Good Afternoon, Suva Sandhyavak! Hello and Welcome to CricketCountry’s live coverage of the ICC World T20 2016 warm-up tie between New Zealand and Sri Lanka at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai on Thursday. I am Arun Rawal, and I will be bringing to you the live updates of this action. New Zealand, who have had a fair form in this format of the game of late would aim for a good start to their campaign in this tournament as the look to test their skills and bench strength in this warm-up tie against a strong side of Sri Lanka, who too have been shaky in this format of late.

Live Cricket Scores Sri Lanka 152/7 in Overs 20 Batting Angelo Mathews 25 (21), Shehan Jayasuriya 6 (4): McClenaghan to bowl the ultimate over of the match. The big left-armer will try to castle the remaining batsmen. FOUR! It’s might be too late, but it’s always a good sight to see Mathews score a boundary. FOUR! Mathews finds his feet too late. No run! And that’s how New Zealand wraps the match. Sri Lanka completely was outplayed by New Zealand today. There are a number of chinks in Sri Lanka’s armoury to iron out. That’s it from us! We call it a day as well. See you tomorrow in the next ICC T20I encounter. Goodnight! Sri lanka innings review: ICC T20 World Cup 2016: New Zealand rips apart Sri Lanka in warm-up match

Live Cricket Scores Sri Lanka 137/7 in Overs 19 Batting Angelo Mathews 16 (16), Shehan Jayasuriya 5 (3): Southee to bowl penultimate over of the match. FOUR! Jayasuriya has some time in the middle. Sri Lanka need 90 off 6.

Live Cricket Scores Sri Lanka 128/7 in Overs 18 Batting Angelo Mathews 13 (13), Shehan Jayasuriya 0 (0): Williamson brings Milne into the attack. OUT! Perera takes the long walk. Captain takes an easy catch. Sri Lanka need 99 off 12. Sri Lanka have made a mess of the chase. They no strategy in place.

Thisara Perera c Kane Williamson b Adam Milne 6

Live Cricket Scores Sri Lanka 121/6 in Overs 17 Batting Angelo Mathews 12 (11), Thisara Perera 1 (3): Man with a golden arm, Sodhi, is back into the attack. He’ll try to scalp more wickets to his name. And OUT! Shanaka departs for 2! Sodhi continues his stellar performance. Sri Lanka need 106 off 18.

Dasun Shanaka c Tim Southee b Ish Sodhi 2

Live Cricket Scores Sri Lanka 118/5 in Overs 16 Batting Angelo Mathews 11 (10), Dasun Shanaka 1 (1): Southee is back into the attack. FOUR! Siriwardana is enjoying time in the middle. OUT! Elliot takes a good catch! Southee is getting some wickets under his belt. FOUR! Mathews is using his bat to his destructive best. Sri Lanka need 109 off 24.

Milinda Siriwardana c Grant Elliott b Tim Southee 15

Live Cricket Scores Sri Lanka 106/4 in Overs 15 Batting Angelo Mathews 5 (7), Milinda Siriwardana 11 (6): Sodhi to Siriwardana. FOUR! Boundaries won’t help them. They need maximums to make an impact, at least. New Zealand have bowled incredibly well tonight. Sri Lanka need 121 off 30.

Live Cricket Scores Sri Lanka 97/4 in Overs 14 Batting Angelo Mathews 3 (5), Milinda Siriwardana 4 (2): Milne has been brought back into the attack. FOUR! OUT! Just when Kapugedara was looking good, he departs on 38. Sri Lanka need 130 off 36 balls. It will be important for Mathews to get some match practice, as Sri Lanka have totally lost control over the chase.

Chamara Kapugedara c Mitchell Santner b Adam Milne 38

Live Cricket Scores Sri Lanka 88/3 in Overs 13 Batting Angelo Mathews 2 (3), Chamara Kapugedara 34 (25): Bowling Change Sodhi to bowl his first over. FOUR! Thirimanne attacks Sodhi right away. OUT! Anderson takes the catch. Sodhi provides a crucial breakthrough. Sri Lanka captain Angelo Mathews comes to the crease. Sri Lanka needs a captain’s innings from Mathews.

OUT! Lahiru Thirinmanne c Corey Anderson b Ish Sodhi 41

Live Cricket Scores Sri Lanka 81/2 in Overs 12 Batting Lahiru Thirimanne 37 (27), Chamara Kapugedara 33 (24): McClenaghan back into the attack. FOUR! Now Kapugedara joins the party! FOUR! Kapugedara decides to go berserk. Sri Lanka have raised the bar in the last 4 overs. They need such hit to get at least close to 200.

Live Cricket Scores Sri Lanka 66/2 in Overs 11 Batting Lahiru Thirimanne 32 (25), Chamara Kapugedara 23 (20): Santner to Thirimanne. FOUR! Thirimanne has found his feet. SIX! Meaty blow. The islanders might have lost the cause but such blows will give some entertainment to the crowd.

Live Cricket Scores Sri Lanka 53/2 in Overs 10 Batting Lahiru Thirimanne 21 (20), Chamara Kapugedara 22 (16): Captain Williamson keeps Elliot in the attack. Elliot has done well to contain the Sri Lankan batsmen so far. SIX! Here’s the first maximum of the Sri Lankan innings. Is it too late? Doesn’t matter! Sri Lankas need to spend as much time at the crease as possible. 12 runs off this over.

Live Cricket Scores Sri Lanka 41/2 in Overs 9 Batting Lahiru Thirimanne 14 (16), Chamara Kapugedara 17 (17): Santner to Thirimanne. Four singles off Santner’s over. Sri Lanka should have at least reach 90-100 at this stage, to stay in control of the chase. The islanders need to the long handle and clear the boundary.

Live Cricket Scores Sri Lanka 37/2 in Overs 8 Batting Lahiru Thirimanne 12 (14), Chamara Kapugedara 15 (13): Another bowling change. Elliot to Kapugedara. FOUR! Sri Lanka at least needs 2 bounderies per over. It was a decent over by Elliot; gives away only 6 runs.

Live Cricket Scores Sri Lanka 31/2 in Overs 7 Batting Lahiru Thirimanne 11 (12), Chamara Kapugedara 10 (9): It’s the end of batting Powerplay, and Sri Lanka couldn’t make full use of the conditions. Credit goes the New Zealand bowlers. They have bowled disciplined line and length. Adam Milne to continue. Kapugedara hits back to back boundaries. Sri Lanka needs an innings of substance. They need someone like Munro to go berserk and take on the bowlers.

Live Cricket Scores Sri Lanka 21/2 in Overs 6 Batting Lahiru Thirimanne 11 (12), Chamara Kapugedara 1 (3): One more bowling change! McClenaghan into the attack. Good start for McClenaghan! He concedes on 2 runs.

Live Cricket Scores Sri Lanka 19/2 in Overs 5 Batting Lahiru Thirimanne 10 (7), Chamara Kapugedara 0 (2): Adam Milne introduced into the attack. OUT! Milne knocks over Chandimal. Two of the best Sri Lankan batsmen are already in the dug out. It’s a wicket maiden for Milne. New Zealand on fire!

OUT! Dinesh Chandimal b Adam Milne 8

Live Cricket Scores Sri Lanka 19/1 in Overs 4 Batting Lahiru Thirimanne 10 (7), Dinesh Chandimal 8 (13): Anderson to continue. FOUR! Thirimanne hits his first boundary. FOUR! Thirimanne hits the boundary of the last ball as well. This should give him some confidence.

Live Cricket Scores Sri Lanka 9/1 in Overs 3 Batting Lahiru Thirimanne 0 (1), Dinesh Chandimal 8 (13): Southee to continue. New Zealand will be aiming to take Chandimal’s wicket. WIDE! Had Southee not bowled the illegal delivery, it would have been a maiden. 

Live Cricket Scores Sri Lanka 8/1 in Overs 2 Batting Lahiru Thirimanne 0 (1), Dinesh Chandimal 8 (7): Captain Williamson hands the second over Corey Anderson. FOUR. Chandimal scores Sri Lanka’s first boundary. OUT! Corey Anderson gets the big wicket. He castles Dilshan on 0. Sri Lanka under fire.

OUT! Tilakaratne Dilshan b Anderson 0

Live Cricket Scores Sri Lanka 3/0 in Overs 1 Batting Tilakaratne Dilshan 0 (3), Dinesh Chandimal 3 (3): It will be an uphill task for Sri Lanka to chase down 227-run mammoth total. Their top order will have to go great guns in the batting Powerplay. Tim Southee to bowl the first over. Southee concedes only 3 runs. New Zealand off to a goo start.

*Sri Lanka innings*

Live Cricket Scores New Zealand 226/5 in Overs 20 Batting G Elliot 36(21), L Ronchi 1(1) Perera is set to bowl the final over the match. Elliot scores two couples and a four ending the innings on a high. New Zealand innings review: New Zealand set up 227-run target for Sri Lanka in their first warm-up match

Live Cricket Scores New Zealand 212/4 in Overs 19 Batting G Elliot 23(16), L Ronchi 0(0) Shanaka is going to bowl the penultimate over of the match. Kiwis pick up singles and couples to keep the scoreboard going. Elliot scores mandatory boundary of the over. Santner, the new man gets run out scoring only 1(1). L Ronchi comes in at the crease.

Live Cricket Scores New Zealand 201/3 in Overs 18 Batting G Elliot 13(11), C Anderson 60(39) Lakmal gets the beating now, Anderson is going berserk hitting consecutive sixes off the first two balls completing his half century. Another productive over for New Zealand, 19 runs coming off it. Corey Anderson retires for other players to come in and try a hand in the ending stages of the game.

Live Cricket Scores New Zealand 182/3 in Overs 17 Batting C Anderson 47(26), G Elliot 8(8) Senanayke comes back into the attack. Anderson decides to take him on and succeeds off the second ball hitting it for a six and a four off the 5th ball of the over. The fall of wicket doesn’t seem to bother New Zealand batsmen as they look to go past the 200 mark.

Live Cricket Scores New Zealand 169/3 in Overs 16 Batting G Elliot 7(7), C Anderson 35(21) Perera comes back into the attack.  After knocking a few balls around the park, Elliot swings and swings hard middling it for a six off the second last ball.

Live Cricket Scores New Zealand 160/2 in Overs 15 Batting G Elliot 0(3), C Anderson 33(19) It seems like Shanaka has entered a cheat code, he is right on the money hitting the right areas. He takes the revenge from C Munro and on top of that gave away just one run off the over. Great comeback!!

OUT!!! C. Munro 67(34) c Senanayke b Shanaka

Live Cricket Scores New Zealand 159/2 in Overs 14 Batting C Munro67(32), C Anderson 32(18) Senanayke into the attack, but guess what? nothing changes. Munro hits a six off the second delivery and ANderson a four off the fourth one. They are all getting the4 same treatment today following attack from both the ends.

Live Cricket Scores New Zealand 145/2 in Overs 13 Batting C Munro 60(29), C Anderson 25(15) This isn’t getting any better for the bowlers, Kiwis are on a roll. Its Dilshan’s turn now. Corey Anderson hits back to back sixes off second and third deliveries. Both the batsmen are going big. It seems Sri Lanka will have to chase a mammoth total tonight.

Live Cricket Scores New Zealand 129/2 in Overs 12 Batting C Anderson 13(11), C Munro 57(27) Runs are coming and they are coming fast. Nothing is going right for Sri Lanka.Runs are coming thorugh leg byes, singles and couples. Lakmal looks clueless over what to do next.

Live Cricket Scores New Zealand 116/2 in Overs 11 Batting C Anderson 12(9), C Munro 52(23) Shehan Jaysuriya introduced into the attack. Munro isn’t stopping but going for the kill. Nine runs off the over of Jayasuriya.

Live Cricket Scores New Zealand 106/2 in Overs 10 Batting C Anderson 11(7), C Munro 44(19) Munro goes and he goes big. He humiliates Shanaka, hits 4 sixes in a over back to back. This is going to be a run fiesta. Sri Lanka looks in deep trouble. 29 off the 10th over.

Live Cricket Scores New Zealand 77/2 in Overs 9 Batting C Munro 19(14), C Anderson 7(6) Only 8 off the over, The Kiwis looking to play spinners carefully and hitting the bowl to its merit. Expectations from Anderson to repeat the heroics of IPL.

OUT!!! M Guptill 41(25) c Sachithra Senanayake b Dasun Shanaka

Live Cricket Scores New Zealand 69/2 in Overs 8 Batting C Anderson 1(2), C Munro 17(12) Shanaka gets the danger man, Martin Guptill gone. Corey Anderson steps in, he is the exact replacement of Guptill to go after Sri Lankan Bowling.

Live Cricket Scores New Zealand 62/1 in Overs 7 Batting c Munro 15(10), Martin Guptill 37(23) Kiwis are not finding it easy to tackle the spin, knocking the ball around for singles as Dilshan bowls,

Live Cricket Scores New Zealand 57/1 in Overs 6, Martin Guptill 35(21),  C Munro 12(6) Martin Guptill is reeking havoc here decimating Thisara Perera and paying off debts of the last over scoring sixes and scoring 19 runs off the over. Munro joins the party and hits a six to end the powerplay on a high.

Live Cricket Scores New Zealand 38/1 in Overs 5, Batting Martin Guptill 26(18), C Munro 2(3) Senanayke is bowling exceptionally well to bind Martin Guptill and bind him. He is hitting the right areas to stop the flow of runs in the powerplay overs.

OUT! Kane Williamson 10(9) b S Lakmal c C kapugedara

Live Cricket Scores New Zealand 37/1 in Overs 4, Batting Martin Guptill  26(14), C Munro 1(1) Despite losing the wicket of Kane Williamson Martin Guptill looks to attack and score off the bowler by taking charge and hitting sixes to throw Lakmal throw off his rhythm. Collin Munro comes to bat.

Live Cricket Scores New Zealand 20/0 in Overs 3, Batting Martin Guptill 15(12), Kane Williamson 6(4) Martin Guptill finishes the over with a four regaining the momentum and getting a mandatory boundary to end the over. Sri Lankans look to put a break on the flow of runs by introducing the spinner.

Live Cricket Scores New Zealand 13/0 in Overs 2 Batting Martin Guptill 11(9), Kane Williamson 2(0). New Zealand proceeds with caution against Sri lankan bowlers giving respect to the new ball and getting used to the pitch conditions. They will look to capitalize in the later stages of the game. Martin Guptill is looking to find the gaps and scoring customary boundary every over.

Live Cricket Scores New Zealand 7/0 in Overs 1 | Batting Martin Guptill 6 (5), Kane Williamson 1 (1): New Zealand have opened with Martin  Guptill and Kane Williamson. They will want to make quick runs and provide their team some momentum against this struggling Sri Lanka team.

Toss: New Zealand win toss, chose to bat first. 

New Zealand, who have played just five T20Is this season so far, have managed to win four games and losing one. They came up with a stellar performance in the just concluded twin T20I series against Sri Lanka, as they won the series 2-0, followed by another winning performance against Pakistan, as they won the three-match series 2-1, thus putting them in the driver’s seat going into the tournament.

Sri Lanka, on the other hand, have played 11 games this season so far, and have managed to win just three games, and lose the remaining eight, thus putting them in a tough position, as they get set to defend their championship. The recently lost a three-match T20I series to India o-3, that has definitely made them suffer a setback and has more or less broken their confidence as they test their bench strength against a strong like of New Zealand.


New Zealand: Kane Williamson (c), Corey Anderson, Trent Boult, Grant Elliott, Martin Guptill, Colin Munro, Henry Nicholls, Mitchell McClenaghan, Nathan McCullum, Adam Milne, Luke Ronchi (wk), Mitchell Santner, Ish Sodhi, Tim Southee, Ross Taylor.

Sri Lanka: Lasith Malinga (c), Angelo Mathews, Dushmantha Chameera, Dinesh Chandimal (wk), Tillakaratne Dilshan, Rangana Herath, Shehan Jayasuriya, Chamara Kapugedera, Nuwan Kulasekara, Thisara Perera, Sachithra Senanayake, Dasun Shanaka, Milinda Siriwardana, Lahiru Thirimanne, Suranga Lakmal.