Mumbai Cricket Association [MCA] is all set to register its new constitution in compliance to a Supreme Court judgment to incorporate reforms suggested by Lodha Commitee.

According to a report by the PTI, the Committee of Administrators [CoA], comprising Justices (retd) Hemant Gokhale and V M Kanade to run MCA coducted a meeting on Monday to take a decision on the issue.

This comes after the BCCI registered its new constitution in line with the reforms listed Lodha Committee on August 21. The board registered the with the Registrar of Societies of Tamil Nadu in Chennai, paving the way for the Committee of Administrators (CoA) to chalk out a roadmap for conducting elections.

“The MCA will be putting up the revised draft of the ‘new’ Constitution on its website for three days. If the members still have any suggestions, they can give us. We will register the new Constitution with the Charity Commissioner, most likely in the next week,” an official who attended the meeting, was quoted as saying by PTI on Monday.