Nasser Hussain represented England from 1990 to 2004    Getty Images
Nasser Hussain represented England from 1990 to 2004 Getty Images

Nasser Hussain is as articulate a commentator as he was a captain. Taking over from Alec Stewart in 1999, Hussain went on to become one of the finest English captains, especially in ODIs. His cricket ideologies were first witnessed from 1990 to 2004 on the field when he represented England. After he hung his boots, he has been impressing all and sundry with his eloquence, expressing his take on the game and narrating the match in the commentary box.

In episode six of Sky Sports My Icon series, Hussain recounted how he chose cricket: My dad either wanted me to become a doctor or a cricketer.

We are aware of Hussain s analytical skills. It is possible he might have made it big in the medical field. However, Hussain believes otherwise: I wasn t bright enough to become a doctor, so I took up cricket. It was just in the blood really. I had no choice, it was just what we did and I enjoyed every single moment of it. Lucky are the cricket fanatics that Hussain chose this profession.

Ever wondered who did Hussain follow when was an aspiring cricketer? A batsman as elegant as they make them in other words, a polar opposite of Hussain: My childhood hero and I work with him now was David Gower. Don t tell anyone but I used to have pictures of him on my bedroom wall at university!

He had lived all his dreams, be it scoring runs by thousands or captaining his country to victory. But commentating alongside his childhood hero was something he still holds special. If anything [during the transition into broadcasting] I was a little concerned that here I was sitting with all the greats of the game in the studio.

At first I had to pinch myself that David Gower was asking me questions, or that I was doing a third man on bowling when Michael Holding and Ian Botham are sat in the chair next to me. But as long as you realise you re trying to add value to the coverage, that you are trying to inform people at home, it s seriously the best job in the world.

Hussain s passion for and his job is perhaps the biggest reason that he has evolved as the favourite commentator of everyone from international captains like Mithali Raj to your everyday television fan.