Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live blog coverage of Match 4 of the Pakistan Cricket Cup 2016, between Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The match is being played at Faisalabad. The Pakistan Cup 2016 is a new one-day tournament that will be held among five teams: Sindh, Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan, and Islamabad. Both teams have played one match each and faced defeat. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is lead by former Pakistan cricketer Younis Khan, who lead the team from front in the first match, while Punjab is head by Shoaib Malik coming with experience of being a skipper earlier. The tournament will end on May 1, and will aim to boost young Pakistan talent by giving them the chance to play alongside senior international players. READ: Pakistan Cricket Cup 2016 schedule: Match time table with ground details

LIVE CRICKET SCORE: Punjab 260/7 in 50 overs, BATTING: Aamer Yamin 1 (4), Amad Butt 0 (0) — Khyber Pakhtunkhwa win!!!! The lose five more wickets in the next 20 overs, with Malik and Mohammad Rizwan scoring above 40, as it went down to the wire until the final over, only for Khyber to win it by just a couple of runs.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE: Punjab 149/2 in 30 overs, BATTING: Salman Butt 69 (100), Shoaib Malik 0 (1) — GONE!!!! The second one goes does down as well in the form of Asad Shafiq, who falls for a healthy 47 to Rahat Ali, after being caught by Fakhar Zaman, while Salman Butt keeps batting past his half-century.

OUT! Asad Shafiq c Fakhar Zaman b Rahat Ali 47 (61)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE: Punjab 48/1 in 10 overs, BATTING: Salman Butt 28 (40), Asad Shafiq 0 (2) — GONE! The first wicket falls in the form of Saif Badar, who is dismissed by Rahat Ali for mere 19, after ebing caught behind by Bismillah Khan, as Asad Shafiq makes his way in, while Punjab are off to a decent start.

OUT! Saif Badar c Bismillah Khan b Rahat Ali 19 (18)


LIVE CRICKET SCORE: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 262/6 in 50 overs , BATTING: Zohaib Khan 51 (53), Yasir Shah 0 (0): Last over on and previous over saw 16 runs coming from it with two boundaries and a big one. Zohaib is on 43 and if they continue this form Zohaib can easily achieve his half-century. KP have gone past 250 runs and looks like Punjab will tumble. Last over and a wicket is down of Bismillah and KPK end the last over with 8 runs from it along with a boundary. Zohaib successfully completed his half-century. Yasir Shah came in for few spells but the game was lead by Zohaib. 

LIVE CRICKET SCORE: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 238/5 in 48 overs , BATTING: Zohaib Khan 36 (47), Bismillah Khan 24 (26): Just last three overs left and KP have done an unexpected task. Punjab are surely going to face a tough task by going past 200-plus runs already. KP will surely end at 250. The valuable contributions have been due to Rameez Aziz who was gone adding 35 runs while while Fahim Ashraf added 14. Zohaib Khan is still on crease playing at 34 and supporting him is Bismillah Khan at 23. Zulfiqur Babar has done the trick for Punjab grabbing two wickets.

Rameez Aziz st Mohammed Rizwan b Zilfiqur Babar 35 (60)

Fahim Ashraf st Mohammed Rizwan b Ehsan Adil 14 (21)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 157/3 in 32 overs , BATTING: Rameez Aziz 29 (53), Zohaib Khan 4 (5): 31 overs gone and KP are struggling to reach the 200 level. Zaman was out for 64 and has given a heads up to the team, but Punjab are restricting KP with just 3-4 runs. Zaman was bowled by Aamer Yamin. Zaman and Aziz had secured 50 runs partnership and had that continued, a target of 200 would have been sufficient. Joining Aziz on the other hand is Zohaib Khan is playing at 4 for 6.

Farhan Zaman b Aamer Yamin 64 (71)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 122/2 in 24 overs , BATTING: Fakhar Zaman 53 (56), Rameez Aziz 9 (25): Fakhar Zaman has successfully completed half-century, while they did face flack of two wickets. Punjab has bounced back giving away just 3-4 runs in every over. It is almost half way through the inning and KP have managed to reach just 118 in 23 overs. At the moment supporting Zaman is Rameez Aziz who has just entered the crease. Shehzad and skipper Younis Khan were gone too soon one a run out by Punjab skipper Shoaib Malik while Shehzad was picked at 57 completing his half-century.

Ahmed Shehzad b Zulfiqar Babar 57 (52)

Younis Khan run out (Shoaib Malik) 2 (11)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 44/0 in 8 overs , BATTING: Ahmed Shehzad 34 (30), Fakhar Zaman 10 (18): KP seem to be moving at slow rate with just 34 runs yet within 8 overs. Shehzad and Zaman are managing with a boundary in every over. Shehzad also went for the first six if the inning that was drifted towards long-on. Guess the 8th over has been the over they were KP were looking out for with 12 runs from it including a boundary and second six of the inning by Shehzad once again towards long-on fence. Zaman seems to be struggling with runs while Shehzad looks settled with 30 runs up already.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 12/0 in  overs , BATTING: Ahmed Shehzad 5 (11), Fakhar Zaman 7 (7): Khyber Pakhtunkhwa won the toss and decided to bat first. Ahmed Shehzad and Fakhar Zaman started the inning while Ehsan Adil opened the attack for Punjab. KP were off to a good start with 5 runs from the first over, but Punjab bounced back in the second over and conceding just one run from the second with some good length and bounce by Aamer Yamin. This has slowed down the momentum of KP. Ehsan Adil came back in the third over and that costed him again given away 6 more ending the over with a perfect boundary towards outside off.

LIVE TOSS UPDATES: Khyber Paktunkhwa have won the toss and elect to bat!

KP lost the match against Islamabad by two wickets after they posted a target of 204 despite regular fall of wickets. It was the captain of Islamabad who stole the show for them and gave them their first win. While, Younis performance went in veins. KP also consists of players like Yasir Shah who was caught in a rather controversial form and has been banned for 5 years from international cricket due to anti-corruption charges. Misbah stayed until the end to ensure his team gets the win. As for Punjab, they lost against Balochistan who won the match by 12 runs. Punjab faced flack from Balochistan bowlers and hence could hardly contribute any runs on board. Skipper Malik, was gone too soon for just 1 run while Asad Shafiq and Amad Butt remained contributed some runs to avoid disastrous loss.


Punjab: Aamer Yamin, Adnan Ghaus, Akbar-ur-Rehman, Amad Butt, Asad Shafiq, Asif Ali, Ehsan Adil, Kashif Bhatti, Mohammad Rizwan (wk), Saad Nasim, Saif Badar, Salman Butt, Salman Fayyaz, Shan Masood, Shoaib Malik (c), Zulfiqar Babar

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: Ahmed Shehzad, Azizullah, Bismillah Khan (wk), Fahim Ashraf, Fakhar Zaman, Hayatullah, Mohammad Asghar, Musadiq Ahmed, Naved Yasin, Rahat Ali, Rameez Aziz, Sadaif Mehdi, Sameen Gul, Yasir Shah, Younis Khan (c), Zohaib Khan