Live Updates

  • 7:33 PM IST

    BIG NEWS: The match has finally been called off without a ball bowled. Points will be shared

  • 7:22 PM IST

    There will be yet another inspection at 7:30 pm IST. Covers are still one

  • 7:06 PM IST

    Latest update: Umpires are out on the field now for inspection.

  • 6:54 PM IST

    So we will have a decision soon

  • 6:37 PM IST

    So no official word so far. Shouldn’t be long before this game is called off as it’s still raining in Nottingham

  • 6:07 PM IST

    Latest from our man in Nottingham: It’s raining heavily now, this ought to be it

  • 5:47 PM IST

    India vs New Zealand Live Score: So the latest update from Nottingham is that for a 20-20 contest, the match should start by 8:47 pm (IST).

  • 5:29 PM IST

    So it’s raining, again. And we are entering a phase where the chances of a complete washout seem real. fingerscrossed

  • 5:11 PM IST

    So, it’s early lunch time for the folks at Nottingham. Umpires were out in the middle and seems unsatisfied with the condition of the outfield. Another inspection scheduled at 6:00 pm IST

  • 4:13 PM IST

    Aditya from Nottingham reports next inspection is at 12:30 am locla time, that is 5:00 pm IST. Let’s wait some more

Match highlights, India vs New Zealand Match 18: Match called off without a ball bowled, points shared

Hello and welcome to our live coverage of Match 18 of ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 between India and New Zealand at Trent Bridge, Nottingham on Thursday. The idea of two quality sides squaring off against each other in the biggest cricket tournament is one thing, and the possibility of it actually taking place is another. This World Cup has already proven to be the most rain-effected edition in history, resulting in three washouts already – two in a row, in the second week of the tournament – and Nottingham threatens to add one more to the hit-list of England’s inclement weather.

Ind vs NZ LIVE Updates:

Things in the city have been grim. It rained almost entire Tuesday and didn’t improve much Wednesday. In this while, India and New Zealand have missed out on a practice session each. In the initial hours of Wednesday, the rain decided to subside during which the Indian batsmen had a go in the nets, before the heavens opened up again. To make matters worse, as per forecast, 90 percent rain is expected on game day, even though the chances of a truncated match can’t be ruled out.

But for India, rain is not the only factor they have to deal with. Shikhar Dhawan‘s thumb injury, the news of which created a furore in Indian media, promises to come as big jolt to the team, considering his brilliant record in ICC tournaments and simply the fact that he scored a fascinating century in the previous game against Australia. Although he has been kept back in England and continues to be monitored, he is set to miss Thursday’s game.

As for New Zealand, well, this is where the real test starts. The game against India begins a tough, challenging road against for Kane Williamson and his men, who go on to face South Africa, West Indies, Pakistan and Australia next. Former left-arm spinner Daniel Vettori had recently pointed out that New Zealand won’t be defined by their performance against India, but rest assured, they will be tested. Especially their bowlers, who, in all three games, have bowled out opponents. Can they do it against a side that boasts arguably the best batting line-up in the world?


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