Mohammed Shami has come off age as a bowler since the time he made his debut for India. Known for his upright seam position, Shami is equally good with the old ball and has the ability to reverse it as well. Qualities that are enough to make life difficult for the batsmen all around world.

So what made him so successful over the years with the old ball? Shami revealed the answer while speaking with Cricbuzz.

“It is a very long process that started when we were kids. There was a craze about India-Pakistan matches in our childhood. We have even skipped school for it. Those games fascinated us because we were suprised to see their bowlers use this weapon called reverse swing against our team. We knew that the new ball swung but for the old ball to swing in the other direction was fascinating,” said Shami.

“My elder brother and I were so keen keen to know how that happened (reverse swing). We eagerly wanted to know why the ball started moving in the opposite direction after 25 overs. I would watch interviews, Youtube videos and then implemented that in the nets. I knew you needed a relatively old ball for reverse swing to happen. The day it started reversing I knew how to manage the ball and what should the condition of the ball be for it to start reversing. Once I learned that skill I never let it go,” Shami further added.

Talking about his first interaction with the great Wasim Akram, Shami revealed, “The three years that I spent with Wasim Akram at KKR was very crucial for my development. Talk of swing or reverse swing, his experience of playing at the highest level, he’s a legend. The way he talked, the way he made you understand things, we never felt that such a legend is making you understand these things. He always had a smile on his face and you know how polite he is when he talks.”

“I was very happy spending those 3 years with him. I’d made it a point to learn all that there was to learn about swing bowling from him. I learnt a lot about bowling with all sorts of balls with him in the nets. He’d bowl and show me how wrist positions can affect bowling too. It was an enriching experience. When I first met him, I just kept staring at him wondering if I was seeing the same man I saw on TV all these years,” said the 30-year-old fast bowler.