Michael Vaughan treads Great Wall of China to collect funds for charity

Michael Vaughan and 22 friends and family members walked 35km for charity Getty Images

By CricketCountry Staff

Beijing: Oct 14, 2011

Former England captain Michael Vaughan set off on a seven-day trip to China last month to raise money for the Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

Vaughan and 22 friends and family members walked 35km to collect funds for the charity.

The aim of the trek was to collect 250,000 for to buy an ‘Integrated Intra-operative Surgical Navigation System’ for the hospital.

“Not everyone has that amount of luck, and not everyone is as fortunate as I am, so I try and give a bit back,” said Vaughan.

“It does so much for the whole country, not just the people of Sheffield. I want to make sure that it continues to do that.”

So far, the trek has raised over 140,000 but Vaughan says, understandably, that he would like this figure to rise.

“You just know that you’re doing good for charity – it was hard in physical terms, but the whole idea was to raise the profile of the Sheffield Hospital.

“I know the money I’ve raised is going to make a difference to people’s lives and that’s what it’s all about.

“It was tough but it was a great experience,” he added

The Ashes hero described Beijing as ‘very hustle and bustle’.

“To get a mile and a half in a car takes an hour – it’s that kind of place,” he said.