Namaste and Good Evening! Hello and Welcome to CricketCountry’s live coverage of the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2015-16, as we bring you the live update of the final match of the tournament here. After a grueling Super League stages Baroda from Group A and Uttar Pradesh from Group B have managed to outclass every other team in the draw and secured their place of the finals.  Baroda so far have lost only 2 games out the 9 they have played whereas Uttar Pradesh have remained unbeaten in the whole competition. This will also be the first match under lights in this edition. Baroda will look to win their third Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy, with Uttar Pradesh eyeing their first ever after finishing runners-up in the 2013-14 edition. Complete Coverage: Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2015-16

Live Cricket Score | Uttar Pradesh win by 38 runs, win Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy | Man of the Match: Suresh Raina | Kedar Devdhar 19 (12) Mrunal Devdhar 14 (15) Hardik Pandya 13 (14) Deepak Hooda 15 (15) Yusuf Pathan 14 (27) Soaeb Tai 26* (23) Irfan Pathan 10 (8) Pinal Shah 0 (1) Tushar Arothe 5* (5) | Praveen Kumar 4-0-31-0 Ankit Rajpoot 4-0-30-3 Amit Mishra Jr 4-0-33-2 Piyush Chawla 4-0-16-0 Kuldeep Yadav 4-0-12-2

Live Cricket Score Baroda 125/7 | Overs 20 | Target 164 | Batting: Soaeb Tai 25(21), Rishi Arothe 3(3): Rajpoot had figures of 4-0-30-3. PK to bowl out now. Tai tries a helicopter shot, but it does not matter anymore. Praveen 4-0-31-0. Mishra Jr will finish things off. Soaeb pulls in vain, gets a boundary. UP win by 38 runs.

Live Cricket Score Baroda 110/7 | Overs 18 | Target 164 | Batting: Soaeb Tai 17(16), Rishi Arothe 0(0): Praveen Kumar comes back. Irfan tries to flick the first ball, it goes up vertically and falls in no-man’s land. Tai lofts one to wide mid-off, misfield at long-off by Akshdeep Nath, four, hundred for Baroda! Ankit Rajpoot to bowl out. Terrible ball from Rajpoot, Dwivedi had no chance, FIVE WIDES! Irfan perishes, hitting Rajpoot straight to long-on! Pinal falls as well, trying to steer Rajpoot and only steering to Dwivedi’s gloves, golden duck for him. OUT! Irfan Pathan c Umang Sharma b Ankit Rajpoot 10(8)! Pinal Shah c Eklavya Dwivedi b Ankit Rajpoot 0(1)!

Live Cricket Score Baroda 93/5 | Overs 16 | Target 164 | Batting: Soaeb Tai 10(10), Irfan Pathan 6(3): Baroda have struggled, but they have at least seen off the spinners. Rajpoot comes back, and Tai steers his second ball for four, they need plenty of these! Mishra Jr is back, the first ball is an inside edge. They go upstairs, and it has carried to Dwivedi, Yusuf falls! Irfan drives the first ball he faces past mid-wicket for four! A slog to mid-wicket, Tai picks up two, that will not be sufficient. OUT! Yusuf Pathan c Eklavya Dwivedi b Amit Mishra Jr 14(27)!

Live Cricket Score Baroda 77/4 | Overs 14 | Target 164 | Batting: Yusuf Pathan 12(24), Soaeb Tai 2(4): Piyush Chawla bowls out, with 4-0-16-0. Kuldeep continues. Both Yusuf and Tai are looking for the big shots, but they are failing to read the googlies of Chawla and Kuldeep, the runs are simply not coming. Kuldeep finishes with a spectacular 4-0-12-2.

Live Cricket Score Baroda 71/4 | Overs 12 | Target 164 | Batting: Yusuf Pathan 8(16), Soaeb Tai 0(0): Hooda and Yusuf are trying to cut loose now, some time since the last boundary now. I just get the feeling that one of them will cut loose any moment, probably Yusuf. Hooda, desperate for runs, goes for the big shot and hits straight long-on, second wicket for Kuldeep! OUT! Deepak Hooda c Prashant Gupta b Kuldeep Yadav 15(15)!

Live Cricket Score Baroda 63/3 | Overs 10 | Target 164 | Batting: Deepak Hooda 10(8), Yusuf Pathan 5(11): Chawla continues. Hooda and Yusuf carry on with some caution. Slip and misfield, Yusuf gets an extra run. Both Kuldeep and Piyush have been bowling beautifully, Yusuf is finding the googlies difficult to pick.

Live Cricket Score Baroda 54/3 | Overs 8 | Target 164 | Batting: Deepak Hooda 6(4), Yusuf Pathan 0(3): Mrunal Devdhar tries to make room and hit Mishra over the top, but the top-edge goes to the big gloves of Trivedi, second blow for UP! Direct hit, not out, they run an overthrow! Kuldeep Yadav now, with his Chinamen. Bowls a deceptive googly, hitting Pandya on the pad. The next ball stops on Pandya, and he hits it back to Kuldeep, soft dismissal! A capless Yusuf Pathan in, a slip in place. Kuldeep rounds things off with three dot balls, 1-0-1-1 for him! OUT! Mrunal Devdhar c Eklavya Dwivedi b Amit Mishra Jr 14(15)! OUT! Hardik Pandya c & b Kuldeep Yadav 13(14)!

Live Cricket Score Baroda 47/1 | Overs 6 | Target 164 | Batting: Mrunal Devdhar 14(14), Hardik Pandya 12(10): Gorgeous off-drive from Pandya off Amit Mishra Jr, lovely placement, four more! Pandya flicks Mishra to go past Avi Barot, he is now the highest scorer in this season’s Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy! Another gorgeous drive, this time dead straiiiiight, four more! On comes Piyush Chawla. He slides down a googly to Mrunal, loud appeal for LBW, umpire says NO.

Live Cricket Score Baroda 33/1 | Overs 4 | Target 164 | Batting: Mrunal Devdhar 11(9), Hardik Pandya 1(3): Praveen continues as Mrunal sets off to a cautious. He tries a pull and mistimes, sets off for two to open account. He lofts the next ball straight over PK’s head, four more! Pandya is also off, with a cover-drive for one. Mrunal lofts the fifth ball from Rajpoot over cover for four!

Live Cricket Score Baroda 20/1 | Overs 2 | Target 164 | Batting: Mrunal Devdhar 0(0), Hardik Pandya 0(0): The Devdhar brothers have walked out, Praveen Kumar to take new ball. Kedar drives past wide mid-off, misfield, they get a brace. Kedar thrashes the next ball past extra-cover, four more! Down the legs, wide, poor line for PK. Single to deep mid-wicket off last ball, Kedar keeps strike. Ankit Rajpoot to share the new ball. Massive slog, one-bounce to the mid-wicket fence, Kedar doesn’t hesitate! The next ball disappears past point for four more! Nice leg-cutter from Rajpoot to follow-up. Edges the next ball, there’s no slip, the ball races to the third-man fence! And then, he throws it all away, playing the last ball of the over straight to backward-point! Rajpoot draws first blood! OUT! Kedar Devdhar c Akshdeep Nath b Ankit Rajpoot 19(12)!

Live Cricket Score Uttar Pradesh 163/7 | Overs 20| Batting: Suresh Raina 47 (37), Amit Mishra 2 (2): That’s the end of the innings and UP will be reasonably happy with their efforts. Raina hit the last ball for a six that got UP over 160. They have reached a par score and will be confident of their bowlers doing the job for them. Baroda will fancy their chances as well. OUT! Praveen Kumar c Arothe b Irfan Pathan 3 (4)

Live Cricket Score Uttar Pradesh 141/6 | Overs 18| Batting: Suresh Raina 34 (31), Praveen Kumar 0 (0): In pursuit of some quick tuns Umang Sharma loses his wicket after a bullet throw from Munaf Patel from the deep. Suresh Raina is still there at the crease. Akashdeep Nath is also run out after the ball deflects off the bowler’s hand. That’s extremely unlucky. UP will be targeting a score above 160. OUT! Umang Sharma Run out 12 (6)

Live Cricket Score Uttar Pradesh 122/4 | Overs 16| Batting: Suresh Raina 32 (27), Umang Sharma 0 (1): Raina and Chawla look to press on the accelerator but Chawla is trapped in front off the bowling of Soaeb Tai. Umang Sharma is the new batsman for UP. OUT! Piyush Chawla LBW b Tai 17 (13)

Live Cricket Score Uttar Pradesh 98/3 | Overs 13| Batting: Suresh Raina 27 (21), Piyush Chawla 1 (2): Prashanth is trapped in front and falls one run short of a half-century. He did have a stroke of luck when he was caught off a no ball. Eklavya Dwivedi has also been dismissed for a two-ball duck. Baroda have made an excellent comeback in the match after it seemed like UP would run away with it. OUT! Prashanth Gupta LBW b Bhatt 49 (41), Eklavya Dwivedi LBW b Bhatt 0 (2)

Live Cricket Score Uttar Pradesh 79/1 | Overs 11| Batting: Prashanth Gupta 41 (37), Suresh Raina 17 (17): UP are going along extremely well. They have lots of wickets in hand and with the outfield being lightening quick, they will be looking to put on a huge score on the board and put Baroda under pressure.

Live Cricket Score Uttar Pradesh 59/1 | Overs 8| Batting: Prashanth Gupta 26 (25), Suresh Raina 12 (11): At the end of the eighth over, it seems as though UP have made a good start. They were given a lucky break when Prashanth was given a break as he was caught off a no ball. He looks set to cash in on it. Crucial phase of the innings coming up.

Live Cricket Score Uttar Pradesh 38/1 | Overs 5| Batting: Prashanth Gupta 17 (16), Suresh Raina 1 (1) : Baroda get their breakthrough as Hardik Pandya gets rid of Samarth Singh. UP skipper Suresh Raina is the new batsman for UP. OUT! Samarth Singh b Pandya 19 (13)

Live Cricket Score Uttar Pradesh 25/0 | Overs 3| Batting: Prashanth Gupta 15 (12), Samarth Singh 10 (6): UP are dealing in boundaries at the moment and the openers have gotten their team off to a good start. Baroda will have to strike before the opening partnership starts to threaten. The openers have batted sensibly as well so far.

Live Cricket Score Uttar Pradesh 5/0 | Overs 1| Batting: Prashanth Gupta 5 (5), Samarth Singh 0 (1): The final is under way and skipper Irfan Pathan bowls the first over of the match. Gupta gets a boundary off the second delivery and UP are on their way. Pathan manages to keep it tight. Good start to the match and hope it’s a cracker!




TOSS: Baroda win toss and elect to field first.

Baroda and Uttar Pradesh are all set to take on each other in the final of the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2015-16, Baroda are on high after beating Mumbai  via a superior run rate where as Uttar Pradesh had an outright victory against Delhi. Baroda had an net run-rate of +0.299 as compared to Mumbai’s +0.196. Baroda beat Mumbai in a final over match chasing 152, equaled Mumbai’s tally of 8 points. Uttar Pradesh on the hand brought up their third straight win in Super League round beating Delhi by three wickets. Delhi got to the target of 158 with two balls of balls to spare with Eklavya Dwivedi’s quick fire 49 off 35 balls

Baroda and Uttar Pradesh both have international stars on their side.  Uttar Pradesh has Piyush Chawla, Praveen Kumar, Suresh Raina, Kuldeep Yadav among their ranks. Baroda are not to far behind with Hardhik Pandya, Munaf Patel, Irfan Pathan and  Yusuf Pathan in their arsenal.