Mysterious illness puts John Hastings’ career in jeopardy
John Hastings is a popular figure in the Big Bash League. @Getty

John Hastings, the Australia allrounder, had revealed that he may be forced into early retirement as a mysterious and potentially fatal illness continues to scare him.

Hastings, 32, has had repeated incidents where he has coughed up blood while running in to bowl. The allrounder has been dealing with the condition for a few years, but having been sidelined from the upcoming Big Bash League he has now pondered the severity of having blood vessels bursting in his lungs while he delivers a cricket ball.

“Every time I’m bowling now it’s happening,” Hastings told RSN’s the Breakfast Club. “It’s literally just bowling. It’s not running. I can do boxing, weight sessions, rowing, anything like that.

“When I step it up (at the crease), literally I burst blood vessels in my lungs and I walk back to my mark and cough up some blood. The uncertainty around not knowing whether any long term damage could be a side effect, or fatally bleeding on the field (is scary).”

Hastings Australia career has seen him play 29 ODIs, nine T20Is and one Test. He retired from first-class and one-day cricket in 2017 but remains a popular player in T20 league.

Now, after declining two invasive treatment options presented by doctors, Hastings will look at other forms of treatment but fears that his career is nearing the end.

“I’ve played this game my whole life and I wanted to keep playing it,” he said. “I wanted to play tournaments all around the world. That’s one of the reasons I retired early from one-day and four-day cricket. To see it maybe slipping away, it’s pretty tough to take and at this stage, unless something miraculous happens, I won’t be able to bowl.”