Michael Vaughan reiterates call for withdrawing Hot Spot from DRS

Michael Vaughan felt that it is better to withdraw Hot Spot since Warren Brennan, whose company supplies the Hot Spot technology admitted that it fails to detect edges from bats with protective coatings © Getty Images

Aug 8, 2013

Former England captain Michael Vaughan has reiterated his stand on withdrawing the Hot Spot from Decision Review System (DRS) after Warren Brennan, who adapted the technology in cricket admitted that edges from bats with protective coatings can escape the technology. Even former wicketkeeper Alec Stewart backed Vaughan’s stand.

“It’s utter nonsense. He’s trying to protect his company. But it’s not down to the game of cricket to help Hot Spot — it’s down to Hot Spot to help cricket,” Vaughan was quoted as saying by The Guardian.
“I don’t think Hot Spot can carry on. He’s admitted his system doesn’t work when bats have got covering on, and that’s not going to stop. With that statement, it has to go, because he’s openly admitted his technology will not work,” Vaughan added.
Stewart felt that bat coatings have been used since 30-40 years and Brennan’s statement is an embarrassing one. “Yesterday [Friday] it was very good, but he has openly admitted there is a fault with his system. I’d suggest he takes his technology back to the nets and improve on it and come back and play with the big boys. It’s just not good enough,” Stewart said.
However, International Cricket Council’s General Manager Geoff Allardice has confirmed that the technology will continue to be used in the remaining matches as well.