Hello and Welcome to CricketCountry’s live coverage of Match 24 of Copa America Centenario 2016 which is being played Argentina and Bolivia. The Group D match is scheduled to be played at Seattle’s CenturyLink Field. It is the third match of Argentina of, having won against Chile and Panama. The last match was against Panama which marked the return of Lionel Messi after an injury. Although the FIFA World Player of the Year Messi was not included in the starting XI of Argentina, he still made his presence felt at Soldiers Field Stadium. In less than 20 minutes of his play, he had a hat-trick to his name. Argentina thrashed Panama 5-0 and sat on the top of the table of Group D.

Despite the hat-trick the Argentine skipper later confessed of not being 100 per cent fit. Ahead of Argentina final group stage clash, Coach Gerardo Martino has hinted on Messi starting on the bench in the match due to fitness concerns. Messi came into the tournament with a back injury which he had picked in a warm-up friendly against Honduras. He also went on to miss part of the team’s preparations as he was back in Europe facing charges of tax fraud in a Spanish court.

The game ends as Argentina thrash Bolivia by 3-0. They head into the quarter-finals to play Venezuela. Good Bye for now!

90+2 mins: Yellow card for Cuesta!

90 mins: Two minutes of additional time. Bolivian players having a few exchanges with Messi, referee steps in to put an end to it.

89 mins: Its all but over for Bolivia as Argentina thrashed them with a 3 goal lead in 89th minute. They are still looking for the fourth goal

87 mins: Another Yellow Card to Bolivia, this time Melean. That was a rough challenge as Lamela falls down on the ground.

85 mins: Substitutions Algaranaz in Dalence out

81 mins: Yellow card in waiting for Campos as he tackles Messi. His knee hits the abdomen of Messi. He stands up instantly and exchanges a heated conversation with Campos who pushes him back. Referee comes into play to get it all sorted. Free Kick to be taken now. Messi takes it and it goes in vain. He is trying to score a goal here.

78 mins: OH MESSI! Just offside there. He got the goalkeeper fooled by his dribbling. Missed a goal there. That should have been 4-0.

74 mins: Substitution Nicholas Otamendi out Jonathan Maidana in

72 mins: Argentina are taking hold of the ball and keeping the possession for themselves. Bolivia could do nothing but wait till the full time.

68 mins: Another foul from Bolivia, Aguero seems pissed as he got pushed over. Messi takes another free kick from a similar region. This will be his third today. Clearance from Bolivian defender as free kick fails to produce anything.

65 mins: Campos tries to take the ball forward but makes a fool of himself falling on the ground with three defenders around him doing nothing. He looks frustrated.

64 mins: That was almost the fourth goal for Argentina. Aguero fails to net this one. A brilliant pass from Messi but falls short of the goal. Argentina are attacking now.

62 mins: Messi is playing some spectacular football here. His dribbling has been exquisite and Bolivian defenders have no clue where he is going to pass the ball next.

59 mins: Another foul there, Aguero was fouled by Bolivian defender. Crowd is going berserk as Messi is about to take the free kick. He takes it and just misses it by inches. Oh! what a shot, just missing the far post by inches. Bolivia breathes a sigh of relief.

57 mins: Campos tries to take a shot but just goes past the far post. Good effort from him. Bolivia outsmarted Argentina a bit by taking a throw in quickly and trying to create a chance.

55 mins: Lucas Biglia takes a chance outside the Penalty area but Bolivian goalkeeper saves it by a desperate dive. That was close. Crowd still waiting for Messi to score.

52 mins: There was a chance there but Bolivian defender saves it from danger. Messi was given an offside flag anyway.

50 mins: A free kick from Messi! Everyone wanted it to be a goal but Bolivian defenders were up to the task this time around.

48 mins: Campos injured by Bolivia as he was going into an attacking position. Messi about to take the free kick. There might be a goal in store for them.

46 mins: Substitutions: David Banega out Lucas Bigila in, Gonzalo Higuain out Lionel Messi in. The crowd is ecstatic as Messi walks on the field. This goal fest is about to get more interesting.

Erik Lamela, Ezequiel Lavezzi and Victor Cuesta have scored one goal each so far to make life miserable for Bolivia. More can be expected if Messi comes in Second half!

45+1 mins: Argentina go into the half time with a 3-0 lead. Bolivia might face the wrath of Messi in the second half. Stay tuned for more match updates.

45 mins: One minute of additional time before Half time whistle.

44 mins: Argentina are taking it easy here, not trying hard to score goals. Bolivia seem frustrated as they are trying hard to take the ball from them. The game is about to go into half time.

40 mins: Bolivia have failed to create any chances despite getting hold of the ball for quite sometime now. They just could not get past their defense.

38 mins: Big reason to worry for Bolivia now. Their loss is going to be a humiliating one as Messi can be seen adjusting his socks on the line. Fans are ecstatic and Bolivia should get their tactics refurnished before he turns this into a nightmare. Not like it isn’t one right now

36 mins; Argentina are set to go into quarter-finals. It is quite evident now. Not like there was much doubt before the match. But they have had sheer luck today with chances served to them on a platter.

32 mins: GOAL!!! This is a goal fest for Argentina! Cuesta scores! Aguero tries to net the ball when it gets deflected and goes to Lavezzi who gives an assist to Cuesta who slides it past the goalkeeper.

31 mins: Argentina have changed their formation a bit after Duk went off the field. They are now playing in a more 5-4-1 formation as his substitution is isolated in forward position.

27 mins: Yellow card for David Banega. This was a needless challenge from Banega. He should be careful now before he gets suspended.

26 mins: Argentina are shifting gears now and attacking Bolivia. This might be a Red Alert for Bolivia.

24 mins: Substitution: Duk Arandia out Iba ez in. Duk goes off the field as he was not able to play after a reckless challenge from teammate.

23 mins: Bolivia are striving to get one goal here. They are attacking Argentina up and down with reckless challenges. The number of fouls have certainly increased. We might be seeing a Red Card here.

21 mins: Duk becomes the victim of a reckless challenge from his teammate, Gutierrez. This might take a while.

19 mins: The last time these two teams met in Copa America, they played a draw with one goal each. Maybe they can take an inspiration from the past to come back in this match. (which is highly unlikely)

17 mins: From the look of the score it might be asserted that Argentina are on song and attacking Bolivia. But that hasn’t been the case as they are not fighting for possession with all heart. Bolivia have failed to impress and given away far more chances to Argentina than they created.

15 mins: GOAL!!! Yes, I was right! This will be goal fest. Lavezzi scores. Kranvitter’s cross headed by Higuain as goalkeeper fumbles and Lavezzi doesn’t miss this chance. That’s second goal for Argentina.

13 mins: GOAL!!! And its on. Argentina scores, Erik Lamela converts the free kick into a goal. That was deflected by the Bolivian wall of defense. That was into the far post. Wil, this be a goal fest? Let’s eee

12 mins: Yellow Card for Edward Mauro Zenteno lvarez. That was a dangerous tackle!

10 mins: Argentina trying to take it easy here as they know they are through the Group stages and that is clearly visible with the way they are playing. They are not trying anything fancy today.

8 mins: Argentina are trying to get more possession for themselves to create pressure. They will be looking to maintain a flawless record by winning all the Group stages match. The last time they did this was in 2007.

6 mins: Bolivia survives a scare. Free Kick for Brazil didn’t had much to net one for a goal.

4 mins: Free Kick! There might be a chance here. He takes the kick and finds a header but straight to Romero. He would have to try more than that to get past Romero. Not a great header.

3 mins: The possession has been evenly shared till now between Argentina and Bolivia. Argentina taking some time to get into the groove. Meanwhile, Arce is fouled on the left by Roncaglia.

1 min: And Kick off! Argentina on attack right away going from left flank to right flank. Will this be a goal fest too?

Playing XI:

ARGENTINA (4-4-2): Romero; Roncaglia, Otamendi, Funes Mori, Cuesta; Lavezzi, Kranevitter, Banega, Lamela; Aguero, Higuain.

BOLIVIA (5-3-2): Lampe, Saavedra, Cabrera, Zenteno, Gutierrez, Campos; Melean, Smedberg, Azogue; Arce, Duk.


Argentina: Nahuel Guzman , Sergio Romero, Mariano Andujar, Marcos Rojo, Facundo Roncaglia, Jonatan Maidana, Nicolas Otamendi, Gabriel Mercado, Ramiro Funes Mori, Victor Cuesta, Augusto Fernandez, Ever Banega, Lucas Biglia, Javier Mascherano, Erik Lamela, Matias Kranevitter, Javier Pastore, Gonzalo Higuain, Lionel Messi, Sergio Aguero, Nicolas Gaitan, Angel Di Maria, Ezequiel Lavezzi

Bolivia: Carlos Lampe, Romel Quinonez , Guillermo Viscarra, Diego Bejarano, Marvin Bejaran , Nelson Cabrera, Ronald Eguino, Luis Gutierrez, Erwin Saavedra, Edward Zenteno, Pedro Azogue, Jhasmani Campos, Raul Castro, Samuel Galindo, Cristhian Machado, Alejandro Melean, Fernando Saucedo, Martin Smedberg-Dalence, Walter Veizaga, Juan Carlos Arce, Yasmani Duk, Bruno Miranda, Rodrigo Ramallo