Hello and Welcome to CricketCountry s live coverage of Gujarat Lions (GL)vs Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), Indian Premier League (IPL) 2016, Match 19, at Rajkot. This is Paulami Chakraborty and I will be bringing you all the updates regarding the match. While RCB are coming off a win against Rising Pune Supergiants (RPS) in their previous match, GL were humiliated by Sunrisers Hyderabad by 10 wickets. The duo of Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers are in a dangerous form, having posted four consecutive stands of 50 runs and ahead of this fixture, they will look carry the momentum on Sunday. LIVE CRICKET SCORECARD: Gujarat Lions vs Royal Challengers Bangalore, IPL 2016, Match 19 at Rajkot

Live Cricket Score, Gujarat Lions 182/4 in overs 20, Batting: Dinesh Karthik 36(32), Ravindra Jadeja 10(7): Watson to end the match. No ball, and a couple of runs. Free hit, more problem for RCB. Call for two, just a single. 50 up for Dinesh Karthik. 4 required off 5 balls. A wide. OUT! Brilliant catch by KL Rahul, dives to his left, Watson gets a wicket. Bravo takes the field. FOUR! Bravo finishes off in ‘Champion’ style! Kohli’s 100 goes in vain as RCB lose it by 6 wickets.

OUT! Ravindra Jadeja c KL Rahul (wk) b Shane Watson 12 (10)

Live Cricket Score, Gujarat Lions 174/3 in overs 19, Batting: Dinesh Karthik 49(38), Ravindra Jadeja 11(8): FOUR! Karthik greets Iqbal Abdulla with a boundary over deep fine leg, comes outside off, sits down and delivers. Karthik sends the next to midwicket, gets a single. Another single, to the midwicket. A couple of runs, Jadhav fails to send it back to the keeper in time. Another couple of runs. FOUR, Karthik finishes off the over in style.

Live Cricket Score, Gujarat Lions 160/3 in overs 18, Batting: Dinesh Karthik 36(32), Ravindra Jadeja 10(7): Richardson continues. Jadeja pushes the next to cover, gets a single. Chance of caught and bowled and put down! Can be the defining moment. Jadeja pushes the next to long off, gets a single as Kohli fields it there, clean. Brilliant piece of fielding there at long off by de Villiers stops a boundary, two runs. Single off the pad to end it.

Live Cricket Score, Gujarat Lions 154/3 in overs 17, Batting: Dinesh Karthik 33(29), Ravindra Jadeja 8(5): Iqbal Abdulla with the ball. No run off the first. SIX! Crowd elated as local boy hits it over mid-wicket, to the stands! No run off the next. A single follows. Wide, Jadeja sends the next to midwicket, the call is for two, and they get two. A couple of runs off the next, brilliant running between wickets.

Live Cricket Score, Gujarat Lions 142/3 in overs 16, Batting: Dinesh Karthik 29(27), Ravindra Jadeja 1(1): Chahal’s final over. Raina hits the first ball to deep square, single taken. Two runs off the next, bit of misfield at deep cover. Single, Karthik played it through the covers. OUT! IMPORTANT WICKET! Raina departs. Jadeja comes out. Karthik on strike, plays the next to square leg, gets a single. This is RCB ‘s chance to turn the game around. Outside off, short, Jadeja punches to deep cover, single to end it.

OUT! Suresh Raina c Iqbal Abdulla b Yuzvendra Chahal 28 (24)

Live Cricket Score, Gujarat Lions 136/2 in overs 15, Batting: Dinesh Karthik 25(24), Suresh Raina 27(22): Shamsi comes in with his final over. Sweeped to deep cover and a single to Raina. Chance of a run out, but there has been a delay and Raina is well in. Single to Karthik as he sends it to fine leg. Lucky there, Karthik as the ball gets the edge but drops safe, two runs. Sends the next to deep square, a couple of runs.

Live Cricket Score, Gujarat Lions 130/2 in overs 14, Batting: Dinesh Karthik 20(21), Suresh Raina 26(19): Shane Watson continues. Dinesh Karthik gets a single. Watson trying a yorker here, Raina makes a single out of it. FOUR! Good length, lower, Raina flicks it to mid-wicket. Single, sends to square leg. Fullish, Karthik sends it to point, single.

Live Cricket Score, Gujarat Lions 121/2 in overs 13, Batting: Dinesh Karthik 17(18), Suresh Raina 20(16): Chahal continues, outside off, Raina takes easy single. Another single follows. Raina yet again pushes it to short cover, gets a single. Karthik cuts it to deep cover, there’s a fielder there, gets two. Outside off, Raina comes down the pitch, hits through cover, gets a couple of runs.

Live Cricket Score, Gujarat Lions 113/2 in overs 12, Batting: Dinesh Karthik 13(15), Suresh Raina 16(13):Richardson back into the attack. Short, middled and sent to midwicket. Single. Another single, Raina sends it to square leg. Karthik plays a late cut, gets a couple of runs. A single follows. FOUR! Beats the fielder at long off, gets four runs. Wide of leg, a single off the last.

Live Cricket Score, Gujarat Lions 102/2 in overs 11, Batting: Dinesh Karthik 9(12), Suresh Raina 10(10): Shamsi continues. Wrong one, deceives Dinesh Karthik. Chance of a run out, delayed throw. Played the next to deep midwicket, single. FOUR! Raina goes over long off and it drops just in front of the ropes. Full, was it hitting the stumps? Big appeal, umpire not interested. Single off the pad, another single to end the over.

Live Cricket Score, Gujarat Lions 95/2 in overs 10, Batting: Dinesh Karthik 7(8), Suresh Raina 6(8): Shane Watson to continue. New bat for Raina. Hits it to point with that, single taken. Outside off, defended with open bat, good work by the RCB skipper there to stop it at short cover. FOUR! Cuts it through point, gets four. Short, a completely new shot and 2 runs. Hit to mid-wicket, single. Dot to end.

Live Cricket Score, Gujarat Lions 87/2 in overs 9, Batting: Dinesh Karthik 0(3), Suresh Raina 5(6): FOUR! McCullum welcomes Shamsi with a boundary through the gap between deep midwicket and deep square. OUT! BIG WICKET. McCullum it is who fails to open the face of the bat and Shamsi gets him caught and bowled. Dinesh Karthik comes in and no Aaron Finch? Mix up at the bowler’s end, the fielder attempts direct hit but it hits Raina instead. Defends the last, dot.

OUT! Brendon McCullum c & b Tabraiz Shamsi 42 (24)

Live Cricket Score, Gujarat Lions 83/1 in overs 8, Batting: Brendon McCullum 38(22), Suresh Raina 5(6): Iqbal Abdulla continues. At leg stump, hammered to deep midwicket, single. Good comeback by the bowler, Raina misses. Another single follows. Outside off, McCullum picks and sends to leg, single to end.

Live Cricket Score, Gujarat Lions 78/1 in overs 7, Batting: Brendon McCullum 35(19), Suresh Raina 3(3): Tabraiz Shamsi to continue. Single to start, Raina goes off the mark. McCullum back on strike, sweeps to deep square leg, single. Raina cuts the next to point, takes quick single. Yet another single follows. Good over by the bowler.

Live Cricket Score, Gujarat Lions 72/1 in overs 6, Batting: Brendon McCullum 33(16), Suresh Raina 0(0): Richardson to continue. Outside off-stump, defended. GONE! Short and picks the edge, goes up and lands in safe hands of AB de Villiers. FOUR and wide, Kohli is not happy as the ball beats the keeper. SIX! There’s no stopping McCullum as he goes over mid-wicket. FOUR! Brilliant effort by Sarfaraz but shows lack of experience, ball rolls to boundary. SIX! McCullum goes over mid-wicket again. FOUR! McCullum plays with Richardson, sends the lower full toss straight past the bowler to the boundary. Momentum shifting to GL once again after a wicket.

OUT! Dwayne Smith c AB de Villiers b Kane Richardson 32 (21)

Live Cricket Score, Gujarat Lions 47/0 in overs 5, Batting: Brendon McCullum 13(12), Dwayne Smith 32(19): Watson to the attack. Good length to leg stump, defended to square leg, no run. FOUR! Dances down the track, hits past the bowler and a straight four. Defended the next to square leg, single. Good length, to the middle stump, defended. Single off the last.

Live Cricket Score, Gujarat Lions 41/0 in overs 4, Batting: Brendon McCullum 8(9), Dwayne Smith 31(16): Iqbal Abdulla continues. Good length, Smith defends, no run. Outside off, full, deeper and Smith hits it over mid off for one bounce four. Hit the next to backward square, Watson putting in his effort to stop it. FOUR! Full, Smith gets on his back-leg, smacks through cover. Single to end.

Live Cricket Score, Gujarat Lions 31/0 in overs 3, Batting: Brendon McCullum 7(8), Dwayne Smith 22(11): Chahal to continue. Single and Smith has got some problem with his feet. FOUR! Smith goes again through backward square, and a no ball called by the umpire. A close call though. SIX, over long on Smith goes. Pushes the next to extra cover, takes single. Good length, McCullum makes room, hits to civer, no run. Single follows, 16 off the over.

Live Cricket Score, Gujarat Lions 15/0 in overs 2, Batting: Brendon McCullum 6(6), Dwayne Smith 8(6):Kane Richardson to continue. GL must look to speed up. Single off the first. SIX! And Smith Richardson over long on, playing on the strength of bottom hand. Meanwhile Kohli is back on field. FOUR! Pulled through backward square and just what GL wanted. Mix up there but no run out. McCullum was halfway through but got back to his crease in time.

Live Cricket Score, Gujarat Lions 3/0 in overs 1, Batting: Brendon McCullum 1(2), Dwayne Smith 1(4): Kohli off the field due to ankle injury, de Villiers captains the innings. Chahal opens bowling, starts with a wide. Nice bowling so far as runs are coming in singles only. Great move by the captain to introduce spinner against these two. Dot off the last, 3 off the over.

*Gujarat Lion’s innings starts*

Live Cricket Score, Royal Challengers Bangalore 180/2 in overs 20, Batting: Virat Kohli 100(63), KL Rahul 51(35): Final over, single to start, Kohli wanted two but miscommunication between the two. Swing and a miss. Kohli was keen to get the strike. SIX OVER MIDWICKET! And Kohli shows why he wanted the strike! Can he get his first IPL 100? Wide and Bravo increasing the chances. FOUR! Kohli at 96, last ball, last chance, goes over mid on, one bounce four! FOUR! KOHLI DOES IT! To the third man, first T20 hundred for him, 180 for the team, trouble for the hosts. Unbelievable effort from the skipper leading from the front.

“Didnt’ expect a 100. Was 75 at time out. I got run out at 99 once, at 94 once. Today was the day. I got a bit of sprain in my ankle, but got myself back.”

“The run goods look, I though 155 will be par but we got 180. It will be hard to bad second, that’s what I think.”- Kohli after getting his orange cap.

Live Cricket Score, Royal Challengers Bangalore 163/2 in overs 19, Batting: Virat Kohli 85(58), KL Rahul 50(34): Kulkarni to continue. Single to start. Single and Rahul scores his first IPL 50. Kohli flicks it over midwicket but Sir Ravindra Jadeja there at deep, just 2 runs. FOUR! Hit hard over cover and the crowd on their feet! 100 run partnership between Rahul and Kohli.

Live Cricket Score, Royal Challengers Bangalore 152/2 in overs 18, Batting: Virat Kohli 75(53), KL Rahul 49(33): Slower, outside off, comes down the pitch, opens the bat at the wrong time, single. Bravo to Kohli, vintage shot, McCullum does a cartwheel there at the deep and saves the four, gets three runs though. 15o up for RCB. Single to finish the over.

Live Cricket Score, Royal Challengers Bangalore 144/2 in overs 17, Batting: Virat Kohli 69(49), KL Rahul 47(31):FOUR! Misfield and bonus for RCB, Kohli gets four runs. A couple of runs follow. Gets through bowler Praveen Kumar’s attempted stop. FOUR! Beautiful shot! Full, at leg, flicked over square leg, beats fielder at deep, four. FOUR! Dances down the track, sends through cover and suddenly KL Rahul is on fire! Single to end the over.

Live Cricket Score, Royal Challengers Bangalore 128/2 in overs 16, Batting: Virat Kohli 62(46), KL Rahul 38(28): Kulkarni continues. Kohli flicks to deep mid-wicket, gets single. Swing and a miss by KL Rahul. Bottom edged, fell short of the ‘keeper. Yet another dot, three in a row! SIX! Waits, finds the ball and delivers, KL Rahul. Short ball, punished over square leg. SIX! Rahul again, goes inside out over long off and shows his class!

Live Cricket Score, Royal Challengers Bangalore 1115/2 in overs 15, Batting: Virat Kohli 61(45), KL Rahul 26(23): Dwayne Bravo to continue and a wide. Single off the next. Slower, at leg, skipper calls for 2. Jadeja is quick, Kohli is quicker and they get the 2 runs. KOHLITASTIC FOUR! Uses the pace and a smart shot gets him four runs off what looked like a yorker not executed properly. calls for 2 off the next but gets a single. A single to end the over.

Live Cricket Score, Royal Challengers Bangalore 104/2 in overs 14, Batting: Virat Kohli 52(41), KL Rahul 25(21): Shadab Jakati continues. Starts off with a single. SIX! Straight, huge, awesome! Rahul utilises what is served properly. 100 up for RCB! 2 runs, 50 up for Kohli. Kohli hits it straight, just a single.

Live Cricket Score, Royal Challengers Bangalore 92/2 in overs 13, Batting: Virat Kohli 48(38), KL Rahul 17(18): MAJESTIC! And Rahul puts life to the game once again with a well timed cover drive. Swing and a miss, KL Rahul. Bravo bowls with flight, Kohli defends. Nice footwork and nice placement by Kohli as he hits the full toss to mid-wicket for a single.

Live Cricket Score, Royal Challengers Bangalore 85/2 in overs 12, Batting: Virat Kohli 46(35), KL Rahul 12(15): Shadab Jakati continues. Short, pushed to cover. No run. At leg, hit to short fine leg, dot. Pushed to long on, single. Another single. Rahul plays the next to long on, single. 2, yes? No? they settle for 1. Good over after an expensive first over.

Live Cricket Score, Royal Challengers Bangalore 81/2 in overs 11, Batting: Virat Kohli 44(33), KL Rahul 10(11): Jadeja continues. Single off the first. Swing and a miss. Kohli asking for two pretty early, gets two. Direct throw there but the batsmen are in well befire. A dot follows. At leg, routed to square leg, single.

Live Cricket Score, Royal Challengers Bangalore 76/2 in overs 10, Batting: Virat Kohli 41(30), KL Rahul 9(8): Singles and Kohli is not pushing for 2 runs, looking at Jadeja’s brilliant work on field. FOUR! Sweeps it through the cow-corner, beats the fielder. Singles follow and no more boundaries, 8 runs off the Pravin Tambe over.

Live Cricket Score, Royal Challengers Bangalore 68/2 in overs 9, Batting: Virat Kohli 35(26), KL Rahul 7(6): A lot of changes in today’s match, Rahul has come out at No. 4. FOUR! Clever shot by the player, switch hit, goes fine third man, beats fielder at deep, and much-needed runs. A single to end the over. Meanwhile Kohli-de Villiers become the only pair to have 5 consecutive 50-run partnerships.

Live Cricket Score, Royal Challengers Bangalore 60/2 in overs 8, Batting: Virat Kohli 32(23), KL Rahul 1(2): Pravin Tambe into the action. Pulls it hard but good work in the deep, just a couple there. Single and fifty run partnership comes up. Quickly takes another single. OUT! length ball, middled but not much elevation and it lands in the safe hands of skipper Raina at short cover. It’s time for strategic time-out at 7.4 overs! KL Rahul comes in. Single to end it.

OUT! AB de Villiers c Suresh Raina b Pravin Tambe 20 (16)

Live Cricket Score, Royal Challengers Bangalore 55/1 in overs 7, Batting: Virat Kohli 32(23), AB de Villiers 17(13): Ravindra Jadeja into the attack. Singles and Jadeja checks if umpire’s safety measures are alright or not. Great, great delivery, beats de Villiers with line. A bit of mix up there, but just a single and safe. Single to end the over, neat over from Jadeja.

Live Cricket Score, Royal Challengers Bangalore 50/1 in overs 6, Batting: Virat Kohli 30(21), AB de Villiers 14(9): FOUR! Kohli welcomes Shadab Jakati with his signature drive through the cover, placement amazes the spectators time and again. Single follows. Single, pushed to square leg. FOUR! Competing with each others in terms of quality, these two. Single to end the over and powerplay.

Live Cricket Score, Royal Challengers Bangalore 38/1 in overs 5, Batting: Virat Kohli 24(18), AB de Villiers 8(6): Pravin Tambe, and the captain Raina has decided to introduce spin. FOUR! Great timing there by Kohli, plays an inside out drives through cover. FOUR! Rally of boundaries here. Gets de Villiers on strike. Goes through mid-off, stopped at deep, single taken. Swing and a miss, rarity from Kohli. Another single to end the over.

Live Cricket Score, Royal Challengers Bangalore 27/1 in overs 4, Batting: Virat Kohli 14(13), AB de Villiers 7(5): Kulkarni to continue. Batsmen settling for singles. FOUR! Now it’s ABD who does the carnage! shifts body weight making room, hammers it through covers and the fielders chase and fails as it rolls to the rope. Single off the last.

Live Cricket Score, Royal Challengers Bangalore 19/1 in overs 3, Batting: Virat Kohli 12(10), AB de Villiers 1(2): Brilliant over that from Kulkarni and Praveen Kumar into the attack. A couple of runs off the first, Suresh Raina tries to run AB de Villiers out but ABD runs faster than the ball, shames Flash! FOUR! Beautiful, beautiful shot from Kohli. Made room, punished the bowler, no scope for fieders. FOUR! Another Kohli classic follows.

Live Cricket Score, Royal Challengers Bangalore 9/1 in overs 2, Batting: Virat Kohli 3(5), AB de Villiers 0(1): Dhawal Kullarni with the ball, and smacked it! FOUR! What a shot Watto and it races for a boundary. Nicely placed and timed, shows good footwork in the next. Better bowling now. Change of pace and Watson goes vertically up and GONE! BIG, BIG WICKET! Jadeja takes a brilliant catch. He is elated!

OUT! Shane Watson c Ravindra Jadeja b Dhawal Kulkarni 6 (6)

Live Cricket Score, Royal Challengers Bangalore 2/0 in overs 1, Batting: Virat Kohli 1(3), Shane Watson 1(3): Praveen Kumar opens bowling for the Lions, it’s captain Kohli who takes strike. In-winger to start, and well left. Kohli and Watson take a risky single, throw, misses the stump and Watson could have been gone had the ball hit the stumps. Just a couple of singles off the over.

Toss: RCB won the toss and elected to bat first.

Playing XI:

Royal Challengers Bnagalore: Virat Kohli, AB de Villiers, Shane Watson, Mandeep Singh, Sarfaraz Khan, Kedar Jadhav, Stuart Binny, Iqbal Abdulla, Yuzvendra Chahal, Kane Richardson, Tabraiz Shamsi

Gujarat Lions: Suresh Raina (c), Brendon McCullum, Dinesh Karthik (wk), Aaron Finch, Ravindra Jadeja, Dwayne Bravo, Dhawal Kulkarni, Dwayne Smith, Pravin Tambe, Praveen Kumar, Shadab Jakati

Gujarat s bowling attack have the capability of stopping these two. The likes of Dale Steyn, Praveen Kumar, Dwayne Bravo and Pravin Tambe have to be at their best to restrict a strong RCB batting line-up to score big. Meanwhile, RCB s only weakness so far in IPL 2016 has been their poor bowling line-up. Shane Watson has easily been their pick of the bowlers having bagged two wickets each in every match except the fixture against Mumbai Indians. It has been a great relief for RCB with Kane Richardson delivering with the ball. The Australian duo will have to keep up with their disciplined spells in order to not let their opposite side fire.


Gujarat Lions (GL): Suresh Raina (c), Ravindra Jadeja, Dwayne Bravo, James Faulkner, Brendon McCullum, Praveen Kumar, Dale Steyn, Dinesh Karthik (wk), Dwayne Smith, Dhawal Kulkarni, Aaron Finch, Eklavya Dwivedi, Andrew Tye, Ishan Kishan, Jaydev Shah, Shadab Jakati, Pravin Tambe, Pradeep Sangwan, Amit Mishra, Shivil Kaushik, Aksh Deep Nath, Sarabjeet Ladda, Umang Sharma, Paras Dogra.

Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB): Virat Kohli (c), AB de Villiers, Chris Gayle, Shane Watson, Kedar Jadav (wk), Mitchell Starc, Adam Milne, Sarfaraz Khan, Mandeep Singh, Yuzvendra Chahal, Harshal Patel, Stuart Binny, Kane Richardson, Samuel Badree, Travis Head, Praveen Dubey, Vikramjeet Malik, Akshay Karnewar, Iqbal Abdullah, Sachin Baby, Vikas Tokas.

Catch ball by ball commentary of Gujarat Lions vs Royal Challengers Bangalore, Match 19 at Rajkot