Trent Boult (right) and Tim Southee (not in picture) have exploited the new ball to their favour © Getty Images
Trent Boult (right) and Tim Southee (not in picture) have exploited the new ball to their favour © Getty Images

Catch Live Cricket Scorecard of New Zealand (NZ) vs Afghanistan (AFG), ICC Cricket World Cup 2015, Pool A match 31 at Napier here

(Will a spirited AFG pose a threat to the NZ who have been the pick of the tournament? Or will New Zealand continue their winning progression in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015? Catch Live Cricket Score of the match here)

Daniel Vettori is awarded man of the match for his four-for.

New Zealand 188/4 | Overs 36.1

BATTING: Ross Taylor 24 (41) Corey Anderson 7 (8)

Corey Anderson finishes it off with a four. Dismal finish by New Zealand but they’ve made it five out of five and that’s important to fuel their bludgeoning momentum. New Zealand win it by six wickets with 83 balls remaining.

New Zealand 184/4 | Overs 36

BATTING: Ross Taylor 24 (41) Corey Anderson 3 (7)

Batting Powerplay has been taken and Corey Anderson decides to defend a full toss. Gets a single next ball. Ross Taylor doesn’t even manage to get single of the next two balls. A four of the next ball. And nothing more after that

New Zealand 175/4 | Overs 34

BATTING: Ross Taylor 19 (36) Corey Anderson 0 (0)

First two balls are dots (YAWN), single of the third ball. Elliott on strike now and he defends it. Just 12 runs to win, but it feels like we’re just half way through the innings so far. They attempt a silly run of the fifth ball and he’s run out to some bad and boring cricket.

OUT! Grant Elliott 19 (28) run out

New Zealand 174/3 | Overs 33

BATTING: Ross Taylor 18 (32) Grant Elliott 19 (26)

Elliott gets a boundary off the first ball from that Nabi over but still not keen to just finish it off. Just two more runs from that over after that.

New Zealand 168/3 | Overs 32

BATTING: Ross Taylor 18 (32) Grant Elliott 13 (20)

Hamid Hassan comes in. This NZ innings has been bereft of entertainment after McCullum’s dismissal, they may be a little wary after what happened against Australia but now they may be taking it too far. If Ross needs to find form he can’t afford to simply bat so slow, needs a few boundaries. Elliott has been just as slow.

New Zealand 163/3 | Overs 31

BATTING: Ross Taylor 18 (30) Grant Elliott 9 (16)

And another couple of overs of absolutely boring cricket. Non Threatening bowling met with tame, defensive batting. Four each of the last couple of overs with just 24 runs needed and seven wickets in hand.

New Zealand 155/3 | Overs 29

BATTING: Ross Taylor 15 (25) Grant Elliott 4 (9)

And Ross Taylor has finally hit a good shot through covers for four. Elliott at the other end has been very slow himself. Crowd has lost its noise to the slowness of the match. Nothing happening, just dragging along.

New Zealand 145/3 | Overs 27

BATTING: Ross Taylor 9 (22) Grant Elliott 0 (0)

And Martin Guptill is run out. Can Grant Elliott liven up this match now? Has been getting increasingly slow and dry since McCullum’s wicket.

OUT! Martin Guptill 57 (76) run out Shenwari

New Zealand 134/2 | Overs 25

BATTING: Martin Guptill 50 (69) Ross Taylor 5 (17)

And through this drag perios of play the only highlight comes in for of Guptill’s fifty. Boring cricket otherwise. The result is a foregone conclusion and the batsmen are simply dragging along at about three an over.

New Zealand 127/2 | Overs 23

BATTING: Martin Guptill 43 (62) Ross Taylor 5 (12)

Hamid Hassan steams in. New Zealand batsmen are just ticking along. Taylor trying to regain his form. It’ll be vital for NZ to have Rossco in form in the latter stages of their campaign. He’s a real match-winner. Just three of that over.

New Zealand 124/2 | Overs 22

BATTING: Martin Guptill 42 (58) Ross Taylor 4 (10)

Nabi comes in. First ball is defended, no run. Second ball is hit to long on for a single. Guptill hits the next to square leg for a single. Dot the next ball. Comes down the track next ball to hit it to long on for a single.

New Zealand 121/2 | Overs 21

BATTING: Martin Guptill 40 (54) Ross Taylor 3 (8)

Shapoor continues. Guptill hits a mistimes drive first ball for a single. Second ball is defended for no run. Third ball is another dot. Rossco needs a move on. And he gets a move on, thanks in part to a poor effort at covers, two for him. That’s his birthday gift. Cuts the next ball to widish deep third man for a single. Final ball is defended and a single is taken.

New Zealand 116/2 | Overs 20

BATTING: Martin Guptill 38 (52) Ross Taylor 0 (4)

Guptill pulls and pulls well to start the over with a four to mid wicket. Hassan is the bowler. Second ball is punched straight to point, no run. Third ball is defended. Fourth ball is guided to point for a quick single. Taylor misses out on the fifth ball which is a full toss. He’s been out of sorts. Leaves the final ball alone.

New Zealand 111/2 | Overs 19

BATTING: Martin Guptill 33 (48) Ross Taylor 0 (2)

First ball from Shapoor is hit to long off for a single. Second ball is guided to third man for a single. Third ball yields another single to deep extra cover. Fourth ball, Williamson attempts to pull but finds the man at mid-wicket. Shapoor gets the wicket. Birthday boy, Ross Taylor at crease. He plays and misses first ball. Final ball of the over is driven to mid off for no run.

OUT! Kane Williamson 33 (45) c Shenwari b Zadran

New Zealand 108/1 | Overs 18

BATTING: Martin Guptill 31 (46) Kane Williamson 32 (43)

Guptill attempts to chip the second ball over the bowlers head but away movement takes it past the outside edge. Third ball is hit to cover fielder for a single. Fifty partnership up. Williamson punches the next ball to deep extra cover for a single. Wide ball over the batsman’s head. Fifth ball is pulled by Guptill, not perfectly timed, but gets him three runs to deep mid-wicket. Williamson hits the next straight back to the bowler, no run.

New Zealand 102/1 | Overs 17

BATTING: Martin Guptill 27 (42) Kane Williamson 31 (41)

And Williamson, ever so sweetly is making amends to that strike rate. Chips the first ball over mid wicket for four. Does the same in third ball but only gets a couple this time. Next ball is hit to long on for a single. Next ball is defended by Guptill. Single of the final ball.

New Zealand 94/1 | Overs 16

BATTING: Martin Guptill 26 (40) Kane Williamson 24 (37)

Dawlat Zadran continues. He’s bowling quite quick at about 140 +. Williamson hits the third ball for four to the backward square leg boundary. Fifth ball is guided to leg for a single. Fifth ball is a fine yorker that Zadran barely manages to dig out.

New Zealand 89/1 | Overs 15

BATTING: Martin Guptill 26 (39) Kane Williamson 19 (32)

The match is looking so slow suddenly after that McCullum blitz. And it has been a little slow by all standards, Williamson is playing at a strike rate of about 60. Just three of this over.

New Zealand 86/1 | Overs 14

BATTING: Martin Guptill 25 (36) Kane Williamson 17 (30)

First ball is defended by Kane. Second ball is defended again. NZ in no hurry here, just trickling along and hitting the bad balls. Third ball is defended to the point fielder. Fourth ball Fifth ball is gently pulled to deep square leg for a single.

New Zealand 85/1 | Overs 13

BATTING: Martin Guptill 25 (34) Kane Williamson 16 (25)

Shenwari into the attack. First ball is hit to point for a single by Guptill. Second ball is defended by Kane. Third ball is again defended, dot ball. Fourth ball is guided to backward square leg for a couple. Fifth ball is hit to long on for a single. Final ball is hit to cover fielder, no run.

New Zealand 81/1 | Overs 12

BATTING: Martin Guptill 24 (32) Kane Williamson 13 (21)

Dawlat Zadran brought back in. His first ball off his second spell is defended to point and a fumble results in a single. Second ball brings a loud lbw appeal, turned down by the umpire. Looked like it’ll go down leg and there may be an inside edge. Final ball is pulled for a single. just three from that over.

New Zealand 78/1 | Overs 11

BATTING: Martin Guptill 22 (29) Kane Williamson 12 (18)

First ball is cut beautifully by Williamson for four to point boundary. Second ball is hit through covers for another four. He finds the gap through off with godly precision. Third ball is glanced to leg for no run. Fourth ball is glanced to leg for a single. Fifth ball is hit to mid on for a single. Final ballis defended back to the bowler.

New Zealand 68/1 | Overs 10

BATTING: Martin Guptill 21 (28) Kane Williamson 3 (13)

First ball by Hassan is cut by Guptill for four breaking the shackles. Second ball is a dot as its hit straight to point. Third ball is a short ball and the bounce gets the leading edge but drops short of point. Fourth ball is defended. Fifth ball is glanced by Guptill for four to square leg. Final ball, is chipped over the infield for a good four.

New Zealand 56/1 | Overs 9

BATTING: Martin Guptill 9 (22) Kane Williamson 3 (13)

Kane Williamson on strike to Shapoor. First ball is a dot. Second ball is another dot. 14 dots in a row now. And now fifteen dots as he defends yet again. Make that 16, Williamson attempts to drive but doesn’t get the placement right, goes to point. And yet another dot there, hit straight to mid off. And a couple of runs of the final ball thanks to a pull shot to fine leg.

New Zealand 54/1 | Overs 8

BATTING: Martin Guptill 9 (22) Kane Williamson 1 (7)

Hamid Hassan continues. Martin Guptill gets a thick outside edge first ball, no run. Defends the second ball to slip. Third ball is short and Guptill tries to cut it but doesn’t make contact. The next ball is driven well but no run as it doesn’t get past the in-field. Fifth ball is back of a length and Guptill doesn’t really make contact. Final ball is defended, another maiden.

New Zealand 54/1 | Overs 7

BATTING: Martin Guptill 9 (16) Kane Williamson 1 (7)

Shapoor continues. Williamson is in no mood to hit everything. Let’s a couple of ball go past. Defends the third. And defends the fourth, he’s happy to play the ship-steadier. NZ batsmen are well settled in their roles. Fifth ball is again defended. Final ball is driven to mid off for no run. Maiden over.

New Zealand 54/1 | Overs 6

BATTING: Martin Guptill 9 (16) Kane Williamson 1 (1)

Mohammad Nabi comes on. McCullum is going after him, gets a four and a six and Nabi gets his wicket! Sweet revenge! But the stage is set for New Zealand. Another blinder by McCullum. Williamson is out there now and gets a single of his first ball.

OUT! Brendon McCullum 42 (19) b Nabi

New Zealand 41/0 | Overs 5

BATTING: Martin Guptill 9 (16) Brendon McCullum 30 (14)

First ball from the fresh Hassan over results in a single for Guptill. McCullum gets a single off the next ball. And Guptill rotates strike yet again the next ball. McCullum hits it to square leg for a couple of runs. Fifth ball, A slower ball that McCullum manages to dig out for a single. Dot of the final ball.

New Zealand 35/0 | Overs 4

BATTING: Martin Guptill 7 (13) Brendon McCullum 26 (11)

Guptill punches the first ball down the ground for four. Hits the second ball hard to cover and finds a single. Third ball, shortish ball and width on offer and McCullum hits it over the in field for four. Fourth ball, McCullum defends and sets off for a single and an overthrow results in four more runs for McCullum. Fifth ball, back of a length and Guptill punches it with precision but a wonderful effort at point stops it to a couple. Final ball yields nothing.

New Zealand 20/0 | Overs 3

BATTING: Martin Guptill 1 (9) Brendon McCullum 17 (9)

Hamid ‘Rambo’ Hassan comes in now. Starts off with a full toss which a McCullum who marches down the track can’t make contact with. Drama in the second ball as there’s some doubt that McCullum may have inside edged that onto his foot and to the keeper behind. replays show it hasn’t hit the foot at all. And it’s not out and that yorker will help Hassan’s nerves. Third ball he finds the edge but it flies for four past first and only slip. Fourth ball, McCullum defends the good length ball. Fifth ball, McCullum gives the charge again and hits it almost direct to mid off and drops just short. Sixth ball, it’s in the slot and straight over the bowlers head for four. Decent over by Hassan.

New Zealand 12/0 | Overs 2

BATTING: Martin Guptill 1 (9) Brendon McCullum 9 (3)

Shapoor Zadran comes in from the other end. Guptill tries to slash him off the second ball but doesn’t make contact. Fourth ball is met with a punch off the backfoot for no run. Fifth ball is left alone outside off. and same with the final ball. Maiden over.

New Zealand 12/0 | Overs 1

BATTING: Martin Guptill 1 (3) Brendon McCullum 9 (3)

Dawlat Zadran opens the bowling for Afghanistan and starts off with a wide. Concedes a single off the second ball to bring Baz on strike. Will be interesting to see what approach McCullum takes. Single off the first ball McCullum faces. Guptill sets off for a single the very next ball. And McCullum comes down the pitch to hit that ball down the ground for FOUR! And the next ball is hit down the ground for another four. McCullum’s approach becomes evident.


Afghanistan: 186 | Overs 47.4

BATTING:  Shapoor Zadran 2 (4)

First ball is nicely nudged to third man for a single. Batsmen collide mid-way and are denied of another run in the process. Third ball is nicely nudged to third man for four. Next ball is pulled by Hassan but is mistimed and Milne takes a ripper of a catch. This should be easy for McCullum and co to chase down.

OUT! Hamid Hassan 16 (21) c Milne b Anderson

Afghanistan: 181/9 | Overs 47

BATTING:  Hamid Hassan 12 (18), Shapoor Zadran 1 (3)

Milne comes in to try and finish this off. Shapoor gets a run of the second delivery through leg byes and Hassan is on strike now. And Hassan gets a four off the fourth ball with a cut through point.

Afghanistan: 175/9 | Overs 46

BATTING:  Hamid Hassan 8 (14), Shapoor Zadran 1 (1)

Corey Anderson was apparently the bowler Shenwari was targeting but Anderson will have the last laugh as he picks the crucial wicket. He attempted to pull a backish delivery and found Ross Taylor’s hands. How much can Afghanistan push for now? Fourth ball is top edged over the keeper’s head for four. Next ball is hit lot more convincingly for another boundary.

Afghanistan: 166/8 | Overs 45

BATTING:  Samiullah Shenwari 54 (108), Hamid Hassan 0 (11)

And Samiullah Shenwari has brought up his tenth ODI hundred and it has come at an extremely crucial time for Afghanistan. he’s held the innings together yet again. He look to go full throttle in the final five overs.

Afghanistan: 151/8 | Overs 42

BATTING:  Samiullah Shenwari 39 (96), Hamid Hassan 0 (5)

There’s a reason Shenwari didn’t want to rotate strike because Dawlat Zadran is out first ball of Boult’s new over attempting to slog a good length delivery outside off. Hamid Hassan comes out. Blocks all his balls solidly to complete a wicket-maiden for Boult.

OUT! Dawlat Zadran 1 (5) c Ronchi b Boult

Afghanistan: 151/7 | Overs 41

BATTING:  Samiullah Shenwari 39 (96), Dawlat Zadran 1 (4)

And Afghanistan have stagnated after that Najibullah Zadran wicket. Shenwari is not keen on rotating strike to his partner Dawlat Zadran. Can Afghanistan look for a score off 230 here?

Afghanistan: 147/7 | Overs 39

BATTING:  Samiullah Shenwari 36 (87), Dawlat Zadran 1 (1)

And New Zealand do finally make the breakthrough. Zadran attempts to hit Milne for six over third man but he finds Vettori’s hands there. Gets out for a fine fifty. Milne has finally reaped reward for banging the ball inhard.

OUT! Najibullah Zadran 56 (56) c Vettori b Milne

Afghanistan: 144/6 | Overs 38

BATTING:  Samiullah Shenwari 34 (83), Najibullah Zadran 56 (55)

And Najibullah Zadran has scored a well-deserved fifty and this partnership has done wonder for the Asian side. New Zealand struggling to make the breakthrough here and conditions here not helping.

Afghanistan: 128/6 | Overs 36

BATTING:  Samiullah Shenwari 33 (82), Najibullah Zadran 42 (44)

Tim Southee’s first over in the batting powerplay was smashed for a big six by Najibullah Zadran. Meanwhile Shenwari is having a bit of trouble with his head after that bouncer on his head the previous over. But the good news is he’s ok. Southee bowls his 10 overs for 43 runs without wickets.

Afghanistan: 120/6 | Overs 34

BATTING:  Samiullah Shenwari 33 (72), Najibullah Zadran 35 (42)

Tim Southee continues after drinks, he’s had an ordinary day. First ball whizzes past the outside edge. Next ball brings a single to third man. Dots the next couple of deliveries and a single to deep point off the fifth ball. Final ball is left alone.

Afghanistan: 118/6 | Overs 33

BATTING:  Samiullah Shenwari 32 (69), Najibullah Zadran 34 (39)

Corey Anderson gets unlucky in that over. Gets the edge but without slips, it runs down to third man for a boundary. Handy runs for Afghanistan. Five runs of that over.

Afghanistan: 113/6 | Overs 32

BATTING:  Samiullah Shenwari 32 (68), Najibullah Zadran 29 (34)

Corey Anderson has not looked very threatening, but at a stage like this he always manages to pick wickets. Meanwhile Zadran and Shenwari have been exceptional as the partnership has swelled past 50. Tim Southee has also seemed uncharacteristically non-threatening and he’d like to pick a wicket here.

Afghanistan: 108/6 | Overs 30

BATTING:  Samiullah Shenwari 31 (60), Najibullah Zadran 27 (30)

The runs are coming quite easy for the Afghanis. But Vettori has kept it quite tight. And ends his 10th over conceding just three runs. His figures read 10-4-18-4.

Afghanistan: 105/6 | Overs 29

BATTING:  Samiullah Shenwari 29 (56), Najibullah Zadran 26 (28)

Najibullah Zadran and Samiullah Shenwari have decided to take the attack to the New Zealanders. They have batted quite freely and to good effect too. Martin Guptill had a chance to catch Zadran but dropped an absolute dolly. But apart from that these two have been phenomenal.

Afghanistan: 59/6 | Overs 20

BATTING:  Samiullah Shenwari 10 (29), Najibullah Zadran (1)

Vettori is on fire as he plucks two more wickets in that over. Mohammad Nabi gives the edge a tame catch and Afsar Zazai was adjudged lbw. Is Vettori eying the 400-wicket mark now? He might as well. Afghanistan in all sorts of trouble. Najibullah Zadran walks out and blocks out the hat-trick ball.

OUT! Mohammad Nabi 6 (15) c Taylor b Vettori

OUT! Afsar Zazai 0 (1) lbw Vettori

Afghanistan: 51/4 | Overs 16

BATTING:  Samiullah Shenwari 7 (19), Mohammad Nabi 1 (3)

And Daniel Vettori has struck again and that’s his 300th wicket in One-Day Internationals getting Mangal bowled, he’s been a relentless servant for New Zealand cricket, he’s been with them in bad times and in good and when his team needed him most for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015, he has ignored his back problems and come out once again. He’s been amazing. Mohammad Nabi walks out in a difficult situation and he gets a single to bring up the team fifty.

OUT! Nawroz Mangal 27 (46) b Vettori

Afghanistan: 28/3 | Overs 9

BATTING: Nawroz Mangal 9 (22) Samiullah Shenwari 4 (4)

And Boult strikes yet again but this time he’s been gifted the wicket. It’s a mediocre short ball right there for hitting but the batsman guides it straight into the hands of Martin Guptill at gully. Samiullah Shenwari comes out and hits a four first ball, through the covers.

OUT! Asghar Stanikzai 9 (18) c Guptill b Boult

Afghanistan: 17/2 | Overs 6

BATTING: Nawroz Mangal 2 (11) Asghar Stanikzai 9 (15)

Southee starts off with a surprise bouncer and the result is four over the keeper’s head coming off the batsman’s bat ricocheting off the helmet. The second delivery he strays down leg and it’s guided for a single. Southee tries the short ball again in the fifth ball and Stanikzai pulls it confidently for a four.

Afghanistan: 7/2 | Overs 5

BATTING: Nawroz Mangal 1 (10) Asghar Stanikzai 0 (10)

Trent Boult comes back in from the other end and he’s looking just as threatening. He bowling beautifully and is looking threatening even without too much swing. Maintains a good length and channel outside off bowling.

Afghanistan: 7/2 | Overs 4

BATTING: Nawroz Mangal 1 (4) Asghar Stanikzai 0 (10)

Tim Southee is brought back on now. Maybe Vettori coming in was only meant to be a change of end for Southee and he brought a wicket in it. Stanikzai shows some intent off the fourth delivery hitting the ball hard but can’t get it past the man at point. Southee hits his pads the next ball, umpire says not out. McCullum reviews and it’s hit him outside leg stump. Bad review. One run off that over.

Afghanistan: 6/2 | Overs 3

BATTING: Nawroz Mangal 0 (3) Asghar Stanikzai 0 (5)

Daniel Vettori has been brought out as first change already. And if you thought that’s a poor call you’ll have to think again because he’s bowled the batsman. No much turn for him but he has guile in his armoury. A wicket maiden to begin with.

OUT! Usman Ghani 0 (3) b Vettori

Afghanistan: 6/1 | Overs 2

BATTING: Usman Ghani 0 (2) Nawroz Mangal 0 (3)

And Trent Boult comes into the attack. He’s getting some movement. His third ball is a peach and he’s been rewarded with the wicket of Javed Ahmadi! Afghanistan in early trouble.

OUT! Javed Ahmadi 1 (7) lbw Boult

Afghanistan: 5/0 | Overs 1

BATTING: Javed Ahmadi 1 (4), Usman Ghani 0 (2)

Afghanistan are off to a sublime start, they’ll be glad that Tim Southee isn’t getting too much swing. Second ball goes to the fine leg for four leg byes.

New Zealand XI: Brendon McCullum(c), Martin Guptill, Kane Williamson, Ross Taylor, Grant Elliott, Corey Anderson, Luke Ronchi(wk), Daniel Vettori, Adam Milne, Tim Southee, Trent Boult

Afghanistan XI: Javed Ahmadi, Usman Ghani, Nawroz Mangal, Asghar Stanikzai, Samiullah Shenwari, Mohammad Nabi(c), Najibullah Zadran, Afsar Zazai(wk), Dawlat Zadran, Hamid Hassan, Shapoor Zadran


Afghanistan have won the toss and have elected to bat at Napier. The experts say it is a batting pitch but will Afghanistan be able to face the might of the Kiwi bowling attack? That’s a little doubtful.

Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of the 31st match of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. It’s a Pool A encounter between Afghanistan and New Zealand at Napier here. I am Rishad DSouza, and I will be bringing you the over-by-over updates of the match.

Afghanistan have had a few glorious moments in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 so far. They got their maiden win against Scotland and came tantalizingly close to toppling Sri Lanka but they’ll know that New Zealand are one of the most dominant sides in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 and posing a threat will be a huge challenge.

New Zealand have won all their four encounters of the World Cup, having beaten Sri Lanka in the opening game and then went on to beat Scotland, England and Australia. They beat the first three team with varied levels of ease but managed to defeat Australia with only one wicket to spare.

Afghanistan have lost to Sri Lanka and Australia but have plucked a win against Scotland. Afghanistan’s bowling attack is enviable. They have Shapoor Zadran, Dawlat Zadran, Hamid Hassan who constitute a formidable fast bowling trio.

But New Zealand boast names like Tim Southee, Trent Boult and Adam Milne who have been lethal in the World Cup with the swinging conditions. They have a quality spinner in Daniel Vettori and their batting line up is miles ahead of Afghanistan. All factors point at New Zealand as favourites but Afghanistan may produce a thrilling encounter.