N Srinivasan nominated as ICC chairman
N Srinivasan is the third BCCI chief to become the chairman of ICC © PTI


Feb 8, 2014


After the International Cricket Council (ICC) approved the wide-ranging structural and governance reforms, it was decided that Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) chief N Srinivasan was nominated for the post chairman by the international cricket board.


Srinivasan shall be the chairman from July 2014. India will get 80 per cent of revenue.


Earlier, it was reported that BCCI would discuss the desire to name Srinivasan’s name for the post of chairman of ICC although his name needs to be passed at a governing body meeting.


“There were eight full members who were in a position to support the resolution today and the two who have abstained have pledged to further discuss the issues with an aim to reaching unanimous approval over the coming weeks,” said ICC president Alan Isaac.


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