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  • 7:40 PM IST

    Praveen Kumar to bowl the final over: 8 needed off the final over, all eyes on the veteran bowler now. Rohit will face the first. Fuller at leg and Rohit opens the face of the bat to direct it through fine leg for a FOUR! Full at off, brilliant fielding by Jadeja who executes a direct throw. Pandya is in. MI need 2 runs now. Gets a couple off the next and MI win by 6 wickets!

  • 7:33 PM IST

    Andrew Tye’s final over: Fuller at middle, Pollard goes for a big hit over mid on and Ravindra Jadeja takes a safe catch. Pollard departs for 39, MI need 17 off 11. Hardik Pandya at the crease. Full outside off, thick edge and the ball runs away through the gap between point and third man. Full at middle, plays it to the on side for a single. Wide, bonus runs for MI. Full at off stump, flies over Tye’s head to long off, single taken. Full outside off, played to deep point, single taken, Rohit keeps strike.

  • 7:30 PM IST

    Basil Thampi’s final over: Yorker expected and bowls a yorker, Rohit takes a single. Yorker at off stump, sends it to point and Pollard wants a run, Ishan Kishan collects the ball and throws it right away but misses the stumps closely. Yorker again, At middle, played to long on. Though he did not get any wickets, Thampi has impressed a lot with the ability to bowl yorkers consistently. Appeals this time for lbw, but the umpire thinks it is missing. Full length, Pollard plays it to leg for a single. Good over.

  • 7:26 PM IST

    Andre Tye’s third over: 50 run partnership between Rohit Sharma and Kieron Pollard. Rohit Sharma injured, full outside off and Pollard hits it straight to Rohit Sharma’s inner thigh. He is down and outside the crease while Tye has the ball in his hand. God sportsmanship by the bowler who comes to the rescue of the batsman instead of trying and running him out. SIX! Pollard hits another maximum but McCullum puts in a commendable effort at long on. Four, in the same region.

  • 7:20 PM IST

    Ravindra Jadeja continues: Jadeja is yet to take any wicket in this match. Gujarat will have to get rid of Pollard, who is in form, to step closer to victory. SIX! Good length at off-stump, Rohit goes big this time. Perfect time for the captain to play a big knock. 9 off the over, time for strategic time out.

  • 7:16 PM IST

    Dwayne Smith with his first over: Wide straight away, a bouncer. Short again, Rohit plays it to third man. Rohit pulls the next gets a single. SIX! Carnage from Pollard, full at off stump and Pollard gets to the pitch of the ball to send it over long on. FOUR! Pulled it comfortably over square leg and finds the gap there. Swing and a miss, and that’s the end of Smith’s over.

  • 7:12 PM IST

    Munaf Patel with his final over: Short outside off, Rohit opens the face of the bat to play it over cover, it flies just over the fielder at cover and Munaf is not happy. SIX! Pollard stands and delivers. Slower and short outside off, Pollard hits over midwicket. Appeal? no appeal? Half-hearted one from both ‘keeper and bowler of a caught behind.

  • 7:08 PM IST

    Basil Thampi continues: Lower full toss, Rohit bats it down and takes a single. Full length outside off, Pollard steals a single. Full toss at middle, Pollard sweeps it over square leg, gets a run. Lower full toss at middle, has been bowling yorkers consistently. At middle again, Thampi finishes with a yorker as well.

  • 7:03 PM IST

    Munaf Patel’s third over: OUT! Short, took the pace off the ball. Buttler looks to hit a six over long on but fails to connect, gets caught there by McCullum. Pollard at the crease. The perfect situation for him to fire. Good bowling by Munaf, keeping it tight. Two new batsmen at the crease and they will need a certain time to start hitting. GL in control right now. FOUR! Some pressure released, plays through backward point.

  • 6:58 PM IST

    Ravindra Jadeja continues: Varrying the line, keeping it fuller every time. No boundaries conceded in the over, MI’s scoring rate will come down with the wicket and this over.

  • 6:50 PM IST

    Andrew Tye with the ball: OUT! Knuckle ball from Rana gets the edge off Rana’s bat. Confident appeal for caught behind from wicketkeeper and bowler and given. Rohit Sharma out in the middle. High time he performs. Off the mark straight away with a single. Meanwhile, Nitish Rana gets the orange cap, overtakes Gautam Gambhir for most runs. At leg, good length, Buttler plays fine to get a single.

  • 6:48 PM IST

    Jadeja continues: Tossed up at off stump, Rana plays to leg side for a single. Outside off to Buttler, use shis feet to play it to cover and gets a single. FOUR! Brilliant shot, cut through backward point to get to his fifty. Third half-century of the season. SIX! Buttler picked it from outside off to send it over long on.

  • 6:45 PM IST

    Munaf Patel’s second over: FOUR! Cut hard through point. Big shout from the bowler for lbw but not from anyone else, umpire not interested. Good length at offstump, plays to backward point. No more boundaries for the two in the over, 7 runs off the over.

  • 6:41 PM IST

    Ravindra Jadeja continues: Nitish Rana has been a star for MI this season. Jadeja bowling wisely, does not concede any boundary. Does not get much of turn.

  • 6:35 PM IST

    Andrew Tye with the ball: There will be a lot of expectation from the bowler after his performance in previous match. Meanwhile, Jadeja executes an athletic fielding at backward point. SIX! Terrific hitting by the youngster, time for strategic time out.

  • 6:30 PM IST

    Basil Thampi: Good length at off, angles in to Rana who plays very late to point and gets a single. Short at middle, adjusts beforehand, moves to his right keeping eye on the ball and scoops it over fine leg. Good length outside off, Rana defends. SIX! Slower, full length, Rana sends it over cover for maximum.

  • 6:26 PM IST

    Munaf Patel, after 4 years: Shortish outside off, moving away from Rana. Good length at middle, Buttler flicks down to square leg boundary for FOUR! Good length at off, Buttler plays down to mid on for a single. Good length at off, Rana steers to leg side for a single.

  • 6:21 PM IST

    Praveen Kumar continues: Short between leg and middle, Rana steers it to backward square, the fielder in the deep collects it. Wide down the leg. Back to back wides, 4 in a row, Praveen Kumar hard for him to find the line. Finally the rally comes to an end, seam up outside off, Rana opens the face of the bat to play it to point, single taken. Outside off, good length, moving away from Buttler who leaves it untouched. Short outside off, slower, Buttler bats it down. Outside off, shortish, played to cover. 10-ball over comes to end.

  • 6:14 PM IST

    Basil Thampi with the ball: Wide down leg. Pulled the next, drops short of midwicket fielder. Good length at off stump, moves further away, gets Rana’s bottom edge. FOUR! Rana hits it down the ground. DROPPED! Big, big wicket, got the top edge of Rana’s bat and Roy drops a catch that was harder to drop than to take. Full length outside off, Rana hammers it to midwicket. Singles off that and the next two.

  • 6:05 PM IST

    Praveen Kumar opens bowling: OUT! Pitched in the middle, short and Parthiv plays it straight to the hands of Jason Roy at backward point. In-form Nitish Rana out to bat. Praveen Kumar keeping the length to good or full. FOUR! Rana plays it fine this time.

  • 5:49 PM IST

    Bumrah bowls the final: Slower ball, puts in a lot of poer but mistimes it, the ball lands at backward square leg, Parthiv runs to catch it, hurries back once he saw the square leg fielder. FOUR! Full use of the lower full toss, Roy sends it through mid-off. Some problem to the batsmen regarding the spider-cam, the umpire has to stop Bumrah midway his run-up. Quick ball but just a couple of runs. GL finish off with 176/4 on the board.

  • 5:43 PM IST

    Malinga with the ball: Wide ball right up. Yorker at leg this time, Karthik works it to square leg for a single. Jason Roy gets a single off the next. Full length at off, Karthik played to cover for a single. Juicy full toss, Karthik lofts it over midwicket, it falls safe. Full length in the middle, Karthik pushes it to long on, gets a single. SIX! Finished the nice over with a maximum, Roy picked the length well to send it over long on.

  • 5:35 PM IST

    McClenaghan continues: Karthik looks in a great touch. SIX! Short at off, Karthik pulls it over midwicket for a flat six. Gets a single off the next, plays to cover. OUT! Ishan Kishan has to depart, Pandya was well set at square leg and takes a simple catch. Kishan looked to pull the slower one but there was not much power.

    Jason Roy comes out to play. Karthik hit hard the shorter ball to route it through point, gets a single.

  • 5:30 PM IST

    FOUR! Dinesh Karthik scoops one past point on the second ball for a boundary, which was a no-ball for overstepping from Japrit Bumrah. Before that, he had put in a dive to ensure there was no run out, as the throw from the deep was accurate. FOUR more, this time Ishan Kishan hits one on the leg side. Another boundary,to Kartik who picks one up well to put it away on the leg-side. 19 runs off Bumrah’s over!

  • 5:22 PM IST

    McClenaghan continues: Short to Karthik, gets a couple of runs. Chance of a run-out, but the batsman survives with a diving effort. Good line and length by McClenaghan. Gets it to york this time, and Karthik hits it back to the bowler. Gets the bottom edge of Karthik’s bat this time. Good looking drive through point, collected in the deep. Short and hammered to midwicket, single taken. Timeout.

  • 5:16 PM IST

    Hardik with the ball: Keeping it to good and full, concedes a couple of singles. Dinesh Karthik plays an uppish shot, it lands in front of Pollard at cover. SIX! Uses the pace of the ball to play it over fine leg. Poor piece of fielding by MI, 4 bonus runs to Gujarat Lions due to an overthrow.

  • 5:10 PM IST

    Malinga continues: Yorker, McCullum gets a single. Lower full toss, Kishan plays to midwicket. FOUR! McCullum has found an answer to Malinga’s yorker, plays it fine, beats the fielder at deep. BOWLED HIM! Maybe not, Malinga’s toe-crusher finds its way to knock off the middle-stump. Wide down the leg, Parthiv fails to stop which looked like a yorker at leg stump. 100 up for GL.

  • 5:03 PM IST

    Bumrah with the ball: A lot of students have turned up for the match as a part of the child education programme of MI. Meanwhile, McCullum hits a SIX! Over square leg goes McCullum. GL are in a good position after a strong start.

  • 4:54 PM IST

    Harbhajan’s final over: OUT! Tossed up, Raina looks to hit it over cover, fails to connect it well and Rohit Sharma takes a brilliant catch. Chance of stumping, good work by Parthiv, but Ishan Kishan has made his ground before the bells were off. Kishan off the mark with a single. Just a couple of runs and a wicket.

  • 4:51 PM IST

    Krunal Pandya’s third over: Short in the middle, McCullum plays to square leg for a single. Raina gets a single off the next, brings McCullum back on strike. Single and that brings up McCullum’s fifty. This is his second in this season. Good work by the fielder at mid-on, collects the ball quickly and throws back promptly.


Hello, good afternoon and welcome to CricketCountry’s live cricket blog and updates post for the 16th match in the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL) 2017, between Mumbai Indians (MI) and Gujarat Lions (GL). I am Paulami Chakraborty, and I will be bringing you the live cricket scores and updates of the clash which will be played at the iconic Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai. Both the sides have the momentum going their way. While MI have now won three matches on a row, GL after their defeat in the first two games, went on to register a thumping win against Rising Pune Supergiant (RPS). LIVE CRICKET SCORECARD: Mumbai Indians vs Gujarat Lions – Match 16

What is going in GL’s advantage is the fact that they beat MI twice in the last season but the latter are a force at home. MI may well receive a boost ahead of this game as Lasith Malinga is expected to be fit. MI will hope for their skipper Rohit Sharma to fire. He has been in miserable form. Meanwhile, the GL batsmen have shown rich form in recent games. Skipper Suresh Raina played well against RPS.

In Brendon McCullum, Aaron Finch and Dwayne Smith, GL have batting firepower aplenty. The side received huge boost with the return of Ravindra Jadeja and in Andrew Tye they have found an ideal foreign bowler. Dwayne Bravo will continue to be unavailable as he is nursing an injury.


Mumbai Indians: Rohit Sharma (c), Jos Buttler (wk), Parthiv Patel (wk), Nicholas Pooran (wk), Krishnappa Gowtham (wk), Ambati Rayudu (wk), Lendl Simmons (wk), Kulwant Khejroliya, Karn Sharma, Saurabh Tiwary, Asela Gunaratne, Mitchell Johnson, Harbhajan Singh, Mitchell McClenaghan, Shreyas Gopal, Siddhesh Lad, Vinay Kumar, Kieron Pollard, Krunal Pandya, Tim Southee, Lasith Malinga, Jagadeesha Suchith, Nitish Rana, Hardik Pandya, Jasprit Bumrah, Jitesh Sharma, Deepak Punia

Gujarat Lions: Suresh Raina (c), Dinesh Karthik (wk), Brendon McCullum, Dwayne Smith, Praveen Kumar, Manpreet Gony, Dhawal Kulkarni, Aaron Finch, Shadab Bashir Jakati, Jason Roy, Shivil Kaushik, Dwayne Bravo, Munaf Patel, Ravindra Jadeja, Jaydev Shah, Pradeep Sangwan, James Faulkner, Akshdeep Nath, Andrew Tye, Chirag Suri, Basil Thampi, Ishan Kishan, Nathu Singh, Shubham Agarwal, Tejas Baroka, Pratham Singh, Shelley Shaurya.