Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live coverage of Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) vs Gujarat Lions (GL), Match 44, Indian Premier League (IPL) 2016 match at Bengaluru. I’m Shruti Hariharan and I will be bringing you all the updates of this match. It is a must-win match for both the sides in different ways. While GL need one win to register their spot in the final four of IPL 2016, RCB have to win at least 2 matches of their remaining four matches in the group stage. Gujarat Lions will be without the services of their regular skipper Suresh Raina, who is in Amsterdam for the birth of his first child. LIVE CRICKET SCORECARD: Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Gujarat Lions, IPL 2016, Match 44 at Bengaluru

Live cricket score update | Gujarat Lions 104 | Overs 18.4 | Pravin Tambe 7 (19): Sachin Baby comes for his first over and Finch control the inning with FOUR all the way towards deep mid wicket. Soon after another wicket for Baby, he is dismissed for 37 off 38. Now enters Shivil Kaushik who also exits immediately. Baby gets two wickets immediately. Kaushik is dimissed for duck.

OUT! Aaron Finch c Aravind b Sachin Baby 37(38)

OUT! Shivil Kaushik c Aravind b Sachin Baby 0(1)

Live cricket score update | Gujarat Lions 100/8 | Overs 18 | Aaron Finch 33 (35), Pravin Tambe 7 (19): Gayle is back into attack and Finch on strike. Begins with a no ball, not the right way to go ahead after that thrilling performance earlier. Followed by two dot balls and single to end it. Gayle is getting the length right now. Not going right GL, although they should be happy they got 100 up on score board.

Live cricket score update | Gujarat Lions 87/8 | Overs 14 | Aaron Finch 28 (24), Pravin Tambe 2 (5): Captain Kohli takes charge now and is bowling to finish things off. Finch on strike and starts off with single. So far two no balls after single. To add to the plight, Kohli is conceding runs and not saving his team, SIX by Finch towards deep square leg. And that’s single to end the over.

Live cricket score update | Gujarat Lions 74/8 | Overs 13 | Aaron Finch 19 (20), Pravin Tambe 0 (1): Jordan is back, Kumar is on strike. He is back and how, gets another wicket. Indded he has covered up for all the runs conceded in the previous match. Kulkarni enters at conceding two extras so far. Finch is on strike and single to get Kulkarni take the strike. There you go, another wicket for Jordan and that’s his fourth wicket. Kulkarni bowled out for 2. Finch is struggling alone at the non-strikers end. Pravin Tamber enters at this stage. Dot to end the over.

OUT! Praveen Kumar 1 (4) b Chris Jordan

OUT! Dhawal Kulkarni 2 (3) b Chris Jordan

Live cricket score update | Gujarat Lions 69/6 | Overs 12 | Aaron Finch 18 (19), Praveen Kumar 1 (3): Chahal is roaring with thrird wicket on his kitty,  Nath dismissed for 3 off 6. Kohli ask the crowd to calm down I guess and not get too excited. Praveen Kumar enters now. They need 181 to win off 50, not that easy at all for GL. Ends the over with 2 run only from his spells.

OUT! Akshdeep Nath 3 (6) b Yuzvendra Chahal

Live cricket score update | Gujarat Lions 67/5 | Overs 11 | Aaron Finch 17 (17), Akshdeep Nath 3 (5): Previous over saw just three runs from Chahal. GL are clearly struggling to get the runs on board. Varun Aaron enters for this over and Finch is getting hold fianlly with the right gaps, two consecutive boundaries so far. Cmon RCB leak some runs for GL. Just a single to end the over.

Live cricket score update | Gujarat Lions 51/5 | Overs 9 | Aaron Finch 4 (7), Akshdeep Nath 1 (3): Chris Jordan enters with his hat-triclk, does not find luck and Finch off with single. Nath and Finch going slow with singles, that is not going to help GL. They need runs flowing for them just like it did for RCB. Jordan conceded a WIDE as well and after two dot balls, just a single to end the over.

Live cricket score update | Gujarat Lions 47/5 | Overs 8 | Aaron Finch 2 (3), Akshdeep Nath 0 (1): Yuzvendra Chahal comes into attack and Dwayne Bravo joins Finch. So far just singles between these two batsmen. Finch is taking it easy. Bravo mistimes it and gets the wicket, Bravo goes for 1. Now Akshdeep Nath enters along with Finch. This is not going right for GL.

OUT! Dwayne Bravo 1 (2) lbw Yuzvendra Chahal

Live cricket score update | Gujarat Lions 44/4 | Overs 7 | Aaron Finch 0 (0): Chris Jordan is the new bowler into attack and Jadeja on strike. He begins with single to get Karthik on strike. So far just two runs given away from this over. Gayle overthrows and gets an easy single with that. OUT! Karthik is dismissed, Jordan gets his wicket and this time second one in arow of Ravindra Jadeja. All things not going well for GL. Jordan on hat-trick.

OUT! Dinesh Karthik 2 (4) b Chris Jordan

OUT! Ravindra Jadeja 21 (19) b Chris Jordan

Live cricket score update | Gujarat Lions 41/2 | Overs 6 | Ravindra Jadeja 19 (16), Dinesh Karthik 1 (1): News batsman Dinesh Karthik on crease and Shane Watson the new bowler into attack. Comes down the track immediately, appealing for a chance of wicket. Next one, WIDE conceding extra runs. Dot ball followed after the extra run. Some more extras flowing with BYES, Virat Kohli getting aggresive and showing off his frustration to the batsman. The RR has gone now to 14. Last one to go from this over and single to end the over.

Live cricket score update | Gujarat Lions 37/2 | Overs 5 | Ravindra Jadeja 18 (11): Yuzvendra Chahal for his first over and Jadeja on strike, early to get spinner during Powerplay. Off the mark with FOUR, Jadeja takes the charge now. McCullum shouts back to keep him back in the crease before he jumps to take the single. Guess what, Jadeja smashes it off for SIX, Chnnaswamy is witnessing sixes galore. Remains saife and opts for dot ball this time. Flicks it off and finds third man, single is what McCullum and Jadeja will stick to. Skipper Brendon McCullum departs too soon, AB de Villiers makes no error and Chahal gets his man.

OUT! Brendon McCullum 11 (13) c AB de Villiers b Yuzvendra Chahal

Live cricket score update | Gujarat Lions 26/1 | Overs 4 | Brendon McCullum 11 (12), Ravindra Jadeja 7 (6): Aravind is back for his second over. Jadeja on strike off for single to get McCullum on strike as much as possible. Few bounces and FOUR off towards deep extra cover. McCullum stops Jadeja from taking a quick single. McCullum wants to keep the strike. Hits the pad and single this time easily with LEG BYE. Jadeja does not want to lag behind, he joins the league of boundaries FOUR towards deep mid wicket. Single to end the over.

Live cricket score update | Gujarat Lions 15/1 | Overs 3 | Brendon McCullum 7 (9), Ravindra Jadeja 1 (3): Stuart Binny is back anf McCullum on strike. Tough luck with runs beginning with dot ball. They need to move for single t and Jadeja back on strike. This was a bouncer from Binny and Jadeja unable to catch the delivery. Overthrow conceded a couple of runs for GL. Slight appeal from Binny for chances of wicket, no nod from umpire. McCullum on strike and will face last delivery. Ends the over with FOUR towards long off.

Live cricket score update | Gujarat Lions 9/1 | Overs 2 | Brendon McCullum 2 (5), Ravindra Jadeja 0 (1): Sreenath Aravind the next bowler into attack and Smith onb strike. GL need to keep ticking with runs and single to begin with. Close chance swinging the ball perfectly and McCullum remains safe. Every miss of the ball could be high run rate. Just two runs from this over so far, RCB looking in charge of the game. OUT! Smith has to leave Aravind gets his target. Last delivery left from this over and Ravindra Jadeja the new batsman to face the it. dot to end it.

OUT! Dwayne Smith 7 (6) b Sreenath Aravind

Live cricket score update | Gujarat Lions 7/0 | Over 1 | Brendon McCullum 1 (2), Dwayne Smith 6 (4): Opening pair Dwayne Smith and skipper McCullum enter the crease. Stuart Binny will open attack for RCB. Begins with a dot ball. Smith goes off the mark, smashing for boundary but finds a fielder stopping the boundary. McCullum on strike. Yorker from Binny and just single to begin with for skipper. Bashed it away for FOUR, first one for GL and Smith. GL need this in every ball now to reach the target. Single from the next delivery, Last one to go and full toss with dot.

Live cricket score update | Royal Challengers Bangalore 248/3 | Overs 20 | AB de Villiers 129 (52): Last over and Praveen Kumar called in for this over. De Villiers aiming for getting Kohli on strike for his third century. Easily gets a couple of runs and Kohli is eager to get his third century. Quick two runs now. Kohli becomes the first batsman from the squad to achieve three centuries in IPL 9 with that stylish SIX. Now some breathing space please, another one from Kohli, SIX! The highest score on the board. Two more balls to go. This getting to be a child’s play here. Oh wait, the ball is lost again. Dwayne Bravo finally gets hold of this wicket, Kohli dismissed for 109 off 55, GL are not even reacting. Shane Watson enters and exits soon as well, Kumar gets his second wicket at the last over. GL need 249 to win off 20 overs.

OUT! Virat Kohlin 109 (55) c Dwayne Bravo b Praveen Kumar

OUT! Shane Watson 0 (1) c Dinesh Karthik b Praveen Kumar

Live cricket score update | Royal Challengers Bangalore 233/1 | Overs 19 | Virat Kohli 95 (51), AB de Villiers 128 (51): Shivil Kaushik comes in to bring some respite for GL. Kohli goes for SIX towards long off with that short ball. Now it’s FOUR, RCB talking with FOUR and SIXES now against GL. SIX, now Kohli is unstoppable after ABD. He is raring for his third century as well. What does McCullum do now with that SIX, Kohli is aiming for his third century and nearing it. McCullum can just look out for his third century. And to give you news, double century partnership between these two batsmen. And couple fo runs to end the over.

Live cricket score update | Royal Challengers Bangalore 203/1 | Overs 18 | Virat Kohli 65 (45), AB de Villiers 128 (51): Dwayne Bravo is back and guess what now Kohli joins along. FOUR, SIX all in the same area. Bravo needs to try some other means now. Some fire rescue team is needed is what Rameez Raja says. GL are slacking and are unable to control the runs flowing. It’s Kohli on strike. No need to guess what will be next and now just single, good comeback from Bravo. Full toss is not enough, but it is NO BALL along with a FOUR. Bravo cannot find any means to control this man. ABD goes for another SIX. Last ball now and guess what the ball just disappeared  towards long on with SIX. 200-up for RCB.

Live cricket score update | Royal Challengers Bangalore 173/1 | Overs 17 | Virat Kohli 52 (41), AB de Villiers 112 (48): Jadeja is back for his last over and de Villiers remains on strike. So far two dot balls and a BYE, Kohli on strike now and then gets de Villiers is back with another single. Need to brath here, two consecutive sixes from this man! ABD is definitely not human we feel. Already playing at 112 off 48 and 10 sixes.

Live cricket score update | Royal Challengers Bangalore 159/1 | Overs 16 | Virat Kohli 51 (40), AB de Villiers 100 (43): Praveen Kumar is back for his third over and de Villiers on strike. De Villiers starts off with dot ball and now SIX, don’t know where its gone, ladies and gentlemen the ball is lost btw! Even de Villiers could not believe where it went off. It does not stop de Villiers, get another SIX all the way towards long on. The crowd is crazy with the rainign sixes at the moment. Let’s just say another boundary now from de Villiers and GL are just spectators to all these boundaries. Crowd cheering ABD ABD ABD! Now what is next, SIX guess what he is playing at 99 now! That single gets ABD to his first ever century in IPL 9 and fastest one.

Live cricket score update | Royal Challengers Bangalore 136/1 | Overs 15 | Virat Kohli 51 (40), AB de Villiers 76 (36): Pravin Tambe into attack and Kohli on strike. With that easy single, he manages to get his 5th fifty. Kohli tags along with de Villiers now. Wristy cover drive from Kohli and now the 360 batsman comes on strike. SIX, its de Villiers at his best all towards long on. dD e Villier is unstoppable at the moment, FOUR now going past the fielder. Happy with single to end the over. Time Out in place.

Live cricket score update | Royal Challengers Bangalore 122/1 | Overs 14 | Virat Kohli 49 (38), AB de Villiers 65 (33): Dwayne Bravo back into attack and Kohli on strike. Single to start off with and getting de Villiers on strike, who is command of the game. De Villiers smashes for yet another FOUR, finds a fielder towards third man, single. Kohli on strike and to get runs on board, de Villiers bought into strike. With those singles, Kohli and De Villiers bring up 100-runs stand yet again. RCB thrives on these two batsmen. Easily will get two runs from second last delivery. Last one to go and Kohligets single with that over throw.

Live cricket score update | Royal Challengers Bangalore 115/1 | Overs 13 | Virat Kohli 44 (34), AB de Villiers 63 (31): Jadeja is back for his third over. de Villiers is off the mark with single. Kohli comes back for single to keep de Villiers on strike. And another master blowing shot from de Villiers, FOUR. It does not end there, de Villiers goes for collosal SIX! Just what the Chinnaswamy was waiting for. Some respite for GL, single to end the over.

Live cricket score update | Royal Challengers Bangalore 103/1 | Overs 12 | Virat Kohli 43 (33), AB de Villiers 52 (26): Kulkarni got back too soon for his third over. Kohli on strike and middle of the bat off the mark for SIX, his first one with that perfect length. This time back for single getting de Villiers on strike. Crowd going crazy wanting more of SIX from these batsmen on crease. There you go another one from the 360 batsmen, SIX. FOUR, this is not normal from de Villiers. Already 17 runs from this over. Heated discussion between de Villiers and McCullum. Need more security in the ground to stop these batsmen. Guess what? Another FOUR, all the talking goes waste! ABD’s fifty with that stylish boundary! Last ball and single.

Live cricket score update | Royal Challengers Bangalore 81/1 | Overs 11 | Virat Kohli 36 (31), AB de Villiers 37 (22): Jadeja is back for his second over and Kohli on strike, begins with single. Two single and couple of runs so far. Kohli and de Villiers managing with those couple of runs and singles. Along with boundaries to aim for. Ends with single and dot ball.

Live cricket score update | Royal Challengers Bangalore 76/1 | Overs 10 | Virat Kohli 32 (27), AB de Villiers 36 (20): Dwayne Smith back into attack. Kohli on strike and begins with couple of runs, Dwayne Bravo aiming for stumps today but no luck. A glam shot by Kohli, FOUR towards deep extra cover, third one for skipper. Didn’t quite get the gap, single for de Villiers. Kohli back and what has he got on store now? happy with single. De Villiers on fire, FOUR to end the over towards long off.

Live cricket score update | Royal Challengers Bangalore 63/1 | Overs 9 | Virat Kohli 24 (23), AB de Villiers 31 (18): Ravindra Jadeja into attack and de Villiers on strike. Googly from Jadeja and chances of stumping from Karthik, is he safe unsafe? Yes, SAFE! No luck for Jadeja with wickets and followed by dot ball. Single fro de Villiers and Kohli on strike. Kohli running between wickets for second one and safe landing on the crease, going safe. Last ball, another googly and dot ball, loud appeal made by Jadeja, once again tough luck.

Live cricket score update | Royal Challengers Bangalore 59/1 | Overs 8 | Virat Kohli 21 (21), AB de Villiers 30 (14): Dwayne Bravo into attack and lets see what he has in store for GL. De Villiers on strike and he starts off with dot ball. Just a slight flick easily getting a couple of runs from it. Blistered it off for FOUR with power, even McCullum’s flying couldn’t get hold of this shot. Slight defense from Kohli and de Villiers to face the last delivery. Full toss and single to end the over. Time Out in place.

Live cricket score update | Royal Challengers Bangalore 50/1 | Overs 7 | Virat Kohli 20 (20), AB de Villiers 22 (9): Powerplay ends and Shivil Kaushik is back for his second over. Kohli on strike and he heads for single to get de Villiers on strike to get runs on board. FOUR, after two sixes and four another one from ABD towards mid-wicket and long on. Smart cricket by de Villiers and single to get Kohli on strike. Kohli is happy bringing de Villiers on strike to keep the scoreboard ticking. Misfield will lead to single to end the over. 50 up for RCB.

Live cricket score update | Royal Challengers Bangalore 42/1 | Overs 6 | Virat Kohli 18 (17), AB de Villiers 16 (6): Last over of Powerplay and another spin into attack. Pravin Tambe enters for his first over. Kohli on strike and begins dot, followed by single. De Villiers tags along with Kohli for leg-side, FOUR. Another SIX from the 360 degree batsman, spilling runs all over the place. Tambe seems to be punished. Dot to end the over.

Live cricket score update | Royal Challengers Bangalore 31/1 | Overs 5 | Virat Kohli 17 (15), AB de Villiers 6 (2): Spinners bought into attack for 5th over and Shivil Kaushik enters. Kohli on strike and no luck with runs. Second one for Kohli, does not want to spare the spinner as well FOUR towards sweeper. Chances of run out and Kohli, de Villiers running between wicket. De Villier son strike. RCB RCB RCB is the crowd cheering around. Extra run conceded, WIDE! SIX, de Villiers goes all the way towards long off, first one for RCB.

Live cricket score update | Royal Challengers Bangalore 19/1 | Overs 4 | Virat Kohli 12 (10), AB de Villiers 0 (1): Kulkarni will continue and Kohli on strike. Expected to hold the runs but an over throw and will head for FOUR towards square, Kohli will say thank you to Jadeja for that. Slight nudge and single, Gayle on strike. That was just a nudge and another FOUR to third man, Gayle doesn’t need to put up force for his boundaries, it just happens. Not the way Gayle was expecting to be OUT!, UNLUCKY but lucky for Kulkarni going for single digit again. AB de Villiers enters. Dot to end the over.

OUT! Chris Gayle 6 (13) b Dhawal Kulkarni

Live cricket score update | Royal Challengers Bangalore 10/0 | Overs 3 | Virat Kohli 7 (8), Chris Gayle 2 (10): Praveen Kumar is back for his second over and Kohli on strike. Begins with his first FOUR, smashed towards backward point. Next one being safe and just single, getting Gayle on strike. The crowd is pumped up being Saturday, all for Kohli and co. Gayle is happy with singles, unable to get the big hits instantly. Just for information, RCB has taken an initiative for Go Green and they have also worn Green jersey for the same. Good going RCB. Smashed for a boundary and just a single to end.

Live cricket score update | Royal Challengers Bangalore 3/0 | Overs 2 | Virat Kohli 1 (4), Chris Gayle 1 (8): Dhawal Kulkarni for the second over and Gayle on strike. So far faced six deliveries and no run luck with runs. Gayle finally gets the ball onto bat and single. Captain Kohli on strike and Dhawal Kulkarni attacks and no run. Shortish ball and once again no run. RCB seem to be struggling to get the runs ticking. Off the mark Kohli goes with a single. So far Kohli has scored two centuries and the first one was against GL. Last delivery from Kulkarni, Gayle on strike and dot to end.

Live cricket score update | Royal Challengers Bangalore 1/0 | Over 1 | Viart Kohli 0 (1), Chris Gayle 0 (5): RCB begin with their opening pair skipper Kohli and Universe Boss Chris Gayle. Praveen Kumar will open the attack for GL. Countdown begins. First ball and perfect defense from Gayle. Followed by dot again. Kumar getting the length right, dot ball from the third and fourth one as well. Gayle finally, goes off the mark with a single, LEG BYE given by the umpire. Its skipper Kohli on strike and ends with dot.

Royal Challangers Bangalore Playing XI: Virat Kohli(c), Chris Gayle, AB de Villiers, Lokesh Rahul(wk), Shane Watson, Sachin Baby, Stuart Binny, Sreenath Aravind, Chris Jordan, Varun Aaron, Yuzvendra Chahal

Gujarat Lions Playing XI: Dwayne Smith, Brendon McCullum(c), Ravindra Jadeja, Dinesh Karthik(wk), Aaron Finch, Akshdeep Nath, Dwayne Bravo, Praveen Kumar, Dhawal Kulkarni, Pravin Tambe, Shivil Kaushik

LIVE TOSS UPDATE: Gujarat Lions win the toss and elect to field!

In his absence whether Aaron Finch or Brendon McCullum will lead Gujarat against RCB will have to be seen. With three matches left for Gujarat in the group stage, they only need one win to seal the playoffs spot. However their spearhead Dale Steyn thinks differently. Prior to the match, Steyn went on to say that Gujarat hold more capability of winning just one match in the remainder of their fixtures in IPL 2016.

Meanwhile, RCB are coming off a defeat at the hands of Mumbai Indians in their previous fixture. That loss came after RCB register two back to back wins against Kings XI Punjab and Rising Pune Supergiants. Their skipper Virat Kohli, who has smashed two tons already in this edition of IPL, has has been struggling with the bat in the previous matches. His form will be very crucial for the fate of RCB against second-placed Gujarat.


Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB): Virat Kohli (c), AB de Villiers, Chris Gayle, Shane Watson, Kedar Jadav (wk), Chris Jordan, Adam Milne, Sarfaraz Khan, Mandeep Singh, Yuzvendra Chahal, Harshal Patel, Stuart Binny, Kane Richardson, Tabraiz Shamsi, Travis Head, Praveen Dubey, Vikramjeet Malik, Akshay Karnewar, Iqbal Abdullah, Sachin Baby, Vikas Tokas.

Gujarat Lions: Suresh Raina (c), Ravindra Jadeja, Dwayne Bravo, James Faulkner, Brendon McCullum, Praveen Kumar, Dale Steyn, Dinesh Karthik (wk), Dwayne Smith, Dhawal Kulkarni, Aaron Finch, Eklavya Dwivedi, Andrew Tye, Ishan Kishan, Jaydev Shah, Shadab Jakati, Pravin Tambe, Pradeep Sangwan, Amit Mishra, Shivil Kaushik, Aksh Deep Nath, Sarabjeet Ladda, Umang Sharma, Paras Dogra.