Hello and Welcome to CricketCountry’s live coverage of the 2016 Copa America Centenario, Match 4 between former champions Brazil and Ecuador at The Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena on Sunday. I am Shruti Harihahran, and I will be bringing to you all the live updates from this exciting thriller. Brazil have been former champions of this game, as they have managed to win this tournament eight times and are the third most successful side in this tournament, as for Ecuador, they are yet to win this tournament, and is a good opportunity for them to do so. However, with the competition being much more intense this time, it would be interesting to see how both the teams shake things up.

3 Minutes Extra Time, BRA 0-0 ECU: Still no luck with goal and looks like there won’t be any despite three minutes extra time. Ecuador have made some final changes for last three minutes, with Miler Alejandro Bola os Reascos going out and Fernando Vicente Gaibor Orellana comes in. Guess what, the entire crowd is disappointed with no goal at the end of this match. But both showed credibility which is why the game went goalless until the end of the game.

90, BRA 0-0 ECU: Anything is possible now, who will be hero the question still remains. Ecuador gets another yellow card, sixth is the game already. Jaime Ayovi catches Dani Alves with a very hard challenge, and he’s shown a yellow card. The substitute went right over the ball with his studs showing, and he’s lucky that wasn’t worse. This could be the second ever draw in Copa Amera ever between Brazil and Ecuador. Meanwhile the other time a goal that was not given, is meant to be a goal. Many celebrities come to watch this game and look who joins.



85, BRA 0-0 ECU: It’s a crunch situation, 5 minutes to go now. Ecuador and Brazil both pushing hard, no luck with goal yet! Are you kidding me?? The match is looking for one hero who could change the scenario. None of the team’s are willing to chances at the moment. WIDE FROM LUCAS! The PSG winger makes a delightful run towards the near post to get on the end of a route one ball over the top.

80, BRA 0-0 ECU: Last 15 minutes and Brazil make yet another change, Wilian goes out and comes in Lucas Rodrigues Moura da Silva. This time Ecuador is competing with Brazil for yellow card, Enner Remberto Valencia Lastra gets his bit this time. Too much of heat catching up, referee is unable to take the intensity. Another change this time Ecuador make few changes Jefferson Antonio Montero Vite goes out and in comes Fidel Francisco Mart nez Tenorio while the other change includes Jaime Javier Ayov Corozo coming in for Enner Remberto Valencia Lastra.

75, BRA 0-0 ECU: It’s all a bit static from Brazil on the ball. They’re being kept on the periphery by what is proving to be a stout Ecuadorian defence, and ingenuity is sorely lacking. Finally some respite for Brazil as Willian’s free-kick keeps the game alive although no luck with goal once again with the subsequent delivery is poor and Ecuador clear their line. Uh oh, looks like Brazilians are all over the place. Filipe Luis smacks his own team mate into Coutinho, that was some nasty collision.

70, BRA 0-0 ECU: THE BALL IS IN THE NET! BUT IT DOESN’T COUNT??? Bolanos charges the ball down at the byline and appears to keep it in play. He rolls a tame effort along the goal-line towards the near post, where it’s fumbled into the net by Alisson! Tough luck Brazil. Absolutely shocking! The ball didn’t fully cross the line, and thus was still in play! Everyone thought it was a goal, but the assistant referee, whose view was blocked by the two posts, halts celebrations! Well let’s see if anything turns around. Another 20 minutes to go. What can happen now?

65, BRA 0-0 ECU: Substitution called in Jonas Gon alves Oliveira goes back to the squad and Gabriel Barbosa Almeida comes out to play for Brazil. It’s your time to shine, Gabriel. The striker, Gabigol as he’s nicknamed in Brazil, enters the fray at the expense of Jonas. This time Brazil aimed for a goal and looks like there is no luck for them as well. Montero tried once again from the other end to go for a goal and looks like that’s a fail as well. Brazil have won 12 out of the 13 Copa America matches against Ecuador.


60, BRA 0-0 ECU: Ecuador enjoying positive moment there with Valencia showing some good skills as center-forward. Montero was trying all his best to aim for a goal, but chance missed. Surely the match is in need of a bit of inspiration off the bench, but which coach will be first to show their hand? Will there be some exchange of players now on the field? Ecuador are showing more intent as compared to Brazil, especially Montero and Valencia. Brazil are trying to reach that level and showing that hard work towards reaching the goal.

55, BRA 0-0 ECU: Valencia tries all his luck to go the distance and an important deflection off Gil sends it behind for a corner. Bolanos takes, but plays a square ball to Paredes on the flank and Brazil sniff it out with relative ease. The only previous Copa America match in which Brazil and Ecuador have shared the points was in 1963. Nothing really intense happening, the foul has calmed down a bit between these teams. Could there be a tie between them? Too early to say anything.

50, BRA 0-0 ECU: Back for action in second half and another yellow card for Ecuador player Juan Carlos Paredes Reasco. This is fourth in the game and first one for the opponent team with Paredes going through the back of Coutinho to get on the ball and referee issues yellow card for the fraction between them. The foul count rising early in this second half, this time Mina is penalised for a hard tackle on Coutinho.

2 Minutes Extra Time, BRA 0-0 ECU: So that ends the first half gets done, no goal from Brasil as well Ecuador. There was yellow card for three Brazilians and Ellian was moved by stretcher. A thrilling encounter was on cards but let’s see how this goes forward. Can Brazil aim for a goal in the second half and win this game is to watch out for.

45 Minutes, BRA 0-0 ECU: Another free kick chance and missed towards goal-wards. Ecuador are defensing it well as they manage to force the ball behind for corner. A 50-50 ball in midfield is contested by Noboa and Willian, and the Ecuador midfielder catches the latter just under the knee with his follow-through. Extra 2 minutes given away, before the first half ends. Still no goal from these teams.

40 Minutes, BRA 0-0 ECU: Elias Mendes Trindade from Brasil received yellow card for foul, so a warning for him at the moment. Elias has no chance at getting the ball as he dives in from behind with the sole intent of taking Montero to ground, denying Ecuador a two against one. That gives them more chances to get better against Ecuador. After all the efforts, Enner Valencia takes the free-kick from 25 yards out and sends a blistering effort goal-wards, but it’s a bit too close to Alisson. All three Brazilians are in for Yellow card with Carlos Gilberto Nascimento Silva in for it as well. He received the yellow card for his foul behavior that was not unnoticed by the referee.

30 Minutes, BRA 0-0 ECU: Another intense 10 minutes gone with no goals scored. However, one of their best moments just came and gone by without the goal being scored as a definite good pass from Willian was wasted by Elias, who went on to pas the ball inside the box, with no one around, whereas he could have easily scored the goal himself. The experimental squad of Dunga still taking some time to settle down.

20 Minutes, BRA 0-0 ECU: Intense action all round the field as of now, with Brazil putting up intense fight and a plenty of chances, with around three-to four of them coming for Brazil. However, Ecuador too had their chance, just to be gone pegging inside the opening 10 minutes of the game.

Midfielder Luiz Gustavo has become the sixth player to be dropped from Brazil’s Copa America squad, throwing their preparations for the tournament’s centenary edition into disarray. Brazil’s football confederation said in a statement on Thursday that the 28-year-old Wolfsburg player was released from the squad due to personal reasons, Xinhua news agency reported. He has been replaced by uncapped 21-year-old Gremio midfielder Walace. Others to have been cut from Brazil’s squad for the tournament in the US are veteran midfielder Kaka, winger Douglas Costa, goalkeeper Ederson, midfielder Rafinha and striker Ricardo Oliveira. All were ruled out due to injury, reports IANS.

Brazil are also without their captain Neymar after his club Barcelona refused to release him for both the Copa America and the Olympic Games in August. The Selecao will begin their Copa America campaign against Ecuador at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena on Saturday, added, IANS.