Ravichandran Ashwin was named Man of the Match for his career-best 4/25 © Getty Images

(Can India maintain their unbeaten streak in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015? Or will UAE register their first win? Catch live cricket scores of the match here)

Man of the Match: Ravichandran Ashwin

India 104/1 | 18.5 overs | Win by 9 wickets with 187 balls to spare

Rohit Sharma 57*(55) Shikhar Dhawan 14(17) Virat Kohli 33* (41) Mohammad Naveed 5-0-35-1 Manjula Guruge 6-1-19-0 Amjad Javed 2-0-12-0 Krishna Chandran Karate 3-0-17-0 Mohammad Tauqir 2.5-0-21-0 

DOT. Rohit plays to short-cover. DOT. Rohit blocks. DOT. Rohit pushes to mid-on. DOT. Rohit blocks again. FOUR! Rohit steps out and hits through long-off, it’s all over! India win by 9 wickets!

India 100/1 | 18 overs | Need 3 from 32 overs

Rohit Sharma 53(50), Virat Kohli 33(41)

DOT. Kohli plays to extra-cover. DOT. Kohli plays back to Karate. ONE. Sharp single, a direct hit from third-man would have got Rohit there — well, not quite! ONE. Rohit plays softly behind square-leg, easy run. FOUR! Long-hop, Virat cracks it past point, the Indian hundred comes up. READ Rohit Sharma’s fifty report here.

India 94/1 | 17 overs | Need 9 from 33 overs

Rohit Sharma 52(49), Virat Kohli 28(36)

India take the Powerplay. ONE. Rohit cover-drives to take a run. DOT. Kohli plays back to Tauqir. DOT. Kohli plays to third-man. ONE. Kohli plays to mid-wicket and runs. FOUR! Rohit rocks back and square-cuts hard, brings up his fifty! DOT. Rohit plays gently to square-leg.

India 88/1 | 16 overs | Need 15 from 34 overs | DINNER

Rohit Sharma 47*(46) Shikhar Dhawan 14(17) Virat Kohli 27* (33) Mohammad Naveed 5-0-35-1 Manjula Guruge 6-1-19-0 Amjad Javed 2-0-12-0 Krishna Chandran Karate 2-0-11-0 Mohammad Tauqir 1-0-11-0 READ Dinner Report of India vs UAE here

ONE. Rohit plays to third man. TWO. Kohli places through off-side, sweeper cover picks up. ONE. Kohli plays to square-leg. ONE. Rohit steers to deep third-man. DOT. Kohli plays to short mid-wicket, last ball before dinner coming up. DOT. Hits Rohit on the pad, and that will be dinner. Should be easy pickings for India from now on.

India 83/1 | 15 overs | Need 20 from 35 overs

Rohit Sharma 45(44), Virat Kohli 24(29)

ONE. Rohit plays to mid-off. ONE. Kohli pushes to long-on. DOT. Nice line from Mohammad Tauqir, Kohli is beaten, Swapnil takes the bails off, they call third umpire but Rohit is safe. FOUR! Rohit drives through extra-cover, he approaches his fifty! FOUR! Encore! Long-off was not even interested, that is the fifty-run partnership! ONE. Rohit drives to long-off.

India 72/1 | 14 overs | Need 31 from 36 overs

Rohit Sharma 35(39), Virat Kohli 23(28)

DOT. Krishna Chandran Karate comes on, bowls on off, Kohli plays to mid-off. DOT. Kohli plays back to Karate. ONE. Kohli steers to deep third-man, I do not think they can finish this before dinner. ONE. Rohit places off back-foot, sweeper-cover picks up. FOUR! Kohli-special! Bottom-hand comes into play, that one is clobbered through extra-cover! DOT. Good comeback from Karate, bowls straight.

India 66/1 | 13 overs | Need 37 from 37 overs

Rohit Sharma 34(38), Virat Kohli 18(20)

FOUR! You cannot bowl to Kohli there, he was already outside the crease, all he needed to do was to turn his wrists and place it past mid-wicket! DOT. On target, Kohli blocks. DOT. Good stuff from Javed, Kohli hits it back to him. ONE. Misfield at mid-off, they run a single. DOT. Overpitches, Rohit misses out, plays to mid-wicket. DOT. Rohit plays back to Javed.

India 61/1 | 12 overs | Need 42 from 38 overs

Rohit Sharma 34(36), Virat Kohli 13(19)

DOT. Rohit times well, but hits straight to cover-point. DOT. Nice line from Guruge, Rohit blocks. ONE. Rohit flicks comfortably to deep square-leg, easy run. DOT. Kohli plays to mid-off. DOT. Kohli drives fluently, but straight to cover-point. ONE. Kohli glances to deep fine-leg, they scamper for the first but don’t get the second.

India 59/1 | 11 overs | Need 44 from 39 overs

Rohit Sharma 33(33), Virat Kohli 12(16)

ONE. Amjad Javed bowls on off, Rohit drives, lovely fielding by extra-cover. DOT. Virat blocks with ease. ONE. Kohli plays to wide mid-on, easy single. DOT. Plays to wide mid-off, no run. FOUR! This time Rohit cannot hold himself back, lofts over cover for four! ONE. Rohit flicks and runs, easy. READ: Report of India’s 50.

India 52/1 | 10 overs | Need 51 from 40 overs

Rohit Sharma 27(29), Virat Kohli 11(14)

FOUR! Guruge strays a bit, Kohli places it past cover-point, India reach 50, they’re rushing things now! DOT. Kohli plays to square-leg. TWO. Kohli steers to third-man, easy couple. DOT. Guruge is on target now, Kohli blocks. DOT. Once again Kohli is cautious on back-foot, good bowling from Guruge. DOT. On 0ff-stump, Kohli blocks.

India 46/1 | 9 overs | Need 57 from 41 overs

Rohit Sharma 27(29), Virat Kohli 5(8)

DOT. Rohit plays to mid-wicket. DOT. Rohit plays it back to Naveed, these UAE seamers are doing a splendid job. FOUR! Did I curse them? Naveed bounces, Rohit hooks, doesn’t time too well, gets the top-edge, but gets four anyway! FOUR! This time he gets it off the middle, the ball flies, one-bounce to the left of deep square-leg! DOT. Naveed comes back well, cramps up Rohit for space. FOUR! Gorgeous! Lovely cover-drive, 12 off the over!

India 34/1 | 8 overs | Need 69 from 42 overs

Rohit Sharma 15(23), Virat Kohli 5(8)

DOT. Once again, excellent line and length, Kohli blocks. DOT. Kohli blocks again. DOT. Kohli cannot get it away, blocks again. FOUR! Guruge strays slightly, Kohli’s eyes light up, four past mid-wicket! DOT. Good comeback from Guruge, Kohli keeps his head down. DOT. Once again, excellent line, Kohli blocks. READ Shikhar Dhawan’s dismissal report.

India 30/1 | 7 overs | Need 73 from 43 overs

Rohit Sharma 15(23), Virat Kohli 1(2)

DOT. Straight on the channel, Virat Kohli leaves, that was not very far away from off! ONE. Kohli drops it close to himself with short hands and runs. DOT. Rohit blocks.

OUT! Shikhar Dhawan c Rohan Mustafa b Mohammad Naveed 14(17)! Naveed bowls short, Dhawan cuts, nothing wrong with that, but Mustafa jumps up at point and plucks it out of thin air with his right hand!

DOT. Outside off-stump, Dhawan leaves. FOUR! On the pads, Dhawan waits for it and flicks, lovely shot! READ: India innings report

India 25/0 | 6 overs | Need 78 from 44 overs

Rohit Sharma 15(22), Shikhar Dhawan 10(14)

DOT. Short and on the ribs, Rohit blocks. DOT. Straight on line, Rohit blocks. SIX! Guruge drops short, Rohit hoicks it over deep fine-leg, massive! DOT. Huge, huge appeal, there was definitely a sound, they do not go for the DRS. DOT. Rohit plays to square-leg, Guruge is spot on again. DOT. On target, plays to backward point, slight misfield, no run.

India 19/0 | 5 overs | Need 84 from 45 overs

Rohit Sharma 9(16), Shikhar Dhawan 10(14)

DOT. Rohit plays to cover-point. DOT. Excellent channel from Naveed, Rohit lets it go. ONE. Naveed strays slightly, Naveed leg-glances for a single. FOUR! Dhawan gets some room, and drives past mid-on, finally! DOT. Dhawan is beaten comprehensively outside off. FOUR! Dhawan drives off front-foot past cover-point!

India 10/0 | 4 overs | Need 93 from 46 overs

Rohit Sharma 8(13), Shikhar Dhawan 2(11)

DOT. Guruge is straight on target again, Dhawan blocks. DOT. Guruge is cramping Dhawan up here, he can only play to cover-point. DOT. Dhawan defends off the back-foot, lovely bowling. DOT. Dhawan plays to mid-on. DOT. Bang on target, Dhawan plays late, drives back to Guruge. DOT. Excellent maiden over from Guruge. READ: First 3 overs of Indian innings.

India 10/0 | 3 overs | Need 93 from 47 overs

Rohit Sharma 8(13), Shikhar Dhawan 2(5)

ONE. Naveed strays slightly, Dhawan leg-glances, easy run. DOT. Lazy stroke from Rohit, no footwork, beaten outside off. DOT. On line, Rohit blocks solidly. DOT. Excellent lift off a length by Naveed, the ball rushes past Rohit’s edge and hits him on the hip. FOUR! Rohit slashes hard, over third-man, calculated risk! DOT. Outside off, Rohit lets go.

India 5/0 | 2 overs | Need 98 from 48 overs

Rohit Sharma 4(8), Shikhar Dhawan 1(4)

DOT. Dhawan plays to point. DOT. Dhawan plays to cover-point. DOT. Slightly short from Guruge, DOT. Dhawan is hit on thigh-pad. ONE. Pushes to mid-on, they run, Dhawan is off the mark. DOT. Lovely line from Guruge, Rohit fishes outside off-stump and is beaten. DOT. Bang on target, Rohit blocks, excellent over from Guruge.

India 4/0 | 1 over | Need 99 from 49 overs

Rohit Sharma 4(6), Shikhar Dhawan 0(0)

DOT. Outside off, Rohit lets it go. DOT. Short-pitched, Rohit is cramped a bit, no run. DOT. Naveed bowls outside off, Rohit lets go. FOUR! Naveed drops short, Rohit cracks through cover-point, India are off! DOT. Naveed bowls outside off, Rohit leaves alone. DOT. Nice line, in the corridor, Rohit lets go.

India’s innings will start at 4:51 PM local time. The break will be at 6 PM. Read UAE’s innings report here

UAE 102 | 31.3 overs

Amjad Ali 4(12) Andri Raffaelo Beringer 4(9) Krishna Chandran Karate 4(27) Khurram Khan 14(28) Swapnil Patil 7(19) Shaiman Anwar 35(49) Rohan Mustafa 2(12) Amjad Javed 2(5) Mohammad Naveed 6(7) Mohammad Tauqir 1(5) Manjula Guruge 10*(16)

Bhuvneshwar Kumar 5-0-19-1 Umesh Yadav 6.3-2-15-2 Ravichandran Ashwin 10-1-25-4 Mohit Sharma 5-1-16-1 Ravindra Jadeja 5-0-23-2

OUT! Shaiman Anwar b Umesh Yadav 35(49)! It’s all over! Straight, fast, and lethal from Umesh! This is the lowest score by any side in the World Cup against India!

FOUR! Anwar slashes, the ball flies between Dhoni and Raina, 100 for UAE! DOT. Anwar blocks.

UAE 98/9 | 31 overs

Shaiman Anwar 31(46), Manjula Guruge 10(16)

DOT. Jadeja changes ends, Guruge plays straight back. DOT. Guruge blocks, he has been better than most UAE batsmen today. DOT. Guruge is looking very confident in his defence. DOT. Is Jadeja bowling a tad towards leg? DOT. Guruge blocks confidently, nice batting. FOUR! Lovely batting, Jadeja gave it some air, Guruge cover-drives beautifully!

UAE 94/9 | 30 overs

Shaiman Anwar 31(46), Manjula Guruge 6(10)

DOT. Umesh is back, straight on the stumps. DOT. Strange swipe, falls short of cover. DOT. Anwar plays safely on back-foot. FOUR! Anwar flicks with panache, behind square-leg, lovely shot! DOT. Umesh bounces, Anwar ducks. DOT. Anwar plays to extra-cover.

UAE 90/9 | 30 overs

Shaiman Anwar 27(40), Manjula Guruge 6(10)

Ravichandran Ashwin 10-1-25-4

DOT. Plays to square-leg. DOT. Plays to mid-off. DOT. Plays to point. DOT. Appeal for LBW, Dhoni does not go for the review. DOT. Plays to point. FOUR! Sweeps, well placed through empty fine-leg! DOT. Guruge blocks. DOT. Guruge blocks. DOT. Blocks again. ONE. Guruge plays to long-on and runs. ONE. Anwar plays to square-leg and runs. DOT. Off-break, hits pad.

UAE 84/9 | 27 overs

Shaiman Anwar 22(33), Manjula Guruge 0(0)

THREE. Woah! Lovely shot by Manjula Guruge through extra-cover, they run a comfortable three, Anwar back on strike. ONE. Anwar plays to the point boundary, he is happy to give the strike back to Guruge. DOT. Stifled appeal for LBW, not out. DOT. Waits till the last wicket, well played. DOT. Watches till the last moment again, lets go. TWO. Runs to third-man, Guruge looks better than half his teammates.

UAE 78/9 | 26 overs

Shaiman Anwar 21(32), Manjula Guruge 0(0)

FOUR! Anwar goes downtown, the ball takes the outside edge and runs to the third-man fence! DOT. Cramped up, no run. DOT. Anwar blocks. DOT. Anwar blocks again, he will look for a single now. TWO. He edges to third man, why did they run a second? DOT. Plays to point and sets off, no run.

UAE 72/9 | 25 overs

Shaiman Anwar 15(26), Manjula Guruge 0(0)

DOT. Anwar seems to be the only sane batsman around, sharp turn, but Anwar keeps it out. DOT. Anwar blocks. DOT. Anwar blocks again. DOT. Anwar cuts to point, no run. DOT. Anwar cuts to point again. ONE. Plays to third man and runs, keeps strike, smart batting.

UAE 71/9 | 24 overs

Shaiman Anwar 14(20)

OUT! Mohammad Tauqir b Ravindra Jadeja 1(5)! That is an obnoxious dismissal. Jadeja pitches outside leg, Tauqir sweeps, and somehow manages to drag it back on to the stumps, that was terrible batting from the captain.

DOT. Jadeja bowls flat, Anwar blocks. DOT. Anwar plays back to Jadeja. ONE. Anwar flicks, Tauqir on strike now, he has a fifty against India. ONE. Tauqir plays to extra-cover. ONE. Anwar plays to deep mid-wicket, thinks of a two, Tauqir turns it down.

UAE 68/8 | 23 overs

Shaiman Anwar 12(16), Mohammad Tauqir 0(3)

DOT. Mohammad Tauqir, the captain, walks out and plays with a straight bat. DOT. Tauqir blocks again. DOT. Carrom ball, comprehensively beaten.

OUT! Mohammad Naveed b Ravichandran Ashwin 6(7)! That was straight from Ashwin, Naveed makes room, tries to slog, and Ashwin hits timber!

ONE. Anwar plays to square-leg. DOT. Naveed goes for the big slog and misses, he does not look safe here.

UAE 61/7 | 22 overs

Shaiman Anwar 11(15), Mohammad Naveed 6(5)

SIX! What the… Mohammad Naveed walks out, slog-sweeps the first ball over wide long-on, where did that come from? DOT. Sanity is restored, Naveed blocks. DOT. Naveed blocks again. DOT. Naveed tries an almighty slog and misses. DOT, and DROPPED! Raina drops Naveed at first slip!

OUT! Amjad Javed c Suresh Raina b Ravindra Jadeja 2(5)! Jadeja comes round the wicket first ball, bowls flat, perhaps too quick for Javed, Raina takes a neat catch at first slip!

UAE 61/6 | 21 overs

Shaiman Anwar 11(15), Amjad Javed 2(4)

ONE. Anwar plays behind square-leg and runs. DOT. Plays behind third man. DOT. Amjad Javed plays cautiously. O-ho, Dhoni has removed the bails, and there is an appeal for stumping! DOT. Nope, Javed was inside, not out. LEG-BYE. Ashwin comes round the wicket, the ball hits the pad and flies over leg-slip. DOT. Plays to point. FOUR! Carrom-ball, Anwar rocks back, and cuts brilliantly, that should make him feel better! READ: Rohan Mustafa’s dismissal report.

UAE 54/5 | 20 overs

Shaiman Anwar 5(11), Amjad Javed 2(1)

OUT! Rohan LBW b Mohit Sharma 2(12)! Straight on line, Mustafa consults with Anwar before the review, they reviews, but it is wasted. Mohit is bang on target!

ONE. Mohit bowls short, Rohan pulls and runs a single. DOT. Outside off, Anwar lets go. DOT. Once again Anwar lets it go, nice bowling from Mohit. DOT. Once again outside off. HANG ON, THERE IS A REVIEW! READ: Khurram Khan’s dismissal report.

UAE 51/5 | 19 overs

Shaiman Anwar 5(11), Rohan Mustafa 2(8)

DOT. Rohan blocks, Dhoni has two slips. DOT. That took the edge, but rolls to second slip, Ashwin is building on the pressure. DOT. Rohan plays back to Ashwin. DOT. Loose shot outside off, beaten completely. DOT. Outside off again, that one climbs a bit, Rohan lets go. TWO. Plays to square-leg, 50 up for UAE.

UAE 49/5 | 18 overs

Shaiman Anwar 5(11), Rohan Mustafa 0(2)

FOUR! Mohit bounces, Anwar was in complete control of that pull, lovely shot! DOT. Anwar blocks confidently. WIDE. Bouncer, Mohit bowls way too high, that was the eighth wide of the innings. DOT. Anwar flicks to square-leg. DOT. Anwar flicks to square-leg again, brilliantly fielded. DOT. Plays to square-leg again, no run. DOT. Compact defence.

UAE 44/5 | 17 overs

Shaiman Anwar 1(5), Rohan Mustafa 0(2)

DOT. Rohan Mustafa plays softly to mid-on. DOT. Beaten comprehensively, Dhoni appeals but does not review. Wicket-maiden for Ashwin.

OUT! Khurram Khan c Suresh Raina b Ravichandran Ashwin 14(28)! Khurram tries to sweep and gets the top edge, Raina runs in from first slip to leg-slip to take the catch!

DOT. Khurram blocks, no run. ONE. Khurram plays to point, they are not taking risks. DOT. Nice line on off, Khurram lets go.

UAE 44/4 | 16 overs

Khurram Khan 14(24), Shaiman Anwar 1(5)

ONE. Khurram semi-edges Mohit to deep third-man, they run, century-hero Anwar back on strike. DOT. Mohit bowls straight, good lift. DOT. Anwar flicks with soft hands. ONE. Mohit bounces, Anwar hooks. ONE. Inside-edge, misses stumps by a whisker, they get another run. DOT. Plays softly to mid-on.

UAE 41/4 | 15 overs

Khurram Khan 12(22), Shaiman Anwar 0(1)

OUT! Swapnil Patil c Shikhar Dhawan b Ravichandran Ashwin 7(19)! Swapnil prods at the arm-ball and is left clueless, but the ball takes the edge, and Dhawan takes an excellent diving catch!

TWO. Ashwin tosses up outside off, Khurram drives to beat cover. LEG-BYE. Khurram tries to leg-glance, it takes the pad and rolls to deep fine-leg, they run. ONE. Swapnil drives to long-on. ONE. Khurram plays with soft hands and runs. READ: UAE innings report update.

UAE 36/3 | 14 overs

Khurram Khan 9(19), Swapnil Patil 6(17)

DOT. Mohit is bang on target, Swapnil beaten again! DOT. Outside off, Swapnil lets it go. DOT. Plays to extra-cover, Mohit is bowling beautifully. DOT. Outswinger, shapes away, Swapnil lets it go. DOT. On target, Swapnil blocks confidently. DOT. Plays to point, maiden over from Mohit.

UAE 36/3 | 13 overs

Khurram Khan 9(19), Swapnil Patil 6(11)

DOT. Nice drift from Ashwin, lovely bowling. ONE. Khurram steers to third-man for a single. DOT. On target, Swapnil blocks. ONE. Swapnil flicks and runs, Ashwin is getting some turn with the new ball. DOT. Slow in the air, Khurram defends calmly. ONE. Tries to play, but Ashwin cramps him for space.

UAE 34/3 | 12 overs

Khurram Khan 8(15), Swapnil Patil 5(9)

WIDE. Bouncer, lets go, too high. FOUR! Mohit Sharma bowls short, Swapnil is on to it, cracking square-cut! DOT. Mohit finally gets his rhythm. DOT. Nice incoming delivery, Swapnil looks in discomfort. DOT. Bang on target, Swapnil blocks. DOT. Nice line and length, well played. DOT. Swapnil plays to point. READ: Karate’s dismissal report here.

UAE 29/3 | 11 overs

Khurram Khan 8(15), Swapnil Patil 1(3)

DOT. Swapnil Patil comes out, blocks first ball. DOT. Patil is middling it well, he is looking more confident than Karate. ONE. He is off the mark, nice turn, tucks away to leg. DOT. Blocks confidently.

OUT! Krishna Karate c Suresh Raina b Ravichandran Ashwin 4(27)! Dhoni’s leg-slip strategy works, takes the bat and pad, easy catch for Raina!

DOT. On comes Ravichandran Ashwin, Karate blocks.

UAE 28/2 | 10 overs

Krishna Chandran Karate 4(25), Khurram Khan 8(15)

DOT. Huge, huuuuuuge appeal, Khurram beaten, excellent shape from Umesh, would have missed leg. ONE. Down the leg, Khurram plays to deep fine-leg for a run. WIDE. Outside leg. ONE. Runs through slip to deep third-man. DOT. Lets go. DOT. Brilliant yorker, Karate almost tumbles over in an attempt to keep it out. DOT. Karate plays to leg. DOT. Swings and misses. READ: Raffaelo’s dismissal report. Amjad’s dismissal report. Ten-over report.

UAE 24/2 | 9 overs

Krishna Chandran Karate 3(24), Khurram Khan 7(9)

FOUR! Khurram plays a lofted cut, third-man is too slow, nice placement. DOT. Outside off, Khurram leaves it alone. DOT. Nice comeback from Bhuvneshwar, hits Khurram on the pad, it would have missed leg. ONE. Bhuvneshwar bowls on middle, Khurram tucks it away for a run, Karate back on strike. DOT. Bouncer, Karate lets it go. WIDE. Outside leg, wayward. DOT. Karate blocks.

UAE 18/2 | 8 overs

Krishna Chandran Karate 3(22), Khurram Khan 2(5)

 WIDE. Outside off, Khurram lets go. DOT. Once again Khurram lets it go, Umesh is bowling to a plan out there. DOT. Cramps Khurram for space, tight bowling from Umesh. ONE. Khurram plays to deep third-man. DOT. Lovely bowling, plays to mid-wicket. DOT. Fast, moves away, does everything but taking the edge, Umesh is on fire! DOT. Outside off, lets go.

UAE 16/2 | 7 overs

Krishna Chandran Karate 3(19), Khurram Khan 1(2)

DOT. Outside off, Khurram lets it go. ONE. Khurram places Bhuvneshwar to third man. DOT. Karate plays to mid-on. TWO. Nicely played by Karate through extra-cover  and runs a couple, he breaks the shackles. DOT. Karate plays to mid-off and sets off, Khurram sends him back. DOT. Karate blocks, no chance of a run.

UAE 13/2 | 6 overs

Krishna Chandran Karate 1(15), Khurram Khan 0(0)

DOT. Karate beaten comprehensively, very close to the bat, that. DOT. Karate blocks. DOT. Umesh bounces, Karate ducks immediately, the ball passes by harmlessly. DOT. Straight on line, Karate lets go, Umesh is giving nothing away. DOT. Whaddaball! On the corridor, Karate is clueless, beaten again! DOT. Plays to point, maiden over.

OUT! Amjad Ali c MS Dhoni b Bhuvneshwar Kumar 4(12)! An encore of the Raffaelo dismissal, Bhuvneshwar bounces, Amjad hooks, Dhoni collects!

UAE 13/2 | 5 overs

Krishna Chandran Karate 1(9)

DOT. Straight on the stumps, Karate blocks. DOT. Outside off, Karate lets it go. DOT. Once again on target, Karate defends. DOT. Bhuvneshwar is bang on target, Karate defends again. ONE. Tucks off the back-foot, Karate gets a run to fine-leg, Amjad back on strike.

UAE 12/1 | 4 overs

Amjad Ali 4(11) | Krishna Chandran Karate 0(4)

DOT. Short, bang on target, hits Amjad on his hips. DOT. Outside off, Amjad leaves. DOT. Outside off again, Amjad lets go again. DOT. That one came in, nice shape from Umesh. DOT. DRAMA! Umesh drops short, Amjad tries to pull, it hits his bat and hip, and Raina almost pulls off a spectacular catch at leg-slip! DOT. Amjad blocks, maiden over.

UAE 12/1 | 3 overs

Amjad Ali 4(5) | Krishna Chandran Karate 0(4)

ONE. Amjad flicks Bhuvneshwar behind square-leg. LEG-BYE. Bhuvneshwar hits Karate on the pad, stifled appeal. DOT. Beaten outside off. ONE. Bhuvneshwar bounces, Amjad hooks, top-edge, lands just right to Dhoni. LEG-BYE. Rolls down to the left of Dhoni. ONE. Amjad leg-glances, easy run there.

UAE 7/1 | 2 overs

Amjad Ali 1(1) | Krishna Chandran Karate 0(2)

DOT. Well bowled, tight line. DOT. Nice outswing, good shape, Karate is comprehensively beaten.

OUT! Andri Raffaelo c MS Dhoni b Umesh Yadav 4(9)! Quick bouncer from Umesh, Raffaelo was too slow, the ball loops in the air and lands in the waiting gloves of Dhoni!

ONE. Flies in in the air, falls just short of a running Rohit. DOT. Outside off, left alone. DOT. Outside off, beaten, lovely movement.

UAE 6/0 | 1 over

Amjad Ali 0(0) | Andri Raffaelo 4(6)

WIDE. Outside leg, wayward, they run an extra. DOT. Raffaelo plays to mid-off. DOT. Plays to short cover. DOT. Leaves it outside off, Bhuvneshwar is on target. DOT. Once again he leaves it alone. DOT. Lets it go once again. FOUR! Berenger drives through cover-point!

Sri Lanka wins at Eden Park! Kane Williamson has lofted Pat Cummins over long-on to seal the match! Catch the live action here

While all that is happening, the UAE openers walk out to the middle. Bhuvneshwar Kumar, who is playing his first match in ICC Cricket World Cup 2015, gets the new ball. Andri Raffaelo Berenger and Amjad Ali have walked out.

What on earth is going on at Eden Park? Mitchell Starc yorks Tim Southee to take a six-for, he is also on a hat-trick! Trent Boult has to come out now. New Zealand need 6, last wicket, Kane Williamson is there. Catch the live action here

As MS Dhoni and Co. walk out to bat, Mitchell Starc has cleaned up Adam Milne to take his fifth wicket. New Zealand need 6, have 2 wickets in hand at Eden Park. Kane Williamson is still there. Catch the live action here

Meanwhile, drama is unfolding at Auckland with Mitchell Starc and Pat Cummins taking out Luke Ronchi and Daniel Vettori in quick succession. Australia are certainly not giving it up. New Zealand need a mere 9, but they have only 3 wickets in hand. Thankfully, they also have Kane Williamson at the crease. Catch the live action here.

The crowd actually booed when UAE opted to bat. The people at the otherwise empty WACA probably expected India to bat. Nishad Pai Vaidya, our man at the ground, says it is very hot out there (which is probably why Gavaskar is donning a Fedora hat — though an ordinary floppy hat would probably have been a better idea).

UAE: Mohammad Tauqir (c), Swapnil Patil (wk), Khurram Khan, Amjad Ali, Andri Raffaelo Berenger, Krishna Chandran Karate, Shaiman Anwar, Rohan Mustafa, Amjad Javed, Mohammad Naveed, Manjula Guruge

IndiaMS Dhoni (c & wk), Shikhar Dhawan, Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Ajinkya Rahane, Suresh Raina, Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mohit Sharma, Umesh Yadav

Here is Sanjay Manjrekar, out with MS Dhoni and Mohammad Tauqir. I really miss the booming “MS to spin the coin” thing. They walk up to Ranjan Madugalle. UAE wins the toss and elect to bat.

Toss time: Are you ready, WACAAAAAAAAA? Damn, I wish I had the Ravi Shastri tone. I have tried to replicate that so many times, yet all I could come up with was a weird, feeble thing. Anyway, Gavaskar is out there with Hayden and Langer. Which Langer? Keep guessing.

Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live blog of India‘s ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Pool B clash against the United Arab Emirates (UAE) at the Western Australian Cricket Association (WACA) Ground in Perth on Saturday. This is Abhishek Mukherjee, and I will be bringing you the over-by-over updates of the match. Preview: India vs United Arab Emirates (UAE) ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 match at Perth

This is the first ever contest between the two sides, with UAE playing only their second World Cup, having made their debut and crashed out in the first round in the 1996 edition of the cricketing extravaganza. India and UAE have played only two One-Day Internationals (ODI) till date, with India winning both the encounters. Catch live cricket scorecard and ball-by-ball commentary of India (IND) vs United Arab Emirates (UAE) ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 match here

India will undoubtedly be the favourites to continue their unbeaten run in the World Cup so far. They maintained their undefeated run against Pakistan in World Cups by handing them a 76-run defeat in their opening clash of the ongoing tournament at Adelaide on February 15. During their major clash against South Africa, the Indians rode on Shikhar Dhawan’s scintillating century to finish on a total of 307 for seven, before bowling the South Africans out for 177 to win by 130 runs, their first-ever victory against the Proteas in a World Cup match. ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: Complete Coverage

UAE, on the other hand, lost two close matches in the tournament so far. In their opening match against Zimbabwe, they put up a challenging total of 285 for seven, and were in a position of advantage during the Zimbabwe’s innings. It was Sean Williams’s 76 not out that ultimately proved unlucky for the Emiratis. In their next game against Ireland, they posted 278 for nine after 50 overs, and reduced the Irish to 97 for four, before a terrific fightback by Gary Wilson and Kevin O’Brien stole the show.


India: MS Dhoni (c & wk), Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Ajinkya Rahane, Suresh Raina, Virat Kohli, Ambati Rayudu, Ravindra Jadeja, Stuart Binny, Akshar Patel, Ravichandran Ashwin, Mohit Sharma, Umesh Yadav, Bhuvneshwar Kumar.

United Arab Emirates (UAE): Mohammad Tauqir (c), Shaiman Anwar, Andri Berenger, Swapnil Patil (wk), Khurram Khan, Manjula Guruge, Krishna Chandran Karate, Fahad Al Hashmi, Amjad Javed, Kamran Shahzad, Amjad Ali, Rohan Mustafa, Mohammad Naveed, Saqlain Haider, Nasir Aziz.