Mayank Agarwal files police complaint over ‘poisonous liquid’ incident on Delhi-bound airplane

Agarwal will be skipping Karnataka's forthcoming game against Railways in Surat.

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Mayank Agarwal, a Karnataka captain, was brought to a local hospital in Agartala when his health deteriorated prior to his journey to Delhi. According to his management, the player sipped water from a bag put in front of his seat before the event occurred. Soon after, the 32-year-old complained of stomach ache and a burning feeling in his mouth and throat, vomiting on the plane before being sent to the hospital.

He was admitted to the ICU at ILS Hospital, and it was shortly announced that the cricketer was stable but would remain in the hospital for regular tests. Meanwhile, his management filed an official complaint with the police, claiming that the cricketer ingested ‘poisonous beverage’ on the aircraft and requesting an investigation into the situation. Kiran Kumar, SP of West Tripura, acknowledged the development and discussed it in detail to the press.

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“Mayank Agarwal, an international cricket player is now stable and his vitals are normal. But his manager has lodged a specific complaint under NCCPS (New Capital Complex Police Station) to investigate the matter,” Kiran was quoted as saying by India Today.

“His manager said that when he was sitting in the airplane, there was a pouch in front of him. He drank a little bit and not much, but suddenly there was irritation in his mouth, and suddenly he couldn’t talk also and was brought to ILS hospital. He had swelling and ulcers in the mouth. Otherwise, his vitals are stable,” he added.

After being freed from the hospital, the India opener will return to his hometown of Bengaluru on January 31. State Health Secretary Kiran Gitte acknowledged the situation, saying that the player will receive the finest treatment available in the state.

“Police has admitted his complaint and we will investigate as to what happened. As per his manager, he will travel to Bengaluru tomorrow and meanwhile, whatever best treatment is available in Agartala, we will provide him,” Gatte said.

Meanwhile, Agarwal will be unavailable for Karnataka’s next match against Railways in Surat. The Karnataka State Cricket Association (KSCA) is in regular contact with the sportsman and will decide the next steps after consulting with physicians.

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