Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live blog of Match 14 between England and West Indies of the Women’s ICC World T20 2016 at Dharamsala on Thursday. I’m Karan Dewan and I’m here to bring you the live scores and updates from this match. Both teams have won both the contests so far in this edition of T20I extravaganza and are sitting at the top of the table, with West Indies placed above England given the net run-rate. England and West Indies will leave no stone unturned to display a remarkable performance, as a win today will book a place in the semi-finals. FULL CRICKET SCORECARD: England Women vs West Indies Women, T2o World Cup 2016, Match 14 at Dharamsala

ENGLAND Women win by 1 wicket.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES | England Women 109/6| Overs 20|  R Grundy  1 (1), Natalie Sciver 19(22): Quintyne begins the 19th over and gets a wicket first ball. OUT! Brunt is trapped in front. Three crucial dots to follow. And another one goes. Oh my god! Gunn has to go. Caught by Matthews. 1 leg bye to end the over. Brilliant over under pressure! 7 needed off 6. Dottin to bowl the final over of the innings. Two off the first ball. Another double off the second. dot ball then. Wicket! Shrubsole is OUT! 3 needed off 2. Wide! Aww Pressure. Single. 1 needed off 1. Leg Bye! And England Women win a thriller.

OUT! D Dottin to A Shrubsole, WICKET!!! A Shrubsole is out b Deandra Dottin. 4(5)

OUT! S Quintyne to J Gunn, WICKET!!! J Gunn is out c Hayley Matthews b Shaquana Quintyne. 0 (4)

OUT! S Quintyne to K Brunt, WICKET!!! K Brunt is out lbw Shaquana Quintyne. 6 (11)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES | England Women 101/6| Overs 18|   K Brunt 6 (10), Natalie Sciver 19(21): A Mohammed to bowl the 16th over. 4 runs off the over. 19 needed off 24. Taylor bowls the 17th over. 5 singles come off the over. 14 needed off 18. Mohammad comes to bowl her last over. Concedes a four first ball. Three dots to follow. Single off the fifth ball. And another run off the last ball. 8 needed off 12.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES | England Women 86/6| Overs 15|   K Brunt 2 (2), Natalie Sciver 9(11): Fletcher into her third over now. ENG Women need 33 off 48. Three singles to begin. And a wicket! Knight departs. West Indies are fighting back. Two dots to end the over. Anisa Mohammad into her second over. Four singles to begin with. A dot to follow. Another dot to finish the over. England need 26 off 36. Taylor to bowl the 15th over. And OUT! Yet another one goes. OUT! Greenway is back in the dug out. Dot ball. And one more! OUT! West Indies are back in the game.

OUT! S Taylor to D Wyatt, WICKET!!! D Wyatt is out b Stafanie Taylor. 0 (2)

OUT! S Taylor to L Greenway, WICKET!!! L Greenway is out c Anisa Mohammed b Stafanie Taylor. 2(5)

OUT! A Fletcher to H Knight, WICKET!!! H Knight is out c Anisa Mohammed b Afy Fletcher. 9(12)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES | England Women 76/3| Overs 12| Heather Knight 8 (10), Natalie Sciver 4(4): Quintyne into her second over. Picks up the wicket of Edwards first ball. LBW! 2 down for England. They still manage 6 off the over as Knight finds the fence and gets 4. Fletcher to bowl the 11th over. Dot to begin. And OUT! Taylor is caught by Shamilia. Third wicket goes for England. Can WI sense something here? Two dots and two singles to end the over. Now Quintyne into her third over. Three singles off the first 3 balls. Dot to follow. One run off the fifth. And one run off the last ball.

OUT! A Fletcher to S Taylor, WICKET!!! S Taylor is out c Shamilia Connell b Afy Fletcher. 3 (6)

OUT! S Quintyne to C Edwards, WICKET!!! C Edwards is out lbw Shaquana Quintyne. 30 (29)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES | England Women 63/1| Overs 9| Charlotte Edwards 30 (28), Sarah Taylor 2(3): Fletcher comes on to bowl. Comparatively a better over this . Just 3 runs off it. Quintyne to bowl the 8th over.  England add 8 runs from this over as Edwards fins the boundary on the 4th ball. Fletcher continues and gets a Wicket first ball. OUT! Beaumont is gone!LBW.  Sarah Taylor comes out to bat. 4 singles come in the over.

OUT! A Fletcher to T Beaumont, WICKET!!! T Beaumont is out lbw Afy Fletcher. 31 (23)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES | England Women 48/0| Overs 6| Charlotte Edwards 20 (20), Tammy Beaumont 28(16): H Matthews is brought into the attack. Again England find two boundaries. WI Women cannot stop the boundaries. Edwards this time. Beaumont now faces Dottin, who comes on to bowl. Four off the first ball. Dot ball next up. SIX! First six of the England innings. Beaumont is in full flow. And she fins another four in the over. Dot to finish. Poor over this. England have a flying start. Just 66 needed off 90. A Mohammed comes on to bowl now. Edwards finds the boundary first ball. Just one more run off the last ball of the over. WI need wickets.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES | England Women 21/0| Overs 3| Charlotte Edwards 14 (10), Tammy Beaumont 7(8): Connell bowls the the first over for WI. One boundary in the over. Eng 6/0 after 1 over. Taylor bowls the second over. 2 runs come off the the first 4 balls, but Beaumont finds the boundary twice in the last 2 balls.Over. Connell continues.Dot to begin with. Single taken off the second.Two dots and another four. Beaumont again finds the boundary. Dot to finish.

England Women need 109 to win in their 20 overs.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES | West Indies Women 108/4| Overs 20| SA King 4(4), B Cooper 1(2): Shrubsole to bowl the 19th over. Two singles to begin with. And OUT! She gets Taylor’s wicket. Caught by Knight. Just onemore run from the over. Gunn to bowl the final over. Gets a Wicket first ball. Dottin is OUT! Just 5 runs off the over.

OUT! J Gunn to D Dottin, WICKET!!! D Dottin is out c Sarah Taylor b Jenny Gunn. 22 (30)

OUT! A Shrubsole to S Taylor, WICKET!!! S Taylor is out c Heather Knight b Anya Shrubsole. 35 (47)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES | West Indies Women 100/2| Overs 18| Deandra Dottin 20(26), S Taylor 34(45): Grundy into her final over. Still no big shot, just 6 come off the over. WI need boundaries! 85/2 after the end of the 16th over. Now Brunt into her last over. Good over this for WI Women. 11 runs off it. Gunn to bowl the 18th over. Just 4 off it. Superb over this.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES | West Indies Women 79/2| Overs 15| Deandra Dottin 15(15), S Taylor 25(37): Shrubsole comes on to bowl the 13th over. Single to begin. Dot to follow. 1 run comes as Leg-Bye. Dot ball. Single taken. And another single to end the over. Knight is brought on to bowl the 14th over. Just 6 runs off the over. No boundaries though. Over. Sciver into her second over now. 8 runs off the over. Singles and doubles taken only. No fours or Sixes.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES | West Indies Women 62/2| Overs 12| Deandra Dottin 7(6), S Taylor 17(28): Grundy into her second over. Begins with a dot. Double taken off the second ball. Single off the third. Dot and two singles to follow. Over. Sciver comes into the attack now. Dot to begin. Taylor then takes a single. And OUT! Quintyne is caught by Gunn. Fourth ball is a dot. Dottin gets off the mark with a run off the next ball. Sciver hits a four off the last one. Over. Grundy bowls the 12th over. Four off the second ball. Single off the third. Two singles to end the over.

OUT! N Sciver to S Quintyne, WICKET!!! S Quintyne is out c Jenny Gunn b Natalie Sciver. 29 (28)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES | West Indies Women 44/1| Overs 9 | Shaquana Quintyne 28(25), S Taylor 7(19): J Gunn is brought into the attack in the 7th over. Quintyne takes a run off the first ball. Taylor again fails to score off the next four balls. Eventually gets a run off the last delivery. Grundy to bowl the 8th over. Three singles to begin her over and then dots on the trot. Another run to end  the over. Just 4 off it. Gunn continues in the 9th over. Single for Quintyne off the first, followed by a dot and then Taylor gets a single. Dot ball to follow. And then two singles to end the over.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES | West Indies Women 34/1| Overs 6 | Shaquana Quintyne 23(17), S Taylor 2(9): Brunt is brought on for the 4th over. Quintyne gets on top of her, hits two successive boundaries in the over. 25/1 after the 4th over. Shrubsole bowls the 5th over. Taylor fins it difficult to get a run as she plays a maiden over. Score still the same. Brunt continues into her third over. Quintyne welcomes her with a four yet again. And another boundary off the next ball. Dot ball to follow. No runs off the fourth ball. Takes a single off the second-last ball. Dot to finish.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES | West Indies Women 15/1| Overs 3 | Shaquana Quintyne 4(6), S Taylor 2(2): A good first over for West Indies as Knight is smashed for two boundaries in the first over by Mathews. Katherine Brunt bowls the second over. A wicket maiden from her. Gets the wicket of Matthews as she is caught by Sciver. Anya Shrubsole comes on to bowl the third over. Single off the first ball. Double off the second. Another single off the third. Dot ball to follow. Single to end the over.

OUT! K Brunt to H Matthews, WICKET!!! H Matthews is out c Natalie Sciver b Katherine Brunt. 9 (10)

Toss: West Indies win the toss and opt to bat.


West Indies Women (Playing XI): Hayley Matthews, Stafanie Taylor(c), Shaquana Quintyne, Deandra Dottin, Merissa Aguilleira(w), Britney Cooper, Stacy-Ann King, Shemaine Campbelle, Anisa Mohammed, Afy Fletcher, Shamilia Connell

England Women (Playing XI): Charlotte Edwards(c), Tammy Beaumont, Sarah Taylor(w), Lydia Greenway, Heather Knight, Natalie Sciver, Danielle Wyatt, Katherine Brunt, Jenny Gunn, Anya Shrubsole, Rebecca Grundy

Despite being placed at No. 1 in Group B table, it will be an uphill climb for the West Indies to edge past England. England emerged triumphant in the 2009 edition of World T20 and have won 16 out of 21 in World T20I. On the other hand, West Indies have won 10 out of 18 World T20I matches.

England were caught under spin in the encounter against India, as 6 out 8 wickets were scalped by Indian spinners. West Indies’ offie Anisa Mohammad, the leading wicket-taker in women’s T20I cricket, took 3 for 25 against Pakistan and will look to make full use of the conditions. England, on the other hand, have prolific pacers in their ranks and will be handy on the Dharamsala track, as it is not suited for stroke-making. It promises to be a cracker of contest. And it would be even more interesting to see who races towards the semi-finals first.


England Women: Charlotte Edwards(c), Tammy Beaumont, Sarah Taylor(wk), Heather Knight, Natalie Sciver, Danielle Wyatt, Katherine Brunt, Lydia Greenway, Jenny Gunn, Anya Shrubsole, Danielle Hazell, Georgia Elwiss, Amy Jones, Rebecca Grundy, Tash Farrant

West Indies Woman: Stafanie Taylor (c), Merissa Aguilleira (wk), Shamilia Connell, Deandra Dottin, Stacy-Ann King, Kyshona Knight, Anisa Mohammed, Tremayne Smartt, Kycia Knight, Shekera Selman, Shemaine Campbelle, Britney Cooper, Afy Fletcher, Heyley Matthews, Shaquana Quintyne

Live Cricket Scorecard and ball by ball updates: England Women vs West Indies Women, Match 14, Group 1 at Dharamsala