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    The young guns from India and Pakistan have shown great sportsmanship and camaraderie. Congratulations to Pakistan for making it to the semi-final. Good luck to the young boys. India were absolutely brilliant. The final should be a cracker of a contest.

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    Man of the Match: Shubhman Gill

    “Not a very easy wicket to bat. I thought 250-260 was good enough. I will like to play all formats. Looking forward to play Australia in the final.”

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    Abhishek Sharma strikes with his third delivery. Porel, the man who blew the Pakistan top-order with 4-for, takes a simple catch. Pakistan are bowled out for 69. India enter sixth U-19 World Cup Final.

    OUT! Arshad Iqbal c Ishan Porel b Abhishek Sharma 1 (4)
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    OUT! Saad Khan is stumped for 15. Anukul adds the first to his tally. Hasn’t he been impressive in this competition. He is rightly rewarded with an IPL spot. He bowls it wide, Saad charges down, misjudges the length and is stumped by Desai.

    OUT Saad Khan st Desai b Roy 15 (33)
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    Afridi’s struggles at the crease end. Shiva Singh pitches it half way, Afridi goes for a pull over midwicket, doesn’t connect as the ball balloons up. Shiva takes a regulation catch.

    OUT Shaheen Shah Afridi c & b Shiva Singh 0 (11)
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    Mr Gill at it again! What a game Shubhman Gill has had. Once again caught Gill and bowled Parag. It’s captain Hassan Khan. Full outside off, Hassan goes for a slog, trying to clear mid-off. Doesn’t connect and Gill back peddles to complete a brilliant catch. Shaheen Shah almost follows his captain but he Prithvi at slip, grasses the catch.

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    OUT! Rohail Nazir departs after scoring 18 off 39. Pakistan sink further. Six down. Riyan Parag tosses it up outside off-stump, the batmsan goes for a wile slog. Gill takes a simple catch at mid-off. India reach closer to the final.

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    OUT! That boy Porel again, he has four now! Too quick for Ammad, he tried to drive but never middled, and Mavi took the high catch easily. Pakistan in tatters now…
    Ammad Alam c Shivam Mavi b Ishan Porel 4!
    OUT! Porel you beauty! Different shot but sane fielder at same position! Zayrab almost middled it, but Shaw takes a neat catch to his right.
    Ali Zayrab Ashraf c Prithvi Shaw b Ishan Porel 1!
    OUT! Porel has taken out both openers! This time Imran pokes at one outside off, and Shaw takes a good catch to his left at gully!

    Imran Shah c Prithvi Shaw b Ishan Porel 2!
    OUT! Porel strikes! Of course, one may say it was really Mavi’s wicket. It was a loose, overpitched ball, and was soaring over Mavi at deep fine leg. Mavi held the catch, almost overbalanced, but eventually pulled off a very good catch.

    Muhammad Zaid Alam c Shivam Mavi b Ishan Porel 7!
    India have got 272 for 9. Prithvi Shaw (41) and Manjot Kalra (47) got them off to a breezy start, adding 89 for the first wicket in 93 balls. Then Shubman Gill took over, carving out a brilliant hundred, the first in the history of India-Pakistan Under-19 ODIs. Gill’s 102 not out took him 94 balls. The salient feature of the innings was the fact that he hit only 7 fours. Anukul Roy got 33, but the other wickets fell in a heap towards the end, mostly to Arshad Iqbal (3 for 51) and Muhammad Musa (4 for 67).


Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live coverage of India vs Pakistan, ICC Under-19 World Cup 2018 semi-final. This is the second semi-final, hosted by Hagley Oval, Christchurch. We, at CricketCountry, will be presenting to you all the live happenings from the match. India are certainly the favourites, having won 12 out of 21 encounters against their arch-rivals. In addition, India have been unbeaten in the current edition.

India have been unchallenged in all their encounters, so far, in the tournament. They commenced their campaign by defeating Australia by 100 runs. Next in line were minnows, PNG and Zimbabwe. They posed no threat and Prithvi Shaw’s team continued to perform across departments. On the other hand, Pakistan had a rough start. They were stunned by Afghanistan by 5 wickets. Nonetheless, they revamped their journey with a win versus Ireland. Pakistan have entered the last four by beating a formidable unit in South Africa. Will they take the Indian camp by surprise? India have been on a roll, but we have seen in many ICC events how ‘past success’ proves to be nothing in a knockout clash.

In the first semi-final, Australia sailed past Afghanistan by 6 wickets. In pursuit of 182, Australia emerged on top with 75 balls to spare. In the tournament history, Australia and India are the most successful sides — with three titles each — and cricket pundits would have their money on both sides to lock horns in the final.

Can Pakistan live up to their unpredictable image to cause a big turnaround?