MI vs KKR Live: MI end KKR’s qualification hopes with nine-wicket win

Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s Coverage of Match 56 of the Indian Premier League (IPL 2019). In what is the last game of the league stage of this season, the already-qualified Mumbai Indians will host the Kolkata Knight Riders, for whom the equation is simple. Win and progress, or lose and allow the Sunrisers Hyderabad to.

11.32 pm: That’s it from all of us at the Wankhede. Mumbai Indians are taking a victory lap around the stadium thanking their fans after their last home game this season. It’s onto the Playoffs now, but before that, do stick around for all the post-match reports, videos, analysis and much more. Until next time then, it’s goodnight!

11.30 pm: So, here’s how the teams are stacked following the last league match of the IPL. We’re on to the Playoffs now, the first one begins on May 7 with Mumbai Indians taking on Chennai Super Kings in Qualifier 1.

11.27 pm: Here’s Dinesh Karthik reflecting on tonight’s match.

“We didn’t find momentum after the 6-over mark while batting and the regular wickets didn’t help either. We simply didn’t get going. When we (KKR) batted, the wicket wasn’t easy for stroke-making and the ball was certainly stopping a bit. The Mumbai bowlers were good at bowling cutters and they exploited that extremely well. The dew in the second innings made batting easier slightly, but that’s not an excuse. There was an opportunity to bat up the order for Andre Russell, but expecting him to deliver every time is unfair and he has been fantastic throughout the tournament for us. It’s all about attitude (about his running catch), and the will to win, but sometimes things don’t go your way. Not our best season, there are a lot of areas for us to improve on, and I’m sure we will come back stronger next year.”

11.19 pm: That’s it from the league stage then, it doesn’t get any more clinical than this. KKR were no where in this game right from ball one, Mumbai thoroughly the deserved winners. More than Mumbai, Sunrisers Hyderabad are the happier team. They become the fourth team to qualify for the Playoffs with just 12 points — the first team in IPL history that qualifies with that many points.

Mumbai Indians innings (TARGET: 134)

17th over: Andre Russell back into the attack and Surykumar Yadav smashes a HUGE SIX to finish the chase off. KKR’s IPL campaign ends, they have been handed a crushing nine-wicket defeat. Mumbai top the group.

16th over: Prasidh Krishna back in the attack, Mumbai inches away from victory which means SRH will qualify for the playoffs with 12 points. 7 runs from the over. MI 128/1 (Rohit 55, Suryakumar 40)

15th over: Harry Gurney comes back into the attack. Suryakumar Yadav smashes another boundary this over, 13 from this one, MI 121/1 (Rohit 50, Suryakumar 38)

14th over: Sunil Narine comes back into the attack. Suryakumar’s in a hurry to finish this chase off, lofts this one many rows into cow corner, Rohit adds a BOUNDARY. 12 runs from the over, MI 108/1 (Rohit 49, Suryakumar 26) SRH will be very happy to see this.

13th over: Sandeep Warrier comes back into the attack and he’s gone for 5 runs. MI 96/1 (Rohit 44, Suryakumar 19)

12th over: Harry Gurney comes back into the attack and he concedes just 3 runs, but KKR need wickets now. MI 91/1 (Rohit 40, Suryakumar 18)

11th over: Sunil Narine comes back into the attack and Suryakumar gets into the act, stays on the back foot and whipps it with a lot more intent. Rohit too adds a BOUNDARY to his list. 12 runs from the over, Mumbai cruising now, MI 88/1 (Rohit 38, Suryakumar 17)

10th over: Andre Russell comes back into the attack and Rohit pulls it away off the frontfoot for a BOUNDARY through cow corner. 7 from the over, MI 76/1 (Rohit 32, Suryakumar 12)

9th over: Prasidh Krishna will continue. It’s almost a run-a-ball chase now for Mumbai. KKR looking so dispirited here. 6 runs from the over, MI 69/1 (Rohit 26, Suryakumar 11)

8th over: Sunil Narine to continue. He fires it down and Rohit laps it away with a fine sweep towards fine leg for a BOUNDARY! 8 runs from the over. MI 63/1 (Rohit 25, Suryakumar 6)

7th over: BOWLING CHANGE: WICKET! Prasidh Krishna comes into the attack and he has dismissed De Kock in the first ball, what a fantastic catch by DK behind, QDK goes for 30. 9 runs from the over, that includes a couple of BOUNDARIES by Rohit. Suryakumar Yadav has joined his captain in the middle. MI 55/1 (Rohit 19, Suryakumar 4)

Strategic timeout!

6th over: BOWLING CHANGE: SPIN INTRODUCED and it’s Sunil Narine, who has joined the attack. KKR desperately need a wicket or two here. He may not taken a wicket does Narine, but he’s bowled a brilliant over, going for just 1 run. MI 46/0 (De Kock 30, Rohit 14)

5th over: Warrier will continue. Rohit is hesitant about the run and goes for it in the end, the throw comes at the non-striker’s end misses, Rohit would’ve been gone if he’d hit. 6 runs from the over that included a BOUNDARY from Rohit, MI 45/0 (De Kock 29, Rohit 14)

4th over: BOWLING CHANGE: Andre Russell, who was dismissed for a DUCK today, has been introduced in the bowling attack and Rohit welcomes him with a boundary, guides it neatly to the third man fence. De Kock joins the action, slams successive SIXES and follows it up with a BOUNDARY. Big over this, 21 runs from it. KKR 39/0 (De Kock 28, Rohit 9)

3rd over: Warrier to continue and he starts off with a NO BALL, not because he has overstepped, but he’s flicked the stumps on the non-striker’s end with his finger and he winces in pain. 5 runs from this over, MI 18/0 (De Kock 12, Rohit 4)

2nd over: Harry Gurney will share the new ball with Warrier and he concedes 4 runs from his opening over. MI 13/0 (De Kock 10, Rohit 2)

1st over: We’re back with the MI run chase. Should be a breeze for Mumbai to chase this down. Quinton de Kock and Rohit Sharma are at the crease. Sandeep Warrier will open the attack. BOOM! De Kock in a hurry to get done with this chase, top edges this one over the fine leg fielder. 9 runs from the over. MI 9/0 (De Kock 9, Rohit 0)

9.44 pm: Robin Uthappa wasted as many as 24 balls. Has his innings cost KKR the game? MI’s chase will answer that question, but it was one innings that had absolutely no intent. There will be questions on why was Uthappa selected and the reason to his batting at three. KKR in a must-win position and they will need their bowlers to do something special here. Can they pull this off. Be back in five for the run-chase.

Kolkata Knight Riders innings

20th over: WICKET! Jasprit Bumrah to bowl the final over. Business as usual for him, some would say. Uthappa’s excruciatingly slow innings ends, Bumrah the wicket-taker, Uthappa departs for 40 off 47 balls. Bumrah doesn’t end there. He sends Rinku Singh (4) back in the final ball of the innings as KKR finish at 133/7

19th over: Mitchell McClenaghan comes back into the attack. 7 runs from the over, KKR 130/5 (Uthappa 39, Rinku 2)

18th over: Malinga strikes and picks his third wicket in Nitish Rana, who departs for 26 just after smashing a SIX in the previous delivery. 9 runs from the over, KKR 123/5 (Uthappa 37, Rinku Singh 0)

17th over: Jasprit Bumrah comes back into the attack. He misses the yorker and bowls a juicy full toss, Uthappa goes straight down the ground and gets enough on it to clear a leaping Pollard. 9 runs from the over, KKR 114/4 (Uthappa 36, Rana 20)

16th over: Lasith Malinga comes back into the attack and he concedes 6 runs in the over. KKR 105/4 (Uthappa 29, Rana 18)

15th over: Hardik Pandya comes back into the attack and Nitish Rana welcomes him with a SIX over mid-off. 16 runs from the over which included a couple of SIXES by Rana. KKR 99/4 (Uthappa 27, Rana 15)

14th over: Jasprit Bumrah comes back into the attack and he concedes 10 runs from the over that includes a SIX and a BOUNDARY by Robin Uthappa, about time he got a move on. KKR 83/4 (Uthappa 26, Rana 0)

Strategic timeout!

13th over: WICKET! Malinga returns to the attack and Uthappa has broken the shackles! Malinga dishes out a slower length delivery from round the wicket, Uthappa clears his front leg and smokes it over cow corner. At the other end, Dinesh Karthik has been dismissed, Krunal Pandya times his jump to perfection at mid-wicket. DK departs for 3. Andre Russell is out in the middle along with Uthappa.  Malinga has dismissed Russell, who departs for a DUCK, what a day to fail, nicks it behind to De Kock. KKR in all sorts of trouble now. 73/4 (Uthappa 16, Nitish Rana 0)

12th over: KKR once again losing momentum in middle overs. Here’s Krunal Pandya and he finishes an excellent spell. His figures read 4-0-14-0. KKR 65/2 (Uthappa 9, Karthik 3)

11th over: Mitchell McClenaghan comes back into the attack. Would you believe it? 11th over of the innings and Uthappa has played out a maiden, McClenaghan the benefactor! KKR 61/2 (Uthappa 7, Karthik 1)

10th over: Krunal Pandya to continue and he’s bowled yet another gem of an over. 4 runs from it. KKR 61/2 (Uthappa 7, Karthik 1)

9th over: WICKET! Pandya brothers from both ends now! Hardik Pandya to continue and he has done it again this time with the wicket of the dangerous Chris Lynn, who terribly mistimes and top-edges it to De Kock behind. Lynn departs for 41. 2 runs and the wicket from this over. The captain Dinesh Karthik has joined Uthappa in the middle. KKR 57/2 (Uthappa 5, Karthik 0)

8th over: Krunal Pandya comes back into the attack and he’s bowled another stingy over. 4 runs from it. KKR 55/1 (Lynn 41, Uthappa 3)

7th over: BOWLING CHANGE: WICKET! Hardik Pandya comes into the attack and he has struck first blood with the wicket of the inform Shubman Gill, who has been dismissed lbw for 9. Robin Uthappa has joined Lynn in the middle. And an excellent over by Hardik comes to an end, 2 runs and the wicket. KKR 51/1 (Lynn 39, Uthappa 1)

Strategic timeout!

6th over: SPIN INTRODUCED! Rahul Chahar comes into the attack to bowl his legspinners and Lynn has already deposited it for two huge SIXES! 12 from the over, it’s the end of the mandatory Powerplay, KKR 49/0 (Lynn 38, Gill 9)

5th over: BOWLING CHANGE: Jasprit Bumrah has been introduced into the attack. 9 runs from the over. KKR 37/0 (Lynn 26, Gill 9)

4th over: BOWLING CHANGE: It’s Slinga time! Lasith Malinga has been introduced into the attack.  BOOM! Lynn has smashed this one off Malinga over short fine leg for a six. 13 runs from this over. KKR 28/0 (Lynn 19, Shubman 8)

3rd over: Mitchell McClenaghan will continue. BOOM! Chris Lynn smashes the first maximum for the evening. 10 runs from the over. KKR 15/0 (Lynn 9, Shubman 5)

 2nd over: Krunal Pandya will share the new ball with McClenaghan. Good over, 2 runs from it. KKR 5/0 (Shubman 3, Lynn 2)

1st over: Mitchell McClenaghan has got the new ball. Shubman Gill is on strike, it’s SHOWTIME! Tidy first over, just 3 runs from it. KKR 3/0 (Shubman Gill 2, Chris Lynn 1)

7.55 pm: It’s all plain and simple for both teams as Harsha Bhogle puts it in his recent tweet.

7.43 pm: Captains have their say at the toss

Rohit Sharma: “We are going to bowl. The last few decisions we have made on this surface have been based on the opposition. Today we wanted to see a total on the board and then see how we go from there. It is important but at the moment we don’t want to think about it. We are more focused on playing good cricket. Not worry about the table. It is the last league game, we want to focus on good cricket. We have two changes – Mitch McClenaghan for Lewis and Ishan Kishan for Sran. It gets you into the momentum and the playing pressure games are always important going forward. We had a great game last time. It was not a great total, but the bowlers came out and bowled well.”

Dinesh Karthik: “Everybody is as calm as we can get. It is important game for both teams and they will come firing. One change – Prasidh comes in place of Piyush. They have done a good job so far in the tournament. Obviously both are quality players, so we expect them to deliver.”

7.38 pm: Here are the playing XIs

MI make two changes. Mitchell McClenaghan is back in place of Evin Lewis and Barinder Sran makes way for Ishan Kishan. KKR make just the one change. Prasidh Krishna comes in for Piyush Chawla.

MI XI: Rohit Sharma (captain), Quinton de Kock (wk), Ishan Kishan, Suryakumar Yadav, Hardik Pandya, Krunal Pandya, Kieron Pollard, Mitchell McClenaghan, Rahul Chahar, Jasprit Bumrah, Lasith Malinga

KKR XI: Shubman Gill, Chris Lynn, Robin Uthappa, Andre Russell, Dinesh Karthik (wk and captain), Nitish Rana, Sunil Narine, Rinku Singh, Harry Gurney, Sandeep Warrier, Prasidh Krishna

7.30 pm: TOSS: Rohit Sharma wins toss and Mumbai Indians elect to field.

7.17 pm: Good evening to all and welcome to the Wankhede Stadium where a pleasant sea breeze is reducing the tension more so for KKR fans. It’s more like a quarter-final for Dinesh Karthik and Co. win this match and they are through to the Playoffs. If they lose, then SRH are through. It’s as simple an equation as that. Stick around as we are minutes away from the all important TOSS.


Kolkata Knight Riders’ hopes of qualification hang by a thread. Their fate now depends on Sunrisers Hyderabad, who face already knocked out Royal Challengers Bangalore on Saturday. If SRH lose and Kolkata win their last league game of the Indian Premier League (IPL 2019) against Mumbai Indians on Sunday at the Wankhede Stadium, then it’s the two-time champions who will just sneak in.

My Dream XI Team

Quinton de Kock, Rohit Sharma, Shubman Gill, Nitish Rana, Robin Uthappa, Chris Lynn, Hardik Pandya (vice-captain), Andre Russell (captain), Lasith Malinga, Rahul Chahar, Sandeep Warrier