MS Dhoni says he thought of joining Indian Army during childhood

MS Dhoni was conferred the rank of honorary Lieutenant Colonel in the Indian Territorial Army in 2011 © IANS

New Delhi: Oct 2, 2013

India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni aspired to be a soldier but said, destiny intervened to make him a cricketer.

“Since childhood I wanted to join the Army. Seeing the soldiers, I thought that one day I’ll be the same,” Dhoni told Aaj Tak while spending a day with the Parachute Regiment in Ranchi.

In fact, Dhoni, who has led India to both the Twenty20 and the 50-over World Cup trophies, said the uniform helped him overcome his fear of height.

“The uniform is something special. Maybe this is all in the uniform, that I was not afraid,” he said.

Dhoni shared some light moments with the army personnel, who asked him how he managed to remain cool despite performing his stressful job.

“A day before any press conference, I go and sit in the fridge, that’s how I remain cool,” he joked.

During his time with the jawans, Dhoni also met their families, happily posing for pictures and signing autographs for their kids.