Brad Haddin © Getty Images
Brad Haddin © Getty Images

Former Australian vice-captain and wicketkeeper-batsman Brad Haddin has revealed some mortifying details of the level of ‘banter’ that goes around in the national cricket team, and how, during the Ashes 2013 in England, things went out of hands. During the third day’s play at Lord’s, when Ian Bell was given not out despite Australia appealing for a review, a tweet emerged on Cricket Australia (CA) official Twitter page which read: ““That decision sucked ass #bull****.” Cricket Australia (CA) had launched an investigation into the matter, but it was of no help as they were not able to determine who tweeted that from their Twitter page. While CA was quick to delete the tweet and say that it did not emerge from their official presence at the venue, it was an embarrassing moment for them at a time when their team was struggling in the Ashes 2013.  ALSO READ: Cricket Australia to investigate obscene tweet following Ian Bell’s controversial decision

More than two years later, and a few months after announcing his retirement from international cricket, Haddin has revealed the reality behind the entire episode. Haddin, who has recently joined the social media platform Instagram, wrote everything about what happened that day at Lord’s. ALSO READ: Cricket Australia fails to find source of offensive tweet during Lord’s Test

Haddin wrote, “Great memory this. Now that i am retired I can finally reveal the story behind this infamous tweet. Back in the 2013 Ashes in England, our media manager (i won’t name him) ducked out of the pavilion to take a piss. A couple of the boys realised his laptop just sitting their open on the table, so i quickly snuck on it a tweeted this tweet on the left through the official Cricket Australia twitter account. At the time we, @mitchjohnson398 , @petersiddle403 , @davidwarner31 , @jfaulkner44 , Ryan Harris and I thought it was hilarious. Boy was the bloke pissed off when he came back or what.” (sic)

“Turns out while he was in the dunny he received a call from the Cricket Australia Board back home asking him to explain what he just tweeted. He demanded that the person who did it own up for their actions, but me and the boys were having none of it, so we just blamed it on Shane Watson to get ourselves out of trouble. In hindsight that wasn’t a great idea because Watto had only been suspended just a few months earlier on the Indian tour for not doing his homework,” (sic) Haddin continued.

“What was supposed to be a little bit of banter spiralled out of control when Cricket Australia actually decided to fine Watto for the incident and hand him his second strike, meaning if he got another strike he’d be axed from the Cricket Australia contract list. It was pretty funny actually because Watto thought that it was Michael Clarke that was trying to frame him, but really it was me and the boys i mentioned. To this day only a few of us know the real story and Watto still doesn’t know who did it, guess he does now! Sorry @srwatson33 it was just banter! You should’ve used your review mate! @michaelclarkeofficial @steve_smith49 @mstarc56 #ashes #tourmemories #lords #testcricketcangetboringsometimes #WWHD,” (sic) he concluded.