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  • 2:53 PM IST

    Player of the match: Mithali Raj

  • 2:49 PM IST

    Player of the tournament: Mithali Raj

  • 2:30 PM IST

    LIVE: Pakistan Women 104/6 in 20 overs | Nida Dar 12(16), Sana Mir 12(12): India Women win match and tournament! A comfortable 17-run victory and Indian bowlers have pulled off a great comeback after a good start from Pakistan. It has to be Mithali Raj with the bat who gave the bowlers ample runs to defend.

  • 2:26 PM IST

    LIVE: Pakistan Women 90/6 in 18 overs | Nida Dar 6(11), Sana Mir 5(5): Pakistan need 32 runs off the last two overs. The game has been very competitive with both the teams performing up to the mark. Indian bowlers picked up wickets at the right time.

  • 2:18 PM IST

    LIVE: Pakistan Women 82/6 in 16 overs | Nida Dar 2(3), Sana Mir 1(1): Talk about wickets and India have got 2 in 2 overs. That is a great comeback by India and they are now in full command of the game.

  • 2:17 PM IST

    OUT! Iram Javed st Sushma Verma b Ekta Bisht 3 (8)

  • 2:16 PM IST

    OUT! Nain Abidi st Sushma Verma (wk) b Preeti Bose 9 (14)

  • 2:14 PM IST

    LIVE: Pakistan Women 77/4 in 14 overs | Iram Javed 2(3), Nain Abidi 8(11): Both teams have equal chances of winning the game from here. Bismah looked set but was dismissed before she could take the side to victory. Another wicker will turn the game in favour of India.
    OUT! Bismah Maroof c & b Anuja Patil 25 (26)

  • 1:59 PM IST

    LIVE: Pakistan Women 63/3 in 12 overs | Bismah Maroof 20(23), Nain Abidi 2(5): Attempts of run out but none successful. Pakistan taking too many risks but the pressure is on as the required runrate is going up with every delivery.

  • 1:57 PM IST

    LIVE: Pakistan Women 56/3 in 10 overs | Bismah Maroof 15(14), Nain Abidi 0(2): And that is Ekta Bisht for you. An extremely clever move by her as she kept it slower outside offstump. Javeria failed to get to the pitch of the ball and skipper Harmanpreet took the catch to dismiss her.
    OUT! Javeria Khan c Harmanpreet Kaur b Ekta Bisht 22 (26)

  • 1:47 PM IST

    LIVE: Pakistan Women 48/2 in 8 overs | Bismah Maroof 12(10), Javeria Khan 18(20): Pakistan is close to the team score of 50. The captaincy has been good from Harmanpreet, as she is going aggressive, handing the ball to pacers. Good partnership building between two very talented batters at the crease.

  • 1:38 PM IST

    LIVE: Pakistan Women 28/2 in 6 overs | Bismah Maroof 3(3), Javeria Khan 11(15): Back to back success for India and that hands them the advantage. Javeria looks good at the crease and Bismah, the skipper will have too take some time settling down. Asmavia played an unnecessary shot to get bowled while Ayesha fell for a straighter delivery.

  • 1:34 PM IST

    OUT! Asmavia Iqbal b Shikha Pandey 1 (4)

  • 1:25 PM IST

    OUT! Ayesha Zafar b Jhulan Goswami 15(14)

  • 1:25 PM IST

    LIVE: Pakistan Women 24/0 in 4 overs | Javeria Khan 9(12), Ayesha Zafar 15(12): Pakistan have a good partnership building between Javeria and Ayesha now. Both are hitting confident shots and India need a wicket to reduce the scoring rate.

  • 1:16 PM IST

    LIVE: Pakistan Women 13/0 in 2 overs | Javeria Khan 7(6), Ayesha Zafar 6(6): It is like a deja vu! Pakistan giving neck-to-neck competition to India, scoring 10 runs in the first over. A surprise decision from Harmanpreet as she let Ekta Bisht open the bowling and not Jhulan. Good start for Pakistan.

  • 1:11 PM IST

    LIVE: India Women 121/5 in 20 overs | Mithali Raj 73(65), Anuja Patil 0(1): Pakistan to chase 122 to win! Mithali Raj scored her career best 73 not out in T20Is. India have a competitive score on board but not a huge one. Pakistan’s fielding has been commendable and they have potent batters who can do it for them.

  • 12:56 PM IST

    OUT! Jhulan Goswami c Javeria Khan b Sana Mir 17(10)

  • 12:50 PM IST

    LIVE: India Women 104/4 in 18 overs | Mithali Raj 65(58), Jhulan Goswami 8(5): SIX! Jhulan knows the job assigned to her in this format of the game, to take full advantage of the loose deliveries and hit them out of the park while rotate strike and give them to a set Mithali to keep the scorecard and partnership going. 2 overs to go, India look in a good position.

  • 12:43 PM IST

    OUT! Harmanpreet Kaur b Anam Amin 5(10)

  • 12:41 PM IST

    LIVE: India Women 88/3 in 16 overs | Mithali Raj 57(42), Harmanpreet Kaur 5(9): Mithali’s footwork has been magnificent. Very comfortable out at the crease and set now, needs support from Harmanpreet, who is herself an accomplished player in the format. India can call 130 a safe total in this final.

  • 12:34 PM IST

    LIVE: India Women 73/3 in 14 overs | Mithali Raj 50(43): Another success for Pakistan. India Women need yet another partnership here. The back to back wickets will increase pressure on the new batter in, skipper Harmanpreet Kaur.

  • 12:32 PM IST

    OUT! Veda Krishnamurthy lbw Sadia Yousuf 2 (6)

  • 12:25 PM IST

    LIVE: India Women 70/2 in 12 overs | Mithali Raj 48(41), Veda Krishnamurthy 1(2): A brilliant direct hit from Javeria Khan and Meghana is gone by a mile! The dangerous partnership is broken. Mithali is still there at the crease though and is joined by another potent batter, Veda.

  • 12:23 PM IST

    OUT! Sabbhieni Meghana run out 9(30)

  • 12:16 PM IST

    LIVE: India Women 61/1 in 10 overs | Mithali Raj 44(34), Sabbhieni Meghana 7(13):Mithali, you beauty! Connects the ball flawlessly as she goes for a four off a no-ball. In the following free hit, she gets the maximum. Looks in a terrific touch. Good news for India, problems increasing for Pakistan with every ball Mithali survives.

  • 12:07 PM IST

    LIVE: India Women 44/1 in 8 overs | Mithali Raj 30(25), Sabbhieni Meghana 5(9): Those are some glorious shots from Mithali Raj. Looks extremely confident and every shot is an example of precision timing and brilliant placement. India lost Smriti soon but Mithali can be the key here for India. She is well set and work for Meghana now is to rotate strike and spend more time out there to build a partnership.

  • 12:00 PM IST

    LIVE: India Women 30/1 in 6 overs | Mithali Raj 18(11), Sabbhieni Meghana 1(4): First breakthrough for Pakistan. Smriti never looked comfortable at the crease and Anam Amin removed her with a brilliant catch by Asmavia Iqbal who ran backwards and gripped the ball. Almost a run out there and Mithali would have been back to the pavilion if the direct throw had hit the stumps. Impressive fielding by the ladies from Pakistan.

  • 11:51 AM IST

    OUT! Smriti Mandhana c Asmavia Iqbal b Anam Amin 6(13)

  • 11:50 AM IST

    LIVE: India Women 22/0 in 4 overs | Mithali Raj 12(12), Smriti Mandhana 0(12): India have started off well, with good runs on the board. Smriti does not look very comfortable facing Sana Mir but doing well to rotate the strike and give them to experienced Mithali who is playing graceful shots. Rotating the strike has also kept the runs coming.

India Women have defeated Pakistan Women in the group stage © IANS
India Women have defeated Pakistan Women in the group stage © IANS

Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live coverage of Asian Cricket Council (ACC) Women’s Asia Cup T20 2016. The big finale of this extravaganza will be played between arch-rivals India and Pakistan, at the Asian Institute of Technology in Bangkok. Here, you will get all the live updates of this crackerjack of a contest. India Women are the hands-down favourites, remaining unbeaten throughout the tournament. Pakistan Women, on the other hand, are not a fallible side either, with a lot of skilled and experienced players in it. India Women, who earlier won the match against Pakistan in the group stage, will be confident to edge them out yet again, while Pakistan will look to take a sweet revenge beating them in the final and lifting the trophy.

Pakistan Women, just like their men’s counterpart, have a rich bowling attack. They have experienced Sana Mir leading the attack, while Nida Dar, Anam Amin and Asmavia Iqbal will look to continue the stellar show. Their batting, however, lacks balanced. Two players the team will be banking on are Bismah Maroof and Javeria Khan. Nonetheless, to win a high-intensity match such as the final, they will have to play well as a cohesive unit.

Indian Eves have a comparatively balanced side, with both the bowlers and batters sharing responsibilities equally. Jhulan Goswami, like always, will lead the bowling unit. Meanwhile, Anuja Patil, Poonam Yadav and Ekta Bisht will look to second fiddle the veteran Goswami. The nucleus of the batting undoubtedly is Mithali Raj, while the onus of providing the impetus at middle order will be on Harmanpreet Kaur. One concern for the side, though, is the form of Smriti Mandhana, who is struggling to find her feet.


India: Harmanpreet Kaur (c), Ekta Bisht, Jhulan Goswami, Mansi Joshi, Veda Krishnamurthy, Smriti Mandhana, Meghna Singh, Shikha Pandey, Anuja Patil, Poonam Yadav, Nuzhat Parween, Preeti Bose, Mithali Raj, Vellaswamy Vanitha, Sushma Verma

Pakistan: Bismah Maroof (c), Javeria Khan, Aliya Riaz, Anam Amin, Asmavia Iqbal, Ayesha Zafar, Diana Baig, Iram Javed, Maham Tariq, Nahida Khan, Nain Abidi, Nida Dar, Sadia Yousuf, Sana Mir, Sidra Nawaz