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    Shabnim Ismail wins the Player of the Match award.

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    Ditto views

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    SA W 207/7 (49) | Sune Luus 15 (18) | Shabnim Ismail 22 (16): Kainat to bowl the penultimate over. 2 singles of the first 2 balls. Shabnam pierces the cover for a boundary. Good shot. She follows it with a 2. Well, this cameo can do it for South Africa. Shabnam did not bowl too well today. Here’s her chance to make it up. Shabnam whizzes it past mid off, a tough chance goes down and it’s FOUR. 4 from 7. 12 already from the over. Shabnam lofts it over mid-on and that’s a boundary. SOUTH AFRICA HAVE WON. Yes, they didn’t choke. They panicked. Made a mockery of the chase. They won it. What a cameo from Shabnim! 16 from that over. Sana Mir doesn’t get to bowl her final one. She ends with 9-1-27-1. Whew!

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    SA W 191/7 (48) | Sune Luus 14 (17) | Shabnim Ismail 7 (11): SA are losing the plot. Brilliant captaincy from Sana Mir. Sadia Yousuf bowls out, finishes with 10-0-30-2. It’s all up to Sune Luus now. All Pakistan will have to do is to contain. it is not going to be easy. Worse, Sana Mir has 2 overs up her sleeves. She starts the 48th over with a wide, followed by a single. Two dots. Pakistan are on verge of scripting a fairytale. Only 3 games old, we already have a thriller here. A much-needed 3 for Ismail. The runs come through extra-cover region.

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    SA W 181/7 (46) | Sune Luus 10 (12) | Shabnim Ismail 2 (4): A boundary for Luus in the 45th over. A much-needed one. She employs a flamboyant slog sweep. Oh well. Du Preez is out. She finds the midwicket fielder. Sadia is turning the game on its head. I am sorry but I will have to use ‘choke’ here. South Africa are choking. Sigh. It’s not a run out. SA need 30 from 30. Iqbal to continue and Shabnim walks out. 4 from the over. SA need 26 from 4 overs.

    OUT! Mignon du Preez c Asmavia Iqbal b Sadia Yousuf 30 (40)

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    SA W 168/6 (43) | Mignon du Preez 28 (35), Sune Luus 1 (3): Appeals for LBW, inside edge and runs. It’s all happening out there at Leicester. Iqbal is back in the attack. Now madness is an understatement here. Skipper van Niekerk falls to another run out. South Africa were 113 for 0, remember? Sana Mir is back in the attack. Only 3 from it.

    OUT! Dane van Niekerk run out 5 (15)

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    South Africa need 47 from 9 overs, and have 5 wickets in hand. What a comeback from Pakistan? Can du Preez seal it for South Africa in her 100th ODI?

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    SA W 157/5 (40) | Mignon du Preez 22 (28), Dane van Niekerk 1 (7): What is going on? We are seeing the same old story unfold. SA have pressed the panic button. Tryon departs trying to slog Sadia out of the park.

    OUT! C Tryon b Sadia Yousuf 3 (8)

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    Never easy being South African fan

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    SA W 146/4 (36) | Mignon du Preez 16 (19), Chloe Tryon 0 (1): The onus is on the 2 new batsmen to help South Africa through. This shouldn’t be difficult after the platform they got. Bismah in her first over bowled a long hop to du Preez and she won’t miss them. She made room and dispatched it for a boundary. SA escaped a run out in the final ball of the 33rd over. Iqbal meanwhile is back in the attack. She goes for 5. The next over Bismah strikes with her leg-breaks. Chetty looks to clear midwicket and Javeria takes a stunner. End of Chetty. You cannot predict anything till the last moment with Pakistan. Oh my goodness! Will South African girls choke as well? Kapp the new batter is run out. 2 run outs already. Javeria does the job again. Pakistan need such pieces of fielding. Du Preez didn’t respond to her partners call.

    OUT! Trisha Chetty c Javeria Khan b Bismah Maroof 11 (24)

    OUT! M Kapp run out (Javeria) 1 (7)

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    SA W 131/2 (32) | Mignon du Preez 5 (8), Trisha Chetty 7 (18): Wolvaardt gets her fifty. Her fifth 50-plus score in 18 innings. She soon falls run out to a misunderstanding. An unfortunate end there.

    OUT! Laura Wolvaardt run out 52 (87)

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    First breakthrough for Pakistan. Sana Mir traps the dangerous Lee LBW for 60. That did not spin enough and struck him on the front.

    OUT! Lizelle Lee lbw b Sana Mir 60 (79)
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    SA W 112/0 (25) | Laura Wolvaardt 46 (73), Lizelle Lee 60 (77): Capitalising on the start, South African openers begin charge. The 24th over of the innings from Kainat ends with back-to-back boundaries. Wolvaardt smacks one down the ground and the next one is dispatched through extra cover. Doesn’t end here. The very next ball, the first of the next over from Sandhu is effortlessly picked over deep midwicket by Lee for a six. The Sandhu over goes for 9. She finishes with 10-2-32-0.

  • 8:05 PM IST

    Sadia drops a relatively easy chance of Kainat’s bowling. Worse, that’s FOUR. Fifty for Lee. Her 10th in ODIs.

  • 7:58 PM IST

    SA W 81/0 (20) | Laura Wolvaardt 29 (59), Lizelle Lee 46 (61): Kainat gives away 2 from the 16th over. Good tight bowling. Will the pressure created claim a wicket? Sandhu continues. Lee executes a brilliant late cut. First boundary since a long time. Pressure released to some extent. Oh no! Sandhu drops a difficult chance. But these are to be converted to win games. Lee survives. It was low and came to her very quickly. It was a very good ball though, so was the effort. Kainat follows it with a 4-run over, and Sandhu dishes out another maiden. She has been brilliant. Hasn’t she? Lee finally decides to step up the ante. The 20th over from Kainat goes — 4, 0, 0, 6, 0, 0. The six was over long-on and that’s 1,500 + runs for Lee. They are maintaining the required rate.

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    SA W 60/0 (15) | Laura Wolvaardt 27 (44), Lizelle Lee 28 (46): Spinners have sort of tied down the South African charge. They were 34 after 5 overs. In the next 10, they have conceded only 26 runs. The important thing for South Africa is they haven’t lost a wicket yet. Sandhu, who has been a sensation of sorts in recent times, sneaks out a maiden in the 13th over and Kainat follows it with a one-run over. Good bowling from Pakistan but they need wickets.

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    SA W 49/0 (10) | Laura Wolvaardt 21 (30), Lizelle Lee 27 (30): SA continue to go strong. Sana Mir’s 3 overs have managed to check the run flow but Lee got a six off Sandhu. A slog sweep fetched there that. South Africa are cruising at the moment.

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    SA W 34/0 (5) | Laura Wolvaardt 18 (17), Lizelle Lee 16 (14): Iqbal strays down the leg in the 3rd over and Lee helps the ball on its way to the boundary. At 17, Wolvaardt is the youngest South African to score a century in ODIs. She already has 2 in her 18-match career. Fourth ball from left-armer Sadia Yousuf, Wolvaardt cuts through point for a boundary. South Africa are off to a positive start. Iqbal in the fifth over of the innings gives away 3 boundaries. All back-to-back. One over bowler’s head, followed by a late cut and the third one a push through the cover region.

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    SA W 9/0 (1) | Laura Wolvaardt 9 (3), Lizelle Lee 0 (3): Iqbal to start the proceedings. The 18-year-old Wolvaardt won’t waste any time. She starts with a boundary through point region and follows it with an attractive hit though cover. 9 from the 1st over.

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    PAK W 206/8 (50) | Sidra Nawaz 1 (2): The fielding has been rather dismal from South African girls today. Sana Mir struck one had but Daniels makes a mess of it at mid-on. Should have been a dot. It’s FOUR. Khaka bowls her final over. 8 comes from it. The fourth ball is hammered straight back for a boundary off Iqbal’s blade. She ends her spell — 10-1-33-0. Kapp finishes her with a 4-run over to complete hers — 10-1-48-1. Earlier Daniels completed her spell with 10-4-21-2. She has been the most impressive bowler today. The final over from Shabnim goes — Wkt, 0, 1, 2, 2 and Wkt. So 31 comes from the final 5 overs. Iqbal falls trying to slog.

    OUT! Sana Mir c Trisha Chetty b Shabnim Ismail 15 (20)

    OUT! Asmavia Iqbal c M Daniels b Shabnim Ismail 27 (38)

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    For those hooked to men’s cricket. India-West Indies 2nd ODI toss has been delayed due to weather conditions.

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Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live updates of the third match, of ICC Women’s World Cup 2017, between Pakistan and South Africa. I am Suvajit Mustafi, and I will provide all the live happenings — from scorecard to posts on social media space. Both teams suffered a drubbing against Australia in the warm-ups, but later made amends comfortably beating West Indies. To put things into perspective, this is a battle of equals. Neither Pakistan nor South Africa have won the title, but that does not mean that they will be fallible in this flagship tournament. Both teams boast of players who can create upsets to best of the teams.

From Wasim Akram to Shoaib Malik to Sarfraz Ahmed, former and current Pakistan cricketers have wished well for their countrywomen before the tournament. They, however, do not have a good record in the World Cup. Participating in three editions, they managed victories in only one of them. That said, they are a much-improved unit now. They have batters such as Bismah Maroof and Javeria Khan playing under inspirational leadership of Sana Mir who leads the spin attack, their best suit.

South Africa, on the other hand, are termed dark horses in this edition. Ranked sixth in ICC ODI Rankings, they have No. 1 ODI bowler and No. 2 all-rounder in Marizanne Kapp.

This is the best South African side to ever play a World Cup. They have five batters and four bowlers in the Top 20 of the ICC ODI rankings.

Although South Africa enter as favourites in this match, they will not have an easy time against Sana Mir’s spirited team. Who knows, like India beat the favourites England yesterday, Pakistan may pull off an improbable result.


South Africa: Dane van Niekerk (c), Trisha Chetty (wk), Moseline Daniels, Marizanne Kapp, Ayabonga Khaka, Masabata Klaas, Shabnim Ismail, Nadine de Klerk, Lizelle Lee, Sune Luus, Raisibe Ntozhake, Mignon du Preez, Andrie Steyn, Chloe Tryon, Laura Wolvaardt

Pakistan: Sana Mir (c), Sidra Nawaz (wk), Ayesha Zafar, Bibi Nahida, Marina Iqbal, Bismah Maroof, Javeria Khan, Syeda Nain Fatima Abidi, Kainat Imtiaz, Asmavia Iqbal, Diana Baig, Waheeda Akhtar, Nashra Sandhu, Ghulam Fatima, Sadia Yousuf