Hello and Welcome to CricketCountry s live coverage of Round 2 of the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2015-16. I am Ayush Gupta and I will be bringing you the live updates afrom all the games here. Here we will bring you updates happening in the afternoon session (1:00 pm IST). Earlier, there was a morning session with six matches (9.00 am IST). The teams like Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh, Andhra, Baroda, Jharkhand and Kerala will participate in the morning session of games. The following matches will be covered by us in this blog: Maharashtra vs Services, Himachal Pradesh vs Hyderabad, Andhra vs Delhi, Baroda vs Railways, Jhakhand vs Tripura, Kerala vs Rajasthan.

Kerala vs Rajasthan

LIVE CRICKET SCORE: Rajasthan 111/8 | 20 Overs |TARGET 130|BATTING: Rajat Bhatia 42 (35), Pankaj Singh 1 (2): Kerala have done remarkably well t restrict Rajasthan to just 111, thereby registering a 18-run win. Rajat bhatia once again top-scoring for Rajasthan with an unbeaten 35-ball 42.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE: Rajasthan 60/4 | 11 Overs |TARGET 130|BATTING: Rajat Bhatia 9 (7), RK Bishnoi 1 (1): Bhatia is going to be key from here for Rajasthan, who have a modest total to chase down. Kerala will be looking to picking up wickets at regular intervals.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE: Kerala 129/7 in 20 Overs. BATTING: Sachin Baby 15 (13), Prasanth Padmanabhan 0 (0) An average total for Kerala as they finish on 129 for the loss of seven, with Rohan Prem scoring 38. Should be an easy chase for Rajasthan.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE: Kerala 47/1 in 9 Overs. BATTING: VA Jagadeesh 26 (23), Rohan Prem 16 (19) GONE!!!! The first wicket is down for Kerala as they lose Mohammed Azharuddeen for a mere couple. Nevertheless, sensible start by Kerala until the mid-innings.

OUT! Mohammed Azharuddeen b TM Ul Haq 2 (14)

Jhakhand vs Tripura

LIVE CRICKET SCORE: Jharkhand 150/1 |Overs 18.3| TARGET 147| Ishank Jaggi 75 (54), Saurabh Tiwary 9 (7): Jharkhand have on the match with ease. Ishank Jaggi remained unbeaten till the end, while Tiwary was more than happy to pick up singles and give Jaggi the strike.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE: Jharkhand 104/1 |Overs 14| TARGET 147| Ishank Jaggi 36 (36), Saurabh Tiwary 0 (0): Jharkhand have just lost the wicket of Virat Singh for a well made 48-ball 65. Ishhank Jagi has now been joined by Saurabh Tiwary at No.3 as Jharkhand look to cruise to an easy win.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE: Tripura 146/7 in 6 Overs. BATTING: RA Dey 77 (50), BB Roy 0 (0) THAT’S IT!!!! Tripura finish on an avergae total as Jharkhand have been set a target of 147 to be chased down, in what seems to be a decent target as RA Dey’s 74 rescues Teripura from early collpase.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE: Tripura 20/2 in 6 Overs. BATTING: SM Singha 7 (17), RA Dey 1 (2) COUPLE DOWN!!!! Tripura are off to a shaky start as they lose the opening couple of wickets in the form of UU Bose and RD Banik. However, Tripura can still make a comeback here.

OUT! UU Bose lbw Vikash 0 (1), RD Banik b Prakash Seet 11 (17)

Baroda vs Railways

LIVE CRICKET SCORE: Railways 133/6 | Overs 20| TARGET 143|BATTING: Ashish Yadav 9 (11), Anureet Singh 6 (6): Baroda have won the match by just nine runs. They have now won both matches in the tournament. They won the first match courtesy of Irfan Pathan’s heroics, but their teamwork has gotten them through in this match.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE: Railways 99/4 | Overs 15| TARGET 143|V Singh 46 (43), Karn Sharma 0 (0): The match is evenly posied as Railways have just lost another wicket. But the good news is that their opener Singh is well settled and is joined by Karn Sharma, who we know is no mug with the bat.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE: Baroda 142/5 in 20 Overs. BATTING: Yusuf Pathan 41 (41), Soaeb Tai 7 (5) THAT’S IT!!!! Baroda have set a target of 143 for Railways to chase it diown in what seems to be a decent chasing total as Hardik Pnadya smashes 54, while Yusuf Patha remains unbeaten on 41.

OUT! HH Pandya c AR Pandey b Karn Sharma 54 (44), IK Pathan c Ashish Yadav b Ranjeet Mali 1 (4)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE: Baroda 54/3 in 9 Overs. BATTING: HH Pandya 11 (15), Yusuf Pathan 6 (11) THREE DOWN!!!! Baroda too are off to a shaky start as they lose three wickets in almost half-way down the innings in the form of Kedar Devdhar, Mrunal Devdhar and Deepak Jagbir Hooda. How can BAroda capitalise from hereon?

Andhra vs Delhi

LIVE CRICKET SCORE: Andhra 125|Overs 19.2| TARGET 237| BATTING: Stephen 4 (3): Delhi have won the match by a mammoth 111 runs after posting 236 runs in their innings. Andhra were never in the match and have slumped to a defeat in this match. Delhi will look to extend their winning run in the next match as well.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE: Andhra 93/6|Overs 14| TARGET 237| BATTING: Sirla Himasrinivas 7 (5) KV Sasikanth 1 (1): Andhra are in all sorts of trouble and are just four wickets from conceding the match after Delhi put on a mammoth total on the board. This has been an excellent start to the tournament for Delhi, especially with the bat, scoring 200-plus in both the matches so far.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE: Delhi 236/9 in 20 Overs. BATTING: Pawan Negi 22 (14) WELL!!!!! We just witnessed an absolute carnage from the Delhi batsmen as they post a mammoth total of 236 in 20 overs, courtesy of Nitish Rana’s 97 and Milind’s 58. It indeed would be a tough chase for Andhra despite Stephen claiming five for 52.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE: Delhi 55/4 in 7 Overs. BATTING: Nitish Rana 8 (10), Milind 2 (3) FOUR DOWN!!!! Well, well,well! Delhi seems to be in a real trouble here following a quick loss of four wickets out of nowhere as the Andhra bowlers have really struck hard. Can Delhi capitalise things back?

Himachal Pradesh vs Hyderabad

LIVE CRICKET SCORE: Himachal Pradesh 126/9 | Overs 20| TARGET 141| BATTING: RK Singh 18 (13), PP Jaiswal 23 (6): Despite a late flurry, Himachal Pradesh could not get over the line. They fall short by 14 runs. Had they taken on the attack a bit earlier, they could have perhaps won this match. Chama Milind finished with three wickets for Hyderabad.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE: Himachal Pradesh 75/6 | Overs 12| TARGET 141| BATTING: Nikhil Gangta 15 (14), RK Singh 2 (2): Himachal Pradesh are in deep trouble as they have now lost their sixth wicket in the form of Bipul Sharma as RK Singh comes on to bat.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE: Hyderabad 140/9 in 20 Overs. BATTING: Ravi Kiran 1 (2) THAT’S IT!!!! Hyderabad have set a target of 141 for HP to chase down which should be an easy chase for HP, as Ashish Reddy scores 37, while AN Chauhan claims 4 for 25.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE: Hyderabad 44/2 in 7 Overs. BATTING: GH Vihari 11 (10), B Sandeep 14 (8) COUPLE DOWN!!!! Hyderabad are off to a shaky start as well as they lose a couple of wickets early in the form of Tanmay Agarwal and Akshath Reddy for 9 and 14, respectively. Can they capitalise?

OUT! Tanmay Agarwal b PP Jaswal 9 (12), Akshath Reddy c PK Dogra b AN Chauhan 14 (12)

Maharashtra vs Services

LIVE CRICKET SCORE: Services 128 |18.3||TARGET 160| BATTING: N Yadav 0 (0): Services have lost the match by 31 runs after Kazi and Gugale managed to pick up three wickets apiece for Maharashtra. Maharashtra will be happy with this comprehensive win and will look to carry their momentum onto the next match.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE: Services 57/4 in 10 Overs |TARGET 160| BATTING: Rajat Paliwal 7 (5), Yashpal Singh 1 (1) Services are further in trouble as they have lost four wickets chasing 160 to win the match They will have to bat very well if they are to win the match from here.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE: Maharashtra 159/8 in 20 Overs. BATTING: AA Sanklecha 2 (2), DJ Muthuswamy 2 (1) THAT’S IT!!!! Maharashtra hevc set a target of 160 for Services to chase it down and should be an interesting chase in the second half, as NS Naik’s 69 does it for Maharashtra, while N Yadav claims three for 50.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE: Maharashtra 34/2 in 5 Overs. BATTING: KM Jadhav 7 (11), NS Naik 14 (14) COUPLE DOWN!!!! Maharashtra lose am couple of early wickets in the form of SM Gugale and Harshad Khadiwale for5 10 and six. Maharashta off to early trouble. OUT! SM Gugale c Devender Lohchab b Raushan Raj 3 (2), Harshad Khadiwale c Nakul Verma b N Yadav 10 (6)

Maharashtra aim for a straightaway victory over Services with a home tie, hopwever, Services are not a team to be taken liughtly as they have the ammunition to cause an upset. HP too would aim fora win against Hyderabad in the home tie. However, Hyderabad have been in some real good form of late and would be a tough opponwent to beat. Andhra take on Delhi in a home tie, but Delhi, who have been fllying high of late seem to be unstoppable at the moment, but Andhra is the team to do so.

Baroda aim for straightaway victory over Railways in the home tie, and Railways with some poor form of late could well sense trouble in this tie. Jharkhand are the straightaway favourites for thweir home tie against Tripura. However, Tripura have an improved squad this season and could well upset Jharkhand. Kerala and Rajasthan is the game of the session, with both the teams on top form and would be tough to stop both the teams at the moment.