Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live coverage of ICC Women’s T20 2016 . I am Paulami Chakraborty and I will bring to you the live updates from the action as India Women take on West Indies Women in Match No. 18 of ICC Women’s T20 World Cup 2016 at Mohali’s  Punjab Cricket Association IS Bindra Stadium. India Women, despite a commendable performance throughout the tournament lost two of their three matches and their fate now lies upon the fate of Pakistan Women’s while the same can be said for West Indies Women as the match is a decider. With so much depending upon it, the match is supposed to be a crucial one. Live Cricket Scorecard, ICC T20 Women’s World Cup 2016, India Women vs West Indies Women, Match 18 at Mohali

Live Cricket Score, India Women 111/9 in overs 20, Batting: Poonam Yadav 1(1), Rajeshwari Gayakwad 0(0): Deandra with the ball. BOWLED! Goes straight through and hits the off stump. Bisht goes for a single. Sushma Verma comes in. Plays it straight, took a single. OUT! Shikha Pandey hits the next over backward point and a boundary keeps the hopes alive. RUN OUT! Shikha Pandey it is! Poonam Yadav comes in and goes high up, but the player at extra cover takes a simple catch. Rajeshwari Gayakwad to face the last, a single and INDIA LOSE BY 3 RUNS! West Indies go to the Semi final. PLAYER OF THE MATCH: Deandra Dottin

OUT! Sushma Verma c Stephanie Taylor b Deandra Dottin 1(2)

OUT! Shikha Pandey Run out 6(5)

OUT! Ekta Bisht bowled Deandra Dottin 1(2)

Live Cricket Score, India Women 105/6 in overs 19, Batting: Shikha Pandey 1(1), Ekta Bisht 1(1): Stephanie Taylor with the ball. Single to start. Another single follows. SIX! Jhulan goes straight and there’s no scope for the fielder at long off! Again goes up, drops short of the mid-wicket, but RUN OUT! Jhulan is gone by a mile. And Virat Kohli can’t believe it. Keeper made no mistake. Ekta Bisht comes in, takes a single.

OUT! Jhulan Goswami run out 25(19)

Live Cricket Score, India Women 86/4 in overs 18, Batting: Shikha Pandey 1(1), Jhulan Goswami 17(16): FOUR! Good length delivery, Jhulan hits it straight, goes to the long off boundary. A single off the next. Quick running, 2 runs off the next. GONE! Quintyne gets Anuja lbw. Shikha Pandey comes in. Directly into the strike, pushes it to mid-wicket, single.

OUT! Anuja Patil lbw b Shaquana Quintyne 26(27)

Live Cricket Score, India Women 86/4 in overs 17, Batting: Anuja Patil 24(25), Jhulan Goswami 11(13): Deandra Dottin to continue. Jhulan lifts it but it lands at mid-on, not much power in it. Single. Wide, as wide as you can think. Full toss, Anuja defends it with a straight bat, may be needed a bit of room there? Another full length one, drops just outside off, straight to keeper. Another full length delivery, Jhulan drives it to cover, deep fielder gets it. A couple of runs. Patil goes for the big shot, drops short of the square leg fielder, a single there. Swing and a miss, a dot to end.

Live Cricket Score, India Women 80/4 in overs 16, Batting: Anuja Patil 20(20), Jhulan Goswami 10(12): Single to start, a couple of runs follow. Jhulan eager to hit a boundary and release pressure. Anuja goes over the bowler’s head, the long-on fielder gets it. The next lands at mid-on. Single to end it.

Live Cricket Score, India Women 75/4 in overs 15, Batting: Anuja Patil 19(18), Jhulan Goswami 7(9): Shaquana comes in with the ball. Starts off with a single. Looking for 2 off the next but settles for 1. Anuja hits it hard through square, takes a single. Dot follows. Anuja plays it straight off the last, single to end it. Fletcher with the ball. Keeping it straight. Jhulan hits the next hard and straight, there’s a fielder there at deep. Anuja pushes the next through mid-on, single. Jhulan sweeps the next up over short mid-wicket but the fielder at deep gets it.

Live Cricket Score, India Women 64/4 in overs 13, Batting: Anuja Patil 12(10), Jhulan Goswami 0(0): Afy Fletcher into the attack. Dot to start. BOWLED! Big wicket for India, Mandhana goes after a good innings under pressure, trying to drive it, misses it. Jhulan comes in. Goes off the mark with a couple of runs, nice gesture there by the players as the WIndies keeper helps Jhulan. APPEAL but the umpire is not interested.

OUT! Smriti Mandhana b Afy Fletcher 22(27)

Live Cricket Score, India Women 62/3 in overs 12, Batting: Anuja Patil 12(10), Smriti Mandhana 22(25): Anisa to continue. A late cut from Anuja, cuts it wide the keeper, Dottin chases it and does a good job pushing it back from boundary. A couple of runs. SIX! First of the match, Mandhana goes above the long on and it lands safe beyond the boundary. Drives the next towards cover, takes a single. Nice footwork by Patil, quick running, 2 runs off it.

Live Cricket Score, India Women 50/3 in overs 11, Batting: Anuja Patil 5(3), Smriti Mandhana 13(20): Anisa Mohammed starts off with a dot. Pulls the next to mid-wicket, Mandhana and takes a single. Straight to the long-off fielder the next and a single.FOUR! Mis-field, Patil hit it straiight to long on but it goes through the hands of the fielder there. Afy to bowl the next. Starts off with a single, a couple of dots follow. Was that not a wide? Not given by the umpire though. Mandhana goes high above the square leg fielder but there’s one at the deep, gets to her after a bounce, a single.

Live Cricket Score, India Women 39/3 in overs 9, Batting: Smriti Mandhana 11(17): Single off the first. Dot off the next of Afy Fletcher. Harmanpreet sits down, goes for a sweep, not a very good one. Plays the next to extra cover, just a single. Tries to cut the next late, misses it. Harmanpreet steps out but top edges it and it lands safely in Kyshona Knight’s safe hands at deep cover.

OUT! Harmanpreet Kaur c Kyshona Knight b Afy Fletcher 7 (20)

Live Cricket Score, India Women 36/2 in overs 8, Batting: Harmanpreet Kaur 6(16), Smriti Mandhana 9(15): Anisa Mohammad in attack. Singles off the first three. Anisa has been one game changer for West Indies. Dot follows. Full length, trying a yorker may be? CHANCE OF A RUN OUT! But she is in. Single to end it, despite the over throw.

Live Cricket Score, India Women 32/2 in overs 7, Batting: Harmanpreet Kaur 4(14), Smriti Mandhana 7(11): Connell with her final over. Starts with a dot. FOUR! Bottom-edged the ball and sends it to backward square. Single off the last, pushes to cover. A dot follows. Harmanpreet plays the next with a straight bat, the bowler misses it and the batsmen take a single. Ends with a dot.

Live Cricket Score, India Women 26/2 in overs 6, Batting: Harmanpreet Kaur 3(12), Smriti Mandhana 2(7): Diandra continues. A mis-field there cover and finally a single. Brilliant line by Dottin and Harmanpreet finding her unplayable. HUGE APPEAL! Pitched outside maybe? Full toss, a slower one, picks it from outside offbeats the fielders at square and mid-wicket but the fielder finally gets it, a couple of runs. Dot to end Dottin’s over.

Live Cricket Score, India Women 23/2 in overs 5, Batting: Harmanpreet Kaur 1(7), Smriti Mandhana 1(6): Connell to bowl. Harmanpreet drives it to extra cover, no run. Yet another dot. Routes the next to the fielder at point, no run. India need to score as the target is not at all low. Another dot follows. Outside off, good length, sent to extra cover, dot. In the same zone and a maiden over.

Live Cricket Score, India Women 23/2 in overs 4, Batting: Harmanpreet Kaur 1(1), Smriti Mandhana 1(6): GONE! Deandra does it off her first ball. Veda goes for a cheap shot, went up and the short mid-wicket fielder Stacy Ann-King takes a simple catch. Harmanpreet Kaur comes in. Goes off the mark with a single. Mandhana and Kaur need to build up the partnership now. Mandhana plays the next straight to short mid-wicket, no run. Swing and a miss. Bowls at the leg, no run. Great over by Deandra.

OUT! Veda Krishnamurthy c Stacy Ann King b Deandra Dottin 18 (16)

Live Cricket Score, India Women 22/1 in overs 3, Batting: Veda Krishnamurthy 18(15), Smriti Mandhana 1(1): Connell to bowl the next. Dot to start. Mandhana flicks the next to fine leg but there’s a fielder there, just a single. Veda faces a dot. Swing and a miss, nice stuff by Connell. blocks the next and routes it to the fielder at short third man, no run. Single off the last.

Live Cricket Score, India Women 20/1 in overs 2, Batting: Veda Krishnamurthy 17(11), Smriti Mandhana 0(0): Stephanie Taylor to continue. Dot tp start. FOUR! Spots the gap at mid-on and goes for it. Sweeps it but no run. FOUR! hits it through short backward square and it beats the fielder there, nice attempt as she dives but 4 runs. Wide follows. Dances down the ground, hits the full-toss through mid-wicket and FOUR runs! Great start by Veda.

Live Cricket Score, India Women 7/1 in overs 1, Batting: Veda Krishnamurthy 5(5), Smriti Mandhana 0(0): Skipper to face the first ball and Shamilia Connell to open bowling. Starts off with a wide. GONE! Mithali fails to read the bounce and edges it as wicketkeeper Aguilleira takes a simple catch at slip. BIG WICKET! Veda comes in. APPEAL but the umpire says it is off the pad. FOUR! Nice bounce and Veda pulls it over square for four. And seems like that was not really off the pad, a bit of edge there may be. Wide follows.

OUT! Mithali Raj Melissa Aguilleira b Shamilia Connell 0(1)

*India Women’s innings start*

Live Cricket Score, West Indies Women 114/3 in overs 20, Batting: Melissa Aguilleira 5(2): Dot to start. BOWLED! A couple of runs off the next full toss. Anuja takes the new batsman King for 2. Campbell comes in. Well fielded the last ball as Campbelle hits it straight and hard to the bowler. Looks like Anuja has hurt her finger in the process. Hramanpreet to bowl the last. It looked like a wide but no signal from umpire. OUT! Hits it high up and Veda takes an easy catch at deep mid-wicket. OUT! Another one and Harmanpreet on hat-trick. brilliantly caught and bowled. BOWLED off he last, Brilliant work by Harmanpreet in the last over.

OUT! Shamilia Connell bowled Harmanpreet Kaur 0(0)

OUT! Shemaine Campbelle caught and bowled Harmanpreet Kaur 1(3)

OUT! Deandra Dottin c Veda Krishnamurthy b Harmanpreet Kaur 45 (40)

OUT! Stacy-Ann King b Anuja Patil 2(3)

Live Cricket Score, West Indies Women 103/3 in overs 18, Batting: Deandra Dottin 44(37), Stacy-Ann King 0(0): Rajeshwari to bowl the next. Single off the first. Taylor comes down the crease and hits it over the bowler but Jhulan gets it at long-on, single. Deandra sits down and sweeps it through square leg and a mis-field by Shikha Pandey. FOUR to end the over, goes over long. Harmanpreet to bowl the next. Single off the first. Wide, the next. Hits the next to long-on for single. A full toss, almost waist high, hits it up over deep mid-wicket but the fielder fails to reach. OUT! Anuja takes a brilliant catch. Big outside edge and a couple of runs.

OUT! Stephanie Taylor c Anuja Patil b Harmanpreet Kaur 47 (45)

Live Cricket Score, West Indies Women 84/3 in overs 16, Batting: Deandra Dottin 30(29), Stefanie Tayor 41(41): Harmanpreet to bowl the next. Keeping runs to singles and doubles. A swing and a miss again. Going for shorter deliveries outside off, single. FOUR! Deandra goes over short fine for 4 runs. Ekta Bisht to bowl her fourth. Single to start. At leg and Deandra hits it towards mid-wicket for a single. Straight to bowler the next, no run. Full, outside off, uppish shot off it towards cover and a single.

Live Cricket Score, West Indies Women 70/3 in overs 14, Batting: Deandra Dottin 23(24), Stefanie Tayor 34(34):FOUR! Taylor goes over cover and the fielder mistimes the jump. Single off the next. Was there a chance? Almost carried to the bowler but was a bit wide. Taylor hits it hard to the long-on and takes a single, keeps strike. Poonam Yadav to bowl her last over. Single off the first. Deandra faces the next, makes room for her and picks it from outside to hit it towards mid-wicket, just a single. FOUR! Beautifully placed it between short Third man and backward point. A single off the next. A rather fullish delivery, single off it.

Live Cricket Score, West Indies Women 53/3 in overs 12, Batting: Deandra Dottin 19(19), Stefanie Tayor 21(27): Rajeshwari Gayakwad to continue. Starts with a dot. A couple of singles follow. Sweeps the next to square leg and takes a couple. Poonam to continue. A swing and a miss. Poonam trying to get flight along with turn. Drives the next through cover and takes a single. The next one goes through extra cover but the fielder from deep comes and collects it, just a single.

Live Cricket Score, West Indies Women 43/3 in overs 10, Batting: Deandra Dottin 13(11), Stefanie Tayor 18(23): Anuja to bowl her third over. A dot off the first and she has hurt her thumb here stopping the ball that Dottin hit. Pushed to mid-wicket, dot. Plays the next for a single. Taylor blocks the delivery with open-face of the bat. Drives the next one through point but just a single. FOUR! 6 came off that over. Poonam starts the 10 over with a single followed by a dot. FOUR! The balls races past Jhulan at fine leg. Hits the last one to long on, takes a single.

Live Cricket Score, West Indies Women 30/3 in overs 8, Batting: Deandra Dottin 2(3), Stefanie Tayor 15(19): Anuja Patil starts with three dots but bowls a wide next. Quintyne pushes the next towards cover and takes a single. BOWLED! Anuja Patil does it this time! Poonam Yadav bowls the next over. Deandra Dottin came in, one of the most crucial players for West Indies. Players taking singles to keep rotating strike. The last one is dot.

BOWLED! Shaquana Quintyne b Anuja Patil 4 (10)

Live Cricket Score, West Indies Women 23/2 in overs 6, Batting: Shaquana Quintyne 3(5), Stefanie Tayor 12(15): OUT!Produced turn there and the batsman is beaten! Great stuff by Anuja Patil there in her first over and Kyshona goes for a 4-ball duck. 2 off the last ball. Ekta Bisht to continue. Nicely bowled her second over and bowled Hayley. Looking for another here. Quintyne plays an uppish shot over the bowler and steals a single.

OUT! Kyshona Knight lbw b Anuja Patil 0 (4)

Live Cricket Score, West Indies Women 16/1 in overs 4, Batting: Kyshona Knight 0(2), Stefanie Tayor 8(9): Ekta Bisht starts with a dot. APPEAL for lbw but seems like it’s missing the stumps. BOWLED! Matthews walks off as the bails are off! Kyshona Knight comes in. Good over for India.

OUT! Hayley Matthews b Ekta Bisht 6 (12)

Live Cricket Score, West Indies Women 16/0 in overs 3, Batting: Hayley Matthews 6(9), Stefanie Tayor 0(3): Jhulan to continue and a BOUNDARY! Bowls too straight and Taylor shows the ball the way to the deep mid-wicket boundary! Playing with pace here, Jhulan. FOUR! Taylor edges the ball and it drops short of third man and runs for four!

Live Cricket Score, West Indies Women 8/0 in overs 2, Batting: Hayley Matthews 6(9), Stefanie Tayor 0(3): Ekta Bisht to continue. Taylor faces a dot. A great piece of fielding by Mithali at silly mid off. And there’s a bit of misfield there, and a chance of a run out. Oh Stefanie is hurt, as the fielder throws the ball at the stumps, it hits her leg. Fast to recover, Sarah.

Live Cricket Score, West Indies Women 1/0 in overs 1, Batting: Hayley Matthews 4(6), Stefanie Tayor 0(0): Jhulan to open bowling for India. Dot and a wide follows. HUGE APPEAL but the umpire is not interested. FOUR! Beautiful shot over point and that runs for 4 runs. APPEAL ONCE AGAIN! Straight , good length and just five runs from the over as it ends with a dot.

Toss: India Women won the toss and elected to field.

India Women performed miserably with the bat in their last match against England Women. England Women are one of the strongest teams in contest this season and the bowlers did their job pretty well restricting India Women at 90 after their 20 overs, the highest scorer was Harmanpreet Kaur. But India Women also did a great job as they came back with the ball and gave the English ladies tough time at the crease. The match went down till the penultimate over but India had to see a disappointing end getting defeated for the second time in a row.

West Indies had a similar series so far, though, they have won two matches are ahead of India with more points in hand. The team has only been defeated once and that too by England Women. The team put up a decent performance with the bat putting up a total of 108 but could not work with the ball as well to defeat the England Women.


India Women: Mithali Raj (c), Ekta Bisht, Rajeshwari Gayakwad, Jhulan Goswami, Thirush Kamini, Harmanpreet Kaur, Veda Krishnamurthy, Smriti Mandhana, Niranjana Nagarajan, Shikha Pandey, Anuja Patil, Poonam Yadav, Deepti Sharma, Vellaswamy Vanitha, Sushma Verma (wk)

West Indies Women: Stafanie Taylor (c), Shakera Selman (vc), Merissa Aguilleira (wk), Shemaine Campbelle, Shamilia Connell, Britney Cooper, Deandra Dottin, Afy Fletcher, Stacy-Ann King, Kyshona Knight, Kycia Knight (wk), Hayley Matthews, Anisa Mohammed, Shaquana Quintyne, Tremayne Smartt

Live Cricket Scorecard and ball by ball commentary, ICC T20 Women’s World Cup 2016, India Women vs West Indies Women, Match 18 at Mohali