Greetings! Welcome to the live blog of the second and final game of the two-match Twenty20 International (T20I) series between South Africa and New Zealand at the Supersport Park in Centurion on Sunday. This is Amit Banerjee here, and I will keep you updated on the events that occur at the venue in what promises to be another cracker of a contest between the two top-ranked sides. South Africa are currently leading the series 1-0 after their comfortable six-wicket victory in the first game of the series, which took place at the Kingsmead in Durban. The Black Caps will be eager to give it back to the Proteas in the second game in order to share equal honours with them. Live Cricket Scorecard: South Africa vs New Zealand, 2nd T20I at Centurion

Man of the Match and Man of the Series: Martin Guptill

Read the match report by Pramod Ananth here.

Live cricket score South Africa 145/8 | Overs 20, BATTING:  Kagiso Rabada 5(6), Kyle Abbott 9(8): Adam Milne comes in to bowl the penultimate over, conceding only three runs off it. McCullum misjudges an opportunity to collect a catch at long-on as Abbott collects a couple off the last ball of the over. McClenaghan comes in to bowl the final over. Single off the first taken by Phangiso. Abbott smashes the penultimate ball for a boundary, followed by a dot to end South Africa’s misery. New Zealand win by 32 runs, and draw the series 1-1.

Live cricket score South Africa 133/8 | Overs 18, BATTING:  Kagiso Rabada 1(1), Kyle Abbott 1(1): OUT! Wiese perishes after a few deliveries; attempting a slog down towards long-off where McCullum holds on to the catch. It looks like a lost cause for the hosts now! Neesham comes in to bowl the 17th over. FOUR! Miller displays brute power again, smashing the third ball over the extra-cover fielder’s head. OUT! Phangiso departs after a meagre score of two off five balls, with Kane Williamson taking a good catch near deep cover. SIX! Miller smashes the first ball of the next over for a massive one over midwicket! Good running between the two in the third ball. OUT! Miller attempts a hook towards deep backward square-leg, where Munro takes the catch to virtually end SA’s hopes of winning the series. Kyle Abbott is the next batsman to walk to the crease.  SA need 45 to win from 12 balls.

OUT! David Wiese c Nathan McCullum b  Ish Sodhi 2(4), Aaron Phangiso c Kane Williamson b Jimmy Neesham 2(5), David Miller c Colin Munro b Mitchell McClenaghan 29(20)

Live cricket score South Africa 113/5 | Overs 15, BATTING:  David Miller 14(12), David Wiese 1(1): Neesham into the attack. Single off the first two deliveries, as the pair are still cautious in their approach. Good running exhibited between the two after Miller takes a quick couple in the fourth delivery. Sodhi in to bowl the 14th over. FOUR! Miller goes for a powerful cut that beats the fielder at the deep point for a four, bringing up the 100 for SA, although in difficult circumstances. Sodhi bowls a shorter one in the final ball, that Miller despatches towards midwicket for a single. McCullum comes in to bowl the next over, and they are still quite behind New Zealand at the same stage. SIX! Behardien comes down the track and smashes the fourth ball over midwicket for a big one! OUT! Behardien perishes after attempting a similar strike, getting caught by Guptill at midwicket off a full toss! Behardien can’t believe his luck after the dismissal, as Wiese comes out to bat now. SA need 65 to win from 30 balls.

OUT! Farhaan Behardien c Martin Guptill b Nathan McCullum 36(27)

Live cricket score South Africa 90/4 | Overs 12, BATTING:  Farhaan Behardien 26(18), David Miller 2(3): Behardien drives the first ball of the 10th over for a four towards deep extra-cover. The pair take a couple of singles off the next two balls, with Behardien taking a couple off the fourth ball as the ball rebounds from Kane Williamson’s knee at cover towards the mid-off region. OUT! Rossouw throws his wicket away as the Proteas were beginning to look in control of things, playing the final ball straight towards Williamson at midwicket to give Sodhi his first wicket. David Miller is the new batsman to walk to the crease. Behardien reverse-sweeps the first ball of the following over for a boundary. Three more singles come off it as Nathan McCullum concedes seven off the 11th over. Adam Milne comes in to bowl the 12th over, and sticks to an attacking line. Behardien however responds to the challenge with a powerful drive through the cover region for a four! Eight off the 12th over, with Behardien taking a single off the last ball to retain strike.

OUT! Rilee Rossouw c Kane Williamson b Ish Sodhi 26(23)

Live cricket score South Africa 66/3 | Overs 9, BATTING:  Rilee Rossouw 25(21), Farhaan Behardien 6(6): The Proteas are 13 runs behind the Black Caps at the same stage. SIX! De Villiers goes big once again! Gets down on one knee and smashes the third ball over square-leg for a massive one! OUT! De Villiers attempts another big one, but gets caught by Neesham at long-on, as the South African crowd goes dejected. Massive blow for the Proteas! Farhaan Behardien is the next batsman, and gets off the mark soon. FOUR! Rossouw comes down the track and smashes Sodhi for a straight boundary off the third ball! Couple of singles to end the over. Elliott comes in to bowl the ninth over. FOUR! Rossouw cuts with ease in the second delivery, as the ball races away towards the boundary. Attempts a similar strike in the third delivery in the opposite direction, but ends up with only a single. Single to end the over, with 10 coming off it.

OUT! AB de Villiers c Jimmy Neesham b Nathan McCullum 15(9)

Live cricket score South Africa 40/2 | Overs 6, BATTING:  AB de Villiers 9(7), Rilee Rossouw 12(11): FOUR! Amla plays the first ball of the fourth over down the track towards fine-leg for a boundary! OUT! Amla tries to cut the next delivery, only to give Colin Munro an easy catch at point for South Africa to lose their second wicket with only 19 on board. The Proteas are in serious trouble at the moment! Milne does it for the Black Caps this time! Rossouw ends the over by taking three runs. McClenaghan comes in to bowl the next over, and Rossouw gets two consecutive boundaries courtesy a couple of beautiful cover drives towards the same region. The Proteas cannot afford to lose another wicket, yet they must keep the scoreboard ticking. Jimmy Neesham comes into the attack in the following over, and AB de Villiers smashes the first two deliveries with finesse to get off the mark! DROPPED! AB hooks the fourth ball, with Latham dropping a rather tough chance at short midwicket, that otherwise saves three runs. Two dots off the next two balls, as the powerplay comes to an end!

OUT! Hashim Amla c Colin Munro b Adam Milne 14(13)

Live cricket score South Africa 15/1 | Overs 3, BATTING: Hashim Amla 10 (11), AB de Villiers 0 (2): Nathan McCullum bowls the first over of the innings and he concedes just five runs. Adam Milne on the other hand starts off with a wide and concedes a boundary of the next delivery. Milne bowls a couple of balls on middle and leg and the batsmen manage to score freely, but also has beaten the batsmen on a few occasions. Mitchell McClenaghan bowls the third over, replacing McCullum. Keeps things tight and does not concede many in his first over as he keeps things tight. He also manages to get rid of Van Wyk.

OUT! Morne Van Wyk c Ronchi b McClenaghan 3 (5)

Live cricket score New Zealand 177/7 | Overs 20, BATTING: Nathan McCullum 1(2), Adam Milne 10(7): OUT! Skipper AB takes a brilliant running catch at midwicket to end Munro’s progress, departing on a score of 18 off 7 deliveries. OUT! Rabada is on a hattrick now, as Neesham is bowled while moving to his left to create room for himself, exposing his stumps in the process. Rabada misses out on a hattrick as Milne defends the following delivery. End of Rabada’s spell, as he walks back with figures of 3 for 30! Abbott comes in to bowl the next over, with Milne getting an inside edge towards fine-leg for a couple. Couple of singles off the next two deliveries, with a dot off the fourth. Rabada takes a couple off the fifth ball, and Milne ends the innings with a four towards long-on! Read the New Zealand innings report by Pramod Ananth here.

Live cricket score New Zealand 165/5 | Overs 18, BATTING: Jimmy Neesham 27(17), Colin Munro 18(6): Rabada comes in to bowl the next over. FOUR! Neesham makes room for himself in the second ball and slices the ball towards point! Single off the next ball. Single, a risky one that too by Ronchi. Neesham tries to make room for himself in the fifth delivery, but misses. Neesham gets a top-edge off the last ball, but the ball lands safely in the fine-leg region for Neesham to take a couple. Eight runs off the over. Wiese comes in to bowl the next over, with Ronchi taking another quick one. Neesham, in his usual attacking mode, smashes the next one towards long-on, though gets only a single due to the fielder. Wide off the third ball. Wiese manages to keep the run-flow somewhat stifled in this over. OUT! The Black Caps lose their fifth wicket when Ronchi is caught at the cow-corner by Miller after attempting an ambitious hook! Colin Munro is the new batsman at the crease, as Abbott comes in to bowl the next over. Munro starts off with a boundary off the first ball! Wide off the fourth ball due to height, with a four, six and a four off the next three deliveries.

OUT! Luke Ronchi c David Miller b David Wiese 6(8)

Live cricket score New Zealand 133/4 | Overs 15, BATTING: Luke Ronchi 3(4), Jimmy Neesham 18(9): Phangiso comes in to bowl after bowling two terrible overs. Elliott promptly smashes him for a four towards the covers to further his misery in the ongoing match. Phangiso however, has the last laugh as he manages to trap Elliott leg-before in the last ball off a well-pitched delivery. The Black Caps need to rebuild their innings now, having lost too many wickets and going down the path they went in the previous game. Jimmy Neesham, George Worker’s replacement for New Zealand in the ongoing game, walks out to bat now. Neesham gets his first boundary of the innings when he sends a slower ball pitched outside leg towards fine-leg, where Abbott loses the race towards the boundary to the ball. Neesham carries his aggression to the next over by Phangiso, smashing the second and third deliveries for a six and a four respectively.

OUT! Grant Elliott lbw Aaron Phangiso 20(17)

Live cricket score New Zealand 105/3 | Overs 12, BATTING: Grant Elliott 13(12), Luke Ronchi 0(0): Guptill inches close towards his half-century as he hits the first ball of the following over straight towards Phangiso, who misses out on a difficult catch as the ball runs away for a boundary. Meanwhile, Phangiso has to keep his line in check after conceding as many as two wides. Phangiso ends the over with a good delivery that turns away from and beats the batsman. FIFTY! Guptill completes his sixth T20I half-century by sweeping the first ball of the next over towards square-leg for a boundary! SIX! Guptill ends the over with a massive straight six, his second in the innings! Behardien comes in to bowl the next over. OUT! South Africa get the big wicket of Guptill, who departs after a brilliant century, after a change of pace by Behardien that results in Miller taking a successful running catch at deep midwicket. Ronchi is the next batsman to walk to the crease.

OUT! Martin Guptill c David Miller b Farhaan Behardien 60(35).

Live cricket score New Zealand 75/2 | Overs 9, BATTING: Martin Guptill 43 (26), Grant Elliott 4(3): Eddie Leie comes in to bowl the seventh over, with Guptill getting down on one knee and smashing the third ball for a massive straighxt six! 12 runs come off his first over of the match, with the opportunity to dismiss Latham coming their way. Wiese comes in to bowl the next over. Guptill smashes the third ball towards long-0n, with David Miller nearly pulling off a brilliant catch. OUT! Latham attempts to smash Leie down towards mid-wicket, but gets a leading edge to loop the ball towards Hashim Amla in the slips, who completes a simple catch! Elliott is the next batsman to walk to the crease, and sweeps it for a four towards deep fine-leg.

OUT! Tom Latham c Hashim Amla b Eddie Leie 3(8)

Live cricket score New Zealand 53/1 | Overs 6, BATTING: Martin Guptill 28 (17), Tom Latham 0(2): Abbott is back to bowl the fourth over, and Guptill hits him for consecutive boundaries off the second and third balls respectively. Guptill makes room for himself in the second ball and goes for the cut towards backward point in the first one, while Behardien l0ses the race against the ball at deep midwicket in the second. SIX! Guptill smashes the last delivery of the over for a magnificent straight six! Change of bowling in the fifth over, with Wiese coming into the attack. Bowls good length in the first delivery, but Williamson plays a classy drive down the track that beats the fielder at mid-off to race towards the boundary. Wiese ends up conceding 11 runs in the over, including another boundary.

Rabada to bowl the sixth over. Williamson completes the 50-partnership in the following with a flick towards backward square-leg for a six. OUT! The partnership comes to an end when Williamson is caught by Kyle Abbott at third man to depart after scoring 25 off 17 balls, including four boundaries and a six! Tom Latham comes in to bat next. Lets see if New Zealand prevent a collapse like the one they endured in the first game.

OUT! Kane Williamson c Kyle Abbott b Kagiso Rabada 25 (17)

Live cricket score New Zealand 21/0 | Overs 3, BATTING: Martin Guptill 8 (8), Kane Williamson 13 (10): South Africa skipper AB de Villiers has decided to open the bowling with Aaron Phangiso, who concedes seven runs in the first over, including a boundary off the first ball. Kyle Abbott comes in to bowl the next one, and bowls a tight one to concede only one off the next over. De Villiers decides to stick to pace now as he brings in Kagiso Rabada for the third over, who starts off with a boundary. Rabada however, is expensive as Williamson begins to attack the opposition with his flawless flicks and drives, scoring two boundaries in the over.


South Africa: Morne van Wyk (wk), Hashim Amla, AB de Villiers (c), Rilee Rossouw, David Miller, Farhaan Behardien, David Wiese, Aaron Phangiso, Kyle Abbott, Kagiso Rabada, Eddie Leie.

New Zealand: Martin Guptill, Kane Williamson (c), Jimmy Neesham, Colin Munro, Grant Elliott, Luke Ronchi (wk), Tom Latham, Nathan McCullum, Adam Milne, Mitchell McClenaghan, Ish Sodhi

Two changes in the Black Caps side — Jimmy Neesham and Ish Sodhi come in place of George Worker and Doug Bracewell. South Africa, on the other hand, have opted to draft Eddie Leie in place of Morne Morkel in order to bolster their spin attack.

TOSS: New Zealand have won the toss, and skipper Kane Williamson has chosen to bat. Meanwhile AB de Villiers will lead South Africa in the second T20I as well, as Faf du Plessis is yet to recover from his injury.

New Zealand will shuffle through their options after their defeat in the first game, in which both the batting and bowling departments flopped majorly. Skipper Kane Williamson might want to include all-rounder Jimmy Neesham and pacer Ben Wheeler a chance in order to have a better chance in restricting the South African top-order, who paved the road to victory in the previous game with ease. The Proteas, on the other hand, will eagerly await for news of the fitness of their T20I captain Faf du Plessis, who missed out on the first game due to injury. PREVIEW: South Africa vs New Zealand, 2nd T20I at Centurion


South Africa: Faf du Plessis (c), Kyle Abbott, Hashim Amla, Farhaan Behardien, AB de Villiers, JP Duminy, Eddie Leie, David Miller, Rilee Rossouw, Morne van Wyk (wk), David Wiese, Kagiso Rabada, Aaron Phangiso, Morne Morkel.

New Zealand: Kane Williamson (c), Doug Bracewell, Grant Elliott, Martin Guptill, Matt Henry, Tom Latham, Mitchell McClenaghan, Nathan McCullum, Adam Milne, Colin Munro, James Neesham, Luke Ronchi (wk), Ish Sodhi, Ben Wheeler, George Worker.

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