New Zealand Cricket (NZC) chief David White is assured of the security arrangements in place © Getty Images
New Zealand Cricket (NZC) chief David White is assured of the security arrangements in place © Getty Images

Australia‘s pull out from the ICC U-19 World Cup has not influenced neighbouring New Zealand‘s intention over participation in the tournament to be held at Bangladesh. Australia’s senior team previously pulled out of a bilateral series in the country owing to security threats and have now also pulled out from the pinnacle tournament of the youth game but New Zealand who has previously pulled out of series and matches in certain countries over security threats are committed to playing the tournament. New Zealand Cricket (NZC) chief David White said the body had been closely monitoring the security issue and had found no reason for alarm. ALSO SEE: Security threat to Australians traveling to Bangladesh remains high: James Sutherland

“We are monitoring the situation on a daily basis,” White said according to ”We are working through the ICC (International Cricket Council) and we are comfortable with the security plans put in place by the ICC and the Bangladesh government.” ALSO READ: Ireland to replace Australia in ICC U-19 World Cup

White went on to explain the details of the security arrangements for the teams. ”There is a security buffer placed around teams in transit and at venues enforced by the police and armed forces, and we have our own security person there are well,” White said.

Asked about Australia’s pull out White reiterated that Cricket Australia were reacting to threats specific to Australian interests as advised by their government. ”The difference is the threat is, as we understand it specific to Australian nationals,” White said.

White admitted that as ‘Westerners’ (the term has come to used for countries that have significant descendants from Western countries) countries like England, South Africa and New Zealand could be at a mild risk but since there were no specific threats, security arrangements for them would suffice. “For the likes of us, England, South Africa etc there’s a risk for westerners but not specific to our nationals. That’s the issue Australia had prior to Christmas as well.”

White said NZC received security inputs each time the team is to go on an overseas tour. ”We deal with this all the time. It’s not unusual for sporting teams. It’s a big part of what we do now. We have advice from security people every time we travel,” White said.