Mark Boucher undergoes eye surgery

Mark Boucher announced his retirement from cricket following the eye injury Getty Images

Cape Town: Jul 19, 2012

Former South Africa wicketkeeper Mark Boucher underwent eye surgery at Cape Town on Thursday.

According to a Cricket South Africa media release, the procedure took almost three hours and went well.

The medical report also said that there were no complications or bleeding in the eye.

The important parts of the retina were intact which confirmed previous findings and was a positive sign.

NDTV reported, during the surgery, the blood which got accumulated in Boucher’s eye after the incident was removed. The surgeon looked extremely optimistic with the way things went.

Mark Boucher was hit in the face when a bail ricocheted off the stumps after Gemaal Hussain was bowled by Imran Tahir during the first day of the Proteas’ tour opener against English county Somerset at Taunton.