Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live cricket blog and updates of the fifth and final One-Day International (ODI), between India and Australia at the iconic Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) on Saturday. This is Suvajit Mustafi, and I will be bringing you the live cricket scores and updates of the match. India will be taking the field with their pride at stake, having gone through 11 matches without any success against Australia in their backyard. On the other hand, the Australian team under Steven Smith will be more than eager to extend their unbeaten run. The Australian cricket team has so far won as many as 18 ODIs at home, a period that includes their immensely successful run in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. Live Cricket Scorecard: India vs Australia 2015-16, 5th ODI at Sydney

Manish Pandey carries the reputation of being a big match player and he has won India the match here. What a brilliant knock from the young man. He maintained his composure and most importantly has seen India through. Dhoni did struggle but Pandey believed in himself and didn’t do anything foolish. SCG is the ground where India lost the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 semi-finals to this same opposition. A whitewash would have been demoralising. India should have won this and Manish ensured that. Let’s not forget the contribution by Rohit Sharma (99) and Shikhar Dhawan (78). The openers set the platform. Earlier it was Jasprit Bumrah’s 2 for 40 which restricted Australia. John Hastings couldn’t do it for Australia this time but as the score-line suggests 4-1, the home side have dominated. There’s another way to see it, it was much closer than what score-line suggests. India could have won the MCG game and surely the Canberra one. Here’s Shaimak Unwalla’s match-report

Man-of-the-Match: Manish Pandey
Man-of-the-Series: Rohit Sharma

Live cricket score: India 331/4 | Overs 49.4| Manish Pandey 104(81), Gurkeerat Singh 0(0): Mitchell Marsh starts with a wide. Was that inside the lin, umpire thinks but Australians don’t. A low full toss now and Dhoni has clobbered him for a six over long-off. And guess what Dhoni looks to play another one in the same region and this time Warner takes a catch. Slightly outside off-stump, Pandey glides it towards the third-man for a boundary. It’s his first ODI hundred, Smith gets the field in and Pandey plays it over the in-field, take two and India win the game. What a match! OUT! MS Dhoni c David Warner b Mitchell Marsh 34 (42)

Live cricket score: India 318/3 | Overs 49| BATTING: Manish Pandey 98(79), MS Dhoni 28(40): Faulkner to bowl the crucial penultimate over. One has to give it to the Australian bowlers for pulling it this long. India should have won it comfortably. Faulkner is mixing it up very well. The over so far has been: 1,1,2,1 and Pandey steps out and lofts that towards extra-cover, falls safe. Two runs. Pandey on 96. Now he gets to 98. India need 13 from the final over.

Live cricket score: India 309/3 | Overs 48| BATTING: Manish Pandey 93(76), MS Dhoni 25(37)Dhoni gets a single to Pandey. A wide worker from Marsh and Pandey manages to get the back of the bat and that’s four. Single, Dhoni gets a quick two and now he has smacked it past long off and it’s four. That’s the Dhoni we know. India need 22 from 12.

Live cricket score: India 296/3 | Overs 47| BATTING: Manish Pandey 88(74), MS Dhoni 17(33): Faulkner to continue. Dhoni awarded a leg-bye and Dhoni is on strike. Two twos to Dhoni and then three dot balls. Wonderful bowling from Faulkner. India are committing suicide. India need 35 from three overs. It’s getting steeper and steeper here.

Live cricket score: India 291/3 | Overs 46| BATTING: Manish Pandey 84(69), MS Dhoni 17(32): Mitchell Marsh to bowl and second ball, Pandey smacks one towards long-on and a brilliant effort from captain Smith saves two. He does lead by example. Pandey looks to clear the extra-cover and it’s up in the air but falls between two fielder. India do have luck on their side but can they make use of it? India need 40 from 24-balls.

Live cricket score: India 285/3 | Overs 45| BATTING: Manish Pandey 80(65), MS Dhoni 16(30): Another death overs specialist James Faulkner is into the attack. Three singles from the first three and then a huge appeal for a leg-before. It looked close, yes it would have crashed onto stumps. Six from the over and the pressure is building up. India need 46 from 5 overs.

Live cricket score: India 279/3 | Overs 44| BATTING: Manish Pandey 77(62), MS Dhoni 14(27): Boland to continue. He is bowling really good length and maybe that is why he is rated highly as a death bowler in domestic cricket. Seven from the over.

Live cricket score: India 272/3 | Overs 43| BATTING: Manish Pandey 72(58), MS Dhoni 12(26): Lyon to continue. Bold move from Smith to bowl a spinner at this stage of the match and the wily off-spinner mixes it up well and gives away six from it. India need 59 from 7 overs.

Live cricket score: India 266/3 | Overs 42| BATTING: Manish Pandey 70(55), MS Dhoni 8(23): Has Lyon dropped the match? Boland drops it short outside off-stmp, Dhoni looks to clear the deep mid-wicket boundary and Lyon drops a dolly there. Pandey gets the fifth ball through covers for a boundary. Brilliant batting. Nine from the over.

Live cricket score: India 257/3 | Overs 41| BATTING: Manish Pandey 62(50), MS Dhoni 7(22): Nathan Lyon into the attack. Pandey gives the strike to Dhoni and here again three dot balls and then single Only three from the over. Are India once again in the suicide mode? What is happening here? India need 74 from 9 9 overs. We know Dhoni can do it.

Live cricket score: India 254/3 | Overs 40| BATTING: Manish Pandey 61(48), MS Dhoni 6(18): Dhoni needs to keep the scoreboard moving. Plays three dot balls to Boland and then runs a single, Pandey gives him back the strike and it’s another dot ball. India can’t afford those. They need 77 from 60-balls. It’s Nathan Lyon from other end

Live cricket score: India 252/3 | Overs 39| BATTING: Manish Pandey 60(47), MS Dhoni 5(13): Here is Hastings bowling his last over. Hasn’t he been the best bowler this series? Fifth ball, Pandey plays it over backward point for a boundary. Important runs for India. Smith may regret bowling out Hastings here. He finishes with 10-1-61-3.

Live cricket score: India 246/3 | Overs 38| BATTING: Manish Pandey 55(43), MS Dhoni 4(10): Boland to bowl. A good over from Australia’s perspective as only four comes from it. India need 85 from 72-balls. With Dhoni out in the middle, it’s quite possible.

Live cricket score: India 242/3 | Overs 37| BATTING: Manish Pandey 53(40), MS Dhoni 2(8): Pandey gets a two from the first ball and here’s another two towards deep extra-cover to get to his first ODI fifty in this series. This is his second ODI fifty. Can Pandey win it from here? Eight comes from the over without any risk India need 89 from 78-balls.

Live cricket score: India 231/3 | Overs 35| BATTING: Manish Pandey 44(34), MS Dhoni 0(1): And once again a new over started with a boundary, India tightening the noose around Australia. Rohit dismissed by John Hastings for 99, what a sheer bad luck. Rohit slightly nicked the ball safely into the hands of Matthew Wade. Meanwhile, Manish Pandey is also approaching his half-century. India still need more 100 runs from 91 deliveries. OUT! Rohit Sharma c Matthew Wade b John Hastings 99(108)

Live cricket score: India 225/2 | Overs 34| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 93(103), Manish Pandey 44(34): Australia desperately looking for a wicket and in an attempt to do so Mitchell Marsh has been brought back into the attack. Indian batsmen providing no margin for error at the moment. Meanwhile, Rohit Sharma also brought up his 5000 ODI runs and another milestone achieved in his cricket career. Moments later, Rohit was dropped by Shaun Marsh at deep covers.

Live cricket score: India 220/2 | Overs 33| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 89(98), Manish Pandey 43(33): Nathan Lyon is back into the attack with two set batsman at the crease. Manish Pandey saved by a whisker as a much needed dive helped him cover his ground while running a cheeky single. Pandey taking on Lyon and hammers one over the covers for a maximum. That was a beauty of a shot.  More 111 runs needed of 102 deliveries.

Live cricket score: India 208/2 | Overs 32| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 84(94),  Manish Pandey 36(31): Rohit Sharma almost got caught on the very first delivery of the Faulkner over. He mistimed one which Steven Smith almost grabbed it at the covers. Faulkner making some canny changes with the ball in hand and will be crucial to tackle as the game closes by. With the required run rate being well under control, Indian batsmen should try to rotate the strike as much as possible without taking any futile risk. They now need 122 runs off just 108 deliveries.

Live cricket score: India 204/2 | Overs 31| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 81(89),  Manish Pandey 35(30):Pandey slams a boundary on the very first ball of the over and then Rohit Sharma taking on Smith. Things are slowly getting in India;s control. Smith bowling some loose deliveries which Indian batsmen are making the full use of it. Smith leaked 12 runs of his over.

Live cricket score: India 192/2 | Overs 30| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 75(86),  Manish Pandey 29(27): Rohit Sharma plays an elegant inside out to James Faulkner for a boundary. He is looking dangerous and runs are coming at a brisk pace for him now. Pandey too have started scoring runs and is rightly rotating the strike. They need 139 off 120 deliveries.

Live cricket score: India 182/2 | Overs 29| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 70(83),  Manish Pandey 24(23): Steven Smith rolling his arms and testing the Indian batsmen with some leg spin. The game is evenly poised at the moment and Indian batsmen need to continue what they are doing.

Live cricket score: India 175/2 | Overs 28| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 68(80),  Manish Pandey 19(21): James Faulkner has came out to bowl and will be pivotal from Australian point of view. His slower deliveries might come handy as Indian batsmen are now looking to shift gears.  Indian need another 156 runs from 22 overs. Rohit Sharma needs to bat throughout the innings if India are eyeing for a win.

Live cricket score: India 173/2 | Overs 27| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 67(75),  Manish Pandey 18(20): Pandey comes down the wicket to Lyon and finds the cover boundary. Brilliant shot. 10 comes from the over with no risk.

Live cricket score: India 163/2 | Overs 26| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 63(72),  Manish Pandey 12(17): India moving on in the game with singles. They can’t let the run-rate to rise much. Pandey needs to support Rohit. The two wickets of Shikhar and Kohli in succession has hurt India. Three runs from Boland’s over.

Live cricket score: India 152/2 | Overs 24| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 61(69),  Manish Pandey 3(8): Boland to bowl this over. The fifth ball is short outside off-stump, Rohit hoists it over wide of mind-on for six. A spectator attempts to catch it but fails due to interruption from another guy and he is livid.

Live cricket score: India 145/2 | Overs 23| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 55(65),  Manish Pandey 2(6): Hastings starts another good over. Three dot balls and then gets a single. Last ball, Rohit edges that Smith gets a hand to it but drops it. It goes for a boundary. Important runs for India.

Live cricket score: India 139/2 | Overs 22| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 50(60),  Manish Pandey 1(5): Rohit Sharma continues his good form and gets to another fifty.

Live cricket score: India 134/2 | Overs 21| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 46(55),  Manish Pandey 0(4): In the previous over fom Marsh, Kohli timed one beautifully for a boundary. He will be the key man for India and guess what? Hastings has dismissed him. There was a slip in place but Kohli still goes for the extravagant drive and nicks it to Wade. OUT! Virat Kohli c Matthew Wade b John Hastings 8 (11)

Live cricket score: India 127/1 | Overs 19| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 46(55),  Virat Kohli 1(3): Hastings is back in the attack and he is greeted with a boundary. Bad ball, which is down the leg, Shikhar helps it to the fine-leg boundary. Shikhar departs now. Bad ball from Hastings, Shikhar tries to clear the deep point and Shaun Marsh running across takes a brilliant catch. Virat Kohli is out in the middle now. Short and outside off, Kohli opens the face of the bat and it’s going towards boundary but hits the spider cam. Warner does the job of umpire and signals it dead ball. An eventful over there.  OUT! Shikhar Dhawan c Shaun Marsh b John Hastings 78 (56)

Live cricket score: India 119/0 | Overs 18| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 45(54),  Shikhar Dhawan 74(54): Mitchell Marsh to bowl this over. First ball, Shikhar steps out as Mitch pitches it short. Shikhar opens the bat’s face towards third-man for a four.

Live cricket score: India 112/0 | Overs 17| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 43(50),  Shikhar Dhawan 69(52)Shikhar now gets it past the gap behind point for a boundary. This is brilliant batting.

Live cricket score: India 105/0 | Overs 16| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 42(47),  Shikhar Dhawan 63(49): While Indians have bowled too many extras, Australia have not conceded a single extra so far. No doubt India are getting the runs easily with singles and boundaries, this may go on to be the difference. Eight runs from Faulkner’s over and they come risk-free.

Live cricket score: India 93/0 | Overs 14| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 36(40),  Shikhar Dhawan 57(44): Faulkner continues. Rohit whips that past midwicket for 3 runs. Umpires check and it’s a four. Five from the over.

Live cricket score: India 88/0 | Overs 13| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 32(35),  Shikhar Dhawan 56(43)Nathan Lyon is into the attack. Third ball, boom. It’s a SIX! Shikhar has notched up his 17th ODI fifty. The horrors of Canberra maybe haunting him still and this time he will look to finish it off.

Live cricket score: India 78/0 | Overs 12| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 29(32),  Shikhar Dhawan 49(40): James Faulkner is into attack and Rohit brilliantly drives the third ball past mid-off for a boundary. Five from the over.

Live cricket score: India 73/0 | Overs 11| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 24(28),  Shikhar Dhawan 49(38): Indian batsmen are now getting the runs easily. Shikhar is looking set for another fifty. Five runs from Marsh’s over.

Live cricket score: India 65/0 | Overs 9| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 19(21),  Shikhar Dhawan 46(33): Mitchell Marsh is into the attack and Indian batsmen continue the carnage. Marsh bowls full on the leg and Dhawan picks it over square-leg boundary for a six. Next ball, it’s on other side of the wicket and dispatched to the mid-off boundary. 13 from the over.

Live cricket score: India 52/0 | Overs 8| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 17(18),  Shikhar Dhawan 35(30): Now the batsmen target Boland. Three boundaries from this over. First, Rohit flicks one off pad for a four, second ball Rohit works it through mid-wicket for another four and fifth ball, Shikhar gets into the act and lofts one over leg-side boundary for another four.

Live cricket score: India 39/0 | Overs 7| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 8(15),  Shikhar Dhawan 31(27): Shikhar picks the length early and picks up over mid-wicket for a massive six! Fifth ball and this time he smashes it through covers for a four.

Live cricket score: India 28/0 | Overs 6| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 8(15),  Shikhar Dhawan 19(21)The over starts with singles, then Shikhar steps out, makes a bit of room and cuts that through point for a boundary. Attractive batting. Seven from the over. India slowly begin to up the tempo.

Live cricket score: India 20/0 | Overs 5| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 7(12),  Shikhar Dhawan 13(18): Hastings to bowl to Rohit. Little wide outside off, Rohit has all the time to play an elegant square-drive for a boundary. Doesn’t he make batting look good! Good over for India as eight comes from it.

Live cricket score: India 12/0 | Overs 4| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 2(9),  Shikhar Dhawan 10(15): Boland gets two past Shikhar’s outside edge. The batsman is looking tentative. He steps out and looks to dismiss the bowler and misses one. Shikhar is key to India’s chase and can’t afford to lose his wicket. Boland drifts one to middle and leg, Shikhar gets the timing perfect and runs two.

Live cricket score: India 8/0 | Overs 3| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 1(9),  Shikhar Dhawan 6(9): Dhawan drives it elegantly through the gap between cover and mid-off and runs two. Survives a run-out scare in the second ball. Third ball, Rohit plays a good-looking cut but straight to backward point. Five from the over. India will have to keep up with the required run-rate. Both of the batsmen can up the tempo when required.

Live cricket score: India 3/0 | Overs 2| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 1(6),  Shikhar Dhawan 2(6): It’s Scott Boland in absence of Kane Richardson to start from the other end. His bowling average is 201 with a economy rate touching 7, which is bound to come down as he plays more.  He is death over specialist but starts off well here. He manages to beat the outside edge of both these in-form batsmen in this over. Just one from it.

Live cricket score: India 2/0 | Over 1| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 1(4),  Shikhar Dhawan 1(2): Hastings has been the most impressive bowler in this series and he will start the proceedings. He starts with a nice line and Rohit defends. India make a cautious start as two comes from the first over.

This was one game where Indian bowlers had an upper hand and Umesh Yadav has been dreadful today. Figures of 8-0-82-1 is not something you expect from a bowler with Umesh’s experience. Even Rishi Dhawan was expensive and perhaps tried a bit too much. Bumrah, Jadeja and Ishant were impressive. India missed out on Ashwin’s experience today. SCG has historically been a venue that has supported spin bowlers. Bumrah was fantastic today and had a dream debut, while Warner scored his sixth ODI hundred. However, the hero of the first half was Mitchell Marsh who scored his first ODI hundred. Now all the Marshes — father Geoff, brother Shaun and Mitchell himself have ODI hundreds against India. Australia towards the end looked set for 350 but India pulled it back in the last two overs. Read Shiamak Unwalla’s innings report

Live cricket score: Australia 330/7 | Overs 50| Mitchell Marsh 102(84), John Hastings 2(3): Hastings gets a leg-bye and here Marsh is on strike. Here’s another dot ball, Ishant delivers that at 142 kmph. He gets two and that’s his maiden ODI hundred, rather international hundred. What a moment for the young man! Ishant has bowled a brilliant last over. Only four comes off it. He finishes with 10-0-60-2.

Live cricket score: Australia 326/7 | Overs 49| BATTING: Mitchell Marsh 98(76), John Hastings 2(2): Bumrah to bowl his last over. Here’s a yorker and he dismisses the dangerous Faulkner. What a debut has this man had! Three singles. Marsh on 99. Now that’s in the blockhole and straight to the bowler and here’s a low full-toss and Marsh can’t get it past mid-on. Superb stuff by Bumrah. What a debut has he had! He finishes with 10-0-40-2. OUT! James Faulkner b Bumrah 1 (3)

Live cricket score: Australia 323/6 | Overs 48| BATTING: Mitchell Marsh 98(76), James Faulkner 1(2): Umesh is into the attack and how many is he going to go for? Starts with a single and now he bowls a slower one on the shorter side, Wade dismisses that to backward square-leg boundary. Now one outside off and Wade nicks that to Dhoni. So finally some success for Umesh. Faulkner comes out and the over cost 10-runs. OUT! Matthew Wade c MS Dhoni b Umesh Yadav 36 (27)

Live cricket score: Australia 313/5 | Overs 47| BATTING: Mitchell Marsh 95(74), Matthew Wade 30(25): Third ball, a low full-toss and Mitchell smacks it down the ground for a boundary. Another full-toss, Marsh hits it hard as the ball thuds to Ishant’s leg and the rebound almost hit umpire Richard Kettleborough’s head. He has injured in the last game and had to be substituted. 11 from the over.

Live cricket score: Australia 302/5 | Overs 46| BATTING: Mitchell Marsh 88(70), Matthew Wade 26(23): Rishi Dhawan to continue and he has bowled a decent over so far. Five runs have from the first four balls and now Marsh smacks one through the cover boundary for a four. 10 from the over. Rishi Dhawan now finishes with 10-0-74-1.

Live cricket score: Australia 292/5 | Overs 45| BATTING: Mitchell Marsh 82(67), Matthew Wade 22(20): Bumrah to bowl his ninth over. Compared to his IPL shows, Bumrah looks a far more evolved bowler. He delivers a short one to Mitchell, who pulls it on front-foot for a flat six. Bumrah has comeback well, he has bowled a better length and despite going for a six, he finishes off a good over.

Live cricket score: Australia 282/5 | Overs 44| BATTING: Mitchell Marsh 74(64), Matthew Wade 21(17): Dhawan gives away two singles and then a short one outside off and Wade won’t miss those. He punishes that to the mid-wicket boundary and follows it up with a scoop shot for two. Thanks to T20 cricket, we see all kinds of shots being played today. 12 runs from Dhawan’s over. He has now given away 62 from his nine over and picked up the wicket of Bailey.

Live cricket score: Australia 270/5 | Overs 43| BATTING: Mitchell Marsh 72(62), Matthew Wade 11(13): Amidst few of the bowlers leaking runs, Jadeja has once again completed a good spell. He hasn’t looked threatening but he has managed to keep things tight. He finishes with 10-0-46-0.

Live cricket score: Australia 264/5 | Overs 42| BATTING: Mitchell Marsh 70(60), Matthew Wade 7(9): Rishi Dhawan is into the attack. Once again starts with a wide. You can’t always blame the captain here. He is mixing it up well but Australians are getting the singles. Fifth ball is wide and Wade looking to drive it gets an outside edge as the ball travels to the fence. Eight from the over.

Live cricket score: Australia 249/5 | Overs 40| BATTING: Mitchell Marsh 63(55), Matthew Wade 1(2): Umesh comes back in the attack and it’s the routine. Once again, poor poor bowling as he sprays it all over and with length being either full or shot. The over goes: 2,4,1,1,4,and 2. Umesh has now given away 72 from his 7 overs.

Live cricket score: Australia 235/5 | Overs 39| BATTING: Mitchell Marsh 50(50), Matthew Wade 0(1): Third ball, Warner steps out and makes the ball a full-toss for a boundary. Ishant has the last laugh as the slower ball does the trick. Warner looks to make room and cut the well disguised off-cutter, it lobs up and Jadeja makes no mistake at backward point. OUT! David Warner c Ravindra Jadeja b Ishant Sharma 122 (113)

Live cricket score: Australia 229/4 | Overs 38| BATTING: David Warner 117(109),  Mitchell Marsh 50(49): Bumrah bowls a high full-toss just lower than waist. It catches Warner off-guard and certainly makes a funny viewing. Another good over, only four from it. Meanwhile Marsh gets to his 50.




Live cricket score: Australia 225/4 | Overs 37| BATTING: David Warner 114(106),  Mitchell Marsh 49(46): Ishant into the attack. There is a delay going on due to Warner’s helmet change. First ball is a length ball and Warner drives it beautifully for another boundary. The fifth ball is smacked over the bowler’s head for a six. The southpaw has won the battle so far against his Sunrisers Hyderabad teammate. 14 from the over.


Live cricket score: Australia 211/4 | Overs 36| BATTING: David Warner 101(101),  Mitchell Marsh 48(45): Two dot ball and then Warner plays it square and runs for two and here it is. He completes his 5th ODI hundred. He is an asset irrespective of the format. Five from the Bumrah over.

Live cricket score: Australia 206/4 | Overs 35| BATTING: David Warner 98(97),  Mitchell Marsh 46(43)Jadeja to continue and the over goes – 2,1,1,1,1 and o. Six from it.

Live cricket score: Australia 200/4 | Overs 34| BATTING: David Warner 96(95),  Mitchell Marsh 42(39): Bumrah is finally into the attack and he is bowling a brilliant line and altering the length. A well-set Warner is struggling against the youngster. Only two from the over.

Live cricket score: Australia 198/4 | Overs 33| BATTING: David Warner 95(90),  Mitchell Marsh 41(38): Jadeja has bowled a tight over here but unfortunately he hasn’t really found support in Umesh. Jadeja is darting it in straight and not giving away easy runs. Only a run come from this one and it’s drinks.

Live cricket score: Australia 197/4 | Overs 32| BATTING: David Warner 94(85),  Mitchell Marsh 41(37): Jadeja bowls a five-run over and it’s Umesh to continue. Kohli and Dhoni have an animated chat in the middle. Short outside off is cut by Marsh. An excellent stop by Rohit saves a run. Now a rank-bad short ball outside leg-stump which Marsh pull it in between fine-leg and square-leg region for a six and it’s followed with a slow wide ball outside off, which is smacked for another boundary. Now Umesh goes for 16 and his figures are 6-0-58-0.

Live cricket score: Australia 162/4 | Overs 30| BATTING: David Warner 89(81),  Mitchell Marsh 25(29): Dhoni gets it right by giving the ball to Umesh, who in turn lets him down. The over goes for 14. He gets Warner to edge one through the vacant slip region for a boundary. He later bowls a full to Marsh who drives it for a boundary and then another shot and wide which again finds the point fence. Not good from Umesh.

Live cricket score: Australia 162/4 | Overs 29| BATTING: David Warner 84(79),  Mitchell Marsh 16(25): Jadeja after his expensive first over has pulled it back. Bowls another tight over and goes for three runs.

Live cricket score: Australia 159/4 | Overs 28| BATTING: David Warner 74(71),  Mitchell Marsh 15(23): Rishi Dhawan is now going for runs. It’s time India bring back Umesh or Bumrah to apply some pressure. First ball is wide outside off-stump and Warner smacks through point for a four. Not good stuff. Nine from the over and that too without taking any risk.

Live cricket score: Australia 146/4 | Overs 26| BATTING: David Warner 72(68),  Mitchell Marsh 12(18)Rishi Dhawan is into attack and six runs from it. Dhawan has been looking to mix it up and change the pace but in doing so, he is bowling a lot of wides. He has gone for 35 from his 6 overs and picked up a wicket. He has bowled three wides.

India need to up their fielding here and another misfield from India. Gurkeerat has struggled with his fielding in this series. By the way, a news has just come in that Gurkeerat will be a cover up for injured Ajinkya Rahane in the T20I series against Australia. Also Rishi Dhawan has been named the replacement for Bhuvneshwar Kumar for the series.

Live cricket score: Australia 134/4 | Overs 24| BATTING: David Warner 67(64),  Mitchell Marsh 8(10): While wickets keep tumbling, Australia keep scoring at healthy rate. A big over fror Australia. Two singles and then Mitchell plays a hard sweep which runs away for a four and on the fifth ball, Warner plays a slog sweep for a massive six. 14 from the over.

Live cricket score: Australia 119/4 | Overs 22| BATTING: David Warner 59(61),  Mitchell Marsh 1(1): So Gurkeerat Singh into the attack. Oh and he has effected a run out and that too with his legs. Shaun Marsh has found another way to get out. Coming for the second to the bowlers end, the Umesh Yadav throw comes in and falls just short of Gurkeerat. Difficult to gather but hits his leg and ricochets to the wickets. Marsh is out. OUT! Shaun Marsh run out (Umesh/Gurkeerat) 7 (14)

Live cricket score: Australia 116/3 | Overs 21| BATTING: David Warner 57(56),  Shaun Marsh 7(14): Jadeja into the attack for the first time. It is not going to easy for him against two left-handed batsmen and Warner welcomes him with a boundary. Steps out, picks over mid-wicket for a one bounce four. Seven from the over.

Live cricket score: Australia 109/3 | Overs 20| BATTING: David Warner 50(50),  Shaun Marsh 7(14): Third ball is a ‘no-ball’ and Warner to face the free-hit and he is on 49. Ishant balls it full on the off-stump. Good stuff. Warner plays the fifth ball down the leg-side for a single to get to his 50. Good knock and it’s four from the over.

Live cricket score: Australia 105/3 | Overs 19| BATTING: David Warner 48(45),  Shaun Marsh 6(11): Warner has now decided to cut loose. Cuts the first ball in the point region, good work from Shikhar Dhawan at the boundary, who saves two runs. Next ball is outside off and Warner lofts it over cover for a six. It’s 100-up for Australia. The six is followed by three singles, one wide and a dot. 12 from the over. Here’s the stop from Shikhar:


Live cricket score: Australia 93/3 | Overs 18| BATTING: David Warner 38(41),  Shaun Marsh 5(10): Bumrah has played in Australia earlier. During the tour of 2014, he picked up a fifer while playing for India A. Now it’s Ishant into the attack and bowls a good over. Three comes from it.

Live cricket score: Australia 90/3 | Overs 17| BATTING: David Warner 37(38),  Shaun Marsh 3(7): Shaun Marsh comes in the middle. He is batting at No.5. Hasn’t he been good in the two games he played, but Warner coming back saw him get dropped and he is playing due to injury caused to Glenn Maxwell. Five runs from the Dhawan over. It’s a good combination. While Bumrah is  clocking good pace, Dhawan is slowing it down. Australia continue to get the runs coming. India should look to apply more pressure.  Here are some interesting stats:



Live cricket score: Australia 78/3 | Overs 15| BATTING: David Warner 32(31),  Shaun Marsh 0(1): Dhawan bowls it full and Warner welcomes the over with a boundary. He presents the full face of the bat and lofts it over mid-off for four.  Dhawan strikes with the fifth ball. It’s a leg-cutter with a change of pace. Bailey looking to play it down the leg, gets a leading edge as the ball lobs up. Ishant at mid-on runs in a completes a simple catch. It is Rishi Dhawan’s first international wicket and not bad to have Bailey as the first one in your list. OUT! George Bailey c Ishant Sharma b Rishi Dhawan 6 (14)

Live cricket score: Australia 73/2 | Overs 14| BATTING: David Warner 27(30),  George Bailey 6(11)Oh! That is good stuff. Bumrah gets it short and the ball comes in sharply and sneaks through between the bat and pad on its way to the wicketkeeper. Fifth ball is good bouncer and Bailey looking to pull, misses. Four runs from the over. This youngster has impressed and it’s always good to see a young player coming and doing well.

Live cricket score: Australia 69/1 | Overs 13| BATTING: David Warner 27(29),  George Bailey 3(6): Five from the Rishi Dhawan over and the over sees a wide. India bowled too many extras at Brisbane which costed them the game. India need to build pressure as they have got two key players out.

Live cricket score: Australia 64/1 | Overs 12| BATTING: David Warner 26(28),  George Bailey 0(1): Bumrah has had a wonderful domestic season and he can ball quick. He has clocked 140-plus with the first ball of his third over. And he strikes on the fifth ball. A short-ball and a nothing shot from Smith. He looks to pull, doesn’t get it right and gets it straight to Rohit Sharma at mid-wicket. One run from the over and a wicket. OUT! Steven Smith c Rohit Sharma b Jasprit Bumrah 28 (37)

Live cricket score: Australia 63/1 | Overs 11| BATTING: David Warner 25(27),  Steven Smith 28(33): Rishi Dhawan has been brought into the attack. He has shown that he has variations but lacks pace. Let us see how useful he will be. India are bound to miss Ashwin here. The order of the over: 1,0,0,0,0, and 1. Good first over.

Live cricket score: Australia 61/1 | Overs 10| BATTING: David Warner 24(22),  Steven Smith 27(32): Expensive over from Bumrah now. Fourth ball, Smith gets it over in-field for 3. Fourth ball is a slower one and Warner looking to pull doesn’t connect it well but gets four.

Live cricket score: Australia 53/1 | Overs 9| BATTING: David Warner 20(19),  Steven Smith 24(29): Change of ends for Umesh and does it work? No! Third ball is full outside off-stump, Smith plays an unusual shot. Uses the crease and drives it past mid-on for a boundary. The fifth ball is a rank-bad ball, full on middle and leg, and Smith flicks it over mid-wicket another boundary. India are giving away easy runs here.

Live cricket score: Australia 42/1 | Overs 8| BATTING: David Warner 19(18),  Steven Smith 14(24): Debutant Jasprit Bumrah has been brought into the attack. Starts with a full and Warner gets one to mid-off for a single. The over goes: 1,0,0,0.2 and o. Good start from him.

Live cricket score: Australia 39/1 | Overs 7| BATTING: David Warner 18(17),  Steven Smith 12(19): Fourth ball, a poor one from Ishant. Short and wide and Smith won’t miss a chance scoring from those. Another boundary.

Umesh has bowled a good over comparatively. Three from it. Meanwhile, this is what true love for cricket does to you:




And here is someone who can’t keep her eyes off her daddy:


Live cricket score: Australia 30/1 | Overs 5| BATTING: David Warner 16(14),  Steven Smith 6(10): Runs continue to flow. Third ball, a bit short of length and Smith rocks on the back-foot and beautifully punches it towards extra-cover for 3. Seven from the over. Ishant is clocking 140 kmph.

Live cricket score: Australia 23/1 | Overs 4| BATTING: David Warner 13(11),  Steven Smith 2(7): Umesh continues to spray it all over. First ball is over-pitched and Warner gets plays it through cover for three. Then a wide to Smith. The last ball is short, Warner picks the length and whips it past square-leg for a boundary

Live cricket score: Australia 14/1 | Overs 3| BATTING: David Warner 6(8),  Steven Smith 1(4): Another good over from Ishant. He is getting the ball to move in sharply. Only a run and a leg-bye comes from this over. It is important for Umesh to maintain the pressure from the other end.

Live cricket score: Australia 12/1 | Overs 2| BATTING: David Warner 6(6),  Steven Smith 0(0): Umesh from the other end and Warner looks to attack right from the start. Looks to smack it through covers but gets it in the mid-off region for two. Fourth ball, Warner gets this one through covers for a boundary.

Live cricket score: Australia 6/1 | Over 1| BATTING: David Warner 0(0),  Steven Smith 0(0)Ishant starts with a nice full ball, the second ball is full again, Finch gets an edge and it is two runs. Fourth ball, it’s full and Finch lofts the ball over mid-off for a four. What a start! Final ball and Ishant strikes early. Ball moves in sharply and Finch looks to leave it on but it strikes him on pad. No shot offered and looks out, umpire thinks the same. Big wicket here. Last match centurion Finch is gone. OUT! Aaron Finch lbw b Ishant Sharma 6 (6)





TOSS UPDATE: Dhoni wins the toss and elects to bowl. Jaspreet Bumrah to make his debut and Manish Pandey to come in, while Bhuvaneshwar and Ajinkya Rahane sit out due to injury. The big surprise: No Ashwin, again


Australia: Aaron Finch, David Warner, Steven Smith, George Bailey, Shaun Marsh, Mitchell Marsh, Matthew Wade (wk), James Faulkner, John Hastings, Scott Boland, Nathan Lyon

India: Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, Virat Kohli, Manish Pandey, MS Dhoni (c) (wk), Gurkeerat Singh, Ravindra Jadeja, Rishi Dhawan, Jasprit Bumrah, Umesh Yadav, Ishant Sharma

Australia have already sealed the series, having won the first four ODIs in commanding manner. The first ODI was played at WACA, Perth, a venue where Australia won by five wickets. The second ODI was at the Gabba in Brisbane, wherein they defeated the Indian cricket team by five wickets. In the third ODI, Glenn Maxwell came to Australia’s rescue as he scored a brilliant 96 at Melbourne to seal the series for Australia. India did extremely well while chasing close to 350 runs in the fourth ODI at Canberra, but an unfortunate collapse meant the team lost the game by  margin of 25 runs. India vs Australia 2015-16, 5th ODI at Sydney: Key Battles

India and Australia will be heading into a three-match Twenty20 International (T20I) series after the conclusion of their ODI games. The three T20Is will be played on January 26, 29 and 31 respectively. While India will head home for a three-match T20I series against Sri Lanka, the Australian team will travel to New Zealand for their Trans-Tasman Trophy 2015-16 (three Tests) and couple of limited-overs matches. India vs Australia 2015-16: Hopeless bowling not the only reason for visitors’ defeat


India: Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Ajinkya Rahane, Manish Pandey, MS Dhoni (c & wk), Ravichandran Ashwin, Ravindra Jadeja, Akshar Patel, Ishant Sharma, Umesh Yadav, Gurkeerat Singh Mann, Rishi Dhawan, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Barinder Sran.

Australia: Aaron Finch, Usman Khawaja, Steven Smith (c), Shaun Marsh, Mitchell Marsh, George Bailey, Glenn Maxwell, Matthew Wade (wk), James Faulkner, Kane Richardson, Josh Hazlewood, Scott Boland, Joel Paris, John Hastings, Nathan Lyon, David Warner.

Live Cricket Scorecard & ball-by-ball commentary: India vs Australia 2015-16, 5th ODI at Sydney


IND 2/0 (Over 1) (Tar: 331) : Live Cricket Score, India vs Australia 2015-16, 5th ODI at Sydney

Live cricket score: India 279/3 | Overs 44| BATTING: Manish Pandey 77(62), MS Dhoni 14(27): B

Live cricket score: India 285/3 | Overs 45| BATTING: Manish Pandey 80(65), MS Dhoni 16(30): A