Mumbai Indians vs Rajasthan Royals Live Cricket Score, CLT20 2013 Final: Mumbai Indians win by 33 runs

Rohit Sharma (left) receives the Champions League Trophy from Rajeev Shukla © IANS

Oct 6, 2013

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They won the IPL, and now the Champions League T20. It has been a truly remarkable performance by Mumbai Indians. They performed when it mattered and peaked at the right time. Perfect finale with two legends bidding adieu to limited overs cricket and in the end the Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar had a memorable ending.

That’s it from here. The focus now shifts to the T20I and seven-match ODI series against Australia starting from October 10.

Rohit Sharma: “We started off really well. We always knew, with the dew coming in, wanted to take wickets early. Smithy [Smith] and Maxi [Maxwell] gave us good start.

“It has been a fantastic tournament. Winning this is icing on the cake. I would like to thank each one of those associated with the Mumbai team. There were lot of expectations. We held our nerve and in the end the results were as we wanted.”

Rahul Dravid: “We probably gave them a bit too many. All credit to Mumbai Indians. They played well in the last five-six overs. Harbhajan Singh turned the game around.

“It’s been a fantastic tournamemt. Really loved working with  the team. I just like to thank players from both teams for supporting me. It was truly emotional.”

Harbhajan Singh has been declared Man of the Match. He won the award in 2011 as well when Mumbai had clinched the title for the first time. Harbhajan a bit toned down in his celebrations. Says he wants to focus on Duleep Trophy.

Dwayne Smith has been awarded Champion of the series.

Apart from Harbhajan’s triple strike one can also say that Glenn Maxwell’s onslaught towards the end of Mumbai innings powered them towards 200. It was a battle of nerves throughout and the current IPL Champions prevailed.

Yet again, Sachin Tendulkar overshadows Rahul Dravid. But chasing 202, the pressure was always on Rajasthan despite that blistering 109-run second-wicket partnership between Ajinkya Rahane and Sanju Samson. After Samson’s dismissal, Rajasthan were banking on Watson to come good. However, once Harbhajan picked those three wickets in the 17th over, the match had slipped away from Rajasthan.

Rajasthan Royals 169 | Overs 18.5 | Tambe 0* OUT! Yagnik 6, Shukla 0, Faulkner 2

It’s all over. Mumbai have won their second Champions League title. Three wickets in that over for Pollard.

Yagnik nicks to Dinesh Karthik. The umpire has some hesitation but finally gives into persistent appeal from Pollard. Shukla and Faulkner end up hitting aerial shots and are caught in the deep.

Rajasthan Royals 168/7 | Overs 18 | Yagnik 6*, Faulkner 1*  OUT! Dravid 1

The game is slowly slipping away from Rajasthan. The Wall walks off. Coulter-Nile bowls a yorker and the stumps are disturbed. All the Mumbai players rush towards him and shake hands. He gets a standing ovation from the spectators and his teammates. Yagnik manages to pick a boundary on the last ball.

Rajasthan are slowly running out of steam. Perhaps a certain batsman named Brad Hodge could have done the difference.

35 required in 12 balls.

Rajasthan Royals 159/6 | Overs 17 | Yagnik 0*  OUT! Rahane 65, Binny 10, Cooper 4

Three wickets for Harbhajan Singh. Rahane times the ball beautifully but doesn’t get the placement right and is caught at deep mid-wicket by Dwayne Smith. 65 from 47 balls.

Harbhajan then tightens the noose around Binny and the right-hander is bowled for 10. Dravid sends Kevon Cooper ahead and the West Indian hits a boundary before being stumped. Will this be the turning point? Bhajji has turned the game around.

Rahul Dravid finally comes in to bat.

44 required in 18 balls.

Rajasthan Royals 155/3 | Overs 16 | Rahane 65*, Binny 10*

Rahane collects a boundary over extra-cover. Binny hits the penultimate ball for a maximum. Just manages to clear the long-on fielder. 14 from that over.

48 required in 24 balls.

Rajasthan Royals 141/3 | Overs 15 | Rahane 60*, Binny 1*   OUT! Watson 8

Yet again Pollard has the final laugh! Watson comes down and tries to hit Harbhajan for a six. DOesn’t get hold of the shot and the West Indian at long-on takes a simple catch.

Stuart Binny is the new man. Dravid will try to use his best batsmen upfront and hold himself back.

62 needed in 30 balls.

Rajasthan Royals 136/2 | Overs 14 | Rahane 56*, Watson 8*

The required rate is creeping up. Time for Watson to assert his impression in this game. Rahane chips one behind the bowler for a couple and then repeats a similar shot towards long-off for a single.

Pollard yet agains using change of pace to keep the batsmen in check. But Watson finally manages to get hold of one ball which lands into the mid-wicket stands. Few wrods exchanged betwen the two.

67 required in 36 balls.

Rajasthan Royals 124/2 | Overs 13 | Rahane 52*, Watson 1*

Fifty for Rahane. Fourth consecutive half-century. Rahane gently clears the cover fielder to pick a boundary. Nevertheless, a tidy over from Harbhajan. Seven runs coming from it.

Ojha’s spell has certainly kept Mumbai in the hunt. 26 runs from his four overs with a wicket.

Rajasthan Royals 117/2 | Overs 12 | Rahane 46*, Watson 0*  OUT! Samson 60

It was getting frustrating for Mumbai but Harbhajan finally manages to latch on to the catch. An aerial shot from Rahane lands just short of Pollard. But Samson, a ball later backs off and tries to go for an expansive shot on the off but the edge flies high towards short third-man.

60 from 33 balls. That aggressive innings from Samson has given Royals every chance to chase down 202. Shane Watson is the new man in.

Rajasthan Royals 114/1 | Overs 11 | Rahane 44*, Samson 59*

DROPPED! Samson lofts and doesn’t get the distance. Confusion between Harbhajan and Maxwell. Bhajji running behind had no chance there. Only manages to leave Maxwell in two minds who loses control and Samson gets a reprieve. How costly could that prove? That second over from Coulter-Nile was much better, but Samson adds to Mumbai’s frustration with a boundary.

Rajasthan Royals 105/1 | Overs 10 | Rahane 43*, Samson 52*

Finally a quiet over for Mumbai. Just five coming from it. The batsmen deal in singles and a couple.

98 needed in the last 10.

Rajasthan Royals 100/1 | Overs 9 | Rahane 40*, Samson 40*

Fifty for Samson in just 23 balls. Gently nudges behind point and the backward point fielder gets a hand to it, but Pragyan Ojha chasing the ball messes it up at the fence and the ball touches the fence.

Pollard was bowling long way behind from the crease. With Watson still to come, Rajasthan Royals will be clearly fancying their chances now.

Rajasthan Royals 90/1 | Overs 8 | Rahane 38*, Samson 43*

Looking at Samson’s physique very few would bet on this 18-year-old dealing in sixes. He whips one wide of long-on for a huge six.

The Royals are way ahead of their required rate. 113 required in 72 deliveries.

Rajasthan Royals 80/1 | Overs 7 | Rahane 36*, Samson 34*

Kieron Pollard slows down the momentum a bit. Uses change of pace to perfection keeping the batsmen guessing. But Rahane manages to get a deft touch to pick a boundary between keeper and short third-man.

Nine runs from that over.

Rajasthan Royals 71/1 | Overs 6 | Rahane 28*, Samson 34*

Samson is in the form of his life. All his shots have been timed with perfection. Rahane on the other end is matching his young partner with some fine shots. Goes down on one knee and lofts it over mid-wicket for six.

Rajasthan Royals 63/1 | Overs 5 | Rahane 21*, Samson 33*

Nathan Coulter-Nile into the attack. But Samson’s onslaught continues. He shuffles across towards the off, Coulter-Nile drops it short but the batsman goes through with the shot and the ball lands inches behind the fence. Follows it up with a sharp off drive for a boundary.

He tries to pull a short-ball and the top edge flies behind wicketkeeper for another boundary.

17 runs from the over!

Rajasthan Royals 46/1 | Overs 4 | Rahane 20*, Samson 18*

Lovely shot from Sanju samson. He is not shuffling or going for a brash shot. Just standing firm on his crease and timing the ball well. He hits the third ball for a six and follows it up with a similar shot. But it was well stopped by Pragyan Ojha on the fence and saves three.

Rahane connects well on the last ball and it lands into the long-on stands.

Rajasthan Royals 32/1 | Overs 3 | Rahane 13*, Samson 11*

Samson is riock solid in his crease and lofts the ball straight over the bowler for a six. Rahane then lofts one over mid-off for three and then an outside edge off his bat gets him four more.

Not a bad over from Harbhajan but one of those overs in T20 were runs flow irrespective of your line and length.

Rajasthan Royals 16/1 | Overs 2 | Rahane 5*, Samson 3*

Good over from Rishi Dhawan. Keeps the ball full and consistently gets the it into the right handers. He is slightly wayward on the last ball offering width to Rahane who steers it past backward point for a boundary.

Rajasthan Royals 10/1 | Overs 1 | Rahane 0*, Samson 2*  OUT! Perera 8

Needless running by Kusal Perera. Had done well to collect consecutive boundaries. Then gently plays towards mid-off and just sets out for the single. He pays no attention to Rahane refusing that single and both the batsmen are at the same end.

Ajinkya Rahane and Kusal Perera have walked up to the crease with a gigantic task ahead of them. Glenn Maxwell will be bowling the first over.

Mumbai Indians 202/6 | Overs 20 | Karthik 15*, Harbhajan 7* OUT! Maxwell 37

What an innings this has been. 142 coming in last 10 overs.

Maxwell is run-out for 37 but what a cameo from him. Four boundaries and two six in the 14-ball innings. Meanwhile Mumbai continued to attack. Harbhajan Singh slogged a short delivery for a maximum. Karthik finished the innings with a couple.

Mumbai Indians 190/5 | Overs 19 | Maxwell 35*, Karthik 12*

Maxwell’s timing appears better than that of Rohit Sharma. Faulkner pays the price for wayward bowling. Maxwell picks consecutive boundaries.

Karthik finishes off the over in style picking a low full-toss and smashing it over the bowler’s head for a maximum.

18 from that over.

Mumbai Indians 172/5 | Overs 18 | Maxwell 24*, Karthik 6*  OUT! Sharma 33

Rohit Sharma is caught at mid-wicket. Good innings from him 33 from just 14 balls.

Maxwell however continues his onslaught. Back of a length delivery from Shukla, an the Aussies plays it straight over the bowler for a maximum. A ball later he picks four more past fine-leg.

Karthik then matches Maxwell’s power and slogs a low full-toss over mid-wicket.

Mumbai Indians 152/4 | Overs 17 | R Sharma 33*, Maxwell 11*  OUT! Pollard 15

Pollard bowled by Faulkner. But new man Glenn Maxwell doesn’t waste any time. Slaps a boundary through square-leg and then times the ball sweetly to clear the square-leg fence.

Pollard tried to hit a delivery angling in and his leg stump is knocked off.

Mumbai Indians 139/3 | Overs 16 | R Sharma 31*, Pollard 15*

Any shot that Rohit Sharma can’t play?

Pollard smashes a six off Cooper. Typical Pollard shot. Sharma follows it up dispatching a slower delivery over lond-on. Pollard’s deft touch on the last ball earns them four more.

20 runs from that over.

Mumbai Indians 119/3 | Overs 15 | R Sharma 24*, Pollard 2*

Sharma and Pollard’s running between the wicket gets them few runs early on.

Sharma gently steers the first ball towards mid-wicket and picks three runs. On the penultimate delivery he gently paddles it fine between keeper and short fine-leg for a four. He follows it up with a gentle touch which runs past point fielder for another boundary.

4,000 runs for Rohit Sharma in T20. Shows the value of the batsman in this format.

Last five overs have yielded 59.

Mumbai Indians 104/3 | Overs 14 | R Sharma 13*, Pollard 0*  OUT! Rayudu 28

Rayudu was slowly getting into the groove. Yet again comes down the track and lofts Tambe straight for a four. He tries to repeat the same shot, but this time the bowler pitches it a touch short and Rayudu misses the line, the stumps are in disarray. Second wicket for Tambe.

Big man Kieron Pollard walks in.

Mumbai Indians 98/2 | Overs 13 | Rayudu 24*, R Sharma 12*

Rohit Sharma is looking in sublime touch. Bends a bit froward and pulls it over mid-wicket for six. Mr. Talent collected four more on the last ball with an elegant drive through the covers.

Stuart Binny drifts towards the leg and Rayudu heaves it between fine-leg and square-leg for a boundary.

16 runs from that over.

Mumbai Indians 82/2 | Overs 12 | Rayudu 19*, R Sharma 1* OUT! Smith 44

Tambe gets the main wicket. Smith tries to slog it and misses it; the stumps are dislodged. Pretty similar to Smith’s dismissal last night. It was waiting to happen. Tambe has been extremely accurate and finally gets his due.

The leg-spinner has never been hit for a six in this tournament so far.

Rayudu picks a boundary on the last ball. Comes down the track and lofts it over the bowler. Rohit Sharma is the new man.

Mumbai Indians 75/1 | Overs 11 | Smith 43*, Rayudu 14*

FINALLY! Smith back in his true colours. Picks three consecutive boundaries. Pulls it towards mid-wicket and Perara on the fence misfields and concedes a boundary. On the second ball, steers clear of sweeper and then pulls a short slower delivery to the square-leg fence.

15 from that over.

Mumbai Indians 60/1 | Overs 10 | Smith 28*, Rayudu 14*

We are half-way through the Mumbai innings and Mumbai won’t be that happy with the score looking at their abilities.

Another fine over from Tambe. Both batsmen trying to take him on but the leggie has pitched it well not allowing them to break free.

Mumbai Indians 57/1 | Overs 9 | Smith 26*, Rayudu 13*

The Royals’ bowlers have slowed down the pace of the game considerably. Kevon Cooper right on target in his second over. Dwayne Smith is trying to break the shackles occasionally but can’t connect.

Mumbai have the batting firepower, yet the two batsmen are cautious.

Mumbai Indians 54/1 | Overs 8 | Smith 24*, Rayudu 12*

Excellent first over from Pravin Tambe. Keeps it tight and doesn’t give any room to Smith to free his arms. He beats him on the penultimate ball.

Just three runs from that over.

Mumbai Indians 51/1 | Overs 7 | Smith 22*, Rayudu 11*

Loud appeal from the wicketkeeper on the last ball of the over for caught behind but it was turned down.

Rajasthan bowlers are delivering to Smith with a plan. Three fielders on the leg looking at Smith’s favourite hitting area. Cooper consistently tries to pitch it full.

Rayudu on the first ball flicks the ball uppsihly towards mid-wicket for a single.

Fifty comes up for Mumbai.

Mumbai Indians 46/1 | Overs 6 | Smith 20*, Rayudu 8*

Rayudu sent in to up the ante gets the fourth ball from the toe end of the bat and it still runs towards the fence but the fielder sprints across and saves two runs.

Rayudu gets most of the strike. Six runs comes from that over. Most important aspect for Mumbai, Smith is still there.

Kevon Cooper now comes into bowl.

Mumbai Indians 40/1 | Overs 5 | Smith 19*, Rayudu 4* OUT! Tendulkar 15

Sachin Tendulkar walks off to a standing ovation. After picking consecutive boundaries, Tendulkar tries to play on the up but hits down the wrong line and the off-stump goes for a toss. It was a 140 kmph delivery from Watson.

The Little Master was in full flow earlier. He played one gently down the leg for a four and then backed it up with a vintage cover drive.

Ambati Rayudu, the new man picks a boundary off the last ball. clearing mid-on.

Mumbai Indians 27/0 | Overs 4 | Smith 19*, Tendulkar 7*

Rahul Shukla comes into the attack. Smith picks up a short ball early and slams it towards mid-wicket for a boundary.

Good over for Mumbai. Ten runs coming from it.

Mumbai Indians 17/0 | Overs 3 | Smith 12*, Tendulkar 5*

Tendulkar elegantly drives the ball through covers for a boundary on the penultimate delivery off Faulkner’s over.

Dwayne Smith survives a close run-out appeal. Casually ambles across for a second and Rahul Shukla’s direct throw from thirdman hits the stumps at the non-striker’s end. Replays show Smith had just made it in.

Earlier, Smith picked a length ball and dispatched it over the bowler for a boundary.

Mumbai Indians 8/0 | Overs 2 | Smith 7*, Tendulkar 1*

Tendulkar survives a close leg-before appeal. Watson angles the ball in and the it hits the batsman just above knee roll. Vociferous appeal from the players but Kumar Dharmasena turns it down. Excellent over from Watson, concedes just two from it.

On the first ball of Watson’s over Tendulkar softly nudges the ball towards point and goes for a quick single. Smith had to hurry at the striker’s end and makes it comfortably.

Mumbai Indians 6/0 | Overs 1 | Smith 6*, Tendulkar 0*

Smith opens his account with a six. Faulkner bowled well, but he pitches the third one short and Smith slaps it over mid-wicket for a maximum. The Aussie all-rounder gets back his line well to complete an other wise tidy over.

Earlier, Faulkner started off on a disciplined not. Landed the first two ball just back of a length and got some bounce.

Shane Watson into the attack from the other end.

James Faulkner to open the bowling and Dwayne Smith will be taking strike.

So who are the key players for both teams? For Rajasthan Royals, Ajinkya Rahane is in great form, Pravin Tambe has been fabulous. Rahul Shukla too has been their strike bowler.

Mumbai Indians tough will be banking on Dwayne Smith to fire once more. Smith has given great starts and set the momentum for rest of the batsmen. Rohit Sharma and Kieron Pollard will be the batsmen to watch out for as well. Among the bowlers, Nathan Coulter-Nile has been an unsung hero. He has been accurate and has the lowest economy rate along with Rishi Dhawan who has done a great job with the ball.

Catch some of the interesting clashes to watch out for in the final here.

Rajasthan Royals have won the toss and elected to field.


Mumbai Indians: Sachin Tendulkar, Dwayne Smith, Dinesh Karthik (wk), Rohit Sharma (c), Ambati Rayudu, Kieron Pollard, Glenn Maxwell, Nathan Coulter-Nile, Harbhajan Singh, Pragyan Ojha, Rishi  Dhawan.
Rajasthan Royals: Rahul Dravid (c), Ajinkya Rahane, Sanju Samson, Shane Watson, Stuart Binny, Kusal Perera, Dishant Yagnik (wk), James Faulkner, Kevon Cooper, Pravin Tambe, Rahul Shukla.
Brad Hodge’s injury has forced Dravid to insert Kusal Perara into the playing XI. Meanwhile Mumbai Indians have brought in Glenn Maxwell for Mitchell Johnson. Mumbai will be fancying their chances to score well batting first with Maxwell being another addition in the batting. However, Rajasthan will be missing their finisher Hodge badly. To recap, Hodge had hurt his knee during the semi-final against Chennai Super Kings.

The pitch is a bit dry. The pacers may not expect much assistance but the spinners are likely to get some purchase. However, not to forget that this match is being played at Feroz Shah Kotla where the boundaries are short and the big-hitters from both sides will back themselves to clear the fence with ease.

Good Evening and a warm welcome to everyone. What a fitting finale! These two teams clashed in the opening match of the tournament and will be ending it too. And without much doubt all the focus will be on the two legends playing their last limited overs match — Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid. As the Indian fans would term it — God vs The Wall.

I am Abhijit Banare bringing you the over-by-over updates of the Champions League 2013 final between Mumbai Indians and Rajasthan Royals.