Good Morning! Hello and Welcome to CricketCountry’s live coverage of India Women vs Sri Lanka Women 1st One-Day International (ODI) match at Ranchi. We from CricketCountry will be bringing to you the live updates of today’s action. After ODI defeat against Australia, India will look to seal this series against Sri Lanka. The last time Sri Lankan women had registered a win in an international match was during their series against West Indies in May 2015. It was the second T20I of their three-match T20I series. Though the men have done their bit to clinch the series on their name, it is time for the Women’s team to get hold the series. LIVE CRICKET SCORECARD: India Women vs Sri Lanka Women, 1st ODI at Ranchi 

Live Cricket Score, Sri Lanka Women 138 in 45.2 overs | TARGET 246 | BATTING: Nilakshi de Silva 5(15): ALL OUT! Poonam Yadav’s foru wickets helps India thrash Sri Lanka by 108 runs in the opening ODI at Ranchi. Chandima Gunarathne was the last dismissal who got out for a duck. The other wickets were taken by Rajeshwari Gayakwad, Shikha Pandey and Deepti Sharma. Meanehile for Sri Lanka, theri wicketkeeper-batswoman Prasadani Weerakkodi top-scored with 68 runs but could not lead her side to a win. OUT! Chandima Gunarathne c Veda Krishnamurthy b Poonam Yadav 0(8)

Live Cricket Score, Sri Lanka Women 137/9 in 45 overs | TARGET 246 | BATTING: Nilakshi de Silva 5(15), Chandima Gunarathne 0(7): Sri Lanka lost three quick wickets and from 122 for 4, they suddenly went seven-dwon with 130 runs on board. Poonam Yadav dismissed the set batsman Weerakkody in the 38th over and that dismissal was followed by a collapse. Two more wickets fell after that collapse. With 30 balls remaining, Sri Lanka need another 108 runs with 3 wickets to spare. Meanwhile, Jhulam Goswami has finished her quota of 10 overs, giving just 21 runs but did not pick any wickets. OUT! Prasadani Weerakkodi c Harmanpreet Kaur b Poonam Yadav 69(113), OUT! Dilani Manodara c S B Verma b Deepti 1(3). OUT! Shashikala Siriwardena Run Out Jhulan Goswami 6(13), OUT! Ama Kanchana st S B Verma b Poonam Yadav 0(5), OUT! Udeshika Prabodhani c S B Verma b Rajeshwari 3(7)

Live Cricket Score, Sri Lanka Women 122/4 in 36 overs | TARGET 246 | BATTING: Prasadani Weerakkodi 68 (108), Shashikala Siriwardena 1 (2): Within three overs, Sri Lanka have scored 17 runs and some good play by Sri Lanka in in span of few overs. India need to get control over the game once again. Sri Lanka require 129 runs from the 14 overs now, does not look to be unachievable. Three balls bowled of 36th over and Sri Lanka have scored 4 runs from this over and Rajeshwari bowling her 8th over. 4th wicket down for Sri Lanka and Eshani picked by Jhulan Goswami. OUT! Eshani Lokusuriyage c Veda Krishnamurthy b Rajeshwari 15 (11)

Live Cricket Score, Sri Lanka Women 101/3 in 32 overs | TARGET 246 | BATTING: Prasadani Weerakkodi 62 (97), Eshani Lokusuriyage 1 (1): Prasadani scores half-century for Sri Lanka. Rajeshwari bowling the 29th over and five runs from the last overs. Sri Lanka down with another wicket and finally reach the 100 mark. Sri Lanka can win this match if they play more boundaries or India can take it away if they pick wickets at regular intervals. Poonam Yadav gets her first wicket for the innings and Oshadi Ranasinghe goes out. OUT! Oshadi Ranashinge c Jhulan Goswami b Poonam Yadav 18 (48)

Live Cricket Score, Sri Lanka Women 78/2 in 27 overs | TARGET 246 | BATTING: Prasadani Weerakkodi 47 (76), Oshadi Ranasinghe 12 (37): 25 overs, Sri Lanka look to struggle with runs on board. Deepti Sharma bowling her 6th over and Prasadani Weerakkodi is playing at 45 approaching her half-century. Sri Lanka do not seem to increase their pace with run rate and just two runs still from every over. Rajeshwari Gayakwad playing her 5th over and the over ends with 4 runs from it.

Live Cricket Score, Sri Lanka Women 41/2 in 19 overs | TARGET 246 | BATTING: Prasadani Weerakkodi 23 (49), Oshadi Ranasinghe 1 (10): And India get another breakthrough, Deepti Sharma attacks and gets Lasanthi Madushani for 15 runs and a single run from that over. India are playing very strongly out here and they need to continue this to get hold of this first match of three ODI series. And four runs from the 17th over and Sri Lanka need to go 6 runs per over now as the target set is too high. Rajeshwari is bowling the 18th over and three runs to end it. OUT! Lasanthi Madushani b Deepti Sharma 15 (42)

Live Cricket Score, Sri Lanka Women 31/2 in 15 overs | TARGET 246 | BATTING: Prasadani Weerakkodi 14 (41), Lasanthi Madushani 15 (42): Just two runs from the 15th over and Sri Lanka proceed to 15th over to Deepti Sharma comes into attack once again. India are restricting Sri Lanka well in this innings. No runs yet from this 15th over, could this be a maiden over from Sri Lanka. Just a single from this over and last spell left and that leads way for Sri Lanka to go a step ahead with 2 runs per over now.

Live Cricket Score, Sri Lanka Women 28/1 in 13 overs | TARGET 246 | BATTING: Prasadani Weerakkodi 12 (34), Lasanthi Madushani 14 (38): Two boundaries in this over and Sri Lanka begin to look in command of the game and just 8 runs from the 11th over. 12th over begins and Deepti Sharma bowling her 2nd over. She conceded just 5 runs from her first over. Just a single from from the 13th over and three more spells to go, Another single with Sri Lankan women exchanging strikes for getting runs on board that wraps the 13th over.

Live Cricket Score, Sri Lanka Women 18/1 in 10 overs | TARGET 246 | BATTING: Prasadani Weerakkodi 7 (25), Lasanthi Madushani 9 (28): Sri Lanka women have picked it very well from they left the innings. The 10th over setting in and India women need to crack up the innings to get some wickets on hand. Sri Lanka women are moving at pace of 1 run per over which will not be enough to bring the right runs on board. India Women need bring the right element to the game just 2 runs from that over. 

Live Cricket Score, Sri Lanka Women 7/1 in 6 overs | TARGET 246 | BATTING: Prasadani Weerakkodi 0 (15), Lasanthi Madushani 5 (14): Sri Lanka women begin their innings with a wicket down already and are facing tough time. An early wicket of Chamari Athapaththu is not as expected. Sri Lanka are at the same pace as India though a wicket fall is faced. Sri Lanka require 239 runs to win now from 44 overs. Shikha Pandey gets the wicket for India. OUT! Chamari Athapaththu c Deepti Sharma b by Shikha Pandey

Live Cricket Score, India Women 245/6 in 50 overs | BATTING: Veda Krishnamurthy 12 (8): That ends the innings for India Women aiming the target of 250 but manages to reach 245 runs with fall of 6 wickets. India Women showed constant consistency in their innings and every person contributed to the scoreboard. Sri Lanka now have to score 246 runs within 50 overs and have huge work from their batting order with their bowlers doing the work for them. They ended the innings with India losing the 6th wicket of Shikha Pandey. OUT! Shikha Pandey b Siriwardene 21 (14)

Live Cricket Score, India Women 206/4 in 46 overs | BATTING: Jhulan Goswami 8 (4), Veda Krishnamurthy 0 (0): And India are 200-plus with Harmanpreet Kaur playing yet another fine innings after the captain was shown the way out, and scored her half-century. Though Harmanpreet is also now shown the way out with Ama Kanchana getting her first wicket in her first over of the innings. A brilliant catch by Prabodhani and off went Harmanpreet. Veda Krishnamurthy comes to bat to finish the innings for India. OUT! Harmanpreet Kaur c Udeshika Prabodhani b Ama Kanchana 50 (61)

Live Cricket Score, India Women 183/3 in 44 overs | BATTING: Harmanpreet Kaur 37 (54), Jhulan Goswami 8 (4): Mithali Raj misses her opportunity to score half-century which could have lead India to a higher total. Though they have managed to reach 183 runs and 200 is not too far for them. India can pose an achievable total to give India an advantage. This time the Sri Lanka captain dismisses off India captain caught be de Silva. Sri Lanka looking to get more of these within the next six overs. OUT! Mithali Raj c de Silva b Siriwardene 49 (74)

Live Cricket Score, India Women 143/2 in 40 overs | BATTING: Mithali Raj 44 (68), Harmanpreet Kaur 16 (39): Mithali Raj is soon approaching her half-century and playing extremely well leading India from front. Harmanpreet Kaur alongside is equally contributing runs on board, though they are struggling to get enough boundaries to pick up the pace of runs. Sri Lanka are doing very good job with Cahandima Gunaratne and Prabodhani come into play once again for bowling in the death overs. Can Prabodhani pick some more wickets and restrict India to a total of 170-180, is to look out for.

Live Cricket Score, India Women 116/2 in 36 overs | BATTING: Mithali Raj 25 (54), Harmanpreet Kaur 8 (29): Moving ahead after Smriti’s fall, Mithali and Kaur have have taken the game ahead but at a very slow pace. Just 14 overs remaining and India are not even 120 up. India need to move a bit a fast pace and more runs on board to secure a competitive total. Sri Lanka are playing extremely well restricting India in every over. India is moving at 3 runs per over. Prabodhani has done her job for Sri Lanka.

Live Cricket Score, India Women 99/2 in 28 overs | BATTING: Mithali Raj 16 (35), Harmanpreet Kaur 0 (0): That’s half-century for Smriti giving perfect start for India. India are half way through the innings and captain is moving hand in hand with Smriti. Sri Lanka did get their break through but need to continue to get wickets on regular intervals. And Sri Lanka get the required breakthrough with Smriti caught by Siriwardene and bowled by Prabodhani once again. Haranpreet Kaur comes into crease. OUT! Smriti Mandhana c Siriwardene b Prabodhani 55 (81)

Live Cricket Score, India Women 76/1 in 22 overs | BATTING: Smiriti Mandhana 48 (69), Mithali Raj 1 (11): And Sir Lanka get the breakthrough they were aiming for and off goes Thirush Kamini with a brilliant lbw by Prabodhani. On the other side, Smriti is approaching her half-century and the Indian captain makes her way to the crease. India have reached 76 runs already and a target of 250 should be achievable from here. OUT! Thirush Kamini lbw b Prabodhani 23 (52)

Live Cricket Score, India Women 62/0 in 16 overs | BATTING: Smiriti Mandhana 36 (50), Thirush Kamini 22 (46): And it is 50 up for India. 14 overs gone by and the opening combo has already secured 50-runs stand. Mandhana is already up with 30 runs, while Kamini is struggling a bit with runs and is 20 runs up. They need a good partnership to put up a competitive total on board. Meanwhile, Sri Lanka women badly need a wicket now to get command over the game.

Live Cricket Score, India Women 33/0 in 10 overs | BATTING: Smiriti Mandhana 15 (28), Thirush Kamini 17 (32): 8 overs gone by and India off to a wonderful innings. The opening combination is creating the perfect combination garnering to 33 runs from the partnership. Smriti and Thirush giving the perfect start to the match. Sri Lanka facing tough time to break the combination and unable to restrict India from giving away the runs.

Live Cricket Score, India Women 16/0 in 4 overs | BATTING: Smiriti Mandhana 8 (12), Thirush Kamini 8 (12): India Women are off to great start with Smriti Mandhana and Thirush Kamini on crease. They are playing very and are already 12 runs up within 3 overs. Eshani Lokusuriyage and Prasadani Weerakkody opened the attacks for Sri Lanka. India looking confident to take the lead in this innings. The men have done their job, now it is the women who are under attack and need to prove themselves. 

Sri Lanka Women win the toss and elect to field first.

Both India and Sri Lanka will be led by their regular skippers Mithali Raj and Shashikala Siriwardene respectively. The ODI series will be followed by two-match Twenty20 International (T20I) series. Even the T20Is are scheduled to be played at Ranchi. India is coming off a superb series win against Australia in their recently ended tour of Australia. On the other hand, Sri Lanka have not played international cricket for a very long time. Their previous series happened in November 2015. Sri Lankan women had toured New Zealand where they had played five-match ODI series and three-match T20I series. To a great disappointment for the visitors, they failed to register a single win in that tour.

India will be adding a debutant for this series. Off spinner Preeti Bose. Meanwhile, Sharma, who was dropped for the ODIs series in Australia, has played four matches with a batting average of 33.50. Sneh Rana and Ekta Bisht were left out.


India Women: Mithali Raj (C), Sushma Verma (wk), Rajeshwari Gayakwad, Jhulan Goswami, Ravi Kalpana, Thirush Kamini, Harmanpreet Kaur, Veda Krishnamurthy, Smriti Mandhana, Niranjana Nagarajan, Shikha Pandey, Poonam Yadav, Preeti Bose, Poonam Raut, Deepti Sharma

Sri Lanka Women: Shashikala Siriwardene, Nilakshi de Silva, Udeshika Prabodhani, Dilani Manodara, Yasoda Mendis, Chamari Atapattu(c), Chandima Gunaratne, Anushka Sanjeewani(w), Lasanthi Madushani, Oshadi Ranasinghe, Prasadani Weerakkody, Maduri Samuddik, Sripali Weerakkody, Sugandika Kumari, Hansima Karunaratne, Ama Kanchana, Eshani Lokusuriyage, Harshitha Madavi, Nipuni Hansika