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Hello, good evening and a warm welcome to CricketCountry’s live cricket blog of the clash of the former champions in Match No 15 on Wednesday, between  England and West Indies in the T20 World Cup. This is Vishal Mehra, and I will be bringing you the live cricket scores and live cricket updates and commentary for the England and West Indies match. This will be the 15th match of the ongoing tournament, which started horribly wrong for the hosts India, lossing their opening match by 47 runs against New Zealand. England are coming into the tournament after a hard fought series against South Africa, having won all their warm-up games. West Indies have a 1-1 record in the warm-up games winning an high scoring match against Australia. LIVE CRICKET SCORECARD: England vs West Indies, Match No.15, ICC World T20 2016 at Mumbai

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES West Indies 183/4 in Overs 18.1 : SINGLE as Andre Russell nudges one for a single, with just managing to get towards the crease. Chris Gayle remains not-out on 100. With this win West Indies go on top of the group. BATTING: Chris Gayle 100(48), Andre Russell 16(16)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES West Indies 182/4 in Overs 18: SINGLE and HUNDRED up for Chris Gayle. NO BALL and CRASHED for FOUR as Andre Russell gets him team within 5 runs of victory.FREE HIT yields nothing. WILD SWING for nothing as Russell looks to finish off early. TWO RUNS. WIDE. SINGLE as Russell punches one towards long-on.DOT

BATTING: Chris Gayle 100(47), Andre Russell 15(15)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES West Indies 172/4 in Overs 17: SINGLE as Gayle pushes for one through the covers. SINGLE again for Andre Russell as he hits one towards the cover fielder. DOT. SINGLE as Chris Gayle moves to 99. DOT. DOT! Chris Gayle to face first ball next over.
BATTING: Chris Gayle 99(46), Andre Russell 8(9)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES West Indies 169/4 in Overs 16:  David Willey into the attack. Well fielded by Ben Stokes as Andre Russell gets a single off the first ball. FOUR! Chris Gayle crashes Willey for a boundary towards off. SIX! Gayle powers a full toss by Willey into the crowds over square leg.  DOT. SIX massive SIX as Gayle Pulls Willey. SINGLE

BATTING: Chris Gayle 97(43), Andre Russell 7(7)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES West Indies 151/4 in Overs 15: Chris Jordan comes into the attack as England look to control the flow of runs. DOT. DOT. SINGLE. SINGLE as Chris Jordan powers through the non stirker batsmen for a single. WIDE. SINGLE as Russell drives on towards long-on.WIDE. DOT to finish. BATTING: Chris Gayle 80(37), Andre Russell 6(6)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES West Indies 146/4 in Overs 14: DOT. FOUR! as ball misses everyone and goes for 4-byes. DOT. SIX Gayle powers another SIX. ANOTHER SIX Gayle massacres Adil Rashid for a huge six. Three in a row ANOTHER SIX. 22 runs of the over.  BATTING: Chris Gayle 79(36), Andre Russell 4(2)


LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES West Indies 124/4 in Overs 13 : OUT! Reece Topley into the attack picks up the key wicket of Dwayne Bravo first up. Andre Russell comes into the middle.FOUR! Gayle clips Topley for a boundary. WIDE! SINGLE Gayle pounds the ball for a run towards covers.
DOT. WIDE. FOUR Andre Russell cracks Topley off the final delivery. BATTING: Chris Gayle 61(30), Andre Russell 4(5)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES West Indies 113/3 in Overs 12 : OUT! Denesh Ramdin in an attempt to hit out of the park ends up giving a simple catch to Adil Rashid. First wicket for Moeen Ali. Dwayne Bravo comes into the middle to join Gayle.  French Cut by Gayle for a single. Bravo gets off the mark first ball. Gayle brings up his fifty with a single in 27 balls.SINGLE Bravo carries on his merry ways. SIX Straight down the ground by Gayle.  BATTING: Chris Gayle 56(28), Dwayne Bravo 2(2)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES West Indies 103/2 in Overs 11 : Welcome back after the delay due to super sopper.  FOUR! Denesh Ramdin gets a boundary towards fine leg. SINGLE. DOT, Ben Stokes bowls short pitch to Gayle.WIDE. DOT. SIX a bit short delivery and Gayle pulls Stokes for a massive SIX. SIX Gayle manages to power one above the leaping Joe Root.  BATTING: Chris Gayle 48(25),Denesh Ramdin 12(13)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES West Indies 85/2 in Overs 10 : DOT, Moeen Ali comes to continue. SINGLE of the second ball. DOT AGAIN. DOT. good over from Ali. DOT again as Ramdin misses to find the edge. SINGLE as Ramdin flicks for one .  BATTING: Chris Gayle 34(18),Denesh Ramdin 7(11)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES West Indies 83/2 in Overs 9 : DOT. TWO RUN from the second ball as Denesh Ramdin looks to convert ones into two’s. SINGLE off the third ball. SIX CHRIS GAYLE cracks Adil Rashid out of the park into the top tier. SIX Adil Rashid taken to the rafters. SINGLE huge over for West Indies 16 from it.  BATTING: Chris Gayle 34(18),Denesh Ramdin 6(7)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES West Indies68/2 in Overs 8 :FOUR! Chris Gayle conks Moeen Ali for a boundary, not from the meat off the bat.SINGLE towards short fine-leg. SINGLE as Denesh Ramdin gets nudges for a single. DOT. SINGLE to finish of the over.
BATTING: Chris Gayle 22(16),Denesh Ramdin 3(4)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES West Indies 59/2 in Overs 7 : Adil Rashid comes into the attack as Power play is over. SINGLE as Marlon Samuels punches one through the covers. DOT, rare dot ball to Chris Gayle. SINGLE Gayle dabs the ball for a single.  OUT! Marlon Samuels goes for 37 as Rashid picks his first wicket. Denesh Ramdin comes into the middle, single first ball. SINGLE.

BATTING: Chris Gayle 14(10),Denesh Ramdin 1(1)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES West Indies 55/1 in Overs 7 : FOUR! Samuels blasts Chris Jordan for a boundary first ball. SINGLE. Finally Chris Gayle comes on the strike. WIDE down the leg side. Another WIDE. DOT Gayle manages to get one off the bat to Moeen Ali for no run. YORKER. well dug by Gayle.ANOTHER YORKER well bowled. FOUR! Gayle cracks a half folly for a boundary.  BATTING: Chris Gayle 14(10), Marlon Samuels 18(16)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES West Indies 44/1 in Overs 6 : DOT! Ben Stokes comes into the attack. Lucky FOUR as Samuels manages to get a thick edge. FOUR! Samuels looking dangerous as he strikes one aright down the ground. FOUR! Chris Jordan miss fields as Samuels gets his third boundary from the over. DOT! OUT! NO-BALL as Stokes bowls a full above waist ball. SINGLE, free hit yields only a run. BATTING: Chris Gayle 10(5), Marlon Samuels 31(23)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES West Indies 30/1 in Overs 4 : Chris Jordan comes into the attack. Good bouncer first up. DOT. DOT AGAIN. Jordan starts well. Another short one.FOUR! Samuels cracks a wide ball towards the boundary on third-man region.Slower ball goes for a DOT.SINGLE
BATTING: Chris Gayle 10(5), Marlon Samuels 18(16)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES West Indies 25/1 in Overs 3 : David Willey bowls a peach off a delivery first up. Marlon Samuels too good not to edge it. DOT. Willey getting the ball to do the talking as it jags back in. DOT! Brilliant bowling from Willey, bad not to get an outside edge. FOUR! Samuels manages to finally get one on the meat of the bat for a boundary at fine leg. FOUR! Samules cracks another boundary on the up towards the cover. SINGLE. Samuels opens the face of the bat for a single.  BATTING: Chris Gayle 10(5), Marlon Samuels 13(10)

 LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES West Indies 16/1 in Overs 2 :Reece Topley comes into bowl the second over. DOT well left by Chris Gayle. DOT. Gayle block one towards point. FOUR! Gayle gets off the mark with a boundary, as Topley bowls a fuller delivery. SIX! Gayle goes berserk.DOT! rarity when Gayle is batting. DOT again 10 runs from it.   BATTING: Chris Gayle 10(5), Marlon Samuels 4(4)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES West Indies 6/1 in Overs 1 : WIDE. David Willey starts off with two back to back WIDES. OUT!! Johnson Charles departs for zero as he guides the ball to Moeen Ali standing at mid wicket. APPEAL. APPEAL. two back to back LBW appeals turned down as David Willey manages to some swing. FOUR! Samuels clips a leg side delivery for a boundary. DOT! good first over for the game 6 runs and a wicket.
BATTING: Chris Gayle, Marlon Samuels 4 (4)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES England 182/6 in Overs 20 : SIX! Eoin Morgan cracks Bravo in the first ball. Good come-back only a single for the second ball. FOUR! Ben Stokes hammers the third ball straight-on. OUT! Slower ball does the trick for Bravo. Stokes made 15 from seven balls. Moeen Ali comes into the middle, lucky to get a SIX as Jason Holder misses out on a simple catch. Moeen Ali gets run-out as one run is complete.  BATTING: Eoin Morgan 27(14)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES England 164/4 in Overs 19 : FOUR! Ben Stokes brings up his first boundary. DOT. SIX! Stokes looking in destructive mode, pulls over mid-wicket. SINGLE. Eoin Morgan deceives by a slower ball, manages to lob one just in front of the fielder at covers. DOT
BATTING: Ben Stokes11(5), Eoin Morgan 20(12)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES England 152/4 in Overs 18 :  Dwayne Bravo coming to bowl his third over, starts off with a faster one for a single. Slower Ball again as Eoin Morgan dabs one for a single. SIX Jos Buttler whips Bravo for a huge SIX, slower one again. Excellent effort by Johnson Charles as Buttler manages to get just two runs. OUT! Buttler in an effort to hit the ball far manages to give Brathwaite a simple catch, Buttler made a 30 off 20 balls. DOT. Ben Stokes comes in the middle.

BATTING: Ben Stokes,  Eoin Morgan 11(6):

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES England 142/3 in Overs 17 :  Sulieman Benn comes into bowl his third over. SINGLE, Eoin Morgan plays the ball towards gully. SIX Jos Buttler manages to put the ball into the second tier, as Benn bowls a short ball. DOT, good comeback by Benn. SINGLE Benn manages to get his foot as Buttler gets a single. Morgan chips the ball for TWO RUNS. FOUR Morgan cracks Benn for a boundary in the final ball.
 BATTING: Jos Buttler 21(16), Eoin Morgan 18(9)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES England 128/3 in Overs 16 : Carlos Brathwaite comes to bowl his second over. SINGLE. Jos Buttler reverse chips it for two runs. SINGLE. Buttler dabs one straight up. Morgan digs in another single. SINGLE. DOT
BATTING: Jos Buttler 14(13), Eoin Morgan 11(6):

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES England 123/3 in Overs 15 : DOT. Joe Root is just two runs away from his fifty runs. OUT! Root departs for 48 runs as Andre Russell picks his first wicket. SINGLE, Eoin Morgan picks his first run of this innings towards the third man. SINGLE, Buttler nudges one towards the leg-side. SIX! Eoin Morgan hits a massive SIX towards SINGLE. Morgan digs a yorker .
BATTING: Jos Buttler 11(9), Eoin Morgan8(3):


LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES England 114/2 in Overs 14 : Just missed as Badree misses on running out Joe Root, single off the first ball. Single towards leg-side. Single towards mid-wicket. SIX, Jos Buttler smashes one straight up. TWO Runs, Buttler . DOT ball to finish the over.  BATTING: Joe Root 48(33), Jos Buttler 11(9)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES England 103/2 in Overs 13 : DOT. first up from Dwayne Bravo. FOUR Joe Root powers one towards the ground as Andre Russell misfields. SINGLE. Root drives on towards the covers. SINGLE. 1Leg-bye. Final ball is a DOT ball.
BATTING: Joe Root 45(31), Jos Buttler 2(3):

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES England 96/2 in Overs 12 : OUT!! Sulieman Benn yorks Alex Hales for 28 runs first ball into his third. Jos Buttler comes into the middle. DOT. SINGLE Jos Buttler off the mark with a single towards cover. SINGLE, this time it is Joe Root who works one towards leg. SINGLE as Buttler drills one straight up. Final ball goes for just a run.

BATTING: Joe Root 40(28), Jos Buttler 2(3):

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES England 92/1 in Overs 11 : WIDE! Taylor back into the attack. Joe Root cracks SIX over mid-wicket. DOT. Root takes another 2 runs. BRILLIANT FIELDING BY ANDRE RUSSELL pulls the ball back from reaching the boundary from long-on. SINGLE towards the cover. SINGLE again as Hales punches the ball straight-up. DOT slower ball to end the over.   BATTING: Alex Hales 28(25), Joe Root 38(26)


 LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES England 81/1 in Overs 10 : Joe Root pushes towards the cover for a single. Alex Hales sweeps Badree manages only a single as leg-byes. Risky two run as Hales and Root partnership goes towards 41runs. Single run towards leg-side. Another cheeky single off the last ball.   BATTING: Alex Hales 29(21), Joe Root 27(24)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES England 74/1 in Overs 9:  Carlos Brathwaite into the attack, Joe Root takes a single off first ball, towards covers. DOT, slower ball second up. SINGLE towards square.  FOUR! Root smashes one over the . GOOD BALL, Yorker length for a single.FOUR Alex Hales flicks one towards the boundary line.  BATTING: Alex Hales 26(22), Joe Root 24(17)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES England 63/1 in Overs 8 : Sulieman Benn comes into the attack. ONE RUN as Joe Root picks the gap towards mid-on. SINGLE, Alex Hales works one towards the leg for a one run. Root, picks another single leg-side.DOT.  SINGLE as Hales turns the ball nehind square. Root takes a single straight up.
BATTING: Alex Hales 21(19), Joe Root 18(14)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES England 58/1 in Overs 7 : Andre Russell comes into the attack.DOT. Joe Root goes for a giant heave, misses the ball completely. Root takes two runs as ENGLAND’s reaches fifty runs on the board. DOT.SIX! Root pulls a bouncer for FOUR! SINGLE on the final ball, as nine run comes from the over.  BATTING: Alex Hales 19(16), Joe Root 14(10)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES England 49/1 in Overs 6: Dwayne Bravo comes into the attack, starts with a slower ball. Alex Hales manages to flick one for 3 runs as a diving Andre Russell stops a boundary. Fuller length ball Joe Root gaps it for a single. Hales misses out on a boundary as keeper manages to collect a deft touch. Bravo bowls his fourth slower ball as Hales takes a single.WIDE. Root dabs one on to leg-side for a single. DOT. End of the power-play.   BATTING: Alex Hales 19(15), Joe Root 6(5)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES England 42/1 in Overs 5 : Andre Russell comes into the attack. ROY plays and misses second ball. A bit fuller in lenght by Andre. OUT!! ROY flicks only to give the diving Samuel Badree at mid-wicket a catch. Joe Root comes in and is tested up a bouncer first ball. FOUR! Root paddles Andre for a four. WIDE. DOT   BATTING: Alex Hales 14(11), Joe Root 4(3)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES England 36/0 in Overs 4: Samuel Badree comes into bowl his second over. DOT.FOUR! bad bowling by Alex Hales gets his first boundary. ANOTHER FOUR! Brilliantly swept for a FOUR! POOR FIELDING, THIRD BOUNDARY FOR HALES. ONE run off the last ball. expensive over for Badree. 13 runs coming from it. BATTING: Alex Hales 14(11), Jason Roy 15(13)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES England 23/0 in Overs 3: FOUR! Jason Roy pulls first ball for a boundary.  Roy pulls another one for two runs towards square. Taylor tries to bounce one, only ends up giving a wide. Roy trying to smash one off the park misses the ball completely.Roy runs another two as the ball goes towards. WIDE POOR BALL AND FOUR as the wicketkeeper misses the ball.Good comeback by Taylor. FOUR flipped away for a boundary for Roy  BATTING: Alex Hales 1(5), Jason Roy 15(13)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES England 5/0 in Overs 2: Samuel Badree into the second attack, Jason Roy drives a single towards mid-on. Alex Hales nudges another single towards the mid wicket. Badree bowls a wide ball. DOT. DOT. DOT final three balls were on the mark.  BATTING: Alex Hales 1(5), Jason Roy 3(7)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES England 1/0 in Overs 1: Jerome Taylor opens the bowling for West Indies as Jason Roy and Alex Hales come to pen for England. Taylor starts off with a DOT ball. Alex Roy takes single off the second ball. Hales play the next ball for a DOT. Fourth Ball a bit of mix up between batsmen but no run. Hales hit the final ball for no run of the final delivery. BATTING: Alex Hales 0(4), Jason Roy 1(2)

Playing XI:

England XI: Alex Hales, Jason Roy, Joe Root, Eoin Morgan(c), Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler(wk), Moeen Ali, Chris Jordan, Adil Rashid, David Willey, Reece Topley


West Indies XI: Johnson Charles, Chris Gayle, Marlon Samuels, Denesh Ramdin(wk),Dwayne Bravo, Andre Russell, Darren Sammy(c), Carlos Brathwaite, Jerome Taylor, Samuel Badree, Sulieman Benn

TOSS: Darren Sammy wins the toss and to everyone’s surprise elect to bowl first

PITCH REPORT: Pitch looking as a run pelting machine.


England, led by Eoin Morgan will be high on confidence with his team performing well in T20 format since last year or so winning the T20I series against Pakistan. England rely on the likes of Alex Hales, Joe Root, Morgan, Jos Buttler and Ben Stokes to provide the team good start and an exceptional ending to their innings. West Indies have Chris Gayle, Dwayne Bravo, Sammy (himself) and Andre Russell in the team, will hope to recreate the magic of the Calypso in Indian subcontinent. West Indies hold clear edge over England in the World T20’s ties, winning all their three matches in as many matches they have featured in against each other.


England: Alex Hales, Jason Roy, Joe Root, Eoin Morgan(c), Jos Buttler(wk), Ben Stokes, Moeen Ali, Adil Rashid, David Willey, Liam Plunkett, Liam Dawson, Reece Topley, Chris Jordan, James Vince, Sam Billings

West Indies: Johnson Charles, Chris Gayle, Marlon Samuels, Denesh Ramdin (wk), Dwayne Bravo, Andre Russell, Carlos Brathwaite, Darren Sammy (c), Ashley Nurse, Jason Holder, Jerome Taylor, Samuel Badree, Sulieman Benn, Andre Fletcher, Evin Lewis.