair Cook, England’s biggest hope at Lord’s in 2nd Test vs Australia

On the other hand, Stokes was unfortunate as well because he too had chopped one onto his wickets earlier in the third day, with Mitchell Marsh getting wickets of both the English southpaws in the same manner. READ: Australia leave England behind in their own game

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