Former Pakistan skipper Mohammad Hafeez stated that he had to play with teammates who had their share of wrongdoings.

Hafeez, who was speaking with Shoaib Akhtar on the pacer’s YouTube channel, also claimed that he tried to raise his voice but was asked to keep quiet if he hoped to play for Pakistan.

“Those players are like my brothers and I do pray for them but what they did, I was against that,” Hafeez said.

“I raised my voice but I was told that they will play for Pakistan and if you wish to play as well, then you decide (what you want to do) and I was like really? So I went home and took advice as I did not want to spend giving away my positive energy for Pakistan. I continued along with all those players although that was wrong,” he continued.

“I still say that it is wrong and it will never be fruitful for Pakistan. Bringing back any such player will never be fruitful for Pakistan,” added the allrounder.

Earlier, Akhtar had also made claims that he was playing against 22 men – from his team and from the opposition – and was surrounded by the match fixers in the Pakistan side.