Najam Sethi was interim PCB Chairman in 2014    AFP
Najam Sethi was interim PCB Chairman in 2014 AFP

A 83-year old passes baton to a 69-year old, sounds strange but this is exactly what happened when Shahryar Khan stepped down from his position and Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) appointed Najam Sethi as its new chairman. In a meeting by the Board of Governors, Sethi was unanimously elected and as left unchallenged for the post. Shahryar had quit as chairman citing health reasons but came back and completed his 3 years. As per PCB constitution, a chairman has to be selected from member of Board of Governors. Sethi was included in the board of Governors thanks to former Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif as a direct nomination. His place will be taken over by Arif Ejaz, also selected by Sharif.

Sethi severed as acting chairman of PCB in 2014 selected by Sharif, after the then chairman Zaka Ashraf was undergoing a case hearing against himself in Islamabad High Court. Ashraf was cleared of all charges and Sethi had to let go of his place. Sethi is also instrumental in the success of Pakistan Super League (PSL).

Wasim Akram had also thrown his weight behind Sethi ahead of the election. He said, “I support him all the way and the main reason is PSL. Many people before him discussed the idea of PSL but no one was able to materialise the plans. Sethi not only made is possible, but organised two successful editions of Pakistan’s top class T20 league and also the final of the second edition in Lahore.

(Inputs from ANI)