Miffed Gayle may never play again for West Indies

WICB wants Chris Gayle to retract his controversial statement Getty Images

Kingston (Jamaica): Jun 17, 2011

Rebel West Indies batsman Chris Gayle is so frustrated and disillusioned with his Cricket Board officials that he might consider walking away from the national team, a media report has claimed.

According to the Trinidad Guardian, the friction between the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) and Gayle has only increased after a stormy meeting, which was ironically called to settle the differences after the batsman’s controversial radio interview.

In that outburst, Gayle had lambasted the WICB for leaving him in the lurch during his recent injury crisis.

The WICB wants Gayle to retract from the statement but he has refused, heightening the tensions.

He was left out of the ODI squad for the just-concluded series against India, and could also be dropped from the side for the Tests starting Monday.

“Chris wants to play cricket for the West Indies. He wants to play really badly and this is why he turned up for the meeting. However, what was said and how it was said at the meeting has left him rather frustrated and he may now look at taking his game away from the West Indies,” the newspaper quoted a source as saying.

“This is a man who has served West Indies cricket well in the past and he was also captain of the regional team. However, he was treated very badly by one individual at the meeting and this has left him in a state,” the source added.

Gayle was accompanied by Executive President of the West Indies Players’ Association Dinanath Ramnarine and WIPA Vice President Wavell Hinds in the a near four-hour long meeting with the WICB on Saturday.

“Chris was penalised (by being dropped from the West Indies team) before he was given a hearing. This was totally unfair and was aired at the meeting. Also one official who represented the WICB was very provocative towards Chris and was not even allowing him to answer questions posed to him. This was very unfortunate,” the source revealed.