N Srinivasan plays down player burnout issue in Indian cricket

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New Delhi: Nov 25, 2012

N Srinivasan, the president of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), said that player burnout is not as bloated an issue in the country as it is perceived to be.

“Barring a handful of players in the national team, not everyone is playing in all formats of the game,” Srinivasan told The Times of India in an interview.

“If you add up the number of playing days for the majority of cricketers, it won’t exceed 100 days in a year. So this talk of hectic schedule does not apply to most cricketers,” he said.

Srinivasan said that the Board will always working in the players interest.

“BCCI is here for cricketers. They’re the people who have given the BCCI its position today,” he said.

Srinivasan also addressed concerns about spectator fatigue due to the amount of cricket that is on display.

He said, “This perception is owing to the sheer volume of content available, especially when the national side is not playing. The fans get to watch cricket around the world sitting at home, so the perception is there’s too much cricket being played.”