N Srinivasan is under pressure to resign as BCCI President © Getty Images
N Srinivasan is under pressure to resign as BCCI President © Getty Images


Mar 27, 2014


As the Indian Premier League (IPL) match-fixing saga meanders on, it has brought to light the glaring aspect of the Supreme Court trying to force Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) President N Srinivasan out of office after the latter was defiant in face of resistance from the country’s apex cricketing body recently.


The highlight of the entire Srinivasan fiasco is that of the BCCI trying to swim against the tide and aiming for the former’s ouster despite the laws stating that there is no way to remove a President directly from his term unless he really wishes to resign from office, reports IndianExpress.


When former BCCI president Niranjan Shah was asked about the ongoing saga, he replied: “We never thought that there could be a situation which might demand president’s ouster. So the clause has never been incorporated.”


“Members are waiting for Friday’s hearing and the subsequent court order. If he [Srinivasan] resigns on his own, then a lot of problems might be solved. Otherwise, let’s see what happens,” added Shah.


The other twist that the saga takes is that of the BCCI ousting Srinivasan thanks to a Special General Meeting (SGM) between its members which may also contribute to technically ousting the current president from his tenure.


But the catch is that even if the BCCI were to prove successful in implementing such a policy which may cause the removal of Srinivasan, still the latter has the necessary authority to make it irrelevant thanks to the special powers being bestowed upon him.


Though Srinivasan may not win the popularity stakes in the BCCI still the latter’s earlier reluctance to go against the president may well be a wise one considering the power he enjoys in going against the veto.


When BCCI vice-president Ravi Savant was asked for his opinion on the ongoing saga he replied: “To start with, Srinivasan hasn’t been indicted anywhere. He, himself, has done nothing wrong.”


“On Friday we have a hearing and if the court comes up with an order then the BCCI has to follow that,” signed off Savant.