Favourites Ireland take on Hong Kong in Dublin © Getty Images
Favourites Ireland take on Hong Kong in Dublin © Getty Images

Welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of the ICC World Twenty20 Qualifier 2015, Day 9. Thursday’s upset caused by Oman, their second big fish caught in the week, has them occupying fourth position, having played one game less than the teams they trail. They take on United Arab Emirates (UAE), who languish in fifth place in Group B with four losses, in Stirling. If Oman win this match, they will climb to the top of the table. In other games, Netherlands take on Canada in Edinburgh, Namibia play Jersey in Dublin, Nepal play Papua New Guinea, also in Dublin, and later, Ireland play Hong Kong in Dublin. Catch regular updates from the event here.

Ireland remain in the second position in Group A, which is led by Papua New Guinea. Hong Kong also keep their spot: the fourth position. The updated points table can be accessed here.

Live Cricket Score: Ireland 124/6 | Overs 20 (Target 130): Accurate last two overs gets Hong Kong the win!!! This is a big upset. The 19th over had two wickets falling, that of Stuart Poynter and George Dockrell. Poynter nicked behind trying to smash Irfan Ahmed. Dockrell too departed trying to go for the big hit, caught by the fielder at long-on. The second last over had only two runs scored off it. With 23 needed off the final over, Mooney hit a valuable four off the first ball, played and missed the second ball, got a brace to the deep from the third, blocked a yorker for a dot off the fourth, smashed a six to deep miwicket from the fifth, and got a four through gully from the last ball to get his team to within six of the win. Hong Kong win by five runs. Not Out: John Mooney 18 (8), Alex Cusack 0 (0)

Man of the Match: Irfan Ahmed, for his bowling. He took 3 for 11 off four overs.

Live Cricket Score: Ireland 105/6 | Overs 18 (Target 130): Batsmen are not able to hit the ball even as they try to smash the needed big hits. Gary Wilson tried to play a cheeky sweep, but got some touch, according to the umpire off his glove, to the wicketkeeper. Porterfield has been rushing down the track to get a boundary, but there are plenty of misses. After an interval due to an injury to an outfielder, Porterfield gets dismissed off a yorker bowled by Haseeb Amjad. And then, the next man in Stuart Thompson is run out off a direct hit from mid-off. They require 25 off 12 balls. Batting: Stuart Poynter 7 (5)

Live Cricket Score: Ireland 84/3 | Overs 15 (Target 130): Porterfield helps collect ten runs off the 15th over, courtesy a four, a two and a few singles, to keep them in the hunt for the chase. There have been lots of dots in this phase, as legspinner Nizakat Khan has bowled expertly, inducing hesitation on the minds of batsmen.The 14th over, his fourth, cost only three runs as he finished his four overs with figures of 0 for 17. Ireland need 46 off 30. Hopes on the captain Porterfield. Batting: William Porterfield 23 (33), Gary Wilson 9 (11)

Live Cricket Score: Ireland 65/3 | Overs 12 (Target 130): Ireland are jittery not just due to the slow run-rate, but also because another wicket has fallen in this period. The last three overs have given only 12 runs, and off the 12th over, Porterfield had a ball hit to mid-off, who released the ball from his possession in time to get Kevin O’Brien run out at the non-strikers’ end. The required run-rate now has climbed to 8.12. Batting: William Porterfield 13 (24), Gary Wilson 1 (2).

Live Cricket Score: Ireland 53/2 | Overs 9 (Target 130): Ireland play a couple of quiet overs, the seventh and the eighth, which rovide only nine runs collectively, as Stirling and Porterfield are intent to play singles. Stirling goes for a pull in the next over, doesn’t connect well, and is caught by Nadeem Ahmed at deep midwicket. Kevin O’Brien replaces him in the middle. Batting: William Porterfield 9 (16), Kevin O’Brien 0 (2).

Live Cricket Score: Ireland 43/1 | Overs 6 (Target 130): The fourth and sixth overs are expensive due to Paul Stirling’s aggression. He has hit three fours and a six collectively from these overs to get his side setting a solid base to claim the chase. The sixth over from Aizaz Khan went for 20, with three braces, two fours and a six. Batting: Paul Stirling 29 (17), William Porterfield 4 (9)

Live Cricket Score: Ireland 13/1 | Overs 3 (Target 130): A gentle start in the first over from Ireland. Andrew Balbirnie, who opens the batting due to Niall O’Brien’s injury, hits a couple of boundaries through the off side before smashing the ball to point, who dropped the catch. Off the next ball, he was caught by the man patrolling the third man boundary. His replacement in the middle, William Porterfield, hits a boundary in the third over, but plays five dots. Batting: William Porterfield 4 (6), Paul Stirling 0 (2)

The umpires walk out to have the chase begin. The rain has stopped. It is raining heavily in Dublin.

Kevin O’ Brien, who took three wickets, reckons the score is below par. Catch the Ireland chase in a while.

Live Cricket Score: Hong Kong 129/8 | Overs 20:  Some obligatory urgency shown by Hong Kong, that had a few runs worked to the deep-set field, and a the odd boundary, have helped them set Ireland set a target of 131. Two fours were hit by Chapman, both off full tosses, in the last over the innings, before he was out off the final ball caught at long-on. Not Out: Haseeb Amjad 0 (0)

Live Cricket Score: Hong Kong 109/6 | Overs 18: Aizaz Khan departed in the 16th over trying to pull a short-of-a-length ball towards the midwicket boundary, but got the shot wrong due to pace off the ball. Runs had, since then, arrived in trickles, in singles and doubles till the end of the 17th over. But Tanwir Afzal smashed the first ball of the 18th over, a length ball bowled by Kevin O’Brien, for a six, but there are only three worked singles from the rest of the over. Batting: Mark Chapman 15 (17), Tanvir Afzal 14 (10).

Live Cricket Score: Hong Kong 90/5 | Overs 15: Babar Hayat hit a six but was out after two balls in the 13th over to Dockrell. Jamie Atkinson, the man who replaced Hayat, hit a couple of fours before trying to steer a ball to third man and playing on to the stumps. Three dots, a couple of singles, a wide and a four gets Hong Kong seven runs off Dockrell’s fourth over. Batting: Mark Chapman 12 (11), Aizaz Khan 1 (5)

Live Cricket Score: Hong Kong 66/3 | Overs 12: A frugal over from John Mooney, in which he had missing a seemingly straightforward caught and bowled chance that went on to hit the stumps, without any consequence, at the non-strikers end, and some tight balls eventually gave way to Rath’s wicket Rath tried to play a productive sweep, but missed and was bowled by left-arm spinner George Dockrell. Despite two boundaries that have followed, the run-rate is still low. Off the last ball of the 12th over, Rath overbalanced in reaction to a wide ball down the leg side, and was stumped. Batting: Mark Chapman 7 (8)

Live Cricket Score: Hong Kong 49/1 | Overs 9: Amid a few plays and misses, Rath has hit a couple of panache-laden boundaries. Ireland’s tight bowling are not getting them wickets, and the opener and No. 3 for Hong Kong seem to find their feet. The commentator mentions ‘Ireland seem under pressure’, but it is more a case of missed opportunities and a bit of luck. After a few more balls not liable to be hit, Hong Kong have their run-rate still below 6. Batting: Anshuman Rath 20 (31), Nizakat Khan 19 (16)

Live Cricket Score: Hong Kong 35/1 | Overs 6: Tight lines and length, and some movement off the pitch has made boundaries hard to come by for Hong Kong. Rath crashed a four through the off side in the fifth over, before two sixes hit lifts the run-rate. The sixes have been hit by Nizakat Khan: the first was a lofted extra-cover drive with minimal movement of the body, and the other seemed to be a mishit over third man. Batting: Anshuman Rath 10 (17), Nizakat Khan 17 (12)

Live Cricket Score: Hong Kong 12/1 | Overs 3: The pitch has a greenish tinge on it The ball is seaming and bouncing well. A misfield, and a dropped catch, however, let Ireland down in the first over. But Irfan Ahmed, after scoring 6, departed trying to pull a ball towards midwicket; he got an edge that travelled to the fielder behind the bowler. There is another missed catch, but that was a remarkable effort from Porterfield at backward point. Batting: Anshuman Rath 3 (8), Nizakat Khan 2 (3)

At The Village, Dublin, Ireland have won the toss an have chosen to field, against Hong Kong. Their captain, William Porterfield, has specified his team’s intent, of finishing at the top of their group. With an upset against Papua New Guinea a couple of days ago, they hae now slipped to the second position. The group leaders of the two groups — A and B — will automatically qualify for the ICC World Twenty20 next year.


Ireland: Andrew Balbirnie, Paul Stirling, William Porterfield (c), Kevin O’Brien, Gary Wilson (wk), Stuart Poynter, Stuart Thompson, John Mooney, George Dockrell, Alex Cusack, Craig Young

Hong Kong:  Irfan Ahmed, Anshuman Rath, Nizakat Khan, Mark Chapman, Babar Hayat, Jamie Atkinson (wk), Kinchit Shah, Aizaz Khan, Tanwir Afzal (c), Haseeb Amjad, Nadeem Ahmed

With the Oman-UAE game washed out and Papua New Guinea’s thrashing of Nepal, Oman and PNG top Group B and Group A respectively. Access the updated points table here.

Live Cricket Score: Netherlands 174/4 | Overs 17.3 (Target 173): The chase was eventually easy, as the momentum created by the openers, with their 65-run stand in 4.4 overs that set the tone of the innings, was not allowed to let up by the batsmen who followed. Michael Swart and Ben Cooper pitched in with small contributions that got them closer to the win. Swart, with 34 off 31 balls, saw the chase through. This is Netherlands’ third win in five matches. Not Out: Michael Swart 34 (31), Roelof van der Merwe 4 (1)

Man of the Match: Stephan Myburgh

Live Cricket Score: Netherlands 133/2 | Overs 11 (Target 173): Despite two relatively quite overs (9th, 10th and 12th), Netherlands have maintained a run-rate of 11.54. The two openers and accelerators, Myburgh and Barresi, who registered strike-rates of over 220, are out. They are cruising to the target, which looked threatening after Canada’s innings. Batting: Michael Swart 13 (14), Ben Cooper 13 (14)

Live Cricket Score: Namibia 164/1 | Overs 16.3 (Target 162): Namibia have clinched their chase with ease, in the 17th over. After Snyman got out, Baard, his opening partner, and No. 3 Raymond van Schoor steadily took them ahead. Baard’s seven fours and two sixes got him to an unbeaten 61 off 44 balls. Namibia win by nine wickets. Not Out: Stephen Baard 61 (44), Raymond van Schoor 16 (12).

Man of the Match: Gerrie Snyman

Live Cricket Score: Netherlands 100/1 | Overs 7 (Target 173): Myburgh has kept his six-hitting going. He now has four sixes to his name, and the prolific overs due to him have helped Netherlands get to 100 in seven overs. He has crossed a half-century. The other opener Barressi got out in the fifth over. They now need 73 more in 13 overs. Batting: Stephan Myburgh 61 (25), Ben Cooper 2 (2).

Live Cricket Score: Namibia 125/1 | Overs 13 (Target 162): The opening partnership is finally broken, for 121. Snyman departed for 82 off 43 deliveries, with eight fours and five sixes. They now need 35 runs off seven overs at five an over, against Namibia. Batting: Stephan Baard 34 (33), Raymond van Schoor 5 (2).

Live Cricket Score: Netherlands 59/0 | Overs 4 (Target 173): Barressi and Myburgh have hit 11 boundaries between them, including a six, to help their team to a bright start to their chase of 173 against Canada. Batting: Stephan Myburgh 24 (11), Wesley Barressi 32 (13)

Live Cricket Score: Namibia 80/0 | Overs 7 (Target 162): Gerrie Snyman is on a boundary-hitting spree. He has hit eight fours and four sixes, including a six and a four in the seventh over, and has passed fifty. Their run-rate is 11.42. Batting: Gerrie Snyman 64 (27), Stephan Baard 13 (15)

Live Cricket Score: Canada 172/8 | Overs 20: Five sixes were hit in five overs to have Canada accelerating towards the end to get their run-rate up to 8.60 after 20 overs. Hamza Tariq hit five sixes in his 20-ball 42 and Cheema has hit four. Two wickets were taken in the last over, including a run-out, but two sixes were also hit. In the 19th, three sixes were hit. The chase will test Netherlands. Not Out: Satsimranjit Dhindsa 1 (1)

Live Cricket Score: Canada 124/4 | Overs 16: Gunasekera departed for a 44-ball 51, middle-order batsmen Rizwan Cheema and Hamza Tariq have struck a small but significant stand, after the fourth wicket fell at 98. Michael Swart has so far been Netherlands’ most successful bowler, with two for 24 off four overs. Batting: Rizwan Cheema 28 (12), Hamza Tariq 12 (9)

Live Cricket Score: Jersey 161/4 | Overs 20: Jonty Jenner, the No. 3, has scored an unbeaten 90 off 52 balls, via eight fours and four sixes, to steer his side to post 161 for 4 after 20 overs. Sarel Burger and Louis Klazinga were severely hit; they gave away 22 and 40 runs off their two and fours respectively. Not Out: Jonty Jenner 90 (52), Nat Watkins 27 (24).

The match between Oman and UAE has been abandoned without a ball bowled.

Live Cricket Score: Canada 83/2 | Overs 11: In Edinburgh, Canada are steady at 83 for 2 in 11 overs of their innings against Netherlands. Opener Gunasekera, who is nearing a half-century, has had two valuable stands. Ruvindu Gunasekera 46 (33), Navneet Dhaliwal 12 (13)

Live Cricket Score: Jersey 103/4 | Overs 15

Jonty Jenner 47 (33), Nat Watkins 13 (11)

Jonty Jenner has struck two sixes and four fours in his brisk knock so far. He has provided a base for his team to put up a good score.

Live Cricket Score: Jersey 34/2 | Overs 5

Jonty Jenner 8 (6), Cornelis Bodenstein 4 (3)

Opener and captain Peter Gough struck three boundaries in his knock of 20, before become one of two wickets to fall. Jenner and Bodenstein have hit a boundary each.


Namibia: Stephan Baard, Gerrie Snyman, Raymond van Schoor, JP Kotze (wk), Sarel Burger, Craig Williams, Nicolaas Scholtz (c), JJ Smit, Jason Davidson, Louis Klazinga, Bernard Scholtz.

Jersey: Peter Gough*, Edward Farley (wk), Jonty Jenner, Cornelis Bodenstein, Ben Stevens, Nat Watkins, Anthony Kay, Corey Bisson, Charles Perchard, Ben Kynman, Rhys Palmer.

At Clontarf Cricket Club Ground, Dublin, Namibia have won the toss and have chosen to field against Jersey.

At Heriot’s, Edinburgh, toss has been delayed due to wet outfield between Netherlands and Canada.

Toss has been delayed also at New Williamfield, Stirling, for the match between Oman and UAE.

Nepal need to win their match against second-placed Papua New Guinea for their qualification hopes. More on the Nepal match can be followed live here.

Four matches, excluding the Ireland game, are due to begin in about half an hour from now. The Ireland-Hong Kong match will be played at 1415 local time.