Mohammad Shami had initially posted this picture on Facebook (Photo courtesy: Mohammed Shami's official Facebook page)
Mohammad Shami had initially posted this picture on Facebook (Photo courtesy: Mohammed Shami’s official Facebook page)

Many celebrities in the recent past have faced bashing from fanatics and this time around it is Indian pacer Mohammed Shami slammed those on Facebook who had been advising him and his wife Hasin Jahan because of her choice of clothes as she wore a sleeveless gown, as seen in recent photos that the Indian cricketer shared. He had posted a picture with his wife of Facebook and Twitter with caption Beautiful Moments. But this picture wasn t taken well by some fanatics who criticised the player and his wife asking the player to make sure that his wore a Hijab stick to Islamic rules.

Shami thrashed the fanatics in just a few words by posting another picture on Facebook on December 26, this time with his wife and daughter. To make his point clear, Shami posted a caption asking the people to continue talking whatever they wished for. The caption reads, Very good morning. Har kisi ko jindagi mai mukam ni milta, kuch kismat wale hi hote hai jinhe ye nasib hota hai.! jalteee rahooooo… (Very good morning. Everyone does not get to his ultimate goal in life; there are a few lucky ones who are destined for it. Be jealous.)

Ye dono meri zindage or life partner hai me acha trha janta hu kiya karna hai kiya nahi. hame apne andar dekhna chahiye ham kitne acche hai. (These two are my life and my partners, I know it very well what to do and what not. We should look inwards to determine how good we are)

Shami, currently undergoing rehabilitation for right knee soreness after missing the last two Tests against England, had posted the photograph on December 23. People posted comments like, sharam karo sar aap ek muslim ho bibi ko parde me rakho (Be ashamed Sir, you are a Muslim and you should keep your wife behind curtains). Amidst all this, people forgot that his is the same player who played for Team India even when his daughter was in ICU. Here is the picture Shami posted

Former Indian player Mohammad Kaif had slammed the bashers on Twitter naming them shameful . Kaif tweeted asking the bashers to be ashamed about their insensitive comments.


Shami is not the first personality to face such remarks as Tennis champion Sania Mirza had faced attacks over her religion. In 2005, a cleric issued a fatwa (edict), ordering the then 18-year-old to stop wearing indecent clothes and instead be covered from head-to-toe while playing.