Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live coverage of Vijay Hazare Trophy’s Round 3 matches. The fixtures lined-up for today involve Andhra, Maharashtra, Assam, Punjab, Hyderabad, Rajasthan, Baroda, Odisha, Jammu and Kashmir, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Services and Tamil Nadu. The Indian big names who will be in action on Monday are Harbhajan Singh who will lead Punjab, Murali Vijay, Ravichandran Ashwin and Yuvraj Singh. Services are the table toppers at present in Group A, edging the likes of Mumbai and Punjab with a better run rate as all the three sides have the same number of points. However, Services have played just two games so far and the other two have already had three games done in the tournament. Complete Coverage: Vijay Hazare Trophy 2015-16

Andhra vs Maharashtra at Delhi: Andhra 194 in Overs 42.5 | Target 242 | Batting: Stephen 1(5): OUT! Ayyappa Bandaru 16(15) And Maharashtra are the winner of the contest. The match had taken some interesting turns but finally it was Maharshtra who outdid the Andhra. Both the bowlers and batsmen have performed really well to earn the 47-run victory.

Assam vs Punjab at Hyderabad: Assam 274/2 in overs 42 | Target 328| Batting: Gokul Sharma 60(54), Syed Mohammad 8(12): OUT! Wasiqur Rahman ct Gitansh Khera b Deepak Bansal 11(11)  An action packed match comes to an end as Punjab win it by one run. Assam gave a good fight. The match went on till the last ball as Punjab won it in the last ball. Massive contribution for Assam came from Purakayastha as he scored an outstanding 112-ball 125.

Baroda vs Odisha at Delhi, Odisha 169 in overs 46.2 | Target 226 | Batting: Natraj Behera 67(81): OUT! Basant Mohanty ct Hardik Pandya b R T Arothe And the Baroda bowlers have done it. The total was decent and was chase-able but the bowlers excelled. Bhargav Bhatt two crucial wickets for 16 runs and ended with an economy of 1.60 as Baroda clinched the victory.

Hyderabad vs Rajasthan at Hyderabad, Hyderabad 148 in overs 39 | Target 251 | Batting: P Kaneshkk Naidu 25(20): OUT! Ravi Kiran b Tanveer Ul Haq 0(1) And Rajasthan clinch yet another victory. It was a team effort and both batsmen and bowlers contributed in Rajasthan’s massive 102 run victory. Ashok Menaria scored a match-winning 55 while took an important wicket.

Jammu and Kashmir vs Kerala at Alur, Kerala 105/2 in overs 25 | Target 130 | Batting: Sachin Baby 1(4), Nikhilesh Surendran 85(90): And it all ends for Jammu and Kashmir. Kerala win it by 7 wickets. Nikhilesh Surendran it was for Kerala who scored 85 off 90 balls and handed his team the victory, while it was Fabid Ahmed with the ball earlier who got 3 wickets for 24 runs to make the chase more easy.

Madhya Pradesh vs Uttar Pradesh at Rajkot, Madhya Pradesh 109/2 in Overs 5 | Target 211 | Batting: Harpreet Singh Bhatia 9(13), Naman Ojha 65(69): Madhya Pradesh win by 8 wickets. Naman Ojha played exceptionally well as he scored 114 off 122 deliveries. Another mentionable contribution came from Harpreeet Singh Bhatia who scored 63 off 63.

Services vs Tamil Nadu at Secunderabad, Tamil Nadu 193/3 in overs 39.4 | Target 193 | Batting: Baba Aparajith 66(91), Vijay Shankar 16(7): OUT! R Sathish ct Nakul Verma b Diwesh Gurdev Pathania 16(19) And Tamil Nadu win the contest. Abhinav Mukund and Baba Aparajith did really well with the bat as the bowlers had already reduced the burden by restricting the total within 200. The services bowlers fail to take more than 3 wickets as Tamil Nadu win it by 7.


Andhra vs Maharashtra at Delhi: Maharashtra 51/0 in Overs 10 | Target 242 | Batting: K S Bharat 28(38), Sreekanth Ramesh Koripalli 20(22) : Maharashtra has put up a decent score for Andhra to chase and Andhra have started their innings. The target is achievable and if the Andhra side can stitch two good partnerships of a minimum of 50 runs, they can get control of the game.

Assam vs Punjab at Hyderabad: Assam 82/2 in overs 13 | Target 328| Batting: Sarupam Purkayastha 44(38), Amit Verma 36(35): Punjab puts up a huge total but Assam has also started off well. The current run rate looks good and if they stop losing wickets and maintain this runrate, they might also clinch the victory.

Baroda vs Odisha at Delhi, Odisha 54 in overs 17 | Target 226 | Batting: Govinda Poddar 25(49), Natraj Behera 0(1): OUT! Ranjit Singh ct Aditya Waghmore b Bhargav Bhatt 22(43) 50 up for Odisha but they have lost 2 wickets in the process. They need to protect thier wicket. They have many overs left in his hand and they can slowly and steadily progress towards the target.

Hyderabad vs Rajasthan at Hyderabad, Hyderabad 50/2 in overs 14 | Target 251 | Batting: Hanuma Vihari 3(15), B Sandeep 5(8): OUT! Danny Derek Prince ct Dishant Yagnik b Tanveer-Ul-Haq 14(27) The target is quite high and that Hyderabad have already lost two wickets is not a good news at all. 50 is up and they need to keep their calm and not lose any more wickets soon.

Jammu and Kashmir vs Kerala at Alur, Kerala 105/2 in overs 25 | Target 130 | Batting: Rohan Prem 16(33), Nikhilesh Surendran 59(69): OUT! Sanju Samson b Parvez Rasool 4(3) Kerala have played brilliantly in both deparments and are close to their victory. 25 more runs to go, 8 wickets in hand and 24 overs left. Jammu&Kashmir have disappointed with their performance entirely.

Madhya Pradesh vs Uttar Pradesh at Rajkot, Madhya Pradesh 109/2 in Overs 5 | Target 211 | Batting: Harpreet Singh Bhatia 9(13), Naman Ojha 65(69): OUT! Rajat Patidar ct Akshdeep Nath b Piyush Chawla Naman Ojha is playing brilliantly as he is batting at 65. There is a long batting yt to come and Madhya Pradesh have already gone past 100.

Services vs Tamil Nadu at Secunderabad, Tamil Nadu 74/1 in overs 21 | Target 193 | Batting: Abhinav Mukund 39(69), Baba Aparajith 27(47): OUT! Dinesh Karthik ct&b Diwesh Gurdev Pathania Another disappointing performance from Dinesh Karthik as he goes back for 4 runs. Abhinav Mukund is out there at the crease and is doing great. Baba Aparajith is the other man in and is one of the dependable players of the team. The total is quite achievable.


Andhra vs Maharashtra at Delhi: Maharashtra 167/4 in Overs 38, Batting: A R Bawane 56(105), Kedar Jadhav 86(81): Bawane scored his 50 and the Maharashtra scoreboard looks good with 12 overs still to go. They also have wickets in hand and this can lead to a good total.

Assam vs Punjab at Hyderabad: Punjab 327/4 in overs 50, Batting: Harbhajan Singh 1(1), Mandeep Singh 117(97): OUT! Gurkeerat Mann ct Sarupam Purkayastha b Abu Nechim Ahmed 62(36) Punjab has posted a huge total and what an innings from Mandeep Singh. 117 off 97 with the help of 12 fours and 3 sixes which helps Punjab reach 327 and the total is definitely tough to achieve for the Assam team.

Baroda vs Odisha at Delhi, Baroda 225 in overs 50, Batting: Aditya Waghmore 111(143), Munaf Patel 0(2): OUT! Bhargav Bhatt Run Out Ansuman Gope 0(0) Aditya Waghmore plays a superb knock of 111 in a situation of need and that helps Baroda achieve a respectable total of 225. The bowlers have something to defend now.

Hyderabad vs Rajasthan at Hyderabad, Rajasthan 101/1 in overs 31, M N Singh 41(73), P R Yadav 8(12): Keep following and we will be back with more updates.

Jammu and Kashmir vs Kerala at Alur, Kerala 10/0 in overs 6 | Target 130 | Batting: V A Jagadeesh 7(22), Nikhilesh Surendran 4(17): Jammu&Kashmir’s innings ended with a very low score of 130. The entire batting line up failed and Bandeep Singh emerged as the highest scorer with 31 runs. Kerala have started their innings.

Madhya Pradesh vs Uttar Pradesh at Rajkot, Madhya Pradesh 17/1 in Overs 5 | Target 211 | Batting: Rajat Patidar 8(0), Naman Ojha 8(11):  Uttar Pradesh finish their batting with 211 runs to chase for Madhya Pradesh. The Madhya Pradesh team has started their innings but has lost a crucial wicket in Jalaj Saxena, one of their most dependable players.

Services vs Tamil Nadu at Secunderabad, Tamil Nadu 13 in overs 6 | Target 193 | Batting: We’ll be back with more updates.

Andhra vs Maharashtra at Delhi: Maharashtra 127/4 in Overs 30, Batting: A R Bawane 37(78), Kedar Jadhav 65(60): Kedar Jadhav is playing a leader’s knock and is being well supported by Bawane. Both have managed to build up a partnership which was needed badly and now the score on board looks good. At least one of these two needs to stay till the end and help majorly to put up a respectable total.

Assam vs Punjab at Hyderabad: Punjab 155/2 in overs 32, Batting: Yuvraj Singh 14(23), Mandeep Singh 33(42): OUT! Pargat Singh ct Amit Sinha b Amit Verma 69(75) Pargat Singh has made a good 69 and it’s time for Yuvraj Singh to take the crease. Yuvraj has so far in the series performed brilliantly marking his comeback in form and is expected to play another superb knock today.

Baroda vs Odisha at Delhi, Baroda 129/2 in overs 31, Batting: Aditya Waghmore 58(92), Deepak Hooda 5(7): OUT! Hardik Pandya ct Natraj Behera b Ankit Yadav 30(48) Another wicket for Ankit Yadav and he keeps the hopes of Odisha alive with that. Deepak Hooda is a potent player and if he gets going, he can score really well.

Hyderabad vs Rajasthan at Hyderabad, Rajasthan 101/1 in overs 31, M N Singh 41(73), P R Yadav 8(12): Keep following and we will be back with more updates.

Jammu and Kashmir vs Kerala at Alur, Jammu&Kashmir 115/8 in overs 39 Batting: Zahoor Sofi 11(16), Rohit Sharma 0(2): OUT! Ram Dayal lbw Fabid Ahmed 8(28) The Kerala bowlers have done a total destruction to the Jammu & Kashmir batting line up. The score is very, very low and they don’t have wickets left. Still 10 overs to go.

Madhya Pradesh vs Uttar Pradesh at Rajkot, Uttar Pradesh 176/6 in Overs 41, Batting: Akshdeep Nath 42(57) Bhuvneshwar Kumar 14(25): OUT! Piyush Chawla ct Naman Ojha b Jalaj Saxena The match is swinging equally both ways. The runs on the board look good but the team has lost 6 wickets with 10 overs to go. Akshdeep Nath is the only ‘batsman’ left now, with bowlers yet to come out. He needs to stay there till the end to push the score beyond 200.

Services vs Tamil Nadu at Secunderabad, Services 167/5 in overs 45, Batting: Yashpal Singh 49(76), Suraj Yadav 3(6): OUT! S R Swain ct Aswin Crist b M Mohammed The Services score doesn’t look to be very promising as they have only 5 overs left. Yashpal Singh looks settled with his personal score of 49 and he is the one who can make the last few overs count for his side.

Andhra vs Maharashtra at Delhi: Maharashtra 59/4 in Overs 18, Batting: A R Bawane 15(38), Kedar Jadhav 25(27): OUT! Vishant More b Siva Kumar 0(3). The Andhra bowlers have done a great job as they have managed to pick up 4 early wickets. The Maharashtra batsmen are in trouble now.

Andhra: Ashwin Hebbar, Ayyappa Bandaru, Bodavarapu Sudhakar, Stephen, Siva Kumar, Swaroop, D B Prashanth Kumar (c), K S Bharat (wk), Jyothisaikrishna , A G Pradeep, Sreekanth Ramesh Koripalli

Maharashtra: Harshad Khadiwale, Shrikant Mundhe, A R Bawane, Akshay Darekar, Kedar Jadhav (c), A A Sanklecha, D J Muthuswamy, R A Tripathi, S M Kazi, Swapnil Gugale, Vishant More (wk)

Assam vs Punjab at Hyderabad: Punjab 78/1 in overs 20, Batting: Pargat Singh 35(37), Mandeep Singh 6(11): OUT! Jiwanjot Singh ct Gokul Sharma b Pritam Das 32(52). Punjab is doing really good here. After 20 overs of play, they have lost only one wicket. Opener Jiwanjot departed after making a decent 32 and there is a long batting yet to come. Assam need wickets now.

Assam: Abu Nechim Ahmed, Gokul Sharma (c), Amit Sinha, K B Arun Karthick, Amit Verma, Arup Das , Krishna Das, Pallav Kumar Das, Syed Mohammed, Wasiqur Rahman (wk), Rajdeep Das

Punjab: Yuvraj Singh (c), Mandeep Singh, Gurkeerat Mann, Manan Vohra, Deepak Bansal, Gitansh Khera (wk), Pargat Singh, Siddharth Kaul, Karan Kaila, Barinder Singh Sran, Mayank Siddana

Baroda vs Odisha at Delhi, Baroda 72 in overs 20, Batting: Aditya Waghmore 30(64), Hardik Pandya 8(19): OUT! Kedar Devdhar ct Shesdeep Patra b Ankit Yadav 30(39) Baroda is playing well. They have so far lost only one wicket and dismissed Kedar Devdhar contributed with a decent 30. Aditya Waghmore looks set and he needs to build a good partnership with Pandya.

Baroda: R T Arothe, Yusuf Pathan, Aditya Waghmode, Bhargav Bhatt, Deepak Jagbir Hooda, Hardik Pandya, Kedar Devdhar, Swapnil K Singh, Pinal Shah (wk), Ambati Rayudu (C), Irfan Pathan

Odisha: Natraj Behera (c), Govinda Poddar, Basant Mohanty, Alok Sahoo, Anurag Sarangi, Arabind Singh, Biplab Samantaray, Deepak Behera, Paresh Patel, Shesdeep Patra, Rajesh Dhuper (wk)

Hyderabad vs Rajasthan at Hyderabad, Rajasthan 101/1 in overs 24, M N Singh 41(73), P R Yadav 8(12): OUT! Dishant Yagnik b Vishal Sharma 34(61) Opener Yagnik gave a good start to the Rajasthan innings as he scored 34 and now another opener M N Singh is carrying forward that. Rajasthan innings looks stable and with 100 up on board, they are in a good position.

Hyderabad: Hanuma Vihari (c), Ravi Kiran, C V Milind, Akshath Reddy, Tirumalasetti Suman, Tanmay Agarwal, B Sandeep, Himalay Agarwal, Sumanth Kolla (wk), P Kaneshkk Naidu, Vishal Sharma

Rajasthan: A N Garhwal, N B Singh, Ashok Menaria, Pankaj Singh (c), A R Gupta, Dishant Yagnik (wk), P I Sharma, Pramod Yadav, R B Bishnoi Jr, Tanveer-Ul-Haq, Rajat Bhatia

Jammu and Kashmir vs Kerala at Alur, Jammu&Kashmir 61 in overs 24 Batting: Bandeep Singh 8(30), Mufti Mohsin 1(3): OUT! Parvez Rasool b Fabid Ahmed 10(30) The Kerala team is in the driver’s seat having picked up 5 wickets already. One of J&K’s most dependable batsmen Parvez Rasool has departed scoring only 10 and now the rest of the line up will have to take care of the score.

Jammu and Kashmir: Shubham Khajuria, Parvez Rasool, Mithun Manhas (c), Bandeep Singh, Ian Chauhan (wk), Ram Dayal, Umar Nazir, Waseem Raza, Amir Sofi, Pranav Gupta, Rohit Sharma

Kerala: Sanju Samson (wk), V A Jagadeesh, Fabid Ahmed, Niyas Nizar, Manu Krishnan, Prasanth Padmanabhan, Akshaya M K , Rohan Prem, Sachin Baby (c), Warrier, Mohammed Azharuddeen

Madhya Pradesh vs Uttar Pradesh at Rajkot, Uttar Pradesh 108/4 in Overs 26, Batting: Akshdeep Nath 13(23), Rinku Singh 0(1): OUT! Umang Sharma ct Anand Singh Bais b Ankit Sharma 50(55) The Uttar Pradesh team have lost a few wickets but their scorecard looks good. Umang Sharma, their No 3 , has scored a decent half century and has pushed the score beyond 100 within 27 overs. The Madhya Pradesh bowlers are doing good with the ball as well and this seems to be a close competition.

Madhya Pradesh: Jalaj Saxena, Ishwar Pandey, Naman Ojha (c & wik), Harpreet Singh Bhatia, Rameez Khan, Ankit Sharma, Puneet Datey, Anand Singh Bais, Rajat Patidar, Parth Sahani, Venkatesh Iyer

Uttar Pradesh: Piyush Chawla, Eklavya Dwivedi (c & wk), Akshdeep Nath, Israr Azim, Mohd Javed, Prashant Gupta, Praveen Kumar, Umang Sharma, Samarth Singh, Saurabh Kumar, Rinku Singh

Services vs Tamil Nadu at Secunderabad, Services 90/3 in overs 29, Batting: Mumtaz Qadir 22(64), Yashpal Singh 19(29): OUT! Rajat Paliwal ct Dinesh Karthik b M Mohammed 0(1) 29 overs gone and Services are yet to reach their team total of 100. Their dependable batsman Soumik Chatterjee couldn’t do much as he scored only 25 and the rest of the team need to come to the rescue.

Tamil Nadu: Abhinav Mukund, Baba Aparajith, Dinesh Karthik (wk), Baba Indrajith, Kaushik J, M Mohammed, Ravichandran Ashwin (c), R Sathish, Rahil Shah, Murali Vijay, M Ashwin

Services: Rajat Paliwal (c), Diwesh Gurdev Pathania, Nakul Verma (wk), Shadab Nazar, Suraj Yadav, Yashpal Singh, Sufiyan Alam, Rahul Kanojia, Azaruddin Bloch, S R Swain, Mumtaz Qadir