Not easy to replace Waqar, says Rameez

Rameez Raja feels Waqar Younis delivered good results for the national team despite many controversies and scandals © Getty Images


Karachi: Sep 2, 2011


Pakistan’s former Test captain Rameez Raja feels that it will not be easy for the Cricket Board to find a replacement for outgoing coach Waqar Younis, who will leave the national team after the Zimbabwe tour.


“He had a commanding presence in the dressing room because of his cricketing background and he had plenty of international experience as well. I thought he gelled the team well together despite the rebuilding process going on in our cricket,” Rameez said.


The former captain pointed out that Waqar had played a pivotal role in the smooth entry of new players into the national team since last year.


“I think the way Waqar handled the situation and the team under him delivered good results despite the many controversies and scandals it faced since last year it is a big credit to him and the management that is why I say our task is not going to be an easy one to find a new coach,” he noted.


He conceded there was a difference of opinion over whether the team should have a foreign or local coach.


“Both have their pros and cons and I say whoever is best for the team and has the respect of the players must come in.


We are talking about the future of Pakistan cricket and we also need to look at the tenure of the new coach,” he said.(PTI)