Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live blog of the second day of the fourth Ashes 2015 Test at Trent Bridge, with England being in a commanding position to retain the Ashes from Australia. Stuart Broad ran riot in the first innings after England won the toss and decided to bowl first, as he returned with the figures of 9.3-5-15-8 to help his side shoot Australia out for a paltry 60. In their reply, England were 274 for 4 with Joe Root slamming his eighth century of the Test career and remaining unbeaten on 124. England were ahead by 214 runs at stumps. This is Devarchit Varma, and I will be bringing you the live cricket scores and updates of the match. Catch live cricket scores and updates of England vs Australia 4th Ashes 2015 Test at Trent Bridge, Day 2 here

LIVE CRICKET SCORE AUSTRALIA 241/7 in Overs 62.2, trail by 90:  Bad light has stopped play on the second day and England will have to wait for few more hours to complete the formalities. Australia trail by 90 runs, but have only three wickets left in the kitty. BATTING:  Adam Voges 48 (91), Mitchell Starc 0 (4)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE AUSTRALIA 236/7 in Overs 61.3, trail by 95:  OUT! Johnson has fallen and England inch close to the Ashes win! Five wicket haul for Bnn Stokes, who has been brilliant for England today! BATTING:  Adam Voges 45 (83)

OUT! Mitchell Johnson c Alastair Cook b Ben Stokes 5 (16)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE AUSTRALIA 224/6 in Overs 57.4, trail by 107:  WICKET! Nevill offers no shot to an incoming delivery from Ben Stokes and is trapped right in front of the wickets. It looked OUT, but still he reviewed it. Stokes bags his 4th wicket! BATTING:  Adam Voges 45 (83)

OUT! Peter Nevill lbw Ben Stokes 17 (57)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE AUSTRALIA 224/5 in Overs 57, trail by 107:  So far so good for these two. Voges deserves a lot of praise for copping up all the pressure and batting well today. He has got good support from Peter Nevill, who has not made any mistake apart from the one that went to the slips. BATTING: Peter Nevill 17 (53), Adam Voges 45 (83)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE AUSTRALIA 189/5 in Overs 49, trail by 142: Steven Finn came agonisingly close to his 100th wicket when he had Peter Nevill caught by Alastair Cook in the 48th over, but the umpire did well by checking for a no-ball. Nevill survived, good for him. Australia just trying to bide time. Voges looking far more convincing now with few runs in his kitty. BATTING: Peter Nevill 3 (31), Adam Voges 29 (57)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE AUSTRALIA 178/5 in Overs 45, trail by 153: It is up to Peter Nevill and Adam Voges to bide time — that’s what the Australians can try and do. So far they have managed to hang around, the scoreboard has not moved much. England bowlers getting some really good movement. BATTING: Peter Nevill 0 (19), Adam Voges 23 (44)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE AUSTRALIA 174/5 in Overs 41, trail by 157: Didn’t I tell you!?? A loose stroke was just around the corner. Michael Clarke wanders outside the off-stump, gets a thick edge that flies to Alastair Cook. The English captain fumbles, but the man next to him was alert and took the ball in the third attempt. Australia in deep trouble. BATTING: Peter Nevill 0 (1), Adam Voges 20 (38)

OUT! Michael Clarke c Ian Bell b Mark Wood 13 (37)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE AUSTRALIA 169/4 in Overs 40, trail by 162: Clarke and Voges have got beaten several times, and there was an edge that fell short of Root in the slips off Voges’s bat. Australia are steady post tea, but anything can happen, any moment. Clarke and Voges have added 33 runs so far. BATTING: Michael Clarke 9 (32), Adam Voges 20 (38)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE AUSTRALIA 160/4 in Overs 36, trail by 171: Surprisingly, both Voges and Clarke have managed to stay on for long. They are batting cautiously, not looking to score but to get their eye in. BATTING: Michael Clarke 8 (26), Adam Voges 12 (22)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE AUSTRALIA 148/4 in Overs 31, trail by 195: It has been a while that Australia have not lost a wicket. Adam Voges looking frail as always, Stuart Broad is trying to get the ball into the batsman. Michael Clarke is also hanging around, he has got himself off the mark, and so has Voges. BATTING: Michael Clarke 2 (6), Adam Voges 6 (10)

England have crawled their way back in this Test as Australia collapsed from 130/0 to 138/4, with Smith and Marsh making the same mistakes, yet again. If they are getting an earful from their coaches at the moment, they deserve it. England remain ahead as they have a massive lead of 193, with two of the most feeble Australian batsmen in Clarke and Voges at the crease. Hang on, action will resume in about 20 minutes.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE AUSTRALIA 136/4 in Overs 28.2, trail by 195: In an out for Shaun Marsh, again! Full marks to Ben Stokes for troubling the Aussie left-handers with movement of the ball. Marsh edges straight to the slips and suffers yet another failure. Pressure mounting on Australia. Michael Clarke walks in. But then! Steve Smith chases one outside off, makes the same mistake! Australia in deep, deep trouble!  BATTING: Michael Clarke 0 (0)

OUT! Steve Smith c Ben Stokes b Stuart Broad 5 (9)

OUT! David Warner c Stuart Broad b Ben Stokes 2 (6)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE AUSTRALIA 130/2 in Overs 26, trail by 201: Warner could have been cautious with his flick strokes on the leg side. He got out in the last Test in the same passion, and once again that poor execution has resulted in his dismissal. A half shot, and a top edge results in his fall. Stuart Broad takes a dolly, Australia have now lost two in quick succession. Stokes making his presence felt, grabs his second wicket. BATTING:  Steve Smith 1 (1)

OUT! David Warner c Stuart Broad b Ben Stokes 50 (64)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE AUSTRALIA 115/1 in Overs 24.1, trail by 216:  WICKET! Finally England have something to smile about as Rogers plays a reckless shot and gets an edge. All that hard work done but the wicket was gifted. Ben Stokes had nearly over-stepped, but nevertheless. Again, a good one-handed catch by Joe Root. Steve Smith is in. Let’s see what he can do. Warner takes two runs on the first ball of the next over, and brings up his half-century. BATTING: David Warner 50 (64), Steve Smith 0 (0)

OUT! Chris Rogers c Joe Root b Ben Stokes 52 (83)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE AUSTRALIA 110/0 in Overs 23, trail by 221:  Well done, Rogers and Warner. The two left-handers see their opening stand going past the 100-run mark with four byes from Wood, who surprises Rogers with a nasty bouncer. Rogers was squared up, and was caught by Joe Root in the slips for 47. The umpires checked for a no-ball, and indeed it was! Rogers survives! England then appealed for a caught behind when the ball had went past a million miles away. Rogers completes his half-century with a four over the slips.  BATTING: Chris Rogers 51 (79), David Warner 47 (61)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE AUSTRALIA 95/0 in Overs 20, trail by 236:  Nothing special about the way England have bowled today, and nothing outstanding about Australia’s batting as well so far. Warner and Rogers have done what they were supposed to, but the mountain is yet to be climbed. BATTING: Chris Rogers 41 (66), David Warner 47 (55)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE AUSTRALIA 82/0 in Overs 17, trail by 249: Another catch was spilled, in the 16th over when an outside edge off Warner’s bat was spilled by Ian Bell and Alastair Cook in the slips. Warner, meanwhile, hit a four on the one millionth legal delivery in England. I really do not know why that ball was so special. BATTING: Chris Rogers 33 (56), David Warner 42 (47)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE AUSTRALIA 70/0 in Overs 14, trail by 261: Australia showing some intent, finally. Both Warner and Rogers getting runs and Australia have managed to outscore themselves from the first innings — without losing a wicket. Luck has also favoured them, a top edge flew over the slips off Finn in the 14th over when Warner tried to flick. Australia trail by 261. BATTING: Chris Rogers 28 (45), David Warner 35 (40)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE AUSTRALIA 51/0 in Overs 11, trail by 280: Warner shows his lethal best to Steven Finn in his first over, as the England pacer is slammed for a massive six over the leg side and two boundaries. A fine start this for Australia so far, Warner and Rogers are seems to be getting back in the business. . BATTING: Chris Rogers 19 (35), David Warner 25 (32)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE AUSTRALIA 32/0 in Overs 9, trail by 299: DROPPED! There was a chance that Broad produced, angling into Warner and getting the outside edge. However, it was spilled by Alastair Cook at first slip. It was a simple catch, but Cook failed to take it. Australia remain unscathed. BATTING: Chris Rogers 15 (30), David Warner 10 (25)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE AUSTRALIA 31/0 in Overs 7, trail by 300: Two more overs survived! Warner drove Broad through cover for a four and left a couple of good deliveries outside the off. Australia trail by exactly 300. BATTING: Chris Rogers 15 (23), David Warner 10 (19)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE AUSTRALIA 21/0 in Overs 5, trail by 310: England waste a review and in some style. Wood bends his back, bowls an inswinging yorker to David Warner. The batsman is not on the boot. England review it. Wow, the ball had not only pitched outside off, but it swung so much that it would have missed the wicketkeeper had it gone past the batsman. Australia safe in the first two overs post lunch. BATTING: Chris Rogers 9 (17), David Warner 6 (13)

Players are back in the field, David Warner will face Chris Rogers in the first over past lunch break.

That was some real danger that Warner survived off Broad. But the job is far from done. England are ahead by 317 runs, and have the match in complete control. Australia will not only have to spend hours on the wicket, which certainly has eased up a bit, but will also have to reduce the margin. England have shown that with application, discipline and intent, runs will come and luck will start favouring as well. I will be back in 40 minutes…

LIVE CRICKET SCORE AUSTRALIA 14/0 in Overs 3, trail by 317:  Second and the third over survived as well! While Wood was awry with his line and lengths, allowing Rogers to get away with two fours, Stuart Broad had some real test for David Warner. Broad came from round the wickets, angled in and Warner managed to keep his bat away from danger. Australia remain unscathed till lunch. BATTING:  Chris Rogers 8 (11), David Warner 0 (7)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE AUSTRALIA 4/0 in Overs 1, trail by 326: Stuart Broad begins the attack for England in the second innings and Chris Rogers faces him. Just like in the first innings, a delivery was on the pads and the batsman guided it to the boundary ropes. Replays show the ball had hit his thigh pad. Broad then bowls fuller, and raps Rogers on the backfoot. First over survived. BATTING:  Chris Rogers 0 (6), David Warner 0 (0)

We have a 10 minute break, Australia will face 2-3 overs because the lunch break is about 15 minutes away. Will Australia bat big as Michael Clarke had talked about yesterday, or will they fold up within another couple of sessions, or even one? We will wait on that.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE ENGLAND 391/9 decl. in Over 85.2, lead by 330: Really, it happened like this: All was going fine in the middle with Broad and Steven Finn batting as well as a tailender pairs do. All of a sudden, Alastair Cook springs up from his crease and signals for declaring the innings. England were 331 runs ahead. BATTING:  Stuart Broad 24 (29), Steven Finn 0 (8)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE ENGLAND 390/9 in Over 83.2, lead by 330: Yet another 50-run stand between Moeen and Broad and Australia are looking clueless. The runs on the board have given them to hit over the top, and both Moeen and Broad have batted excellently. They have added more than 50 runs for the ninth wicket now. But Johnson has struck for the first time! Moeen gets an outside edge and a fine one-handed effort from Steve Smith has got Australia a wicket. BATTING:  Stuart Broad 13 (21)

OUT! Moeen Ali c Steve Smith b Mitchell Johnson 38 (24)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE ENGLAND 359/8 in Over 81, lead by 299: Australia have taken the second new ball, but Moeen Ali’s strokepaly has ensured England will take a lead in excess of 300. Stuart Broad and Moeen batting for England at the moment. BATTING: Moeen Ali 18 (14), Stuart Broad 13 (21)

If England have their cockiness then there is this Australian brazenness even in adversities. A lot of people term it ‘arrogance’


LIVE CRICKET SCORE ENGLAND 335/8 in Over 78, lead by 275: It is time for drinks after one hour of play. Australia have shown far more intent of taking wickets than they showed today. Despite this, Johnson has looked out of sorts. England added 61 runs since morning but lost 4 crucial wickets. They lead by 275 runs now. BATTING: Moeen Ali 4 (8), Stuart Broad 3 (9)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE ENGLAND 328/8 in Over 75.5, lead by 272:  Nope, England do not want to bat anymore. Ben Stokes tries to guide one down on the leg side and gets an edge. Second wicket in the game for Hazlewood and eighth for Australia. England collapsing fast.  BATTING: Moeen Ali 4 (4)

OUT! Ben Stokes c Peter Nevill b Josh Hazlewood 5 (10)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE ENGLAND 320/7 in Over 74.2, lead by 260: Starc you beauty! Sixth wicket in the innings for the Aussie pacer, who knocks off Jos Buttler’s off-stump on a peach of a delivery. England seven down, ahead by 260 runs. These are the best bowling figures for Starc in his Test career. BATTING: Ben Stokes 1 (5)

OUT! Jos Buttler b Mitchell Starc 12 (11)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE ENGLAND 306/6 in Over 72.1, lead by 246: What a ball! Brilliant from Mitchell Starc who knocks down Mark Wood’s leg-stump with a brilliant yorker. It was a superb delivery — pitched right in front of the leg stump and Wood, who was hitting so well, had no answer to it. England six down, lead by 246. Starc completes five-wicket haul. BATTING: Ben Stokes 0 (3)

OUT! Mark Wood b Mitchell Starc 28 (30)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE ENGLAND 297/5 in Over 70.3, lead by 237: Finally! Joe Root departs while trying to go for the drive and getting an edge. Full marks to Mitchell Starc to keep inviting Root to drive and luring him consistently. Ben Stokes is the new man in, England lead by 237 at the moment. BATTING: Mark Wood 19 (25)

OUT! Joe Root c Peter Nevill b Mitchell Starc 130 (176)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE ENGLAND 287/4 in Over 68, lead by 227: It’s Mark Wood who has started to have fun in the middle. He has hits two lusty blows off Johnson first up in the morning for boundaries. England make strong start, extend lead to 227. BATTING: Joe Root 128 (168), Mark Wood 11 (18)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE ENGLAND 275/4 in Over 66, lead by 215: Joe Root takes a single in the first over from Mitchell Johnson. There are clouds hovering over the ground and Australia should use the conditions to their benefit. BATTING: Joe Root 125 (163), Mark Wood 2 (11)

Mitchell Johnson will attack round the wickets to Joe Root. Australia need a miracle to escape from this jail, England will aim to pile up misery on them…

England would be feeling that the Ashes Urn is close to their grips after a commanding performance on the opening day. They bowled really well, did not give Australia any room to recover and took all the catches. Australia were bowled out in mere 18.3 overs, something that would haunt them in days to come in this series. ALSO READ: Ashes 2015 4th Test: Australia’s no-show against menacing Stuart Broad will haunt them for years

Broad bowled exceptionally well, and his performance on Day One was truly unbelievable. He made the ball to the talking, pitched in the right areas, did not try new things as he troubled the Australian batsmen throughout his spell. ALSO READ: Ashes 2015: Michael Clarke, Adam Lyth throw away excellent opportunities to silence critics

Michael Clarke showed some intent but he fell for 10 on an atrocious stroke, something that would haunt him and his team in the future. Australia were bowled out for a total so small, that there are not many chances left for them to make a comeback. READ MORE: Ashes 2015: Australia fulfil Steven Smith’s prophecy in the worst way possible!