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  • 12:17 AM IST

    Here’s Kaustubh Mayekar’s match report: IPL 2017: DD edge out KXIP by 51 runs

    That’s it from me today. Join us tomorrow for yet another double header. The first match at 4PM will be between Mumbai Indians and Gujarat Lions at the Wankhede. However, it will be Virat Kohli vs Steven Smith again in the second match at 8PM as Royal Challengers Bangalore take on Rising Pune Supergiants at Chinnaswamy.

  • 11:33 PM IST

    KXIP 137/9 in 20 overs, Target 189: Chris Morris bowls the final over of the match. BOWLED HIM! Cariappa fails to dig out an immaculate yorker from Morris and heads back for just a single. Akshar thoroughly deserves his fifty, but will he get there? he is taking every run that’s coming his way, but he falls just short. He however gets to his highest IPL score, which will just be a conciliation for him. He is bowled off the final ball for 44 off 29. Morris finishes with 3 for 23. Delhi Daredevils complete a 51-run win!

  • 11:28 PM IST

    KXIP 134/7 in 19 overs, Target 189: Cummins bowls his final over. KXIP are just ensuring that they play out the remaining overs, getting as many runs as possible. This pertnership between Akshar and Mohit has been an excellent one. Cummins once again is troubling the batsmen with sheer pace. BOWLED HIM! Partnership is finally broken and Mohit has to walk back for 13 off 14. Cummins finishes with figures of 2 for 23.

  • 11:23 PM IST

    KXIP 130/6 in 18 overs, Target 189: Chris Morris into the attack. Akshar has batted really well, Had a couple of payers played like him, this match would have been much closer affair. However, another good over, just 6 off it.

  • 11:19 PM IST

    KXIP 124/6 in 17 overs, Target 189: Zaheer bowls his final over. Akshar is fighting a lone battle out there. He moves into his 30s. Zaheer however is keeping it simple and bowling full and staright, making it difficult for batsmen to get under it. SIX! However, Akshar finds the meat of the bat off Zaheer’s final delivery and he deposits it past the sight screen. Zaheer finishes with figures of 0 for 38 from his 4 overs.

  • 11:12 PM IST

    KXIP 112/6 in 16 overs: Anderson continues. SIX! Good clean hit over long on by Akshar to start the over. Anderson keeps it full, just wide of the off stump. The batsmen are finding it difficult to connect. 9 runs off that over and it’s time for the strategic time-out or as KXIP would like to call it – “Time Out”.

  • 11:09 PM IST

    KXIP 103/6 in 15 overs, Target 189: Zaheer back into the attack. FOUR! Width on offer from Zaheer and Akshar cuts it to deep backward point. Required run rate is now over 17. DD have to bowl really, really badly to lose from here. Sorry to state the obvious! However Mohit hits a boundary off the final ball to bring up KXIP’s 100.

  • 11:04 PM IST

    KXIP 90/6 in 14 overs, Target 189: Anderson continues. He has bowled full today, looks like that is the plan. Batsmen not able to do much at the moment. Just getting singles at the moment. OUT! Full toss and Miller is wrapped on the pads, the finger goes up immediately. Miller dismissed for 24 off 28. Mohit Sharma is the new batsman. He is off the mark immediately. Just 5 runs and a wicket off that over.

  • 10:59 PM IST

    KXIP 85/5 in 13 overs, Target 189: Mishra continues. He has bowled very well today. Another quiet over from Mishra. KXIP seem well and truly out of this game. Just 4 from it.

  • 10:56 PM IST

    KXIP 81/5 in 12 overs, Target 189: Corey Anderson introduced into the attack. A good time for him to bowl. KXIP need some really big overs. The required run-rate is now over 13. FOUR! Inside edge and the ball races away. Lucky that for Miller. Nothing particularly wrong with that delivery either. 9 off that over from Anderson.

  • 10:52 PM IST

    KXIP 72/5 in 11 overs, Target 189: Mishra continues. Glenn Maxwell is the new batsman for KXIP. GONE! Maxwell holes out at deep mid-wicket for a duck and that should be curtains for KXIP. Miller is perhaps KXIP’s only hope. Akshar Patel joins him at the crease. SIX! Akshar goes with the spin and sweeps Mishra into the deep mid-wicket stands.

  • 10:47 PM IST

    KXIP 64/4 in 10 overs, Target 189: Cummins continues. Who will the strategic time-out help? FOUR! Full and wide of off stump and Morgan drives with authority. KXIP will need many more of that. FOUR! Morgan again. This time rocks back and cracks a short and wide delivery to the point fence. OUT! Morgan cuts, but this time finds Nair at backward point. Morgan dismissed for 22 off 20. Another pacey over from Cummins. 11 runs and a wicket from it.

  • 10:40 PM IST

    KXIP 53/3 in 9 overs, Target 189: Amit Mishra into the attack. Single off the first ball, brings up KXIP’s fifty. Miller is not able to pick Mishra’s wrong ones and is beaten on a couple of occasions. Just 4 off that over.

  • 10:36 PM IST

    KXIP 49/3 in 8 overs, Target 189: Cummins comtinues. KXIP in desperate need of a few boundaries now. The required run-rate has crept up to over 11. Batsmen again restricted to just ones and twos. DD will not mind that at this juncture. Need some big hits now. Cummins bowling at some serious pace. the batsmen are not able to middle him. Just a couple of runs from that over.

  • 10:31 PM IST

    KXIP 47/3 in 7 overs, Target 189: Morris continues. He bowled a tidy first over, where he dismissed Hashim Amla. With field spread out, Morgan and Miller finding it hard to find the fence. The batsmen deal in just ones and twos in that over. Another good over from Morris, just 7 off it.

  • 10:26 PM IST

    KXIP 40/3 in 6 overs, Target 189: Pat Cummins into the attack. FOUR! Short from Cummins and Morgan powerfully pulls it to the mid-wicket fence. Miller has barely had a chance to bat in this edition of IPL. KXIP will need a good innings from him today. Just 7 off that over, despite going for a boundary off the very first ball.

  • 10:22 PM IST

    KXIP 33/3 in 5 overs, Target 189: Chris Morris replaces Zaheer Khan. FOUR! Amla comes inside the line and flicks it over the short fine leg fielder. Amla has gotten off to a good start. KXIP would have wanted him to go on and get a big score. But Alma flicks a full toss straight into the hands of deep square leg. that’s just bad luck for Amla and Morris cannot believe his luck. Amla is dismissed for 19 off 12. KXIP in some trouble now. David Miller is the new batsman. 7 runs and a wicket off that over.

  • 10:16 PM IST

    KXIP 26/2 in 4 overs, Target 189: Nadeem continues. FOUR! A bit on the shorter side, but Saha carves the ball over the fielder inside the circle square on the off side. OUT! Zaheer takes a low catch at covers, but the umpires go up just to confirm. That looks like a clean catch and the third umpire says it’s out. Saha dismissed for 7 of 5. Excellent start for DD. Eoin Morgan comes into bat. This is his first game of IPL 2017. He gets off the mark off his third delivery. FOUR to long off to finish the over.

  • 10:10 PM IST

    DD 17/1 in 3 overs: Zaheer continues. FOUR! Amla smashes Zaheer’s second ball to the mid-wicket fence. First boundary of the innings. The batsmen are playing some good shots, but finding the fielders. FOUR to end the over. Amla goes over the mid-off fielder. One bounce and into the boundary.

  • 10:06 PM IST

    KXIP 6/1 in 2 overs, Target 189: Shahbaz Nadem bowls the second over. OUT! Manan Vohra looks to play an unorthodox sweep, wrapped on the pads and the umpire after taking a bit of time, finally rises his finger. Early wicket for DD and this is just what they would have wanted. Wriddhiman Saha is the new batsman. Excellent over, just 4 runs and a wicket.

  • 10:00 PM IST

    KXIP 2/0 in 1 over, Target 189: Zaheer Khan opens the bowling for DD. Manan Vohra and Hashim Amla come out to open the batting. KXIP will need a good start from their openers if they are to give themselves a chance to win this game. Both batsmen get off the mark in their second deliveries. Just 2 off the first over.

  • 9:57 PM IST

    Here is Kaustubh Mayekar’s innings report: IPL 2017: DD set 189-run target against KXIP in match 15

  • 9:42 PM IST

    DD 188/6 in 20 overs: Sandeep to bowl the final over. FOUR! Yorker outside off and Cummins reaches out, gets bat on it and hits it past the point fielder into the fence. FOUR MORE! This time Cummins smashes the ball between long on and deep mid-wicket. Excellent start to the over. 2 balls 2 fours. Sandeep responds with an excellent slower ball. Cummins is beaten. Cummins lets Anderson face the last two balls of the innings. FOUR! Low full toss and Anderson goes straight. No chance for the long on and long off fielders. SIX! Short and Anderson pulls it over the deep square leg fielder. 19 off this over. An excellent innings from Anderson. Finishes with 40 not out off 22.

  • 9:38 PM IST

    DD 169/6 in 19 overs: Akshar Patel to bowl the crucial penultimate over. Akshar starts off well. The batsmen deal in just singles in the initial stages of the over, but Anderson sweeps and clears the fine leg fence. A much needed sixer for DD. SIX MORE! Akshar goes short outside off and Andersons smashes it over the long on fielder, just. 16 off that over.

  • 9:34 PM IST

    KXIP 153/6 in 18 overs: Sandeep Sharma into the attack. FOUR! Full toss outside off and Anderson just carves it past point into the fence. Excellent start to the over. 150 up for DD. OUT! Morris pulls and picks the man at deep square leg perfectly. Barring the boundary off the first ball, the batsmen have not been able to find the fence. KXIP will be happy with that. Pat Cummins is the new batsman. 9 runs and a wicket from that over.

  • 9:27 PM IST

    DD 144/5 in 17 overs: Mohit Sharma bowls his final over. NO-BALL! Mohit bowls that one over the waist and it will be yet another free hit for DD. SIX! Slow ball from Mohit and Morris deposits it into the stands over long on. That has gone many a mile. 13 off that over from Mohit.

  • 9:21 PM IST

    DD 131/5 in 16 overs: Varun Aaron into the attack. GONE! Pant top edges one and finds Morgan at mid-off. Third catch for Morgan. Pant’s threatening innings comes to an end for 15 off 9. Chris Morris walks in at No. 7. Aaron has bowled way too many wides today. Adds to his tally in this over as well. FOUR! Morris just guides the ball between point and short third man. So easily done. FOUR! Anderson smashes it back past the bowler to finish the over. 11 off that over.

  • 9:14 PM IST

    DD 120/4 in 15 overs: KC Cariappa back into the attack. Tough chance off his own bowling, but Cariappa puts Anderson down. Very tough chance indeed. FOUR! Short and wide and Pant is too good not to latch onto that. Cuts the ball with ease. FOUR! Short again and Pant pulls. But a fumble in the deep gives the batsman his second boundary of the over. 10 off that over.

  • 9:10 PM IST

    DD 110/4 in 14 overs: Glenn Maxwell into the attack now. FOUR! Pant goes over the top and beats the man at long off. Good shot. A good over from Maxi. concedes just that boundary and just 3 more singles. 7 off it.

  • 9:04 PM IST

    DD 103/4 in 13 overs: Akshar continues. Rishabh Pant is the new batsman for DD. He is off the mark off the very first delivery. FOUR! Billings shimmies down the track and goes over deep extra cover to bring up DD’s 100. GONE! Big wicket for KXIP. Billings looks to clear the man at long on, but finds the fielder. Billings’ fine innings comes to an end for 55 of 40. Two new batsmen at the crease now. Corey Anderson walks in. Time for the strategic time-out.

Sanju Samon (left) and Hashim Amla © BCCI
Sanju Samon (left) and Hashim Amla © BCCI

Hello, good evening and welcome to CricketCountry’s live cricket blog and updates post for the 15th match in the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL) 2017, between Delhi Daredevils (DD) and Kings XI Punjab (KXIP). This is Pramod Ananth, and I will be bringing you the live cricket scores and updates of the clash which will be played at Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium in Delhi. This will be the first game in this season’s IPL in the Indian capital. DD have lost a game while won one, whereas KXIP have won two of their three matches. LIVE CRICKET SCORECARD, Delhi Daredevils vs Kings XI Punjab – Match 15

Both the sides haven’t inspired enough in the cash-rich league in recent times. KXIP will be happy with the start they have made this season while DD will draw confidence from their thumping win against Rising Pune Supergiant (RPS) earlier this week where Sanju Samson slammed his maiden IPL hundred. The good news for the hosts is the return of Shreyas Iyer. In all likelihood Iyer will replace his state captain Aditya Tare in the playing XI and open the innings with Sam Billings. Angelo Mathews too is available for selection and may replace Corey Anderson. In Pat Cummins, captain Zaheer Khan, Amit Mishra and Shahbaz Nadeem, DD also possesses a good balance of pace and spin in their armoury.

KXIP’s strength lies in their explosive batting order. Under new captain Glenn Maxwell, the side’s batting has looked positive. Laden with the Sharmas, the side’s pace attack looks promising. Sandeep Sharma, Ishant Sharma, Mohit Sharma and Varun Aaron are expected to play, alongside Akshar Patel and Marcus Stoinis.


Kings XI Punjab: Eoin Morgan, Rahul Tewatia, T Natarajan, Matt Henry, Varun Aaron, Martin Guptill, Darren Sammy, Rinku Singh, David Miller, Manan Vohra, Akshar Patel, Glenn Maxwell (c), Gurkeerat Singh, Anureet Singh, Sandeep Sharma, Shaun Marsh, Wriddhiman Saha (wk), M Vijay, Nikhil Naik, Mohit Sharma, Marcus Stoinis, KC Cariappa, Armaan Jaffer, Pardeep Sahu, Swapnil Singh, Hashim Amla, Ishant Sharma.

Delhi Daredevils: Zaheer Khan (c), Mohammed Shami, Shahbaz Nadeem, Mayank Agarwal, Jayant Yadav, Amit Mishra, Sam Billings, Sanju Samson, Chris Morris, Carlos Brathwaite, Karun Nair, Chama Milind, Syed Khaleel Ahmed, Pratyush Singh, Aditya Tare, Ankit Bawne, Pat Cummins, Kagiso Rabada,  Navdeep Saini, Murugan Ashwin, Shashank Singh, Corey Anderson.