It came as shock to see umpire Nadir Shah officiating again in a domestic match at Bangladesh © Getty Images (File Photo)
It came as shock to see umpire Nadir Shah officiating again in a domestic match at Bangladesh © Getty Images (File Photo)

Sep 30, 2014

Nazmul Hassan, president of the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) on Tuesday confirmed that umpire Nadir Shah’s 10-year ban still stands and a ‘miscommunication’ led to his umpiring in a domestic T20 semi-final match. Hassan said that it was not BCB’s decision to allow him, but the umpires committee of the board, just like other domestic tournaments, chose the umpires for the First Division T20 tournament in Dhaka.

Umpires committee member-secretary, Sailab Hossain Tutul earlier in May had states that the BCB had lifted the ban on him. However, Hassan said that no such decision had been taken yet by the BCB.

“I only read about the Nadir Shah situation in the papers today. The board has taken a decision against him in the past, and that will stand, the 10-year ban, until and unless the decision is changed. We have seen his mercy application, but we haven’t reached a decision yet.” Hassan said.

“The board was not involved in this matter; we didn’t allow him [to umpire]. He umpired a game due to a miscommunication at some level. The board didn’t decide. The BCB CEO [Nizamuddin Chowdhury] will take an independent decision.” he added.

It was in March 2013, when on the basis of a sting operation by a TV channel, Shah was charged and banned by the BCB. Tutul said that since Shah had no restriction on him from the ICC, the board informed the ACSU that he would continue to umpire and officiate in the domestic competitions. Tutul said, “There was no ICC restriction on him. It was the BCB’s suspension and the BCB has withdrawn it. The BCB withdrew the ban on him in the board meeting after the World T20 [in May].”

“We had informed ACSU in February-March this year that we are allowing him to umpire in domestic [cricket]. But they didn’t reply. The [BCB’s] executive board withdrew it. He wanted mercy. He was considered for his length of service.” he added.

Tutul also confirmed that after spending three months in USA, Shah was soon asked to officiate the match after arriving in Bangladesh.

“There was no cricket in the interim [since May]. When the domestic season began here, he was abroad. We gave him this opportunity as soon as he arrived back in the country. From now on, he will get more matches to officiate.” he quoted.