Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live blog for Match 38 of Indian Premier League (IPL) 2016 between able-toppers Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) and the second-ranked Gujarat Lions (GL) in Kolkata’s iconic Eden Gardens on Sunday. I am Devarchit Varma, and I will bring you all the live cricket updates as well as scores from this match. KKR have been wonderful in this tournament, and deservingly sit at the top of the table. GL peaked very early but have since fallen away. They have now lost their last three matches in a row, which has robbed them of their winning momentum. They will want to arrest this slide soon. FULL CRICKET SCORECARD: Kolkata Knight Riders vs Gujarat Lions, IPL 2016, Match 38 at Kolkata

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & Gujarat 164/5 in Overs 18: Chawla begins with a dot. Jadeja takes 2 runs on the leg side off the second ball. Defends the third ball. A mixup on the fourth ball, Finch has been run out and he returns to the dugout totally disgruntled. Jadeja plays a dot, and ends the game with a SIX! Gujarat Lions win by 5 wickets. BATTING: Ravindra Jadeja 9 (9), Dwayne Bravo 0 (0)

OUT! Aaron Finch run out 29 (10)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & Gujarat 156/4 in Overs 17:  FOUR, Hogg is swept for a boundary by Karthik, who brings up his half-century. Uthappa misses another chance, a stumping against Karthik. But then he gets it right, in the third attempt. Karthik has been stumped. Jadeja begins with a dot ball, and another, and then clears leg to take a single off the last ball. Three more runs needed BATTING: Aaron Finch 29 (10), Ravindra Jadeja 1 (3)

OUT! Dinesh Karthik st Robin Uthappa 51 (29)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & Gujarat 151/3 in Overs 16: Single to Finch on the first ball from Chawla. Karthik hits the second ball to deep cover for another single. FOUR! Finch gets another boundary, towards fine leg. FOUR again, past the man at extra cover. Finch is ending this quite nicely here. SIX! Over deep midwicket, Chawla being punished here! A dot to end the over. Gujarat need 8 more to win and they suddenly get reminded of the break. BATTING:  Dinesh Karthik 47 (26), Aaron Finch 29 (10)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & Gujarat 135/3 in Overs 15: Finch begins with a FOUR, and then takes 2 with extra cover putting his hand in on another stroke hit powerfully. SIX! Inside out, over cover, what a shot! A single to Finch on long off. Karthik cuts well, but can get only one run. A single to Finch to end the over, 15 off it. Gujarat need 24 off 30 balls. BATTING:  Dinesh Karthik 46 (25), Aaron Finch 14 (5)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & Gujarat 120/3 in Overs 14: Russell raps Karthik on the pads on the first ball, no run. FOUR! A short ball and Karthik beats Morkel running in from deep fine leg. The third ball is a dot. DROPPED! A ball outside leg stump deflects from Karthik’s gloves, and Uthappa spills it with a one-handed effort. WICKET! A top edge on a short ball, Raina is caught at deep fine leg by Brad Hogg! FOUR! An upper cut by Karthik, but well controlled, placement is also nice. BATTING:  Dinesh Karthik 45 (24), Aaron Finch 0 (0)

OUT! Suresh Raina c Brad Hogg b Andre Russell 14 (18)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & Gujarat Lions 111/2 in Overs 13: Singles to Raina and Karthik on the first three balls off Morne. Gujarat have the edge, the asking rate is just around 7 and they have enough wickets in hand. Need to keep ticking the scoreboard. A delicate shot, past the wicketkeeper and Karthik gets another FOUR. Karthik mishits, a scoop goes in the air but one drop to deep third man.  BATTING: Suresh Raina 14 (17), Dinesh Karthik 36 (19)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & Gujarat Lions 103/2 in Overs 12: A dot from Umesh is followed by a SIX with Karthik hitting over fine leg with a top edge. A sharp single on the third ball, brings up 100 for Gujarat. Raina makes room to hit hard, but Gambhir at extra cover stops it. A single to Raina towards fine leg. Karthik comes down, and punches well to collect 2 runs past deep cover. Gujarat need 56 off 48. BATTING: Suresh Raina 12 (14), Dinesh Karthik 30 (16)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & Gujarat Lions 93/2 in Overs 11: Morne comes back. Raina takes a sharp single on the first ball. Karthik tries to swoop the next ball, but fails to connect. A single on the third, DK plays with soft hands. A short ball, Raina plays to deep fine leg. A dot to end the over, but they had taken another single before that. Four off the over, Gujarat need 66 from 54.  BATTING: Suresh Raina 11 (12), Dinesh Karthik 21 (12)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & Gujarat Lions 89/2 in Overs 10: Another FOUR to Karthik, off Umesh, he dabs it with soft hands and beats the third man. A single on the third ball gets Raina on strike. They deal in singles for the remaining over. BATTING: Suresh Raina 9 (9), Dinesh Karthik 19 (9)

Gujarat Lions need 78 off 66 to win…

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & Gujarat Lions 81/2 in Overs 9: Brad Hogg comes on. Raina takes a single on the second ball, playing it late and close to his body. FOUR! Karthik brings out a reverse sweep, and executes it really well. An excellent shot, he hits in the gap between long on and deep midwicket, FOUR! Played again in the same area, the fifth ball is hit for another FOUR! Short ball, a single to Karthik to end the over. BATTING: Suresh Raina 7 (7), Dinesh Karthik 13 (5)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & Gujarat Lions 67/2 in Overs 8: Chawla continues. McCullum sweeps to short fine leg for a single. Raina takes a single towards long on. Single to McCullum, and then Raina hits in the air past the bowler for another single. OUT! McCullum dances down to hit, but finds the man at long on! Dinesh Karthik begins with a dot. BATTING: Suresh Raina 6 (5), Dinesh Karthik 0 (1)

OUT! Brendon McCullum c Manish Pandey b Piyush Chawla 29 (24)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & Gujarat Lions 63/1 in Overs 7: Morne hits the deck, McCullum hits it for a FOUR over cover fielders. 50 up for Lions. SIX! A short ball, Baz slams it over third man region comfortably. NOW he is middling them well. Morne pitches it up this time, McCullum hits it straight to mid off. MASSIVE! OUTTA HERE! A short ball, Baz slams it over square leg with all his might. A swing and a miss, his leg stump was inches away! A single to mid off to end the over, 17 off it.  BATTING: Brendon McCullum 28 (22), Suresh Raina 4 (3)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & Gujarat Lions 46/1 in Overs 6: SIX! The first ball is a dot but the second is short from Shakib and Smith hits it over deep square leg. BOWLED HIM! Smith comes down, but misses the line completely and his leg stump is knocked down. Suresh Raina begins with a dot, the ball hit the outside edge. He plays another dot, but Shakib injures his ankle in a bid to stop it. The next ball is short and wide, and Raina punches it through cover for a FOUR! BATTING: Brendon McCullum 10 (15), Suresh Raina 4 (3)

OUT Dwayne Smith b Shakib Al Hasan 27 (18)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & Gujarat Lions 36/0 in Overs 5: Piyush Chawla comes on, starts with a dot to McCullum. A single on the second ball on the next. Manish Pandey makes a good dive to save a certain boundary, hit powerfully by Smith down the ground. McCullum defends the next ball on the backfoot. Two dots to finish the over, only 2 runs off it. BATTING: Dwayne Smith 21 (15), Brendon McCullum 10 (15)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & Gujarat Lions 34/0 in Overs 4: Smith blocks a yorker on off stump. An inside edge off McCullum’s bat again, after Smith takes a single. A nasty bouncer, the batsman ducks on it and it shoots over Uthappa to race away to the ropes. FOUR again, the fine leg is standing up in the circle. This is turning out to be a good start for the Gujarat Lions. Smith plays the next straight to Gambhir at extra cover. A dot to end the over. BATTING: Dwayne Smith 20 (14), Brendon McCullum 9 (10)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & Gujarat Lions 23/0 in Overs 3: Shakib raps Smith on the pads on the first ball that was going down the leg. The same line again, Smith sweeps it for a FOUR! Next ball is angled again, it hits him on the pads. FOUR! Smith hits powerfully. Suryakumar at mid off gets in between but does not chases it to stop it. A single past the bowler on the second last ball. Baz comes dancing down, an inside edge beats deep midwicket and long on. FOUR!  BATTING: Dwayne Smith 15  (9), Brendon McCullum 8 (9)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & Gujarat Lions 10/0 in Overs 2: FOUR! Smith hits a boundary off the first ball from Morne Morkel. FOUR again, Baz slams over the in-field on a ball that had width on offer. A swing and a miss on the fourth ball, the ball was angled into the batsman and it went quite close to the leg stump. McCullum connects on the next ball, but hits straight to short midwicket. Another hit, straight to extra cover. BATTING: Dwayne Smith 6 (4), Brendon McCullum 4 (8)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & Gujarat Lions 1/0 in Overs 1: Andre Russell beats Dwayne Smith outside off on the first ball, a single taken on the second. Brendon McCullum begins with a stroke straight to mid on. A loud appeal for caught behind against McCullum, but the umpire strongly said no. Fourth dot to Baz to end the over. BATTING: Dwayne Smith 1 (2), Brendon McCullum 0 (4)

Brendon McCullum and Dwayne Smith have charged out to begin the chase…

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & Kolkata Knight Riders 158/4 in Overs 20: Single to Shakib on a slow fuller ball outside off. A single to Yusuf on the next to long on. SIX! Shakib picks a slow ball, and clobbers it over deep midwicket! A swing and a miss on the next ball, and Shakib changes gloves again despite umpire saying no. A slow yorker outside off, only one run. A wide down the leg, KKR steal a run as well. Jadeja covers a lot of ground at deep cover, and keeps it to two with Shakib hitting it very well. Shakib and Yusuf’s partnership remains unbeaten at 134.  BATTING: Shakib Al Hasan 66 (49), Yusuf Pathan 63 (41)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & Kolkata Knight Riders 145/4 in Overs 19: Single to Yusuf on the first ball from PK. A very short, slow ball, Shakib has all the time to see it well and hit it over the wicketkeeper for a FOUR. And he completes his half-century as well! A single on leg side to the left-hander. Dead ball, Yusuf moves away last moment and PK hits the wickets. PK is not happy. Single to Yusuf on a low full toss on the leg side. WOW! A low full toss on the leg stump, and Shakib scoops it over for a FOUR! A single to end the over. BATTING: Shakib Al Hasan 56 (44), Yusuf Pathan 62 (40)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & Kolkata Knight Riders 133/4 in Overs 18: Bravo bowls on pads, and Shakib clears Finch at deep midwicket for a SIX! Another SIX! The 100-run stand is already up and this time Shakib hits it straight down the ground. A single to Shakib on third ball off a full toss to deep cover. Yusuf foxed on a slow ball, no run. A single on the off side to Yusuf.  A dot to end the over. BATTING: Shakib Al Hasan 46 (40), Yusuf Pathan 60 (38)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & Kolkata Knight Riders 119/4 in Overs 17: Kulkarni to bowl. FOUR! A short ball, a top edge off Yusuf’s bat flies over Karthik behind the wickets. No run, Yusuf is hit on the body as he tries to pull it. Yusuf has some pain in right hand, as he gets the treatment, the official broadcaster squeezes in 3-4 TV ads. Singh. The third ball is outside off, a WIDE. Yusuf plays in the air, the ball drops short of Tambe at point. 2 runs taken. Single to Yusuf as he flicks this one in air to deep midwicket. A single to Shakib towards deep cover. A single to end the over BATTING: Shakib Al Hasan 33 (36), Yusuf Pathan 58 (36)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & Kolkata Knight Riders 108/4 in Overs 16: Bravo back in the attack. SIX! Short and wide, Shakib hits over deep cover to bring KKR’s 100 on the board. Shakib dances down again to hit, but Raina at extra cover keeps it to a single. A slow ball, no run as Yusuf plays it straight to cover. A slow ball again, Yusuf nudges it to off side for a single. A ball outside leg, and Kaushik at short fine leg dives to save runs again. A short ball, and Yusuf raises his half-century with a single to fine leg. BATTING: Shakib Al Hasan 32 (35), Yusuf Pathan 50 (31)

Time for the second mandatory break…

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & Kolkata Knight Riders 98/4 in Overs 15: Singles to Yusuf and Shakib off the first two balls from Jadeja. Another single on the third ball to Yusuf on off side, and then a leg-bye on the fourth to Shakib. FOUR! Way outside off, and Yusuf puts it well in the vacant area at third man. Another inside edge, between Karthik’s pads, and Yusuf gets 2 runs with Kaushik doing well to save a boundary.  BATTING: Shakib Al Hasan 24 (32), Yusuf Pathan 48 (28)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & Kolkata Knight Riders 88/4 in Overs 14: Tambe continues. Yusuf plays first ball back to the bowler, no run. The next is on pads, he hits to deep midwicket for 2 runs. A full toss, Yusuf hits straight but Finch does well to not concede a boundary. Shakib plays the next straight to short fine leg. A single to long on to Shakib. A single to Yusuf to end the over.  BATTING: Shakib Al Hasan 23 (30), Yusuf Pathan 40 (24)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & Kolkata Knight Riders 83/4 in Overs 13: Single to Yusuf on the first ball from Jadeja on the off side. Shakib plays a dot, but his stand for the 5th wicket with Yusuf is of more than 50 runs now. A short ball, a mishit and Yusuf gets a single. A single again to Shakib. FOUR! An inside edge off Yusuf’s bat goes between Karthik’s pads! A single to end the over. BATTING: Shakib Al Hasan 22 (28), Yusuf Pathan 36 (20)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & Kolkata Knight Riders 74/4 in Overs 12: Pravin Tambe starts with a dot to Shakib. The next ball is short, Shakib does not connect well and gets only a single to long on. A short ball again, Yusuf rams it on leg side for another FOUR. A full pitched ball, an inside edge goes to short fine leg, no run. A full toss outside leg, Pathan gets a single to short fine leg. FOUR! Shakib cuts past short third man on the final ball! BATTING: Shakib Al Hasan 20 (26), Yusuf Pathan 29 (16)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & Kolkata Knight Riders 64/4 in Overs 11: Jadeja begins with a dot to Shakib. The second is a dot too, defended. A single on the third ball past backward point. FOUR! Yusuf plays one very late, guides it to the ropes with third man standing in the ring. A sharp single on the next ball. A single to end the over. BATTING: Shakib Al Hasan 15 (23), Yusuf Pathan 24 (13)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & Kolkata Knight Riders 57/4 in Overs 10: Yusuf hits the first ball down the ground with a lot of disdain, off Shivil Kaushik. One run. A single to Shakib towards deep cover on the next ball. The disdain remains, as Yusuf slams this one right down the ground for his first SIX! Hits powerfully again, beats deep cover for a FOUR! The next is a low full toss, Yusuf gets a single hitting it to long on.  Shakib hits well to long on, ends the over with a single. BATTING: Shakib Al Hasan 13 (19), Yusuf Pathan 19 (11)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & Kolkata Knight Riders 43/4 in Overs 9:  DJ Bravo comes on. Nearly a played-on, the ball bounces off the ground and hits Shakib’s bat and dies. On the pads, Shakib plays it to fine leg for a run. Pathan cuts, but is beaten. The next is played it to Sir Jadeja at point. A single on the fifth ball to Pathan towards deep cover. A slow full toss for no run to end the over, and it is time for the break. BATTING: Shakib Al Hasan 11 (17), Yusuf Pathan 7 (7)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & Kolkata Knight Riders 41/4 in Overs 8: Smith continues. First ball is a dot to Shakib. The second is a wide down the leg. The next legit ball is hit to point, no run. A single to the left-hander on the third ball of the over. A short ball to Yusuf on leg side, a single to him hitting towards fine leg. FOUR! Fuller ball on pads, Shakib beats the deep fine leg fielder. A single off a mishit on the last ball. BATTING: Shakib Al Hasan 10 (14), Yusuf Pathan 6 (4)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & Kolkata Knight Riders 33/4 in Overs 7: Shakib plays a nice cover drive off Kulkarni, gets two runs on the first ball. A single to Shakib on the second ball, hitting to third man. Yusuf might be looking to launch a counter-attack here. A single to him on the fourth ball, cuts it to third man. A mishit back to the bowler by Shakib on the fifth ball. DROPPED! Pravin Tambe spills a catch at third man that SHOULD have been taken. Shakib gets a lifeline! BATTING: Shakib Al Hasan 4 (9), Yusuf Pathan 5 (3)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & Kolkata Knight Riders 28/4 in Overs 6: Dwayne Smith comes on and nearly has a wicket! A slow ball outside off deflects from Shakib’s bat, but falls short of the wicketkeeper. A leg-bye run on the next ball. A dot to Surya on the third. Surya hits in the air, a poor shot again, but the ball drops ahead of Aaron Finch who chases it from mid off. 2 runs. WHAT. A. CATCH. Surya tries to hit past slip — an atrocious idea — and Raina turns into a superman to pluck it out of thin air to take one-handed spectacular catch! Yusuf Pathan is in, and he smashes a FOUR just over extra cover. BATTING: Shakib Al Hasan 0 (5), Yusuf Pathan 4 (1)

OUT! Suryakumar Yadav c Suresh Raina b Dwayne Smith 4 (12)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & Kolkata Knight Riders 21/3 in Overs 5: PK begins with another swinging delivery on the pads, Surya plays the first one to mid on for no run. The next ball is short, no swing, Surya plays it back to the bowler with soft hands. Surya tries to cut the third ball, but DK behind the wickets stops an inside edge bouncing over him. Close! Surya plays across the line, might have been out leg-before had the ball hit him a little low. A mishit to DJ Bravo on short midwicket off the fifth ball. Another good ball, a dot with Surya playing it to extra cover. BATTING: Suryakumar Yadav 2 (9), Shakib Al Hasan 0 (3)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & Kolkata Knight Riders 21/3 in Overs 4: Uthappa gets the first ball on the pads, he hits to deep backward square leg, and a lousy effort by Shivil Kaushik gets him a boundary. Uthappa is beaten outside off, but on the next he is caught behind! Gujarat Lions are on FIRE! Poor shot, Uthappa’s bat was angled awkwardly on a straight ball. Shakib Al Hasan is in, he defends the first ball well. The next ball is left alone. A dot to end the over.  BATTING: Suryakumar Yadav 2 (3), Shakib Al Hasan 0 (3)

OUT! Robin Uthappa c Dinesh Karthik b Dhawal Kulkarni 14 (10)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & Kolkata Knight Riders 17/2 in Overs 3: BOWLED! Gambhir has been dismissed around his legs by Praveen. He shuffles, the ball flicks from his thigh pad into the wickets! Manish Pandey plays a dot, a short ball outside off. WICKET! What a ball from PK, outside off, swinging away from Pandey who gets a faint nick to the wicketkeeper! What a beauty this is! Suryakumar Yadav too gets a great ball, pitching on middle and swinging away. He defends it with soft hands. Big swing for PK on the next ball, Surya lets it go. Width on the last ball, Surya is off the mark. BATTING: Robin Uthappa 10 (7), Suryakumar Yadav 2 (3)

OUT! Gautam Gambhir b Praveen Kumar 5 (6)

OUT! Manish Pandey c Dinesh Karthik b Praveen Kumar 0 (2)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & Kolkata Knight Riders 15/0 in Overs 2: Dhawal Kulkarni to bowl the second over. A quick single to Uthappa towards mid off on the first ball. A single to Gambhir on the second ball, plays it well to deep third man. Some swing, it moves away from Uthappa as he chases it well outside off. No run. Similar ball, similar approach next up. FOUR! Swing again, but Kulkarni pitches it up and Uthappa guides it between mid off and extra cover. And a repeat! FOUR to end the over.  BATTING: Robin Uthappa 10 (7), Gautam Gambhir 5 (5)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & Kolkata Knight Riders 5/0 in Overs 1: Robin Uthappa is away with a single on the second ball off Praveen Kumar. Gambhir gets the first ball on pads, and KKR get 2 runs. Praveen knew the ball pitched way outside leg, yet he appealed for a leg-before. Two more runs, Gambhir off the mark, as he dabs to third man on the fourth ball. BEATEN! Lose shot by Gambhir, there might have been an inside edge with the ball nipping back in as he looked to hit it down the ground.  BATTING: Robin Uthappa 1 (2), Gautam Gambhir 4 (4)

We have a very interesting game coming up tonight. Neither of Kolkata or Gujarat are at the top spot in the IPL 2016 Points Table, it is Sunrisers Hyderabad who registered a massive win earlier today. David Warner’s side have the best Net Run Rate as of now, and they are the deserving table toppers!

TOSS: Gujarat Lions win toss, elect to field against KKR! The hosts have retained the team. Gujarat Lions have made one change, Pravin Tambe in for Pradeep Sangwan.

Kolkata Knight Riders: Robin Uthappa (wk), Gautam Gambhir (c), Manish Pandey, Shakib al Hasan, Yusuf Pathan, Andre Russell, Suryakumar Yadav, Piyush Chawla,Umesh Yadav, Brad Hogg, Morne Morkel.

Gujarat Lions: Dwayne Smith, Brendon McCullum, Aaron Finch, Suresh Raina (c), Dinesh Karthik (wk), Dwayne Bravo, Ravindra Jadeja, Pravin Tambe, Praveen Kumar, Dhawal Kulkarni, Shivil Kaushik

GL were the table leaders for a while but have let themselves down with three defeats in a row. The team, led by Suresh Raina, have an excellent bowling attack. Sadly, their batting lacks the kind of consistent firepower that is such a necessity in IPL. Brendon McCullum, Aaron Finch, and Dwayne Smith have been fantastic for GL, while Dinesh Karthik has chipped in, but Suresh Raina has been a disappointment. GL need to turn things around fast, for another couple of losses will compound things for themselves. Kolkata Knight Riders vs Gujarat Lions, IPL 2016, Match 38 at Kolkata: Key Clashes

Meanwhile, KKR sit pretty at the top of the points table and will aim for another win to consolidate their position. Gautam Gambhir has led the side wonderfully, and his players have responded to the task. Virtually every played in the line-up earns his place and there are no passengers in the team.


Kolkata Knight Riders: Gautam Gambhir (c), Kuldeep Yadav, Manish Pandey, Piyush Chawla, Robin Uthappa (wk), Sheldon Jackson, Suryakumar Yadav, Umesh Yadav, Yusuf Pathan, Sunil Narine, Andre Russell, Brad Hogg, Chris Lynn, Morne Morkel, Shakib Al Hasan. Jaydev Unadkat, Ankit Singh Rajpoot, John Hastings, Jason Holder, Colin Munro, Rajgopal Sathish, Manan Ajay Sharma.

Gujarat Lions: Suresh Raina (c), Ravindra Jadeja, Dwayne Bravo, James Faulkner, Brendon McCullum, Praveen Kumar, Dale Steyn, Dinesh Karthik (wk), Dwayne Smith, Dhawal Kulkarni, Aaron Finch, Eklavya Dwivedi, Andrew Tye, Ishan Kishan, Jaydev Shah, Shadab Jakati, Pravin Tambe, Pradeep Sangwan, Amit Mishra, Shivil Kaushik, Aksh Deep Nath, Sarabjeet Ladda, Umang Sharma, Paras Dogra.

Catch the live cricket scores and ball-by-ball commentary of Kolkata Knight Riders vs Gujarat Lions, IPL 2016, Match 38 at Kolkata